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Vampires need a good coffin to sleep in and gothic sims want their homes looking as weird as possible well this set will do that! Use in conjunction with the spooky set for a really creepy home.

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Round coffin Comfort Beds
Grand vampire
Comfort Beds
Decorative coffin Decorative Sculptures

Coffin marble altar recolours

Comfort Beds
Torture rack Decorative Sculptures
Skull shield Decorative Wall
Bone end table Surfaces End tables
Bone thrones Comfort Living chairs

Altar of summoning

Decorative Misc
Secret bookcase  marble recolours Hobbies Knowledge
Secret bookcase  stone recolours Hobbies Knowledge
Gothic doors Build mode Doors
Gothic wall and floor pack Build mode Walls/floors
Vampire fangs and eyes CAS Eyes, makeup, glasses
Nude genetic downloads
Collection file download click here
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