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If your running a restaurant, ice cream parlour or snack bar you'll need these objects. Click thumbnails to download items separate or the download set button below to download entire set at once. Warning downloading entire set at once may take some time on slower internet connections!

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Soft serve machine Dining Shops
Slushy machine Dining Shops
Pretzel warmer Dining Shops
Nachos and cheese Dining Shops
Hot machine and condiment dispenser Dining Shops
Candy display counter Decerative Shops
Vending machine(Sims can buy soda, potato chips or candy bars for a quick snack)

Modified by 

Misc Shops
Pizza machine (Make pizza anytime you want)

Modified By
Dining Shops
Pizza sign Outdoors Street
Ice cream neon sign Outdoors Street
Menu board signs Dining Shops
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