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Sims can't afford real furniture? Than use holographic furniture! This set simulates what normal objects would look like if their were in a virtual environment as well as looking cool since the whole set is see through and most of the items look like their floating. This set requires that you download and install ALL the objects, walls and floors included with it also download the collection file to have easy access to the items in the game. To download click the download button at the bottom of the page file size is approximately 1 MB.

Preview Name/Description Version Category Section
Arches   Build m Arches
Walls Build m Fences
  Build m Stairs
Spiral stairs
  Build m Stairs
Single beds Comfort Beds
Double beds Comfort Beds
Chairs and end tables Comfort Living chairs
Comfort Dining chairs
Surfaces End tables
Couches Comfort Couches
Tables Surfaces Tables
Rugs Decorative Rugs
Ceiling lights Lighting Hanging
Wall lights and burglar alarms   Lighting Wall
Electronics  Small
Floor lamps and mirrors   Lighting Floor
Decorative Mirrors
Appliances and electronics   Electronics Small
Appliances Small
Collection file download click here
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