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Warning very naughty stuff and bad words are in these sections continue at your own risk...oh it's just you. Well never mind continue below!

The super nude patch is a self installing program that installs all the necessary mods to make your sims game fully nude and 18+ I've taken the best mods, done all the work and made a program to do all the work for you! if your just looking to remove the blurs in the game than you can download the normal nude patch by clicking here. Only subscribers can download the super nude patch check out it's list of features below each be be chosen to be installed or not


  • Remove the blurs from the game when sims are naked or on the toilet.
  • Your sims males and females can walk around in the nude. Includes clothing for topless and full body nude for both males, females and teens.
  • The f-word mod Changes all the WooHoo text in the game to FUCK,  1st woohoo to lose virginity, ALL flirty text to horny and all non flirty text to flaccid.
  • Better nude skins for male and female and better female nipples and 3d clit added. Males have 3d nipples also. Also installed skin overlays to give females pink nipples OR real cleavage. Click the X next to top or bottom clothing to make sims naked. As well as invisible top and bottom clothing also included if you don't want other sims glaring at your naked sims.
  • Female strap on mod fully compatible with FFM.
  • Fantastic FUCK mod adds real live hardcore sex animations. With a vast variety of animation packs to choose from ranging from group sex, BDSM, bondage and even sex toys. Pretty much every position and location is available for sex!
  • Fantastic FUCK mod adds Exhibitionism.
  • Fantastic FUCK mod adds Voyeurism.
  • Fantastic FUCK mod tampons and condoms
  • Fantastic FUCK mod adds strip clubs
  • Bondage devices and glory holes.
  • Trait pack adds adult traits and aspirations to the game to add to your sims in CAS and earn new aspirations. Adds the following traits:
    pervert trait
    sexually awkward trait
  • Erect penis naked outfit in CAS
  • Adds special boob jiggle physics both to normal walking and other activities and most important boobs jiggle during sex!
  • Special cum mesh that actually sees the cum
  • Special sliders that increase the breast sliders allowing for bigger tits.
  • Sexy intimate piercings that give your female Sims pierced nipples and more
  • Penis piercing for males
  • A wide variety of slutty outfits for your sims to wear
  • Pornography career let your sims climb the ladder to become a top porn star
  • Make all the hired help have sex with you using the FFM
  • Make your sims woohoo in the nude automatically.
  • Paint your own hentai replaces all emotional paintings with hot hentai. over 50 paintings to discover.
  • Allows teens to date adults.
  • Set gender preference on any sim including your active sim.
  • Fully automated just select the options you want installed the program will scan for the correct folders and install everything where it's supposed to go (windows vita and higher ONLY.)

    NO waiting!
    NO adfly links that install MALWARE in the background. NO BS DO NOT EVER let adfly OR ClkSh allow you to send notifications!
    NO download timers!
    NO having to sign up to 10+ patreon accounts getting charged $10 each time from greedy devs
Screen shots

More screenshots below!

Choose a download below if you choose the full install file once downloaded and extracted double click the EXE file and follow the on screen instructions. You can download and install any of the mods and install them if you wish if you don't have your games installed into the default directories or if your having trouble running the exe file such as macs.

 Remember only subscribers have the luxury of downloading and your paying for the convenience and easy use to install mods!

Before attempting to install the super nude patch or ANY mods please make sure to run through this checklist!

  • Before you do anything you MUST be updated to the latest patch if you have not done this go do it right now by opening origin and let it update.
  • If you are using a mac you CANNOT use the super mod patch self installer exe it will not install. You must download and install the mods manually below. If you don't know how to do this than head to the FAQ and read the guide. If you wish to install mods manually on a PC also check the guide.
  • Before installing any mods make sure you have the expansion pack it requires if you don't do not attempt to install it.
  • Some mods are incompatible with expansion packs/patches it will say below in big red letters. Make sure not to install these mods.
  • You must enable mods in your game options. Make sure in general options menu enable custom content AND enable script mods IS checked! More info click here



  Fantastic FUCK mod (official distributor)  

The fantastic Fuck mod adds real sims 4 hardcore sex animations to your game as well as other features. With more animations being added all the time you'll definitely want to sign up to keep experiencing all new sex animations! Latest version will always be available here!

Complete list of features

  • Real hardcore sex animations!
  • Condom use
  • Starting sex interactions with one or two sims
  • Inviting any amount of sims to the sex interaction (group sex)
  • Changing sex type and position
  • Swapping actors in the sex interactions
  • Undressing actors in the sex interaction
  • Making sims go away from watching sex of your sims by using the F OFF interaction
  • Blocking of objects used for sex to avoid other sims using them
  • Needs are affected accordingly while in sex.
  • Customization of sex positions
  • Modify sex position duration and genders
  • Set which clothing should be removed for sex position
  • Create stages of sex positions to play them one by one
  • Female sims can use strap-ons
  • Incest reward trait
  • Strapon parts are now present in the CAS Parts config file so if there will be anybody else that wants to make strapon clothing, WW will detect them and unlock the strapon interaction in the dresser.
  • sex whims Sex with partner, sex with new romantic interest, sex with someone, sex with your date, sex with someone in public.
  • support for exclusive NPC sex interaction.
  • ability to start NPC sex interactions.
  • sex autonomy trigger from romance related chatter
  • Question dialog when NPC Sim wants to ask for sex a player Sim
  • Player Sims Autonomy Settings' to allow player Sims sex autonomy (enabled by default)
  • Next' button in the Wicked menu to quickly progress to the next sex animation.
  • Jiggle boob physics (available when enabled in some animations)
  • Compatible with drug mod.
  • Hypersexual' Lot Trait.
  • Sexually Alluring' Sim Reward Trait for 3000 Satisfaction Points.
  • Asexual' Sim Reward Trait for 500 Satisfaction Points.
  • Gender Recognition
  • Joining Sex Autonomy
  • integration with Drugs mod
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Wicked Sex Shop available on any computer in the game now offers a box of birth control pills and a box of condoms. Order them, receive them in your mailbox, and unpack them to get birth control pills and condoms.
  • solo sex autonomy (masturbation)
  • plumbob hide automatically during sex
  • Talk about Fantasies' romantic social interaction to increase sexual satisfaction
  • elders get "dangerously tired" from a lot of sex
  • Get Together Expansion clubs support (expansion is not required to use FFM)
  • Have Sex' club activity
  • Have Sex (Swinging)' club activity
  • Pee on the Spot interactions allowed indoors
  • Sims can watch porn on computers
  • Sex Autonomy Signs
  • Nudity Autonomy Signs
  • Strip clubs
  • Pubic hair


  • Settings
    • Ability to change sex interaction progression: category progression (random animations), stage progression, disabled
    • Ability to start sex interaction (alone or with partner.) Teasing, Handjob, Footjob, Oraljob, Vaginal, Anal.
    • Ability to end the sex interaction with climax (if available in that animation.)
    • Ability to disable gender restrictions and use any animation for any gender
    • Ability to enable 'Always Accept' setting which makes every sim accept every sex proposition
    • Ability to enable/disable selected animations
    • Ability to change sex initiation and make sims instantly teleport to the sex location (requires Always Accept setting to be enabled)
    • Ability to disable taking off shoes when in sex interaction
    • Ability to enable auto full outfit undressing when in sex interaction
    • Ability to disable undressing when in sex interaction
    • Objects get locked when using them for sex (with ability to disable that.)
    • Relationship checks can be turned on or off if you don't want anyone to accept all the time.
    • Autonomy Question Dialog Settings.
    • Teens Nudity Switch' setting to enable/disable nudity for teen Sims
    • Teens Sex Switch' setting to enable/disable sex for teen Sims
    • Animations Disabler menu
    • Autonomy Animations Disabler menu to disable animations just for autonomy sex
    • Asking for Sex Dialogs Settings' menu
    • setting to disable base game interactions during sex
    •  Respect Children's Eyes Setting
    • Respect Undressing to Underwear Setting
    • Menstrual Cycle Fertility Level' setting
    • Pregnancy Duration' setting
  • Penis settings
    • ability to set soft and hard penis for every sim in the game
    • ability to randomize penis for every sim in the game (including the option to exclude default penis mesh)
    • you get a full menu to manipulate The Penis Overworld
    • setting soft and hard penis globally will apply selected penis to every sim that has a penis in the game and every new sim that appears in the world.
    • The randomized option allows to randomly pick a penis for every sim that has a penis in the game with the ability to exclude the default penis mesh and every new sim that appears in the world will have a random penis too.
    • Extra_Skin_Tones' package with 80 extra skin tones.
  • CUM
    • Cum is applied after sex interaction is finished. Face, Chest, Back, Vagina, Butt, Feet.
    • Ability to clean Cum by performing cleaning interactions.
    • Affects NPC autonomy to clean the Cum off.
    • Cum outside or inside affects pregnancy chance.
    • cum interactions in sex to allow applying cum manually when sims are ready to climax
    • 'Cum Slut' satisfaction reward trait
    • positive and negative cum moodlets
    • when a sim receives cum, there are three reactions. A sim can either get a positive (flirty) cum moodlet if that sim is a cum slut or romantic, have no reaction at all if the sim is a slob or hates children or be uncomfortable in any other situation
  • PMS & Period
    • first period warning notification
    • Sims period delayed after giving birth
    • Sims Premenstrual Syndrome and Period itself now share a collection of symptom moodlets that indicate Sim current Menstrual Cycle situation.
    • PMS/Period Symptom moodlets: 'Nauseous' , 'Irritated' , 'Dizziness' , 'Oversensitive' , 'Cramping' , 'Anxious' , 'Aroused' , 'Neutral' .
  • Tampons & Pads
    • Menstrual Bleeding with different bleeding strengths.
    • Tampons and Pads to the Computer Sex Store.
    • Tampons And Pads absorb blood and leak when overused
    • PMS/Period Symptom moodlets: 'Nauseous' , 'Irritated' , 'Dizziness' , 'Oversensitive' , 'Cramping' , 'Anxious' , 'Aroused' , 'Neutral'
    • Menstrual Cycle Tampon/Pad Absorbency' settings.
    • Extra Absorbency' trait to improve tampons/pads absorbency.
    • Ask for a Tampon or Pad' social interaction.
    • Menstrual Bleeding cause clothes to get filthy.
    • sex, masturbation, and cleaning interactions temporarily suppress menstrual bleeding.
    • used pads start smelling after a few hours.
    • Sims around react to smelling used pads.
    • Sims automatically remove their used pad when undressing pants to nude.
    • Menstrual Cycle Tampon/Pad Auto Use' settings.
    • vampires desire increase be affected by the menstrual blood flow strength.
  • Pregnancy
    • Usable condom object buy it from Activities and Skills category.
    • Ability to order condoms using a computer.
    • Ability to use the condom while in sex interaction to prevent pregnancy (can be used on a group.)
    • Pregnancy from vaginal sex interaction (with ability to disable that.)
    • Trait 'Hates Children' makes use of condoms automatically.
    • Trait 'Hates Children' refuses vaginal sex without protection (Always Accept or disabled pregnancy ignores this rule.)
    • Traits 'Lazy' and 'Clumsy' increase the chance of pregnancy in some situations.
    • Ability to terminate pregnancy using smartphone.
    • Incest pregnancy possible.
    • notification after Sim got possibly pregnant
    • Birth Control Mode' setting with 'Perfect' and 'Realistic' options
    • Perfect Birth Control will always prevent pregnancy with a 100% success rate.
    • Realistic Birth Control has a small chance to fail and cause pregnancy. Condoms are 95% effective and incoming birth control pills will be 91% effective.
    • Birth Control Automatic Use' setting
    • Auto use of condoms during any sex that can cause pregnancy
    • Auto use of birth control pills once a day
    • Teens can get pregnant
    • cramps pain animation
    • Fertility Treatment service accessible through phone to temporarily increase pregnancy chances
    • NPC Sims will now own and use birth control (condoms and pills) on their own. You can adjust this by changing the 'NPC Birth Control Mode' setting. By default.
    • ability to disable birth control for individual Sims
    • Talk about Fertility' interaction
  • Desire system
    • Sims gain desire from romantic interactions, seeing nudity and other flirt related actions.
    • Sims lose desire on some unsuccessful interactions.
    • Sim with high enough desire level will gain positive sex desire buff.
    • Sim with too high desire level will get a negative buff, feeling uncomfortable without releasing the tension.
    • Sims with active positive desire buff will have better sex experience.
    • Sex resets desire level and removes desire buffs from sims.
    • Sims with Alluring trait help gaining more desire.
    • Sims with Romantic trait gain more desire.
    • Made sims with Unflirty trait gain less desire.
  • Nudity reaction system
    • Sims with high exhibitionism skill level will not react.
    • Sims with equal or more nude outfit will not react.
    • setting to disable sims reacting to nudity (not included in exhibitionism switch)
    • After sex short buff when having sex outdoors in public.
    • Pregnancy occur per sim rather than per sex interaction.
    • Sex increase romantic affection (makes romantic sims happy)
    • Sims with high enough desire get an erection.
    • Romantic social interactions give more desire.
    • Social exhibitionism interactions increase sims desire.
    • Seeing sims in sleepwear/swimwear give a little bit of desire.
    • Nudist lot trait should help you make nudity oriented lots, where Sims feel comfortable being naked.
    • Embrace Nudity' club activity
    • Flash' club activity
  • Sex  reaction system
    • Sims will react with 6 different jealousy ways (base on relationship, respects Player trait.)
    • Sims will react with 9 different general ways (base on mood, relationship and family relations.)
    • setting to disable sims reacting to sex (includes jealousy reaction.)
    • child sims always react to nude adult sims.
    • Cuckold sims.
  • Polygamy/polyamory support.
    • Allows for multiple marriages (limited by one engagement at once.)
    • Allows for multiple boyfriends/girlfriends.
    • Polyamory and polygamy relationships are now supported and possible with FFM after you enable them in the Relationship Settings.
    • You should now be able to create relationships with multiple sims at once but be careful, that doesn't exclude jealousy (unless you disable it), you have to deal with it differently.
    • Polyamorous' reward trait: These Sims are open to having multiple romantic or sexual committed relationships and don't get jealous about their loved ones having more than one partner.
    • The polyamorous trait is pretty much required to create working polyamory/polygamy relationships. Nothing stops you from trying to do them without it, but you will have to be careful with inevitable jealousy of other sims. This trait is pretty much the opposite of the 'Player' trait.
  • Sims reactions to sex now have just a little more depth with new moodlets.
    • Neutral, for sims that just simply didn't expect to encounter other sims having sex
    • Excited, for sims that maybe didn't expect it, but are pretty happy to see it
    • Funny, for sims who are simply childish or think it's funny.. for some reason
    • Flirty, for sims who get hot right away from a view like that
    • Sad, for sims seeing their past loved ones
    • Angry, for stressed sims and seeing sims that you just don't like
    • Horrified, for sims that should not see what they saw.
    • sims with 'Bro' trait react excitedly only when the target sim has the 'Bro' trait too
    • underage sims get the embarrassed moodlet when seeing nudity
  • Autonomy Awareness and new Autonomy Specifics settings
    • Setting 'Risk Roll Switch' allows to disable Sims testing for risk of having sex
    • Setting 'Random Sex Frequency Modifier' allows to speed up or slow down random sex autonomy
    • Setting 'Random Solo Sex Probability' allows to change the chance of random Sims performing solo sex
    • Setting 'Random Club Sex Probability' allows to change the chance of Sims performing sex in sex clubs
    • Setting 'Watching Sex Random Solo Probability' allows to change the chance of Sims performing solo sex while watching sex
    • Setting 'Romance Sex Probability' allows to change the chance of Sims initiating sex from romantic conversations
    • Setting 'Trigger Attempts Count' allows to change how many times autonomy attempts to initiate
    • Setting 'Sims Sex Pairs Sample Size' allows to change how many sex pairs are considered for autonomy
    • Setting 'Sex Locations Sample Size' allows to change how many sex locations are considered for autonomy
    • Setting 'Minimum Sex Actors Limit' allows to change the minimum number of Sims that can join sex
    • Setting 'NPC Sims Relationship Modifier' allows to add extra points to NPC Sims relationships
    • Setting 'Player to NPC Sims Relationship Modifier' allows to add extra points to relationships between Player and NPC Sims
    • Setting 'Outside Lots Style Locations' allows to enable sex locations in public
    • Setting 'Outdoors Style Locations' allows to disable sex locations outdoors
    • Setting 'Risky Style Locations' allows to disable risky sex locations
    • Setting 'Comfort Style Locations' allows to disable comfortable sex locations
    • Setting 'Private Style Locations' allows to disable private sex locations
    • Setting 'Sims Risky Factor' allows to increase the riskiness of sex around Sims
    • Setting 'NPC Household Relationship Modifier' allows to add extra points to relationship towards visited household Sims
    • Setting 'Random Sex Minimum/Maximum Cooldown Time' allows to change the range of time of how long Sims would wait between sex interactions
    • Setting 'Club Sex Minimum/Maximum Cooldown Time' allows to change the range of time of how long Sims would wait between club sex interactions
  • Sex Animations Playlists
    • Sex Animations Playlists
    • Create, Name, and Delete your playlists
    • Add, Remove, and Reorder any sex animation
    • Modify your playlists behavior
    • One-Time or Looping
    • Ordered or Shuffled
    • Ends Sex or not
    • Build playlists by adding animations during sex or manually
  • Sex Animations Favorites
    • Added Favorite Sex Animations playlist
    • Marks animations with a red heart
    • Makes animations more likely to be picked by autonomy




  • Nude Sims will gain a +2 Happiness moodlet
  • Nude Sims will lose 16% less hygiene for each skill level
  • Sims gain more skill progress around family and friends
  • Sims require less skill to undress around family and friends
  • Child Sims will gain influence from seeing nude family members and will gain progress faster when they grow up


  • Requires the Exhibitionist Reward Trait for 500 Satisfaction Points
  • Nude Sims will gain a +1 Happiness moodlet
  • Sims require less skill to undress in general
  • Flashing and Streaking interactions
  • Sims will have increased chance to pick open spaces for autonomy sex
  • Undressing top and/or bottom underwear parts
  • Undressing top and/or bottom outfit parts
  • Flashing naked body parts
  • Auto-applying penis mesh cas part for males when naked
  • Auto-undressing pants when using a toilet
  • Modification of privacy system to avoid uncomfortable situations when naked with high exhibitionism level
  • Male sims get erect when seeing other naked sims
  • Exhibitionism Skill: Gain more confidence with every level and unlock more possibilities
  • Sim mood and traits affect how quick you progress
  • Higher levels of skill will not make you embarrassed and shoo other sims when taking shower, using toilet or just being nude
  • Improve your skill using additional special interactions
  • Story Progression: Sims learn exhibitionism skill
  • Ask to Dress Up' exhibitionism social interaction
  • exhibitionism activity - Peeing On The Spot. Available for all Sims with the Exhibitionism trait when the bladder is below 75. Available for all Sims when the bladder is below 40%
  • reaction to seeing Sims peeing on the spot
  • embarrassment moodlet for being seen peeing when not an Exhibitionist
  • Settings
    • Ability to disable exhibitionism checks (skill, autonomy, story progression)
    • Change autonomy settings
    • Change notifications settings
    • Change household only notifications settings
    • Change story progression settings
  • Reactions
    • Positive reaction to nudity
    • Sims won't react to underwear outfit as if it's nudity
    • Sims that are close in terms of relationship will not react with shock all the time and some Sims, in general, will be happy rather than shocked to see nudity


Window Peeping

No one knows what you will see when peeking through a window into your neighbor’s house. Any Sim can do it, through any reachable window, at any house, or even public venue.

Peeping at others can get really boring when nothing is happening, or overly exciting when some naked bodies enter the view. Sex Autonomy and Nudity Autonomy are thankfully on your side, encouraging action to take place when you’re expecting it.

Showtime & Risk

When naked bodies present themselves in the window, especially through sexual activities, the showtime begins.

Be careful, getting caught can ruin your reputation, especially when the owner of the house sees you. If a Sim is not quick enough, they will easily get beat up and feel the consequences of peeping for the next few days.

Sometimes getting caught isn’t so bad. You never know, maybe the Sim on the other side of the window is into it. Exhibitionist Sims can get pretty thrilled about having an admirer and even invite them inside for some fun.

Shady Business

Why rely on the memories themselves when you can take pictures. Save the rare occasion of peeping on Sims having sex. Beside Sims taking pictures automatically, at any point, you can snap a photo yourself and add it to your collection.

Pictures of naked Sims and Sims having sex hold a lot of value, especially if they involve celebrities. When you feel particularly mischievous, consider selling them on the dark side of the web. Each picture taken automatically is worth some money, but don't overdo it, as flooding the internet with pictures of the same Sims will eventually lower the interest.

Peeping Tom & Tina

Do you sense the feeling of someone looking at you? Could they be peeping through the window? Enjoy the thrill, or not, of being observed by neighbors creeping around your house, trying to catch you naked.

Peeping Sims will sometimes appear near your house and look for an opportunity to have some fun. The Sim that shows up is always picked based on the gender preference of the household residents.

FFM comes with two creepy premade Sims to peep on you, but you're welcome to delete them, remake them, or add your own.

Technical Details

Peeping NPC Sims can be either disabled or the probability of them showing up can be altered in the Nudity Settings.

Any Sim can be assigned as a Peeping NPC by giving them the 'Trait_Peeping_NPC_Sim_Hidden' trait.

Autonomy of NPC Sims inviting player peeping Sims inside can be disabled and the probability of it occurring can be altered in the Sex Autonomy Settings.


It takes just a few seconds to start making a good impression, but it can take a while to impress someone with your personality.

Good looks, proper manners, appearing optimistic, and being respectful isn't what you focus on when trying to build chemistry.

Impressing someone with your personality goes a lot deeper, and typically requires some level of compatibility... unless you're hiding who you really are. Establishing a relationship doesn't depend on compatibility, but it certainly helps to speed up the process.

So are you willing to fake who you truly are, just so you can quickly get closer to someone?

Personality Archetypes

Although people's personality matures with time, it stays fairly consistent, and with that in mind, every Sim is assigned one or two Personality Archetypes that match their traits. These personality archetypes identify who Sims really are, but it doesn't force them to be seen as such.

Matching Personality Archetypes help Sims to determine if they are compatible and allow to impress with their similar view of the world. Appearing as compatible allows building chemistry, which subsequently allows to impress and instantly boost the relationship.

Sage Sims seek wisdom and focus on finding the truth in every situation. However, their knowledge-seeking nature causes them to think too much and not act enough.

Sims that are interested and focused on knowledge will most likely end up being a Sage.

Artist Sims strive to create things of enduring value and achieve their vision. In many cases, however, the fear of not being exceptional prevents their growth.

Sims that are creative and interested in crafting will most likely end up being an Artist.

Hero Sims are eager to demonstrate the courage to prove their worth and confidence. Subsequently, they might end up appearing arrogant by looking for faults in others to feel good about themselves or pick fights.

Sims that are sure of themselves and always ready to fight will most likely end up being a Hero.

Caregiver Sims are driven by their empathy and compassion to protect and care. Unfortunately, others can exploit their good nature for their own ends.

Sims that are focused on building a family and caring for others will most likely end up being a Caregiver.

Innocent Sims positivity and happiness has a great power to uplift others. But they can appear very childish and their optimistic perspective causes them to be too naive.

Sims that are cheerful, kind, or good in nature will most likely end up being Innocent.

Lover Sims crave intimacy, live to experience pleasure, and are very passionate. Nonetheless, with their desire to evoke love in others, they risk losing their own identity and appear shallow.

Sims that are very romantic, loving, or pleasure seeking, will most likely end up being a Lover.

Greedy Sims focus on generating as much revenue as possible and saving as much capital as possible, no matter the consequences. But their stingy approach to reality makes them appear selfish, envious, and villainous.

Sims that are only focused on earning money, appear snobby, or are simply evil will most likely end up being Greedy.

Everyman Sims just want to belong and feel like a part of something. They lack any distinctive identity and rarely stand out.

Sims that do not fit into any specific Personality Archetype end up being just an Everyman. This occurs when Sim has no personality defining traits or has conflicting personality traits.

Sims personality can change with new traits they gain throughout their life, but that's a fairly rare occurrence.

Social Interactions

Knowing what is significant in someone's life and learning their personality is the key to impressing. Get to know them, discuss interests, get into deep conversations, and try to find topics that resonate with their personality.

Every Personality Archetype is associated with matching conversation topics and comes with extra social interactions. Discussing things that are related to certain personalities allows recognizing them in Sims and builds up chemistry. That chemistry directly affects Sim impression.

Good impression instantly improves the relationship and makes it easier to connect without deeply knowing the other person. That is a great foundation for building the relationship faster.

Social Skills

Diverse conversations with various people immensely improve your social experience, which is reflected in gained charisma and persuasion skills.

The Charisma skill helps a lot when trying to learn Sims personality and speeds up the process of impressing. It's recommended to improve your Charisma before attempting to impress anybody, especially when thinking of faking a personality.

The Persuasion skill has a major effect on impressing Sims and decreases the chance of being found out when faking. Successful impressions will make it easier and easier to be more persuasive. Learning good persuasion skills is tough but definitely worth it.

Faking Personality

Unfortunately, only around 15% to 20% of Sims population is compatible, which means that if you want to impress someone, you might need to fake it. That isn't as bad as it might sound since impressing is only a temporary element of building the relationship, not to sustain it.

When deciding to fake it, the focus is on learning Sim personality by getting to know them, discussing interests, and simply talking. Improving the Charisma skill speeds up the process as well. Brute forcing your fake personality will only make you appear as a poser and ruin the relationship.

As long as you prepare and learn the Sim personality, there is no immediate downside to attempting a fake out.

Social Penalty

Social connections are a delicate matter which can be easily disturbed when a deceitful person joins in.

Attempting to try every personality on a Sim to see what clicks is going to quickly fail. Sims aren't that stupid and can tell when you're brute forcing your way into the relationship. What you will end up with is a ruined relationship and being seen as a poser.

In the future, faking your personality with a high number of Sims will be met with a lost reputation. Lying to everyone eventually fails and makes you appear as a poser in everybody's eyes.


Attractiveness is the pure attraction to Sim outside appearance. Every detail matters, from the clothing type and style, the colors, accessories, hair, eyes, including body shape, and even voice and the way they move.

Everybody is attractive and unattractive in their own way, seen through the eyes of others. But appearance can be altered to fit the needs of your chosen one.

Refined Taste

Everyone has some sort of style, if you like it or not, the way you look defines your attractive attributes. Any visual elements that Sims represent themselves with are taken into account when measuring how attractive they are. Any distinct element of a Sim is quantified, including Custom Content, and compared with preferences of others.

Everyone has their preferences. Maybe you like long hair, or the color green, or fancy dresses, or maybe you dislike glasses or hate facial hair. Whatever you like or dislike is important in finding the match of your dreams. All of your Sims’ preferences are compared with others, and if someone posses everything you desire, that makes a perfect match for a partner.

But opinions change, and so do preferences. At any point, any Sim, or group of Sims, can get their preferences adjusted. Anything can be liked, dislike, or simply ignored - to fit what seems to be correct with Sims personality.

In most cases, figuring out what fits isn’t necessary. Any Sim with a romantic partner will automatically adjust to be attracted to them. Sims with still alive parents will learn from their style and know its value. Others will try to fit with what is the most popular or just like whatever they are already into. And obviously, you can decide what is better and regenerate preferences based on one of these rules.

Unique World

Every world is different, populated with varied looking Sims, and many opportunities to find a match. If your game has mostly similar looking Sims, that will establish a very strong common style, making Sims that stand out that much more unique. But if your game is filled with very distinct looking Sims, standing out isn’t enough to get noticed.

Each and every attractive attribute has its value. If everybody has long beautiful hair, then there isn’t much value in having long beautiful hair. That creates a great opportunity for any Sim that is bald, making being bald so much more rare. Having rare style means that you stand out, and if someone likes your bald Sim then they will be so much more special for them.


When spending time at a public venue or at a house party, you get an occasion to look at other Sims. Maybe you will notice someone new at the other side of the bar, or walk right by them - a particularly attractive individual. It’s pretty rare, but when someone so extremely attractive shows up, you will remember them. Or take action on the spot.

Still, a missed opportunity to interact is nothing to cry about. Sims will remember every hottie they encountered and think or dream about them. It’s easy to idealize someone through daydreaming, so getting to meet them again makes it that much more special as if they got even more attractive in your eyes.

Don’t ignore the desires of your Sim. You don’t meet someone that fits your type so perfectly every day. Let the heart speak.

Magnetic Relationships

While looking around for someone to socialize with, it’s easy for your eyes to lock on the most attractive face. Sims are encouraged to interact with anyone they found the most alluring. It’s not a rule, and with how random Sims can behave, it’s not even so obvious… but they try.

And when they get to socializing, being attractive makes it so much easier. Your every word creates an aura of romance, and your jokes seem to be a little bit funnier. Building a relationship becomes a lot easier, although it’s the opposite if you’re seen as unattractive. Being seen as ugly in someone’s eyes isn’t the end of the world, you still have a chance if you try hard enough.

  • The ‘Sims Attractiveness Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable attractiveness in the entire world.
  • The ‘Attractiveness Relationship Scoring Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable attractiveness from influencing relationships building.
  • The ‘Attractiveness Storytelling Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable attractiveness storytelling notifications and moodlets.


Sims will now sweat from some good sex, or a hard workout, and their wet bodies will glisten in the sun.

Everybody sweats, even Sims, although that wasn’t very visible until now. Giving your Sims a workout will result in a gradually increasing layer of sweat on their body. With that, you can easily tell how much effort they put into trying to stay healthy and fit.

Hot Activities

Anything that increases Sims body heat is going to make them sweat. Jogging, push ups, sit ups, stretching, running on a treadmill, climbing, boxing, practicing fighting, using a workout machine, playing basketball, skating, doing yoga, using a steam room, working out in front of a TV, fighting or sparring with someone, having sex, or taking an angry poop.

On hot sunny days, Sims will be sweating a lot more when performing actions outdoors. And sweating as much as a Sim possibly can, will make them uncomfortable. Still, pushing yourself to the limit isn’t so bad as you can just take a shower and feel completely refreshed.

Cool Relief

When Sim is done with their sweaty activities, all it takes to remove sweat is to gain hygiene back. Take a shower, a bath, go swimming, or use the sleeping pod. Simply waiting will gradually remove sweat as well.

Sims with the ‘Gym Rat’ trait sweat a lot less, and purchasing the 'No Sweat’ reward trait completely prevents sweating. Obviously, the entire feature can be disabled with 'Sweating Overlay Switch’ setting located in Nudity Settings.

Technical Details

The ‘Sweating Overlay Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable sweating in the entire world.

The ‘ww.clear_sweat [<first_name> <last_name>]‘ command allows to clear the sweat layer from the active Sim or the Sim of provided name.

The ‘ww.apply_sweat [<first_name> <last_name>]‘ command allows to apply a high level sweat layer for the active Sim or the Sim of provided name.

Pubic hair

A patch of hair growing in your pants is a foreign concept for Sims, but with a little bit of effort, it’s not so foreign anymore. Watch your Sim pubic hair grow (or not), stylize it, and dye it. Additionally, if you’re unlucky, that patch of hair might become inhabited by tiny strange-looking crab-like creatures. How odd.

Styles & Colors
Comes with 5 female hairstyles and 2 male hairstyles by default, but creators are open to add as many new hairstyles as they want to. Every default available style supports 8 natural hair colors, but any color or combination of colors is supported.

Female pubic hair features: Thin Landing Strip, Thick Landing Strip, Triangle Shape, Trimmed Natural Bush, and Fully Grown Natural Bush.

Male pubic hair features: Trimmed Natural Bush and Fully Grown Natural Bush.

When first using a random style is picked for every Sim. You can change the style at any time using any mirror object, or simply by clicking on any NPC Sim.

All of these styles are available in Gray, Black, Light Brown, Brown, Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Auburn, and Orange. Additionally, a Rainbow color combination is included as an example of a custom color combination.

When first using the color of pubic hair is based on Sim hair color, eyebrows color, or facial hair color. If none provides a natural hair color, a random one is picked. You can change the color at any time using any mirror object, or simply by clicking on any NPC Sim.

Tip: By enabling the ‘Pubic Hair Instant Interactions‘ setting in Pubic Hair Settings you can change any Sim pubic hairstyle and color without the need of using a mirror object. For your convenience.

To sum up, every adult Sim is given random pubic hair of a color that fits their natural hair color. If you find that any of the Sims pubic hairstyle or hair color doesn’t fit, you can simply change it at any time. Or you can straight up disable pubic hair for any Sim.

Randomizing & Antiquity Respect
When you’re tired of manually selecting pubic hair for each Sim, use the randomization functionality available on any mirror object. With it, you can select Sims from the world and which pubic hairstyles should be included in the randomization process. If you don’t like a specific style, randomize it for all Sims without including it.

The internet is already providing users with pubic hair that can be manually applied in CAS. Don’t worry, you can continue using it if you so desire. WickedWhims pubic hair system will automatically detect that a Sim is using manually applied pubic hair and disable itself for these Sims. You can easily have some Sims using manually applied in CAS pubic hair and some using dynamic pubic hair. It’s up to you.

Tip: If you decide to stop using manually applied pubic hair and remove it from your game, use the ‘ww.reenable_sims_pubic_hair‘ command to re-enable all Sims that were automatically excluded from the system.

Growing & Maintaining
Guess what, hair can grow! Default styles come only with up to 3 growth stages, but that’s just to save time on development.

When you decide to give a Sim fancy trimming, that hair will eventually regrow. To stylize it back to the original, simply click on any mirror object and use the ‘Restylize’ option.

By default, Sims pubic hair growth is dependent on their lifespan. Sims with ‘Short’ lifespan grow pubic hair fully in 5 days, ‘Normal’ lifespan takes 7 days, and ‘Long’ lifespan takes 12 days. Additionally, this system supports custom lifespan provided by external mods like MCCC, so days vary depending on your configuration. Optionally, you can enable ‘Pubic Hair Manual Growth Rate‘ in Pubic Hair Settings and set any number of days you want. Or disable growth completely. Or disable growth per Sim. So many options!

Technical Details
All Pubic Hair settings are located under Nudity Settings -> Pubic Hair Settings menu.

The “Pubic Hair Instant Interactions” setting, when enabled, removes the requirement of using a mirror object to dye or stylize pubic hair. Instead, Sims pubic hair can be changed by simply clicking on them directly.

The “Pubic Hair Growth“ setting, when disabled, prevents pubic hair from growing and keeps it at the perfect state of the style that was selected for that Sim. If hair growing is not your thing, this is the setting you want to disable.

The “Pubic Hair Manual Growth Rate“ and “Pubic Hair Growth Rate“ settings allow you to set a specific number of days it takes for pubic hair to fully grow. If you want pubic hair to take 10 days to fully grow, simply enter “10″ into the “Pubic Hair Growth Rate” setting.

Crab Lice
Crab Lice are parasitic insects that typically infest the human genital area and cause intense itching. They are separate from the Pubic Hair implementation and do not require Sims to have dynamic pubic hair to get infected.

Crabs are typically contracted through sexual intercourse with infected Sims or from sleeping in infested beds of other non-household Sims. By default, 18% of the, mostly single, adult population is a potential source of Crab Lice.

Once a Sim has any contact with Crab Lice, the parasites begin to acclimate to your body. After around 12 hours the itching begins, but it’s not guaranteed that Crab Lice are the culprit, it can be just random itching. The itching may pass, or turn into intense itching that won’t leave unless medicated. Pubic Lice do not voluntarily leave, so proper treatment with specialized medication is required.

Any Sim can be asked about their health, assuming they are friendly enough to trust their judgment. This is the best indicator if they might be infected with some disease. But if it happens that you contract Crab Lice, it’s necessary to medicate it.

Lice Killing Shampoo is available in the Sex Store at any computer (or in Build/Buy). Purchase this special shampoo and use it from your Sim inventory while showering or in a bath. Its effects are instantaneous and last for a day, protecting you from catching Crabs again. Non-Playable Sims who were infected will eventually understand what happened and medicate themselves as well, but it can take them around 3 days to deal with it.

To completely protect yourself from Crabs, purchase the ‘Crabs Immune’ trait from the Rewards Store. That’s the ultimate solution to never catch Crab Lice.

Strip clubs

Start a new business of managing a Strip Club! Prepare the stage, hire alluring dancers, turn up the music, and watch the money flow!

Create a Business

Create an entirely new business - Strip Club. Just like retail stores, restaurants, and veterinary clinics, assign a lot for your Strip Club business and build it up from scratch. Simply take out your phone and buy a club!

Build a Strip Club

Strip Club businesses come with the same requirements as a Nightclub venue but offer so much more. Place the usual objects required by the venue and remember to include some extra seats and at least a Dancing Pole.

You are free to build your club however you want, but the Dancing Pole and the Dancing Spot objects require some extra attention. After you decide where you want your dancers to dance and placed a Dancing Pole or a Dancing Spot there, remember about the clients’ comfort as well. Every client looks for a seat to occupy once they begin watching dancers, so make sure to place multiple seats around every Dancing Pole and Dancing Spot.

It’s not necessary to purchase a Dancing Pole or a Dancing Spot for every hired dancer, as they will be busy with other tasks like

Bartending and Charming.

Tip: If you have built a stage for your dancers, it’s recommended to isolate it within its own “block”. This is not required, but it can help you greatly when clients begin to climb up the stage instead of looking for a seat. After enabling the “Force Routing Restrictions Switch“ setting (explained at the end), clients will be blocked from entering the “block” that contains a Dancing Pole or a Dancing Spot.

The “block” is the white outline that shows up after you click on the floor or the wall in the Build Mode.

Manage a Strip Club

All of the managing functions are controlled from the special club managing category on your phone. Including designing dancers outfits, handling open hours, and viewing financial reports.

Your club is configured by default to open at 7PM (19:00) and close at 4AM (04:00), as these are the busiest hours for strip clubs. You can configure the open hours by using your phone and clicking on the “Manage Open Hours“ option under the Strip Club category. You can make your club open at all times by selecting the same open hour and close hour.

Dancers hired in your club will perform one of the three main tasks: Stage Dancing, Bartending, or Charming Clients. Each task can be assigned manually or you can let the dancers decide on their own depending on the current situation in the club. Micromanaging or helping out yourself will improve the performance of your club, but the dancers are fully capable of doing everything themselves.

To assign a task, click on a Dancer Employee and select the ‘Assign Task’ option under the ‘Strip Club’ category.

When hiring a dancer, pay attention to their skills. Dancers with good Charisma skill will be better at charming clients. Dancers with high Mixology skill will be able to offer better drinks which increases profits. And Dancers with high Fitness skill, one of the Nudity skills, and the Dancing skill will be better at Stage Dancing.

All of the hired dancers define the type of your club with their gender and preference, allowing you to make a regular club, a gay club, or a mixed club. This affects what kind of clients will visit your venue. Carefully selecting your employees will prevent certain clients from showing up.

Stage Dancing & Watching

Dancers with the Stage Dancing task will look for the nearest or specifically assigned Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot to dance at. Each dance routine is randomly generated and can be altered at any moment by clicking on the dancer. Stage Dancers are one of the biggest reasons for clients to visit the club, so make sure you always have at least one on the stage.

Every dancer on the stage brings attention to clients that are willing to pay to watch some impressive moves. Dancing performance is the main factor that decides about the attention span of clients and the number of tips the dancer receives. The main elements that contribute to the dancing performance are dancing skills, relationships with certain clients, and currently playing music.

The better the skills and relationships with clients, the higher the performance, which directly affects how high and frequent are the tips. The more tips a dancer receives, the fewer clothes are on their body.

Tip: The Dancing Spot Marker is used as an alternative to the Dancing Pole. It offers a whole new set of dances that do not involve a dancing pole. Dancers dancing on the Dancing Spot Marker are free to move their bodies however they want. Additionally, the Dancing Spot Marker comes with an invisible swatch that hides in Live Mode but is still clickable.

Bartending & Drinking

Dancers with the Bartending task will focus on preparing and serving drinks as well as cleaning up the bar area. Selling drinks is the most profitable source of revenue for the club, so having someone tending the bar is a must.

The process is simple enough, a client enters the club, orders a drink, finishes it… and leaves an empty glass behind. Wait a few hours and your entire club will be filled with empty glasses. To manage this chaos, assign a second bartender or let some dancer figure it out on their own, and watch it be cleaned. Leaving empty glasses around doesn’t only take up space, it makes everybody quite uncomfortable as well.

Although the bartending dancers are handling the process of selling drinks and cleaning up, managing the bar prices and supplies is left for the owner.

Each prepared drink consumes Bar Supplies which are required for the bar to function. Drinks cannot be sold when your club runs out of supplies. It’s wise to order Bar Supplies beforehand so they can arrive the next day. Additionally, fewer Bar Supplies mean fewer types of drinks that can be prepared. Clients that cannot order what they want will be very unhappy about it.

You can order supplies by clicking on any Bar to access the Strip Club ‘Order Supplies’ menu. Purchased supplies add up to the total of ordered supplies that will be delivered the next day at around noon. The cost of supplies depends on the base price of the drinks ordered by clients. Selling expensive drinks requires purchasing expensive supplies.

Selling drinks for the base price and buying supplies to refill the bar isn’t the most profitable loop. As the owner, you should adjust the Price Markup of drinks so each sold drink comes with profit. Although selling drinks with a 100% price markup sounds great, it will very quickly fail when clients are left with buying drinks that they do not want.

High Price Markup and Low Bar Supplies decrease the likeliness of clients purchasing drinks. Shortage of supplies means fewer drinks to offer, and increased price makes them less appealing for purchase. When you can’t sell the client’s favorite drinks, lower the Price Markup to make other drinks an attractive offer… at least until the Bar Supplies arrive.

You can adjust the Price Markup by clicking on any Bar to access the Strip Club ‘Price Markup’ menu. Don’t feel discouraged from setting the markup as high as you want. Unless someone complains, what’s the harm.

Strip Clubs come with a special feature that extends the number of drinks Sims can order from 4 to 39, New drinks and recipes have also been added And if you’re using Stoned AF mod that’s fully compatible.

Charming & Lap Dancing

Dancers with the Charming task focus on looking for clients who are interested in socializing or getting a lap dance. Lap Dancing is the biggest source of revenue for dancers and the most commonly occupied role in the club. In most situations, a socializing client will seek an available dancer and ask her for a lap dance.

When clients are not eager to ask for a lap dance, the dancer has to take the initiative. After greeting a client, 6 New Charming Social Interactions become available. Using a Charming interaction works like romancing, without actually creating a romantic connection between the dancer and the client. Instead Charming increases the level of Charm that affects how much a client likes a dancer and the club itself. The higher the charm, the higher the tips.

Charming clients affects all aspects of the club. High charm with a dancer doesn’t only increase the tips they receive. When a client orders a drink, they are more willing to pay a higher price. And when a dancer fails to charm a client, they might not be so willing to come back to the club.

During a lap dance, the same rules apply as for Stage Dancing. The better the skills and relationship with the client, the higher the performance, which directly affects how much will the dancer earn besides the usual pay.



How long a dancer can dance depends on their skills, the stronger and skilled they are, the longer they can perform. This cheat permanently disables dancers from getting tired from dancing which prevents them from ending dances on stage. Using this command can have consequences if you plan on playing the Strip Club like a proper business.
Fixed tuning errors related to Strip Club content

Sex instructions

Sex interactions are based on animations which you can install. Every animation has a different location it can be used at. Look around, probably your bed offers few animations.

If you want to start a sex interaction with other sims then make sure they are nearby when doing it. You can disable gender restrictions and use every animation for every sim and remember that you can swap positions of sims in the interaction. If you want to have a threesome or more, invite other sims to the interaction, but remember that you need animations that support more than two sims.

Cum is being applied on sims after the sex interaction is finished and the type of cum is depended on the animation and it's specified by the creator of the animations. For example, if you stop the sex interaction with running blowjob, the cum will be applied on the sim face.

Climax is another type of animations that are being unlocked while in sex interaction. Not every sims combination and location have climax animations. If climax is available the option will be visible. Climax is not directly connected with cum and it's not required for cum.

Condoms can only be used in already running sex interaction by clicking on them in sim inventory.

To initiate sex select naked options you can do this by clicking your sims and changing the settings listed in FFM OR use the supplied get naked mod to speed things up. 1st click your sims and choose change outfit and select nude (easiest way.)

  1. Now select a location and click and choose wicked, than sex. Make sure you have animations installed that can be used in that location.
  2. Choose a partner than select which position you would like.
  3. To change positions/animations during sex click on the sim that initiated the sex and select wicked, whims than choose a different animation. You can do this during sex or pause and set up each animation to be played so all you have to do is sit back and fap watch the show! Animations are pretty long at the moment so sims might take a while.
  4. You can even do this with multiple sims in the same location for group sex!
  5. For group sex 1st you have to initiate any animation with two actors on the location which you want to use for 3p anims. And then ask somebody to join by clicking sim choose wicked, whim, join in. Not all animations support group sex it will say in the pack if it does.

Exhibitionism/Naturism instructions

FFM has fully implemented exhibitionism skill that decides what your can do. Every level unlocks new possibilities as your sim gains more confidence. Sims have to start as a Naturist. After gaining few levels, Sims can convert their Naturism skill into Exhibitionism skill if they want to and unlock few more options, but lose on benefits that the Naturism skill was giving them. To start just change into more revealing outfit or admire yourself in a mirror. Because Sims 4 doesn't have anything that defines revealing of given outfit part the revealing outfits are swimwear and sleepwear (both don't include underwear). The more sims see you in revealing outfit, the more you gain to your skill and this rule applies to anything you do in the future. With every level you get a small notification explaining new things you can do, so from that point everything should be clear.


Name Description Download
Super nude patch FULL self installer Super nude patch full installer file if you choose this file you do not need to download any of the files below they are included in it. Choose which ones to install and it will put them automatically into the correct folder to be active in the game. PC MASTER RACE ONLY. 1GB file!
Super nude patch also now available on patreon for just $5!! Click below
Custom/manual install files
If you are unable to use the SNP than you will need to install the mods manually. Download and extract all mods to:
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder. If you wish to see what animations are available in each pack also scroll down.
Fantastic Fuck Mod (my name is BETTER than WW)
Name Description Download
FFM/WW main mod
This is the one that does it all it MUST be installed 1st! Contains cowgirl and masturbation animations. Make sure to install a nude skin default replacement AND sex parts too for the full effect!
Inappropriate options unlock mod This mod IS included in the SNP install if you are a website subscriber/downloading the super nude patch from this page than you DO NOT need to install it.

This mod was removed from the official WW download it allows teens to date adults and also allows Incest. For certain reasons it cannot be allowed to be included in the main mod due to patreon guidelines. IT MUST be installed manually. Check the FAQ if you don't know how to install mods manually. It only ever needs to be installed once ONLY. It is a free download however the SNP is required to use it!

Once installed you need to activate the new options from the WW options relationship settings to enable teen and adult romance and incest by clicking on your sims plumbbob.

Fantastic Fuck animation packs
It is recommend to only choose a few packs at a time to have installed otherwise the amount of animations available can be overwhelming and also make it difficult to set some animations up because of so many choices!

However i recommend to install the cum pack since it adds a new cum mesh splatter and is used by many other animations.
Name Animations of interest Download
Cum pack Animations with REAL cum splatter CreamPie animations Bondage bed with handcuff animations
Full animations list
Oraljob FLOOR Blowjob FLOOR Blowjob Sloppy FLOOR Blowjob Idle Lick Drip FLOOR Blowjob Idle Lick Cum FLOOR Blowjob Climax Teasing Bondage Bed Idle CuffBondage Bondage Bed Idle MittensBondageBondage Bed Anal CuffBondage Anal CuffBondage Fast Anal MittensBondage Anal MittensBondage Fast Cunnilingus(FaceSitting) CuffBondage Cunnilingus(FaceSitting) MittensBondage Sit Idle (Female/Male/Both)  Double bed Sit Handjob (Female/Male/Both)  Double bed CreamPie Pussy Licking twosome (Female/Male/Both)  CreamPie Pussy Licking threesome (Female/Male/Both)  CreamPie Blowjob Double bed -- twosome (Female/Male/Both)  CreamPie Blowjob Double bed -- threesome (Female/Male/Both) CreamPie Anal threesome double bed (Female/Male/Both) CreamPie Anal - threesome - (Female/Male/Both) - Double bed CreamPie Anal Climax - threesome - (Female/Male/Both) - Double bed Sit Idle (Female/Male/Both)  Sit Handjob (Female/Male/Both) Sit Handjob  climax (CumMesh) (Female/Male/Both) Sit Blowjob (Female/Male/Both)  Sit Blowjob Climax (Female/Male/Both) Stand Pussy HandJob (Female/Male/Both) Stand Pussy Licking (Female/Male/Both) Stand Pussy HandJob (Female/Male/Both) Floor Stand Pussy Licking (Female/Male/Both) Floor Stand Pussy Licking Wet (Female/Male/Both) Floor Stand Penis HandJob Stage 1 (Female/Male/Both) Floor Stand Penis HandJob Kiss Stage 3 (Female/Male/Both) Floor Stand Penis HandJob Kiss Stage 4 (Female/Male/Both) Floor Stand Teasing (Female/Male/Both)
Name Animations of interest Download
Mega SEX pack Multiple positions and locations
Full animations list
Missionary On double Bed Cowgirl On double Bed Blowjob On double Bed Blowjob On floor Doggy On double Bed Missionary on bar Cowgirl on long bar Blowjob on bar Doggy on bar Blowjob on desk or dining table licking on desk or dining table Doggy on desk or dining table Anal on desk or dining table Missionary on desk or dining table Masturbate on bed Masturbate on sofa 69 on sofa Lesbian licking on double bed Blowjob in shower Licking in shower Doggy in shower Blowjob in shower Standing sex in shower Standing sex from behind in shower Blowjob in hot tub Cowgirl in hot tub Doggy in hot tub Licking in hot tub Missionary in hot tub Reverse cowgirl in hot tub sitting pose on bed anal spoon on bed bar stool sex Dj table sex MF Easel Stand Behind (vaginal / easel, BDSM easel) MF Vault Blowjob (oraljob / simoleon vault) MF Voyeur Masturbation (Male) (handjob / shower) MF Voyeur Masturbation (Female) (handjob / shower) MF Floor Cum On Breasts Climax (climax / floor, dance floor, yoga mat) MF Sauna Titjob (teasing / sauna) MF Petting 69 (oraljob / double bed) MF Bed Missionary Climax (climax / double bed) MF Bizarre Doggy (vaginal / floor, dance floor, yoga mat MF Caught Voyeur Teasing (Male) (handjob / shower) MF Caught Voyeur Teasing (Female) (handjob / shower) MF Shower Standing Leaning Back (vaginal / shower) MF Standing 69 (oraljob / floor, dance floor) MF Closet Standing Leaning Back (vaginal / closet) MF Shower Anal Try (anal / shower) MF Standing Face To Face (vaginal / monkey bars) MF Shower Handjob Climax (climax / shower) F Reading Masturbation (handjob / beach towel, floor)
Name Animations of interest Download
Jack of all trades pack Orgies XMAS tree sex Group sex lap dances supernatural sex Twerking Squirting bondage (requires bondage pack) Bukkake Triple Penetration
Full animations list
Afterglow Rub One Out Orgy: Threesome, Floored Roughly Scissor Her Lick her on the Ladder Orgy 2: Foursome Rub one out Squat Gentle Cowgirl Shut Him Up And Ride Him Locker Room Hazing Orgy Fivesome Special' Massage Lapdance 1 (for one) Lapdance 2 (for two) Jack Off Plowed by the Vampire Roughed up by Two Cascading Special Virtual Reality: Doggy Style Trapped Wrong Way Up Giddy Up Stud A Quick Dip Quicky in the Johns Ghostly Blowjob Locked Up and Left Alone Grip the Board Orgy 4: Sixsome Ride Him Till He Bursts Anal Nosferatu, Lapdance 2 (for one) Whack Off Alone Come Together Extreme Throat Workout Regular Happy Ending Lapdance 2 (for two) Held Abductee Inseminate The Slave Man-Crusher Moment To Herself Vampire Fornicator Mid-Air Spitroast Lips On Lips Raunchy Bar Dance Lotus Inversion Assess The Pose Tantric Thigh Stroke Raunchy DJ Dance Special Labia Treatment Flick Your Bean Hung Out to Dry Resting Petal Just easing her chakras Orgy 5: Sevensome Roughed Up Anally Tranquil Arch Yoga Teacher Ethics Breach Moon Salute Teach With Your Mouth Vampiric Cunnilingus Skene's Gland Stimulus Bathroom Semen Dumpster Nosferatur Sperm Blast Missionary Artist Eaten By Vampires Potty Mouth Flirtation Anal Pullups Grope the Bulge Standing Cunnilingus Gentle Bounce/Third Wheel Bathory Boob Assault Lapdance 3 (for One and for Two) Nervous Fellatio Look Her Over Unholy Missionary Boring Kitchen Sex Sultry Polecat Human Furniture Backseat Rider Harem Awaits Him Her First Scissor Both Of Them In Her Awkward Foreplay (+Third Wheel) Harem Stimulates Him Missionary Sodomy Submarine Blowjob Sapphic Tangle Share The Afterglow Sssh! 1 - Just A Peek The Groper Harem Blows Him Wild Undead Ride Gentle Self-Love Exhausted Humping Mouthful of Balls Shafted Vaginally Gang Bang Fondle Anal Motion Machine Clumsy Dancefloor Grinding Handful of Pussy Pull Me Pull You Sneaky Hot Tub Handjob Double-Teamed Inbetween Vampiric Bite Rectal Rodeo Tug Two Boys Off Surprise Insemination Slowly Deeply Tenderly Anal Assailant Sit Down On Me Knees and Ankles led in Reverse Sssh! 2 - Just a touch Harem Sucks Him Off A Quick Snack Pussy Switch Hitter Relaxed Threesome Undead Ejaculate Fondle Her Breasts Her First Oral Tugging In the Tub Finger Her Good Make Her Come Pop her Cherry Passionate Screwing Vampire Nightmare Orgy Grower and a Shower Intimate Lap Sitting Anal Probe Ever Heard of Knocking? Harem Gives Him A Show Anal Missionary Bath-Time Fingering Use The Taps Take Her From Behind Anal Virgin Scissor Sisters She's A Performer Lazy Morning Handjob Just Watching Sodomitic Thrust Jerking Off Boring Kitchen Climax Wild Cowgirl Jump into Arms Roughed Up By Two Why Don't You Take Your Shirt Off? Let's Take Five First Base Secret Suckoff Crowded Gang Bang Routine Pussy Checkup Discreet Toilet Blowjob Desirous Dicksucking After Hours 'Drinks' Steamy Makeout Hump The Pole Take Bath Together Harem Rides Him "Don't Worry, You Can Take It" Pull Two On The Couch Pillory Pile-Up Terrific Trio She's Been Waiting Double Anal Divan Distracted Handyman Celebrity Screw/Firm Thrusting Clumsy Teenage Sex Cunning Linguist Flirty Slow Dance Look Him Over Gentle Floor Screw Sodomized in the Studio Three-Way Makeout Any Which Way Threeway Nail Her Shaft Teasing Clumsy Seat Sex Sneaky Closet Sex Sims 3 Makeout Forcible Fuck Gentle Floor Climax Double Divan Orgasms Diabolical Dicksucking Bathtime Hand Relief First-Time Finger Power Bottom Four Boobs One Penis Sexy Workout Sixty-Nine-Three-Some Finger For the Camera Relaxed Fingering Casual Threesome/Casual Twosome Man-Bang She Takes Seven Cocks Table Thrusted Labial Licking (2P/3P) Anal Affair (4P) Vaginal Inspiration Pleasurable Plow Sinister Pussy Play Showy Orgasm Show Fingering Fondle the Boobs Jerking Anilingus Lick the Clit Oral gang Bang (8P) Cruciform Screw Cramped Couch Threeway Dual Hand Relief Lesbian Labyrinth Blasted from Below Carnal Cowboy Awkward Cowgirl Caught! series Sweltering Threesome Milk Them Tug Him Faster Easy-Going Anal Cozy Cocksucking Cozy Climax Screw One Grab The Other Angry Anal Afternoon Licking and Lovemaking Strip-Off (6) Doting Hands Sexy Seated Shafting Harem Multi-Tasks Assisted Sucking Oral Team Mount The Monster Hornily Dryhumping Entice Onto Bed Night-Time Creeper Harem Pile-up Loveseat Triad Oral Introduction Forceful Fiddling Hump the Pillow Stimulating Sex Locker Lovers Harem Climax Quick and Sneaky Public Sex Softly Sucking Thigh Support Reverse Gang Bang Blown from the Bed Sssh! 3 - We have to be quiet Three-Tongue Threesome Coffin Fornicator Desk Dicking Anal Enthusiasts Precipice Cowgirl Backyard Blowjob Sack Sucker Sapphic Prodding Sssh! 4 - Furtive Fingering Party Grind Vampiric Pounding Sssh! 4 - Hush-hush handjob Sssh! 5 - Sly Cunnilingus Widen Her Up/Widen Him Up Swift Cowgirl Spy in the Shower / Spies in the Shower Bedside Fingering Bedside Handjob Bedside Pussy licking Squeezing Groping and Licking Doggystyle Performance Back Up Into Him Center of Attention Rub Up Against Anal Manual Ejaculate Inside Her Occult Orgy Orgasm Pounding Performance Assisted Throat work Licking Between her Thighs back Alley Bang (6 variants) Twerk It Smooth Amazon Sports Massage Jerkoff Climax + Comedown Fingering Climax + Comedown Reverse Oral Bang (8P) Doubly Penetrated Bound to the Bed (6P) Standing Male Climax (4 variants!) Squirt on their Faces (again, 4 variations) Poolside Blowjob Twerking Variations Fucked from Behind (MF) & Wild Anal Ride (MM) Vampire Seduction (2 animations) Cowgirl Climax 2P/3P/4P Squirting Climax (2P/3P/4P) Anal Climax (2P/3P/4P) Three-Way make-Out Show Them The Ropes 4x Bondage Idles Shower Together Heavy humping Reacharound Anal Bondage Taunting x4 Dancefloor Blowjob Steamy Makeout Bondage Cross handjob x2 Sexy Streaming Friendly Frottage Savage Amazon Reposing Embrace Bondage Rub Up (4 Variants!) Artfully Banged Humped in Headlock (3P/4P) Full Body Massage Drunken Flirt Bondage: Cock Fondle & Pussy Fondle (4 variants) Camera Creep (M/F/X) Triple-Ended Gang Bang Bondage: Hung and Touched Comfortable Double Climax Sexy Streaming: Frontal Fondle (M/F) Prison Wank M Handjob for Prison Bars.  Bathtime Hump MF Vaginal for Bathtubs.  Lick Him Out MF oraljob for Loveseats and Sofas. Also MM variant under Lick Him Out (M) Pull Both Boys MMF/MMM Handjob for Double Bed Divided Attentions MMF/MFF Vaginal for Sofas and Loveseats Scissoring Sapphics FF Vaginal for Single and Double Beds Languid Threesome MFF/MMF Vaginal for Double Beds Afterglow Hand-Holding MF/MM/FF Teasing for Double Beds Flaccid Fondle MF/MM Handjob for Floors Sexy Streaming: Masturbate on Stream M/F Handjob for Video Station Sofa Scissoring FF vaginal for Sofas and Loveseats Bi-Bash MMF Vaginal for Double Beds Festive Fuck MF Vaginal for Christmas Tree Caught Cocksucking Floor Teasing MFF/MMF/MMM Hot and Heavy Kissing MF/MM/FF Teasing for Single and Double Beds Anal Humping MF/MM Anal interaction for Single and Double Beds Barstool Botherer Blow Him Together Standup Sodomy Shower Sex Bathtime Kiss Pectoral Pummeling Gang Bang Encounter Seated Clit-Licking Getting Fingered Yoga Pelvic Pressure Plush grind Virgin Seduction Carnal Quartet Penetrate Her Seductive Prelude Alien Inspection Triple Lick Cross Cunnilingus Disco Dryhumping Photogenic Missionary Fiendish Foot Fondle Vaginal Vampire Attack Gang Bang Bukkake Sofa Sex Party Sssh! 5 - Bold Blowjob "How about a Happy Ending?" Virgin French Kiss Caught Naked (16 variants) Virgin Breast Fondle Splendid Scissoring Sofa Sodomy Feel Each Other Up, Bring Him To The Edge Lapdance Thigh Grind Anal Side Saddle Licked Standing Fucked Floorwise Virgin Fondles Breasts/Chest Crowded Shower Furiously Fingered - MF/FF Handjob for Loveseats and Sofas. Anal Orgasm & Anal Orgasm Aftermath - MM/MF Climax for Floors, MM/MF Teasing for Floors. Climactic Cocksucking - MF/MM Oraljob for Floors. Climactic Cumshot - MF/MM Climax for Floors. Climactic Aftermath - MF/MM Teasing for Floors. Virgin First-Time Exposure - 2P Teasing for Single and Double Beds. Kissing and Rutting - MMF/MFF Vaginal for Double Beds. Kissing and Rutting (M) - MMF/MMM Anal for Double Beds. Fuck the Stuffing - M Vaginal for Stuffed Animals. Fondle-Fucking - MM Anal for Single and Double Beds. Flaccid Gorge - MF/MM Oraljob for Floors. Undress the Virgin - MM/FF/MF/FM Teasing for Single and Double Beds. Hearty Blowjob (2P/3P/4P) - MF/MM/MFF/MMF/MMM/MFFF/MMFF/MMMF/MMMM Oraljob for Floors. Intimate Fondlings - MF Handjob for Double Beds. Examine her Boobs - MF/FF Teasing animation for the Examination Bed. Standup Scissors - FF Vaginal for Floors. Intimate Makeout - MF/MM/FF Teasing animation for Single and Double Beds. Semen Sample - MF/MM handjob for Examination Bed Superfan Boob Flash MF/FF Teasing for Floors. Fingering Flash Tease MF/FF Teasing for Seats. Nervous Handjob MF/MM Handjob for Floors. Intense Doggystyle MF vaginal for Double Beds. Makeout Session MF/MM/FF Teasing for Sofas. Intimate Spooning MFF/MMF/FFF Teasing animation for Double Beds. Bedside Banging MF/MM Anal for Beds. Sneakily Touching MF Handjob for Seats. Triple Penetration MMMF Vaginal for Double Beds. Vampiric Sperm Suck MF(vampire)/MM(vampire) Climax for Floors. Seven Minutes in Heaven MF/FF/MM Teasing for Closets Acrobatic Oral Work MFF Oraljob for Floors. Semen Sample Climax MF/MM Climax for Exam Table Dining Chair Dickery - MF Vaginal for Dining Chairs Poledancing (Three Dancers, Two Dancers, Poledancing 1, Poledancing 2, Poledancing 3) - M/F Teasing animations for bondage pack dancing pole, also keyed as 2P and 3P animations for one pole MF/MM/FF Teasing for Sofas Camping Tumble - MF vaginal for small tents Teenaged Necking - MM/FF MF Teasing for Single and Double Beds Bedside Deep Throat - MF/MM Oraljob for Double Beds Teenaged Three-Way Necking - MMM/FFF/MMF/MFF Teasing for Single and Double Beds Rear Pounding - MF/MM Anal for Single and Double Beds Throat-Fuck - MF/MM Oraljob for Double Beds Soapy Suckjob - MF/MM Oraljob for bathtubs Group Grope / Bed Snog-MMMFFF, MMFFFF, MFFFFF, MMMMFF, MF, MM for Double Beds. Sensuous Slaps-MF Vaginal for Double Beds. Bathroom Bonked-MF/MM Anal for Toilets. Full Facial-MF/MM Climax for Double Beds. Tight Threesome-MFF Vaginal for Double Beds. Underwater Handjob-MF/MM Handjob for Pool Ladders. Vulnerable Position-MF/MM/FF Teasing animation for Dining Tables. Bedside Rimjob-MF/MM/FF Oraljob for Double Beds. Frat House Slave Train-MMMMF/MMMFF vaginal animation for Closets (3P/4P/5P options also included). Jacuzzi Canoodle-2P (MF/MM/FF), 3P (MMM/FFF/MFF/MMF), 5P (MMMMM/MMMMF/MMMFF/MMFFF/MFFFF/FFFFF) and 6P (MMMMMM/MMMMMF/MMMMFF/MMMFFF/MMFFFF/MFFFFF/FFFFFF) Teasing for Hot Tubs Photographic Climax/Blow Your Load-MMM/MMF/MFF/MF/MM Climax for Photostudio, MF/MM Climax for Floors (as Blow Your Load).  Tickling her Ivories-MF/FF Oraljob for Pianos. Wrestled over Orally-MMM/MMF Oraljob for Floors. Jacuzzi Manual Orgy (12 variants!)-6P, 4P and 2P Handjobs for Hot Tubs. Washroom Cumshot/Orgasm/Squirt-MF/FF/MM Climaxes for Toilet, Orgasm or Squirt variants for females. Lurid Lapdance-MF/MM/FF Teasing for Seating Surfaces. Oral Orgy-6P Oraljob for Double Beds, MMMFFF, MMFFFF, MMMMFF, MMMMMF, +3 2P variants (Lascivious Licking, Shaft-Swallowing, Shaft-Sucking) Double-Barreled Blowjob-MMF/MMM Oraljob for Floors. Superior Spit-Roast-MMF/MMM Anal for Sofas. Caught Couple (4 variants!)-Teasing scenes for Sofas about people walking in on two people doing it. Four variants, in preview order: Caught Couple: Shocking Surprise, Caught Couple: Pleasant Surprise, Caught Couple: Awkward, Caught Couple: Intriguing.
Name Animations of interest Download
Group SEX pack Group sex
Full animations list
(group FMF) Missionary and Licking on double bed (group FMF) blowjob and teasing on double bed (group FMF) Cowgirl and Licking on double bed (group FMF) Cowgirl and Licking on floor (group FMF) Licking and Kissing on floor (group FMF) Licking and Kissing on double bed (group FMF) blowjob and kissing on floor  (group FMF) blowjob and kissing on double bed  (group FMF) doggy and licking on floor (group FMF) doggy and licking on double bed (group FMF) cowgirl and watching on sofa (group FMF) double blowjob on sofa (group MFM) cowgirl and teasing on double bed (group MFM) doggy and handjob on double bed (group MFM) Classical DP on double bed (group MFM) Reverse DP on double bed (group MFM) standing DP on double bed (group MFM) doggy and blowjob on double bed (group MFM) missionary and facefuck on double bed (group MFM) missionary and teabag on double bed (group MFM) double blowjob on the floor Dick'n'Dildo [Double bed, anal, MF] Dick'n'Dildo (Climax) [Double bed, climax, MF] Legalporno [Floor, anal, 6M/F, 7M/F, 8M/F, 9M/F] Legalporno (Climax) [Floor, climax, 6M/F, 7M/F, 8M/F, 9M/F] Sleeping Cuckold [Double bed, handjob, MMF] Sleeping Cuckold (Climax)[Double bed, climax, MMF] MFFF Contest (Stage 1) [Sofa, oraljob, MFFF] MFFF Contest (Stage 2) [Sofa, vaginal, MFFF] MFFF Contest (Climax) [Sofa, climax, MFFF] In Free Use (Stage 1) [Floor, handjob, MF] In Free Use (Stage 2) [Floor, vaginal, MF] In Free Use (Climax) [Floor, climax, MF] Floor_Gangbang04 [Floor, oraljob, MMMF, MMMF+B, MMMF+2B, MMMF+3B] Floor_Gangbang04 [Floor, anal, MMMF, MMMF+B, MMMF+2B, MMMF+3B] Floor_Gangbang04 (Climax) [Floor, climax, MMMF, MMMF+B, MMMF+2B, MMMF+3B] Protein Diet [Dining chair (short and long), oraljob, MF] Protein Diet (Climax) [Dining chair (short and long), climax, MF] Pillow Fight [Double bed, teasing, MF] Pillow Fight (Climax) [Double bed, climax, MF] Model Prisoner[Cell wall, oraljob, MF] Model Prisoner (Climax) [Cell wall, climax, MF]
Name Animations of interest Download
KAMASUTRA SEX pack Hot tub group sex DJ booth sex Podium sex massage table sex exercise equipment sex MM sex KAMASUTRA Golden showers
Full animations list
KAMASUTRA the wolf on double bed KAMASUTRA the antelope on double bed KAMASUTRA the rider on floor KAMASUTRA The Grip on floor KAMASUTRA Afternoon delight on floor KAMASUTRA The Bridge on floor KAMASUTRA Bandoleer in double bed Cunnilingus on table blowjob on table touch sex on table climax on table blowjob in dining chair Cunnilingus on monkey ladder blowjob on on monkey ladder Vaginal  on monkey ladder climax on monkey ladder Vaginal On Yoga mat Climax On Yoga mat group MFF Vaginal On Yoga mat group MFF climax On Yoga mat Cunnilingus On Pool Ladder Vaginal On Pool Ladder
Climax On Pool Ladder group blowjob FMF on PILLORY (Need Bondage Devices installed) group Climax FMF on PILLORY Blowjob On Workout Machine Vaginal On Workout Machine Climax On Workout Machine group FMF Blowjob On Workout Machine group FMF Vaginal On Workout Machine group FMF Climax On Workout Machine Masturbate On Loveseat M group MMF blowjob on loveseat group MMF Vaginal on loveseat group MMF Climax on loveseat blowjob on loveseat vaginal on loveseat climax on loveseat Masturbate in sauna M/F group Masturbate in sauna group MF Vaginal M Masturbate On Hot tub group MFM Vaginal On Hot tub group MFM Climax On Hot tub group MF Vaginal MF Oraljob On Hot tub group MFMF Vaginal On Hot tub group MFMF Climax On Hot tub Oraljob On Vertical Pillory (need bondage devices installed) anal on living chair MM hand job on floor mirror blowjob on counter MM climax on counter MM group Anal Orgy On double Bed MMMF group Anal Orgy On Bed climax MMMF Vaginal On Bed group Vaginal On Bed MFF group Double blowjob On Bed FMF group Vaginal On Bed FMF group Climax On Bed FMF Cowgirl On Bed Cowgirl Climax On Bed group Femdom Vaginal On Double Bed MFFFF Femdom Climax On Double Bed MFFF Vaginal On Toilet FF Lesbian (strap-on) blowjob On Floor Face Fuck blowjob On Floor Face Fuck  Climax group blowjob On Floor MFF group Anal On Floor MFF blowjob on floor Missionary Floor Climax Floor group MFF Oral job floor group MFF Vaginal on floor group MFF Climax floor Oraljob On Massage Table Vaginal On Massage Table Vaginal On Massage Table climax group Oraljob On Massage table FMF group Vaginal On Massage table FMF  group Climax On Massage table FMF KAMASUTRA Union Of The Elephant KAMASUTRA the Airplane KAMASUTRA The Scorpion KAMASUTRA The Angel KAMASUTRA The Tractor KAMASUTRA The Ambush KAMASUTRA Suspended KAMASUTRA The Fishing  KAMASUTRA The 69 KAMASUTRA The Calf KAMASUTRA The Scissor KAMASUTRA The Star KAMASUTRA The Leaf KAMASUTRA The Cyclette Ipsilon(Y) KAMASUTRA The Balloon KAMASUTRA The Cot KAMASUTRA The Wheel KAMASUTRA The Flip sex on hospital bed Lover's Touch on dining table Blowjob UnderBlanket MF Sex UnderBlanket MF Blowjob UnderWater Sex UnderWater Climax UnderWater MF Rubbing Dildo and Penetration Dildo F (uses RealisticDildo01) HorsePentration Handjob MF, HorsePenetration Vaginal and HorsePenetration Climax MF (uses HorseDildo02.) KAMASUTRA Dirty Dancing KAMASUTRA Andromaca's Position KAMASUTRA The Cock KAMASUTRA The SittingBull KAMASUTRA Bamboo's Position KAMASUTRA Cow's Union KAMASUTRA The Apple DJ Woohoos 4P Vaginal DJ Woohoos 4P Climax PepSpeech Blowjob podium MF PepSpeech podium Vaginal MF Stuffing MF Teasing STAGE 1 FemOnly FFF Fingering FemOnly FFF Licking FemOnly FFF Rubthigh FemOnly FFF Orgasm CLIMAX  FemOnly FF 2P Variant Fingering FemOnly FF 2P Variant Licking FemOnly FF 2P Variant Rubthigh FemOnly FF 2P Variant Orgasm CLIMAX BlowBlow MF Blowjob Redsteamy MF Penis Lick Jackhammer MF Anal  Abused MMF Double Handjob Abused MMF Blowjob Handjob Abused MMF Vaginal Blowjob FemDom MFF Pillory FemDom MFF Pillory CLIMAX RedSteamy MF TongueSlap RedSteamy MF Handjob RedSteamy MF Deepthroat RedSteamy MF Vaginal RedSteamy MF Creampie It's A Trap 7xM 1xF HandsMouthAnalVaginal STAGE 1 It's A Trap 5xM 1xF HandsMouthAnalVaginal STAGE 1 Sensual Lips MM Kissing ESTÁGIO Sensual Lips MM Blowjob ESTÁGIO Sensual Lips MM Anal ETAPA Sensual Lips MM CLIMAX  RedMILF ForcedBoy Rubbing MF RedMILF Blowjob MF RedMILF Sex MF RedMILF Cum Inside MF CLIMAX   "RedForced" Animations (MF - Double Bed) "Wrestling" Animations (MM - Floor) "Bossdinner" Animations (MMF & MF - MultiObject -> Start the table) "Pajama Party" Animations (FFF - Double Bed) "Cuckold" Animations (MMMMMF - Floor) "Boss's Slave" Animations (MMF - Double Bed) "Don't Disturb" Animations (M - Desk) "Don't Disturb" Animations (F - Desk) "Game Of Cock" Animations (MM - Double Bed) "Game Over" Animations (MF - Chess Table) "HandWork" Animations (MF - Chair Dining) Animations (M - Toilet/Chair) "SelfPleasure" Animations ( M - Floor "Sucking" Animations (FF (Strap-on) - Floor) "Teacher" Animations (MF - Table) "PlayAlone" Animations (F - Dildo from sex toys pack.) "Bad Girl" Animations (MF - Dining Chair) "PostCoitum" Animations (MF - Double Bed) "Boxe" Animations (MF - Punch Bag) "Chair" Animations (MMMM - Floor) "Blessed" Animations ( MFFFFFFF - Floor.) Tan With Tom" Animations (MF - Floor) Softly Breast" Animations (MF - Sofa - LoveSeat) BigToy" Animations (MFF - Floor) Dildo from sex toys pack required for this. SelfSuck" Animations (M - Floor) Under The Table" Animation (MF - Desk [START] + Chair) After Dinner" Animation (MF - Toilet) Mirror Job" Animation (MF - Mirror) Happy Ending" Animation (MF - Massage Table) Fatigue" Animation (MFF/MF - Workout Machine) ShyGuy" Animation (MF - DoubleBed) Tools" Animation (MMMMMMMF - Double Bed) "Pleasure" Animation (MF - LoveSeat) "KrazyDepth" Animation (MF - Floor) "His Touch" Animation (M - Sofa) "Touching" Animation (F - Floor) "Lending Hands" Animation (MM - Double Bed) "Thinker" Animation (M - Shower) "Her Touch" Animation (F - Sofa/Loveseat) "Jerking" Animation (M - Floor) "RedCorruption" Animation (MF - Double Bed) "Spicy Passion" Animation (FMM - Double Bed) "Intimate" Animation (F - Bathtub) "Hot Dance" Animation (F - Coffee Table) "Pole Dance" Animation (F - Pole by .Noir.) "Anal Break 2 Characters Version" Animation (MM - Gym Locker) "Loveable Passion" Animation (MF - Sofa) "Kamasutra The Cock n.32" Animation (MF - Double Bed) "Drunk" Animation (MF - Toilet "Washand" Animation (FF - Sink) "Kamasutra The Tractor n.16" Animation (MF - Double Bed) "Kamasutra The Ambush n.17" Animation (MF - Floor) "Kamasutra Suspended n.18" Animation (FM - Floor) "Kamasutra Cow's Union n.36" Animation (MF - Floor) "Thinker" Animation (M - Shower) "Her Touch" Animation (F - Sofa/Loveseat) "Jerking" Animation (M - Floor) "RedCorruption" Animation (MF - Double Bed) "Spicy Passion" Animation (FMM - Double Bed) "Intimate" Animation (F - Bathtub) "Pleasure" Animation (MF - LoveSeat) "KrazyDepth" Animation (MF - Floor) "His Touch" Animation (M - Sofa) "Touching" Animation (F - Floor) "Lending Hands" Animation (MM - Double Bed) "Under The Table" Animation (MF - Desk [START] + Chair) "After Dinner" Animation (MF - Toilet) "Mirror Job" Animation (MF - Mirror) "Happy Ending" Animation (MF - Massage Table) "Fatigue" Animation (MFF/MF - Workout Machine) "ShyGuy" Animation (MF - DoubleBed) "Tools" Animation (MMMMMMMF - Double Bed) "Tan With Tom" Animations (MF - Floor) "Softly Breast" Animations (MF - Sofa - LoveSeat) "BigToy" Animations (MFF - Floor) Dildo by .Noir. required for this. "SelfSuck" Animations (M - Floor)  "Sucking" Animations (FF (Strap-on) - Floor) "Teacher" Animations (MF - Table) "PlayAlone" Animations (F - Dildo from .Noir.) "Bad Girl" Animations (MF - Dining Chair) "PostCoitum" Animations (MF - Double Bed) "Boxe" Animations (MF - Punch Bag) "Chair" Animations (MMMM - Floor) "Blessed" Animations ( MFFFFFFF - Floor) "Golden Shower" Animation (MF - Floor) "Equilibrium" Animation (MF - Pool's Ladder) "Little Space" Animation (MMF - Shower) "Watch Wife" Animation (MMF - Double Bed) "Celebrity" Animation (MMF - Camera on Floor) "EatSausages" Animation (MM - Counter) "Dawn" Animation (MFF - Window) "Control" Animation (MF - Floor) "ForeFinger" Animation (MF - Sofa) "Horny At Park" Animation (MF - Bench Outdoor) XXXMas 2P" Animation (MF - FirePlace) XXXMas 5P" Animation (MFFFF - FirePlace) "Sex On The Beach" Animation (MF - Chair Lounge) "BotherSleep" Animation (MF - Single Bed) "Valentine's Day (Female)" Animation (FF - Table(START) + Chair) "Valentine's Day (Male)" Animation (MM - Table(START) + Chair) "Loving Piano" Animation (MF - Piano) "SimPornGram" Animation (F - Sofa, LoveSeat) "SimPornGramSpectator" Animation (M - Toilet, Chair Desk, Chair Dining) "ShareFriend" Animation (MMF - Floor) "Debt" Animation (MMF - Chair Living) "ShareWife" Animation (MMF - LoveSeat, Sofa) "CuckQueen" Animation (MFF - Chair Living, LoveSeat)
Name Animations of interest Download
Outdoor SEX pack Outdoor sex cop station sex BDSM piano and snowman LOL library sex bowling alley sex (requires bowling pack.) Fridge sex Orgies Hospital sex Femdom sex Cage sex
Full animations list
Vaginal - Doggy kneeling Floor Vaginal - Standing Doggy floor Vaginal - Drunken Doggy floor Vaginal - Doggy All Fours floor group MF Anal - Double Penetration floor group MMMF Oraljob - Doubly Handy and a Windy floor group MMMF Anal - Double Penetration with a side of Blowjob floor group MMMMF - Group fun of 5 floor group MMMMMF - Group fun of 6 floor group MFF Vaginal - Floor Facesitting and Cowgirl floor Anal - Floor Standing behind choking floor Vaginal - Floor Missionary Vaginal - Floor Cowgirl Anal- Floor Reverse Cowgirl Anal - Acrobatic Anal Fuck Anal - Flat Doggy (That works on both bed types and the floor) vaginal - Standing Riding Fuck floor Standing Tit job floor Vaginal - Rough Doggy floor group MFF Teasing - Double Thighjob Floor Anal - Reverse Cowgirl Loving Anal floor vaginal - Leghold (on the short end of a dining table) Anal - Rough dining table Vaginal - Sitting Loving coffee table group MMF Vaginal - Spitroast coffee table Anal - Coffee Table Doggy Anal - Coffee Table DP group MFF Oraljob - Threesome bed group FF Oraljob - Lesbian Oral bed Vaginal - Bed Riding group MFF Anal - Bed Assisted Doggy Vaginal - The Frog bed Vaginal - Cowgirl in bath Oraljob - Male Massage Blowjob Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl Vaginal - Female Massage Missionary Anal - Female Massage Butt sex Climax - Female Massage Climax Vaginal - Window Leghold Oraljob - Piano Blowjob Vaginal - Piano Loveseat Anal - Piano Anal Anal - Bar Stool Anal group MFF Oraljob - Double Blowjob sofa Teasing - Sofa Titjob Vaginal - Sofa Standing Side Fuck Vaginal - Sofa Rough Cowgirl Vaginal - living Chair Reverse Cowgirl Oraljob - Shower Anal - Snowman Anal (LOL WAT) Oraljob - The Snowblower Snowman (LMAO) Oraljob - Tree Blowjob Vaginal - Tree Cowgirl Anal - Tree Bentover Handjob - Pillory Femdom Handjob (bondage devices must be installed) group MMF Vaginal - Pillory Spitroast vertical stockade Oral - Hanging Upside down oral Vaginal - wall Mirror Standing Doggy group MFF Oraljob - Hot tub blowjob with a side of fisting Vaginal - Gentle Missionary X legged bed and floor MFF Oral- Hot Tub Cowgirl and Ass Licking MF Vaginal - Sofa Cowgirl MF Vaginal - Side of Bed Doggy M Oral - Face Fucking the Fish (Fish Fountain) MF Climax - Kneeling Blowjob Climax   MF Teasing - Double Buttjob MF Handjob - Sofa Lie down Handjob MF Vaginal - Magic Fucking MF Vaginal - Standing Vampire Fuck. MF Vaginal - Slow Doggy MF Vaginal - Slow Doggy Vampire MF Vaginal - Rough Doggy MF Vaginal - Slow Doggy Butt Wiggle MF Oraljob - Face Sitting Femdom (Dining Chair) MMFFF Vaginal - Back to Back Foursome (Floor) MF Oraljob - Lying Cunnilingus (Floor) MF Anal - Rough Lying Doggy (Floor, Double Bed) MF Climax - Rough Lying Doggy Climax (Floor, Double Bed.) MF Vaginal - Mirror Window Standing Doggy MF Vaginal -SofaChair Doggy MF Vaginal - Standing Holding Fuck MF Oral - Keep Quiet Blowjob MF Climax - Keep Quiet Blowjob Climax MF Vaginal - Leghold MFFFF Teasing - Trample (2p,3p,4p,5p) MF Vaginal - Gentle Missionary  MF Vaginal - Gentle Missionary Leghold MF Vaginal - Gentle Missionary Legs Up MFF Vaginal - Girl Sandwich MFF Oral - Girl Sandwich Vaginal Climax MF Handjob - Handjob From Behind Mf Handjob - Handjob From Behind Vampire MF Oral - Blowy Through The Bars (Prison Bars) MF Vaginal - From Behind Through The Bars (Prison Bars) MF Anal - Rough Interrogation From Behind (Male Dominator) (Table, Interrogation Table) MF Oral Waterboarding Interrogation (Female Dominator) (Table, Interrogation Table) MF Anal - Cowgirl Interrogation (Female Dominator) (Table, Interrogation Table) MF Vaginal - Doggy in the water (Bathtub)
  Strip Search (Male Dominator) (Booking Station) MF Anal - Holding Anal (Counter) MFFF Oral - Reverse Gangbang Blowjob MFFF Teasing - Reverse Gangbang Teasing MFFF Vaginal - Reverse Gangbang Cowgirl MFFF Climax - Reverse Gangbang Climax MF Teasing - Butt Rubb (Chair) MF Teasing - Spanking Punishment (Desk, Table, Interrogation Table) MF Vaginal - Forcefull Cowgirl (Female Dominator) (Prison cell bench) MF Anal - Loving Sex From Behind Standing MFF Oraljob - Girl Sandwich - Blowjob Sandwich (Double Bed) MFF Teasing - Double Buttjob (Double Bed) MF Vaginal - Standing Doggy Spanking Punishment (Desk, Table, Interrogation Table) MF Anal - Gentle Anal On The Side (Desk, Table, Interrogation Table) MF Anal - Interrogation Femdom Cowgirl (Female Dominator) (Desk, Table, Interrogation Table) MF Teasing - Naughty Woman - Teasing MF Handjob - Naughty Woman - Handjob MF Oral - Naughty Woman - Blowjob MF Vaginal - Naughty Woman - Sitting Missionary MF Climax - Naughty Woman - Climax FFF Teasing - Lesbian Threesome Teasing FFF Oraljob - Lesbian Threesome Oral F Teasing - BDSM Rest Pose aster and their Pet MF Teasing(Chair) Naughty Woman - Footjob MF Footjob Groupsex Sex MMMFF Anal Squatting MF Anal Double Penetraition on the Sofa MMF Anal Sex over armrest MF Anal Doggy Spitroast over Sofa MMF Anal Rough Doggy Holding the Pole MF Vaginal (Four Poster Bed) Groupsex Foreplay 1 MMMFF Oral and anal Anal Piledriver MF Anal Reverse Cowgirl MF Vaginal Reverse Cowgirl with knee fuck MMF Vaginal.
Horny librarian Series MF Vaginal - Up Against The Stacks MF Vaginal - From The Side Against The Bookcase MF Oraljob - A Blowy between the Stacks MF Oraljob - Pussy Licking in the Stacks MF Teasing - Teasing in the Stacks MF Climax - Climaxing in the Stacks MF Oraljob - Pet give Master Blowjob MF Vaginal - Pet Rides Master MF Oraljob - Forcefull Blowjob Tied up MF Anal - Anal Bridge over the Lane (bowling pack required) MF Vaginal - From behind between the balls (bowling pack required.) MF Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl MF Vaginal - Female Massage Spooning MF Teasing - Scolding Her MF Anal - Rough Anal MF Oraljob - Rough Tied up Blowjob MF Oraljob - Rough Blowjob and Handy MF Oraljob - Roughish Cunnilingus MF Vaginal - Rough Sex on The Side of The Bed MF Climax - Rough Missionary Climax MF Vaginal - Rough Missionary MF Oraljob - Rough Cunnilingus MF Climax - Rough Missionary Climax MF Vaginal - Doggy up against the Statue (Vampire statue) Having Fun on Company Time - Cowgirl - MF Vaginal Having Fun on Company Time - Rubbing His Crotch - MF Teasing Having Fun on Company Time - Handjob - MF Handjob Having Fun on Company Time - Kissing the Crotch of the Pants - MF Teasing Having Fun on Company Time - Cowgirl Climax - MF Climax (Vampire Statue) Holding her up against the Statue - MF Vaginal Up Against the Fridge - MF Vaginal Doggy Against The Fridge - MF Vaginal Doggy Against The Fridge Climax - MF Climax Fingering Pushed down over the back - MF Handjob sofa (Four Poster Bed) Rough Doggy Up Against The Pole (Four Poster Bed) - MF Vaginal Showing whats wrong with the fridge MF Teasing The Schmapple Fridge Analingus against the fridge MF Oraljob The Schmapple Fridge The Naughty wife is punished MF Teasing Floor Doggy Over Girl MFF Vaginal Double Bed Loving Sex on the floor MF Vaginal Floor Cunnilingus over the back MF Oraljob Sofa Wishboning MF Vaginal Whishing Well Doggy on the Balcony MF Vaginal Boxed Balcony Over The Ledge MF Vaginal Boxed Balcony Missionary Over The Back MF Vaginal Sofa Doggy Over The Back MF Vaginal Sofa Legs Spread Jumping MF Vaginal Double Bed She do not have much of a choice - Teasing MMF Teasing Floor She do not have much of a choice - Oral MMF Oraljob Floor GangBang by the Bed - Oral (8P) 7M1F Oraljob Double Bed GangBang by the Bed - Oral (6P) 5M1F Oraljob Double Bed GangBang by the Bed - Triple Penetration (8P) 7M1F Anal Double Bed GangBang by the Bed - Triple Penetration (6P) 5M1F Anal Double Bed Groupsex Climax - MMMF Sofa WorkoutBlowout - MF Oraljob Workout Machine Rough Doggy Holding Her Up - MF Vaginal Floor Fast Cowgirl - MF Vaginal Table Horse Play - MF Teasing Floor Intimate Cowgirl on the armrest - MF Vaginal Sofa Chair Kissing Standing - MF Teasing Floor Kissing by the Bed - MF Teasing Double Bed Kissing on the Bed - MF Teasing Double Bed Gang Bang Series 7M 1F Gangbang by the bed - Double Penetration Gangbang by the bed - Double Handjob and Cunnilingus Gangbang by the bed - Blowjobs in a Row Gangbang by the bed - Taking Care of Her Gangbang by the bed - Cum Shower Kissing - Couples Time MF Teasing Sofa Blowjob MF Oraljob Cashbag Blowjob - Couples Time MF Oraljob LoveSeat Handjob - Couples Time MF Handjob LoveSeat Kissing - Couples Time MF Teasing LoveSeat Nude Photo Shoot MF Teasing Photo Studio Between The Thighs MF Teasing Cashbag Handjob MF Handjob Cashbag Missionary - Couples Time MF Vaginal Sofa Caught in the act! MF Teasing Cashbag Cowgirl MF Vaginal Cashbag Cowgirl Climax MF Climax Cashbag Missionary Climax - Couples Time MF Climax Sofa 69 - Couples Time MF Oraljob Sofa Scolding MF Teasing Floor Thigh and hand Job MF Teasing Floor Blowjob, man sitting on the floor MF Oraljob Floor Cowgirl on the ground MF Vaginal Floor Climax on the ground MF Climax Floor Crouching Handjob MF Handjob Floor Teasing: What do we have here? MF Teasing Statue Blowjob: Helping from the front MF Oraljob Statue Cunnilingus: Helping from behind MF Oraljob Statue ANAL: Evaluating the architecture MF Teasing Statue Doggy: Trying to unstuck with force MF Vaginal Statue The final thrust MF Climax Statue Triping into his arms MF Teasing Glass Counter Assisted Interrogation 2on1 MFF Vaginal Table 1on1 Interrogation MF Vaginal Table Assisted Interrogation 4on1 MFFFF Vaginal Table Waterboarding Threesome MFF Vaginal Table Waterboarding Orgy MFFFF Vaginal Table Seduction: Paying homage to the founder MF Teasing Our Founder Statue Cunnilingus: Taking care of SimCity women MF Oraljob Our Founder Statue Handjob: Handling the sticks MF Handjob Our Founder Statue Blowjob: Polishing the sticks MF Oraljob Our Founder Statue Reverse Cowgirl: Cuckhold founder MF Vaginal Our Founder Statue Climax: Founder’s blessings! MF Climax Our Founder Statue Passenger Blowjob MFF/MF Oraljob Car Walk into his arms MF Teasing Glass Counter Standing Vaginal: Hold on! MF Vaginal Our Founder Statue Split on the sofa MF Vaginal Sofa Harem Orgy: Slowly getting him Ready MFFFF Handjob Floor Teasing: Visiting the patient MF Teasing Medical Bed Oraljob: Checking what’s wrong MF Oraljob Medical Bed Teasing: Comforting the patient MF Teasing Medical Bed Handjob: Hand and tongue checkup MF Handjob Medical Bed Treating the illness MF Vaginal Medical Bed Climax: Injecting The Cure MF Climax Medical Bed Intimate in the bathroom MF Vaginal Bathtub Scolding the Secretary MF Teasing Chair Exhausted Rev.Cowgirl - Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Every Drop MF Vaginal Floor/Double Bed Teasing - Feeling daring MF Trasing Big City Eye Catcher Cunnilingus – Getting ready for action MF Oraljob Big City Eye Catcher Blowjob Sucking the adrenaline MF Oraljob Big City Eye Catcher Standing sex 1 – Against the Eye Catcher MF Vaginal Big City Eye Catcher Standing sex 2 – Sneaky quickie MF Vaginal Big City Eye Catcher Climax – An Eye for and Eye MF Climax Big City Eye Catcher Harem Orgy: The Tower MFFFF Anal Floor Femdom Harem: Riding him 1 Man 9 Girls Vaginal Double Bed Harem Orgy: Ride him 1 Man 4 Girls Vaginal Double Bed Harem Orgy: Bury him 1 Man 5 Girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: Use him 1 Man 6 Girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: Stroke him to the finish line and stop 1 Man 9 girls Handjob Double Bed Femdom Harem: Stroke him to the finish line and stop 1 Man 6 girls Handjob Double Bed Harem Orgy: Handjobs and fingering 1 Man 5 girls Handjob Double Bed Femdom Harem: Stroke him to the finish line and stop 1 Man 7 girls Handjob Double Bed Loving Couple: Cunnilingus MF Oraljob Dining Table Loving Couple: Kissing MF Teasing Dining Table Loving Couple: Kissing and Fingering MF Handjob Dining Table Loving Couple: Kissing, Fingering and Handjob MF Handjob Dining Table Loving Couple: Long Blowjob MF Oraljob Dining Table Slow moving Blowjob MF Oraljob Dining Table Fast moving Blowjob MF Oraljob Dining Table Fast moving Fingering MF Handjob Dining Table Slow moving Fingering MF Handjob Dining Table  Loving Couple: Fingering, Long MF Handjob Dining Table  Teach him manners MF Vaginal Cell Bars Anal Spitroasting MFM Anal Cell Bars Anal up against the bars MF Anal Cell Bars  Loving Couple: Fucking on the edge MF Vaginal Dining Table Femdom Harem: The Lineup 1 man 9 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: The Lineup (4 girls) 1 man 4 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: The Lineup (5 girls) 1 man 5 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: The Lineup (7 girls) v1 1 man 7 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: The Lineup (7 girls) v2 1 man 7 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: The Lineup (6 girls) 1 man 6 girls Vaginal Double Bed Hungry for Cock through the bars MF Oraljob Cell Bars Amazonian sex on the bench MF Vaginal Cell Bench Jerk him off when he is stuck MF Handjob Cell Bench Loving Couple: Kissing Cowgirl MF Vaginal Dining Table Loving Couple: Missionary on the table MF Vaginal Dining Table Choked Handjob MF Handjob Cell Bars Choosing, left or right? BOTH! (2 versions, MFF, MFFF) MFFF Oraljob Cell Bars Lunging Facefuck MF Oraljob Cell Bench Held in place 69 Facefuck MF Oraljob Cell Bench Tittjob and a Facefuck MF Oraljob Floor Femdom Harem: Ride Him Hard (3 versions) M1 F9 Vaginal Double Bed Make him finger you MF Handjob Cell Bars Gather Around 4 men 3 girls Vaginal Double Bed Slamming on the side of the bed MF Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: Reverse Cowgirl Stack 1 man 9 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: Reverse Cowgirl Stack 1 man 8 girls Vaginal Double Bed Femdom Harem: Reverse Cowgirl Stack 1 man 6 girls Vaginal Double Bed Kneeling on the side MF Oraljob Floor/Shower Tick Tock MF Oraljob Living Chair, Sofa, Bench outdoor Femdom Harem: Tittjobb MF9 Teasing Double Bed Unenthusiastic Blowjob MF Oraljob Sofa, Loveseat Unenthusiastic Missionary MF Vaginal Sofa, Loveseat Acrobatic playing MF Vaginal Monkeybars Femdom Harem: Climax MF9 Climax Double Bed Unenthusiastic Reverse Cowgirl MF Vaginal Sofa, Loveseat Unenthusiastic Lying Doggy MF Vaginal Sofa, Loveseat Footjob next to the sleeping MF B Footjob Double Bed Rough doggy holding her up anal MF Anal Floor Rough spitroast holding her up MMF Anal Floor Hold her high and lick her MF Oraljob Wall, Better Than Bunny Fuck her up against the wall (slow) MF Vaginal Wall, Better Than Bunny Fuck her up against the wall (fast) MF Vaginal Wall, Better Than Bunny Fuck her up against the wall (mixed rythms) MF Vaginal Wall, Better Than Bunny Shawty on the beach, Teasing: Come over here, I'm bored MF Teasing CC Lounge Chair Shawty on the beach, Handjob: Getting it hard and ready MF Handjob CC Lounge Chair Shawty on the beach, Cunnilingus: Lick it properly, boy! MF Oraljob CC Lounge Chair Shawty on the beach, Vaginal: Come on, fuck the boredom out of me MF Vaginal CC Lounge Chair Femdom Harem: Climax interrupted MF9 Teasing Double Bed Tick Tock MF Oraljob Ottoman Shawty on the beach, Blowjob: Summer delight MF Oraljob CC Lounge Chair Shawty on the beach, Climax: A bit too early perhaps? MF Climax CC Lounge Chair Buttjob and Handjob MF Handjob Sofa, Loveseat Unenthusiastic Thighfuck MF Teasing Sofa, Loveseat Prepping her for the meal MF Oraljob Floor Feeding Cock MF Oraljob Floor Double the blow, double the fun MMFF Oraljob Floor Partying on the railings: The Bridge MF Vaginal Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Secret Encounter MF Teasing Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Lets get this party get started MF Handjob Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Chug it and do it quickly! MF Oraljob Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Daring tongue MF Oraljob Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Drill, don't fall MF Vaginal Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Provocative view MF Vaginal Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Acrobatic Showmanship MF Vaginal Arch you happy to see me? Partying on the railings: Lights out MF Climax Arch you happy to see me? Reverse Gangbang Blowjob MF4 Oraljob Double Bed Chug it and do it quickly! MF Oraljob Floor Unenthusiastic Climax MF Climax Sofa, Loveseat Gaze upon your Goddess MF Handjob Chair Femdom Harem: Cover Him MF9 Vaginal Double Bed Feel the justice MF Teasing “To protect and serve” police insignia. Obey the justice MF Oraljob “To protect and serve” police insignia. Please the justice MF Teasing “To protect and serve” police insignia. Have justice MF Oraljob “To protect and serve” police insignia. Surrender to the justice MF Vaginal “To protect and serve” police insignia. Justice served MF Climax “To protect and serve” police insignia. Make out Party F6 (B6) Teasing Double Bed Kissing at the foot of the bed F2 (B2) Teasing Double Bed Kissing against the backboard MF (B2) Teasing Double Bed Kissing sitting on the side of the bed F2 (B2) Teasing Double Bed Lounging Face Fuck MF Oraljob Floor Lounging Face Fuck Climax MF Climax Floor, (Cum Mesh) Entice them MMF Teasing Ottoman Double blowjob shotgun MMF Oraljob Ottoman Get them started slowly MMF Vaginal Ottoman Hot mixed foreplay MMF Oraljob Ottoman The blowjob doll MMF Oraljob Ottoman Headstand Fuck doll MMF Vaginal Ottoman Used as a slut MMF Anal Ottoman Get them ready MMF Handjob Ottoman The Pistons MMF Anal Ottoman Enjoying the spring alone F Handjob Hot Spring Secretly watching her enjoying the spring MF Handjob Hot Spring Oral Circle F6 Oraljob Double Bed Titt/Butt Job FFM Teasing Double Bed Fucked relentlessly MMF Anal Ottoman Make the first one cum with her mouth MMF Climax Vaginal Ottoman Use her ass to cum MMF Climax Anal Ottoman Surprised to see someone else there MF Handjob Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Oral Stacks F6(1M) Oraljob Double Bed Forced Cunnilingus MF Oraljob Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Make Out MF Teasing Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Tick Tock: Time to Cum MF Oraljob Ottoman, Loveseat, Sofa, Sofa Chair Pole Dance Routine F Teasing Wet Blowjob MF Oraljob Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Cowgirl with his face between the tits MF Vaginal Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Standing sideways, holding him with her leg MF Vaginal Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Reverse Cowgirl on top of the rocks MF Vaginal Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Fuck him into the rocks MF Anal Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Cum like never before MF Climax Luminary's Exotic Water Garden Teach her the art of the handjob MFF Handjob Floor Teach her the art of the blowjob MFF Oraljob Floor Teach her the art of the facial MFF Climax Floor
Name Animations of interest Download
Climax SEX pack Climax (cumming) FUTA animations
Full animations list
Missionary on sofa blowjob on floor with climax spoon anal in bed with climax missionary in bed with climax doggy in bed with climax handjob in bed blowjob in bed with climax cowgirl in bed with climax female solo on bed with climax group FF face sitting in bed with climax Foot job with climax (group) 3P - Double Doggy couch 3P - DoubleDoggy - CLIMAX couch Cowgirl On LoveSeat - Climax Blowjob On Toilet/Armchair Blowjob On Toilet/Armchair CLIMAX Reverse Cowgirl On LivingChair Lesbians Tribadism On Bed Lesbians Tribadism On Bed 2 Reverse Cowgirl On LivingChair CLIMAX Missionary On Bed 3P - Floor - FMF - Handjob 3P - Floor - FMF - Oraljob 3P - Bed - FMF - Vaginal Lesbians Tribadism - CLIMAX 3P - Bed - FMF - Vaginal 3P - Bed - FMF - Vaginal CLIMAX Missionary On Bed Cowgirl On Bed Cowgirl On Bed - CLIMAX
Lesbians FaceSittin Lesbians FaceSittin CLIMAX Lesbians Trib Cowgirl On Bed Cowgirl On Bed CLIMAX Cowgirl On Armchair
Cowgirl On Armchair CLIMAX Missionary On Couch Missionary On Couch CLIMAX Blowjob on Floor (Handjob)
Blowjob on Floor Blowjob on Floor CLIMAX Blowjob on Toilet Blowjob on Bed Blowjob on Bed CLIMAX Spoon On Bed Reverse Cowgirl On Armchair Reverse Cowgirl On Armchair CLIMAX Female Masturbate On Bed Female Masturbate On Bed CLIMAX Doggy Stand Rough FLOOR Doggy Stand Rough FLOOR - CLIMAX Missionary Rough On Floor Missionary Rough On Floor - CLIMAX Rework Genitals Animations Oral On Bed - HANDJOB Oral On Bed - ORALJOB Oral On Floor - HANDJOB Oral On Floor - ORALJOB Oral On Floor - ORALJOB - CLIMAX Doggy On Ottoman Doggy On Ottoman - CLIMAX Doggy Pool - ANAL Doggy Pool - ANAL - CLIMAX Missionary Pool - VAGINAL Missionary Pool - ORAL  Missionary Pool - VAGINAL - CLIMAX 3P Handjob ON COUCH 3P Oral ON COUCH 3P Doggy ON COUCH  Doggy Rough On Floor Doggy Rough On Floor - CLIMAX Doggy Rough On TableDinning Doggy Rough On TableDinning - CLIMAX Spoon On Couch Spoon On Couch - Stage CLIMAX Missionary On Shower Missionary On Shower - Stage CLIMAX Spoon On Bed Spoon On Bed - Stage CLIMAX Missionary On Table Coffee Missionary On Table Coffee CLIMAX Foreplay On Loveseat Doggy On Loveseat Doggy On Loveseat CLIMAX Reverse Cowgirl On Bed Reverse Cowgirl On Bed - CLIMAX Cowgirl On Sofa DF Oraljob On Floor DF Oraljob On Floor - CLIMAX MF Licking Pussy On Bed MF Licking Pussy On Bed - CLIMAX FF Oraljob On Armchair FF Oraljob On Armchair - CLIMAX MF Counter - Doggy MF Counter - Doggy - CLIMAX MF & MM Oraljob on Table MF & MM Oraljob on Table - CLIMAX 3P - BED - MMF - ROUND 1 3P - BED - MMF - ROUND 1 - CLIMAX Les Trib On Sofa ForePlay Les Cunnilingus On Sofa Cunnilingus On Sofa CLIMAX 3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - CLIMAX Table Picnic - Round 1 Table Picnic - Round 1 - STAGE - CLIMAX Table Picnic - Round 2 Table Picnic - Round 2 - STAGE CLIMAX 3P - MMF - Round 3 3P - MMF - Round 3 - STAGE CLIMAX Missionary Rough On Table Missionary Rough On Table - STAGE CLIMAX BED -MF - 69 BED -MF - 69- CLIMAX BED -FF - 69 BED -FF - 69 - CLIMAX BED -DF - doggy On bed BED -DF - doggy On bed - CLIMAX Doggy on Toilet Doggy on Toilet - CLIMAX Sauna - HANDJOB Sauna - ORALJOB Sauna - VAGINAL Sauna - CLIMAX Threesome On Bed - male, female & female -3P - MFF - BED Threesome On Bed - male, female & female -3P - MFF - BED  -CLIMAX SHOWER R2 SHOWER R2 - CLIMAX TABLE DINNER - R1 TABLE DINNER - R1 - CLIMAX FUTA - TABLE FUTA - TABLE - CLIMAX VAMPIRE ON FLOOR VAMPIRE ON FLOOR - CLIMAX DF SOFA - R1 DF SOFA - R1 - CLIMAX DF SOFA - R2 DF SOFA - R2 - CLIMAX CL - TOILET - R1 CL - TOILET - R1 - CLIMAX CL - BED - R1 CL - BED - R1 - CLIMAX CL - BED - R2 CL - BED - R2 - CLIMAX DF - 3P - MFF - BED - R2 DF - 3P - MFF - BED - R2 - CLIMAX DF - 3P - MMF - SOFA - R1  DF - 3P - MMF - SOFA - R1 - CLIMAX DF - 3P - MMF - SOFA - R2  DF - 3P - MMF - SOFA - R2 - CLIMAX
Name Animations of interest Download
Wild SEX pack
Toilet spanking ball licking Fingering punching bag tit fuck handjob Animated penis (AP) support!
Full animations list
HandJob Fingering stand floor FF OralJob Cunnilingus Stand floor 2P/3P FF/FFF/FFM OralJob BlowJob stand floor - 2P/3P MFM Vaginal Stand Behind Floor Vaginal Stand Behind Floor Climax Teasing Stand Behind Toilet HandJob Anal Fingering Toilet Anal Stand behind Toilet Anal Stand behind Toilet Climax Teasing balls play Right Side double bed Teasing spank Right Side double bed MF/FF Teasing titsJob Right Side double bed Teasing Special RimJob Right Side Double Bed Teasing Special Open legs Right Side Double Bed handJob Two Hands Right Side Double Bed handJob Lick balls Right Side Double Bed Handjob Fingering Right Side Double Bed MF/FF Handjob Fingering Right Side Double Bed 3 Climax MF/FF OralJob BlowJob Right Side double bed OralJob Cunnilingus Right Side Double Bed 1 MF/FF OralJob Cunnilingus Right Side Double Bed Climax MF/FF OralJob BlowJob Special Right Side Double Bed - 2P/3P FFM OralJob BlowJob Special Right Side Double Bed - 2P/3P Climax Vaginal Doggy Right Side double bed Vaginal Doggy Right Side double bed Climax Vaginal Missionary Right Side Double Bed Vaginal Missionary Right Side Double Bed Climax Vaginal Cowgirl Right Side Double Bed Anal Doggy Right Side Double Bed Anal Doggy Right Side Double Bed Climax Vaginal Stand Behind Pillory with cimax (bondage devices required Vaginal Stand Behind Punching bag with climax Vaginal Cowgirl Punching bag OralJob BlowJob Punching bag Sensual dance on dancing pole (bondage devices required.)
HandJob Vaginal Masturbation Floor HandJob Vaginal Masturbation Floor Climax Vaginal Missionary Table Dining long Vaginal Stand Behind shower Vaginal Stand Behind Right Side Double Bed 3P MFF Vaginal Stand Behind Right Side Double Bed 3P MFF Climax Teasing titsJob Right Side double bed Vaginal Missionary Right Side Double Bed HandJob Vaginal Masturbation Floor HandJob Vaginal Masturbation Floor Climax Vaginal Missionary Table Dining long Vaginal Stand Behind shower Vaginal Stand Behind Right Side Double Bed 3P MFF Vaginal Stand Behind Right Side Double Bed 3P MFF Climax Teasing tits Job Right Side double bed OralJob BlowJob Table Dining long 1 (object_animation) Teasing\AP Kiss Teasing\AP Teasing Teasing\AP Titsjob Teasing\AP Teasing Cowgirl Front HandJob\AP Handjob Climax\AP blowjob 4 Climax Vaginal\AP Cowgirl Front AP Teasing Doggy AP Cowgirl Front AP Cowgirl Front Rough AP Cowgirl Front Climax AP Blowjob Special AP Blowjob Special 3P AP Blowjob Special AP Blowjob Special Climax AP Handjob Male Masturbation AP Handjob Female Masturbation AP Handjob Spoon AP Spoon
Name Animations of interest Download
Sex toy pack Sex toy animations fountain sex Photo studio sex Pee animations squirting

Sex toys are located in deco - clutter and entertainment - party.

Double dong and whip must be equipped in CAS before use. located in accessory - rings.

Adult comics, you can buy these from any bookshelf Also help level up in charisma.
adult DVD's both porn and hentai.

slut bag accessory found in CAS

Alpha-Lich Double Ended Strap-On Hot Fus Stallion Style Strap On Easy-Rider Leg Strap

To have the MF animation available for FF, you must go in Gender Settings and choose "Female as Both".

That way, females can have MF animations by equipping the strapon

Full animations list
"I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR ME" WALL MIRROR > ORALJOB > STANDING BLOWJOB : MF SOFA > VAGINAL > SOFA LOVING - STANDING MISSIONARY : MF "I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR ME" WALL MIRROR > VAGINAL > MIRROR MIRROR.... : MF SOFA > VAGINAL > COUPLE DILDO : FF (requires long straight double dildo for right hand equipped to use) PUBLIC THRONE BATHROOM > VAGINAL > PUBLIC HOOK UP : MF (requires City Living expansion) FLOOR > TEASING > SIT ON ME : any gender (requires whip to be equipped)
DOUBLE BED > TEASING > PUNISHMENT TIME : ANY GENDER (requires whip to be equipped) in order to use the whip they must first be applied to an outfit slot in CAS, Then switch to this outfit before or during sex for it to show in game. THREESOME: SOFA > ORALJOB > WATCHING HER KISS PUSSY : FFF/MFF {works best with "Squarely there sofa"} FLOOR > ORALJOB > EATING TOGETHER : FFF/FFM FOUNTAIN OF GLUTEUS MAXIMUS (romantic garden) > ORALJOB > FUN FOR THREE : FFF/FMF (Sex initiation set to instant/teleport) IN A FLASH PHOTO STUDIO > TEASING, ORALJOB & VAGINAL > CELEBRITY DREAMS 1,2,3,4 & climax : MMF (requires get to work.) FOURSOME: SOFA > ORALJOB > WATCHING HER KISS PUSSY 2 : FFFM/MFFM {works best with "Squarely there sofa"} FLOOR > ORALJOB > ORAL TRAIN : FFFF/FFFM FOUNTAIN OF GLUTEUS MAXIMUS (romantic garden) > ORALJOB > FUN FOR FOUR FFFF/FFMF (Sex initiation set to instant/teleport) FIVESOME: FOUNTAIN OF GLUTEUS MAXIMUS (romantic garden) > ORALJOB > FUN AT THE FOUNTAIN : FFFFF/FFFMF (Sex initiation set to instant/teleport.) FLOOR > TEASING > SLOW KISS : any gender couple BOWLING BALL RACK #2 > TEASING, VAGINAL & CLIMAX > LOST BET : MF (requires Bowling Expansion) BAR STOOL > VAGINAL > BAR SLUT : MMF DOUBLE BED > HANDJOB > FIRST TIME SOLO : F DOUBLE BED > HANDJOB > SOLO FINGERING ON BED : F SOFA > TEASING > SITTING COMFORTABLY : any gender couple JOYWAVE SYBIAN DOUBLE TROUBLE > VAGINAL > TANDEM RIDE : FF SEX TOY no.4 (Hitachi) > VAGINAL > HITACHI PLEASURE 1&2 : FF SOFA > HANDJOB > MUTUAL TOUCHING (updated) : FF SOFA > ORALJOB > KISSING HER PUSSY (updated) : FF/FM (works best with "squarely there modern sofa") FLOOR & DANCING POLES > TEASING > CUFFED : any FLOOR > TEASING > CHEEKY GROPE : MF/MM (to be used with bottoms worn) Kissing Her Pussy Kitty On Kitty Lesbian 69 Horny Friend Horny Friend 2 Three's Not Always A Crowd Self Fucking Shower Masturbation Female Standing Shower Masturbation Female Sitting Dildo Workout Love Triangle FMF Poolside Pleasure (donut float) At Their Mercy Private Time DOUBLE BED > ORALJOB > LESBIAN 69 (with tongue) : FF SOFA > ORALJOB > KISSING HER PUSSY (with tongue) : FF/FM (works best with "squarely there modern sofa") ARMCHAIR > HANDJOB > SOLO FINGERING : F SOFA > ORALJOB > INVITED TO WANK : FFM/FMM SOFA > ORALJOB > PUSSYCHU : FF FLOOR > TEASING > SHOWING THEM OFF : F FLOOR > TEASING > SURPRISE ENCOUNTER : MF/FF DOUBLE BED > ORALJOB > ORAL FOR TWO : FFFF SOFA > TEASING > SWEET DIP : FF (uses lollipop) LONG DINING TABLE, COFFEE TABLE & FLOOR > HANDJOB > FEELING MYSELF : F DOUBLE BED > VAGINAL > SOLO TOY PLAY 3 : F (uses plaything dildo) SEX TOY no.4 (Hitachi) > HITACHI SOLO : F STRIPPER POLES > HANDJOB > NO WAY OUT : FF/MF LIVING CHAIR > ANAL > LOVE HONEY VIBE : F (requires love honey toy) DOUBLE BED > HANDJOB > FOURPLAY : FFFF "I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR ME" WALL MIRROR > HANDJOB > SOLO FEMALE : F SHOWER > HANDJOB > FEMALE SHOWER MASTURBATION 3 : F COUNTER > HANDJOB > SOMETHING ON THE SIDE 1 & 2 : F COUNTER > ORALJOB > SOMETHING ON THE SIDE 3 : FF DOUBLE BED > TEASING > TIMID FRENCH KISS : FF "UNI" STUFFED TOY > VAGINAL > STUFFED PLAYMATE : FF DOUBLE BED > TEASING > PILLOW HUMPING : F BUTTON MASHER 9001 > VAGINAL > JOYSTICK RIDE 2 : F (requires Get Together EP) SOFA & LOVESEAT > TEASING > TENDER EMBRACE : FF Sofa > Vaginal > From Behind : FF Loveseat > Teasing > A Kiss From The Petals : F  Counter > Vaginal > DoggyStyle : FM/FF Counter > Oraljob > Specific Rim (anal licking for her) : FF/FM Uni (stuffed toy) > Vaginal > Plushie Loving : F (requires Realistic Dildo Set by Noir) Balloon Dildo > Vaginal > Space Hopper Dildo Insertion : F  Sofa > Teasing > Foot Tickle Teasing : any gender couple Balloon Dildo > Vaginal > Space Hopper Self Pleasure Bounce : F Floor > Oraljob > Cunnilingus And Breast Groping : FFF/MMF/MFF Oak Tree > Teasing > Caught Peeing : F (with and without pants accessory) Floor > Teasing > V.I.P. (very intimate piddle) : FF Double Bed > Oraljob> Lesbian Oral : FF X-Frame (bdsm set) > Teasing > Tickle Torture 2 : Any gender couple X-Frame (bdsm set) > Teasing > At Their Mercy : Any gender couple and a female  Double Bed, Sofa/Love-seat, Floor, Counter > Vaginal > Solo Toy Play : F Floor > Teasing > Slow Dancing : Any gender To Love-ru Book, Sofa, Double Bed > Teasing > A Novel Feeling : F Floor, dance Pole (bondage pack) > Teasing > Female Tease : F Double Bed > Vaginal > Hitachi Solo > F Double Bed > Vaginal > Sharing A Hitachi : FF Hitachi (sex toy 04) > Vaginal > Hitachi Solo 3 : F Shower/Tub > Vaginal > Suction Cup Dildo : F Shower/Tub > Handjob > Female Couple Fingering Realistic Dildo > Vaginal > Dildo Ride 2 : F Floor > Anal > Ass To Ass Double Dildo : FF Both Large Wall Mirrors > Vaginal > Suction Cup Dildo : F Floor > Teasing > Teasing Her : FF/FM Double Bed > Vaginal > Solo Toy Play 2 : F (plaything accessory) The Folly Of Lady Chloris > Handjob > Fun At The Folly : Fingering Solo :F The Folly Of Lady Chloris > Teasing > Fun At The Folly : Breast Rub Tease : FF/FM The Folly Of Lady Chloris > Teasing > Fun At The Folly : FFF/FFM (requires Romantic Garden Ep) Narrow Vertical Pillory > Anal > Anal Slave Climax : MF Balloon Dildo > Vaginal > Space Hopper Self Pleasure : F Double Bed > Teasing > Double Discipline : Any gender threesome Floor > Handjob > On Her Knees : F Single doors, Garage Door Mural & Shower > Handjob > Feeling Horny : F (garage mural requires City Living Ep) Double Bed > Anal > Submissive Anal : MF/FF/MM Floor > Teasing > Tickle Time : Any Gender Couple Floor > Teasing > At Their Mercy : FFF/FFM/FMM Double Bed > Handjob > Mutual Masturbation : FF Bugatti Veyron > Handjob > Female Solo : F Bugatti Veyron > Vaginal > Handling A Stick : F Double Bed > Teasing > Just Chillin' : Any gender couple Double Bed > Vaginal > Solo Toy Play 3 : F (requires plaything) Sofa > Vaginal > Pussy On Pussy Grinding : FF Sofa > Handjob > Intersex Solo Touching (for futanari penis with vagina) : F/M Sofa & Loveseat > Vaginal > Dildo Insertion : FF/FM (requires BIG dildo) Pool Ladder > Teasing & Handjob > Teasing By The Pool : F Double Bed > Handjob > Solo Female Tease : F Double Bed > Vaginal > Hitachi Squirt : FF/FM Living Chair > Oraljob > Feet Up Voyeur : FFF/FMF Dining Table > Teasing > Waiting/Watching For An Invite : any gender Dining Table > Teasing > Loving Kisses : any gender couple Sofa > Vaginal > Double Dildo Stripper Pole Pole Stage > Teasing > Attention Seeking Tease : F Double Bed > Teasing > Tickle Torture : Any Gender Couple (requires cuffs and ankle rope. The ankle ropes will be worn as the animation begins but the cuffs will need to be applied in CAS as part of an outfit, found in bracelets category) Sofa - Love Seat / Double Bed / Counter / Floor / Shower > Vaginal > Solo Toy Play : F (requires plaything object) Jaws Of Death Water Slide > Teasing > Using It for Something Else : FF (requires Backyard EP)
Name Animations of interest Download
Vampire SEX pack Vampire animations Strip tease SUCCUBUS animations maid sex Hot tub sex.

Also included devil wings (found in hats) and Sethos Wings (found in rings) accessories. and several other outfits.
Bat Lace Mask for Males and Females.
Bite Mark for Males and Females. [Tattoo]
X Nipple Pasties for Males [Tattoos]
Corset Full Outfits for Females and Males.
Vertical Stripe Stockings
Full animations list
Name Description Download
Bondage devices and sex club objects

Adds Bondage Devices to your game:
Vertical Pillory
animated Vertical Stockade
Bed Double Dildo
Stud Leather Harness
Dungeon Furniture "Atlas" Frame

Dance cage
Stripper poles
You will find them all in the Build mode, in Indoor Activities category. Gloryhole from dressers category (get together required ONLY for gloryholes.)
Sex on stairs rugs
Ballet Barres
Pool table
obedientDiningChair. Black, Red, Pink. Works as a Dining Chair.

Female bondage accessory located in bracelets in CAS. Access with any dresser and equip to your sim.

blindfold accessory
Can be found in the Glasses category and comes in three colours, black, red and white
Access with any dresser and equip to your sim.

headcage accessory
Can be found in the Glasses category
Access with any dresser and equip to your sim.

cock cages in 3 designs. found in CAS in underwear.

Diaper & Pacifier
Both enabled for male and female.
Enabled for Everyday/Sleep/Swim wear

chastity Belt accessory
Shameful Slut accessory

slave set includes:
Swatches - Black, White, Pink, Red. Parts - Blindfold - lip piercing L, Gag - lip piercing R, Gag attachment - middle ring, Belt - index ring R, Vibe - index ring L, Heels - shoes

SlaveSet2 - 4 Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink
Armbinder - top
Skirt - bottom
Panel Gag - lip piercing Right
Nipple piercing - Wrist Left & Right

Straitjacket Set - Four Swatches - BLACK, WHITE, PINK, RED
4 parts - corresponding slot
Straitjacket - Top
Nipple piercings - Bracelet
Gag - Necklace
Shoes - Feet

You can find the sex on stairs rugs in the same category as all the other devices. For them to work, you must place them in front of the stairs, with the arrow pointing away of the Stair case. To play the animation, Click on the Rug.

There are 3 different rugs to be used with three types of staircase according to their width. One for 1 lane staircases, one for 2 lane staircases and of for 3 lane staircase.

All animations includes breast physics.

Full animations list
Dancing Poles and Caged Dancing Poles: Standing Doggy (2speeds) Holding Legs Up Doggy Hanging Split Missionary FMF Hanging Split Missionary-Cunnilingus Pole Climbing Vertical Doggy Anal Pole Dancing Upside Down Cunnilingus (69) Scorpion Anal MF Reverse Cowgirl MFM Reverse Cowgirl - Handjob Female Solo (Masturbation) MF Standing Cunnilingus. Bondage Devices: MF Pillory Standing Doggy MF Vertical Pillory Standing Vaginal (Missionary) FMF FMF FemDom Kneeling Blowjob For Vertical Stockade (2 speeds) MFM Vertical Stocks Side Blowjob + fingering MFM Vertical Stocks Vaginal and Oral (Blowjob-fingering stage 2) MF Vertical Stocks vaginal MF Pillory Spanking F Pillory Female Solo MF Pillory Cunnilingus FMF Femdom Vaginal Standing Doggy for Vertical Stockade (2speeds - 2P) FMF Femdom Vaginal Standing Doggy for Vertical Stockade (2speeds - 3P) BondageCross Femdom Forced Vaginal BondageCross Femdom BlowJob BondageCross Standing Cunnilingus BondageCross Standing Missionary BondageCross Standing Doggy (Anal) BondageCross MF FootJob Bed DoubleSided Dildo FFM Doggy HandJob Vertical Stockade Floor Rough Doggy Vertical Stockade Floor Forced Cowgirl Vertical Stockade Floor Forced Cowgirl 3P Vertical Stockade Floor Forced Cowgirl 4P. Glory Hole Closets:  GloryHole Closets Handjob (intro to Blowjob) GloryHole Closets Blowjob GloryHole Closets Vaginal (2 speeds.) Floor: MF Rough Doggy MF Rough Missionary Standing Rough Missionary Standing Rough Missionary Climax. Toilet: Rough Doggy Standing. Double Bed: MF FootJob (DoubleBed - Floor) MF FootJob Climax (DoubleBed - Floor) MF Simple FootJob (DoubleBed - Floor) MF Simple FootJob Climax (DoubleBed - Floor) Side Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Side Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Stage 2 Side Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Climax FFM Double HandJob FFM Cowgirld - Facesittign FFM Cowgirld - Facesittign Stage 2 FFM Cowgirld - Facesittign Climax TitJob BlowJob Stage 1 TitJob-BlowJob Stage 2 TitJob-BlowJob Climax FFM Double BlowJob Sensual BlowJob Sensual BlowJob Climax MMF Standing Doggy BlowJob MMF Kneeling Doggy BlowJob MMF DP Cowgirl MMF DP Cowgirl Climax Double Doggy OralJob Multistage. Rough Laying Doggy-Pulse Rough Laying Doggy-Pulse Climax Rough Missionary 2 Hentai Femdom Cowgirl Hentai Femdom Cowgirl Climax. Coffee Table: Standing Rough Doggy Standing Rough Missionary Standing Rough Missionary Climax Kneeling Doggy Anal MMF DP Doggy MMMF DP Doggy OralJob + Climax MMMF Standing Rough Missionary-HandJob Sofa: MMF Standing Doggy - Blowjob FM Standing Reverse Cowgirl FM Standing Reverse Cowgirl Climax Sofa Side Rough Doggy MMF DP Reversed Cowgirl MMF DP Reversed Cowgirl Climax MMMF Standing Rough Missionary-HandJob. Bathtub:  BathtubSide Rough Doggy BathtubSide Rough Doggy with Oraljob BathtubSide Rough Doggy with Oraljob V2 BathTub Rough Doggy - OralJob Handjob. Ottoman: StandingBehind Rough Doggy StandingBehind Rough Doggy Climax. Kitchen Counter: Standing Rough Doggy Standing Rough Doggy Climax. HotTub: Standing Rough Missionary Standing Rough Missionary Climax Standing Reversed Cowgirl Standing Reversed Cowgirl Climax MMMF DP Reversed Cowgirl-HandJob MMMF DP Reversed Cowgirl-HandJob Climax. single Bed: MF KneeJob (DoubleBed - SingleBed) MF KneeJob Climax (DoubleBed - SingleBed.) Bed DoubleSided Dildo Female Solo Bed DoubleSided Dildo FF Side Doggy HandJob Vaginal Bed DoubleSided Dildo FF 69 Doggy HandJob Cunnilingus Desk: Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Stage 2 Reverse Cowgirl Femdom Climax Shower: Standing Behind Rough Doggy Standing Behind Rough Doggy Climax Floor: Floor FM Femdom Cowgirl Floor FM Femdom Cowgirl Climax FMMM Frog Anal-Oral-HandJob Yoga Mat: FM Downward Facing Dog Doggy FM Downward Facing Dog Doggy Climax (Multiple) Sauna: 5P (3M 2F) Combo 1 5P (3M 2F) Combo 1 Climax MFF Penis Licking MFF Double Doggy BlowJob MFF ReverseCowgirl Rubbing MFF ReverseCowgirl Rubbing Climax  Double Dildo: DoubleDildo-MFF CowGirl-Doggy Anal MFF Reverse Cowgirl Dildo DP Bar: Standing BlowJob-Licking Standing Rough Missionary Standing Rough Missionary Climax Standing Rubbing-Fingering   Stairs: Reverse CowGirl Reverse CowGirl Climax Standing Rough Doggy Bar Standing Rough Doggy Bar Climax Counter Standing Rough Doggy Counter Standing Rough Doggy Climax MF Standing Missionary Kitchen Counter MF Standing Missionary Kitchen Counter Climax MF Penis Licking HotTub MF Lying Cowgirl HotTub MF Lying Cowgirl HotTub Climax Standing Behind Anal Column Standing Behind Anal Column Climax MF HandJob Washing Mashiles MF Penis Licking Washing Mashiles MF Standing Doggy Washing Mashiles MF Standing Doggy Washing Mashiles Climax MMF Reverse Cowgirl BlowJob Long Table MF Kneeling Blowjob Hamper MF Kneeling Blowjob Climax Hamper MF Standing Doggy Hamper MF Standing Doggy Climax Hamper MF Kneeling Blowjob Wastebasket MF Kneeling Blowjob Climax Wastebasket MF Standing Doggy Wastebasket MF Standing Doggy Climax Wastebasket MF Standing Rough Doggy Triple Mirror MF Standing Rough Doggy Window MF Standing Doggy Foosball Table MF Standing Doggy Climax Foosball Table MF Standing Behind Jukebox MF Standing Behind Climax Jukebox MF Rough Doggy Video Station MF Rough Doggy Climax Video Station MF Rough Doggy Decorative Tables MF Rough Doggy Climax Decorative Tables MF Standing Missionary Decorative Tables MF Standing Missionary Climax Decorative Tables MF Standing Missionary Blowjob Decorative Tables MF Rough Doggy Missionary Decorative Tables MF Rough Doggy Missionary Climax Decorative Tables MF Standing Doggy Handjob Decorative Tables MF Sitting BlowJob Square Tables MF Sitting Cowgirl Square Tables MF Sitting Cowgirl Climax Square Tables MF Sitting Opposite Masturbation Square Tables MF Sitting Reverse Cowgirl Square Tables MFF Sitting Reverse Cowgirl F Square Tables Masturbation Solo Female Square Tables Masturbation Solo Male Square Tables MMF Sitting Reverse Cowgirl M Square Tables (3x) MF Standing Doggy Stairs (3x) MF Standing Doggy Double Climax Stairs MF Standing Rough Doggy Stairs MF Standing Rough Doggy Climax Stairs MMF Doggy OralJob Stairs MMF Doggy OralJob Climax Stairs MF Deepthroat BlowJob Stairs MF Cunnilingus Stairs MF Reverse CowGirl Short Stairs MF Reverse CowGirl Climax Short Stairs MF Deepthroat BlowJob Short Stairs MMF Doggy OralJob Short Stairs MMF Doggy OralJob Climax Short Stairs MF Standing Behing Leg Up Ballet Barre MF Standing Behing Leg Up Climax Ballet Barre MF Standing Missionary Ballet Barre MF Standing Missionary Double Climax Ballet Barre MF Standing Blowjob Ballet Barre MF Standing Doggy Ballet Barre MF Standing Doggy Climax Ballet Barre FF-MF Standing Cinnulingus Ballet Barre FF-MF Standing Cinnulingus Climax Ballet Barre FF-MF Standing Rubbing-Fingering Ballet Barre MFF Standing Doggy Fingering Ballet Barre MFF Standing Doggy Licking Ballet Barre MF Standing Rough Doggy Ballet Barre MF Kneeling Blowjob Ballet Barre MF Kneeling Blowjob Climax Ballet Barre MMF Standing Doggy Handjob Ballet Barre MF Hanjob Washing Machine - Dryer MF Penis Licking Washing Machine - Dryer MF Standing Doggy Washing Machine - Dryer MF Standing Doggy Climax Washing Machine - Dryer MF Standing Fingering Pool Table MF Standing Blowjob Pool Table MF Standing Doggy Pool Table MF Standing Doggy Climax Pool Table MF HideBehind Blowjob Pool Table MF HideBehind Doggy Pool Table MF HideBehind Doggy Climax Pool Table FF-MF Standing Cinnulingus Pool Table FF-MF Standing Cinnulingus Climax Pool Table
 MF Penis Licking Hottub MF Lying Cowgirl Hottub MF Lying Cowgirl Double Climax Hottub MFF Celebrity BlowJob Floor MFF Celebrity Standing Doggy Floor MF Standing Missionary Kitchen Counter MF Standing Missionary Climax Kitchen Counter FM-FF Cunnilingus Climax Kitchen Counter MMF Spooning Vaginal OralJob DoubleBed MMF Laying Doggy Blowjob DoubleBed MMF DP Doggy DoubleBed MMF DP Doggy Climax DoubleBed MMF DP Reverse Cowgirl DoubleBed MMF DP Reverse Cowgirl Climax DoubleBed MMF DP Missionary Stage DoubleBed MMF DP Missionary Climax DoubleBed MFF Reverse Cowgirl BlowJob Table Rough Doggy Sofa Rough Doggy Double Climax Sofa Sitting BlowJob Sofa MF Standing BlowJob - Licking Bar MF Standing Rough Missionary Bar MF Standing Rough Missionary Climax Bar MF Standing Rubbing Fingering Bar MF Standing Rough Doggy Bar MF Standing Rough Doggy Climax Bar MF Standing Counter Rough Doggy Bar Rough Doggy SOFA Rough Doggy SOFA: Climax Standing Fingering PoolTable Standing BlowJob PoolTable Standing Doggy Stage1 PoolTable Standing Doggy Climax PoolTable HideBehind BlowJob PoolTable HideBehind Doggy PoolTable HideBehind Doggy-Climax PoolTable Standing Cunnilingus PoolTable Standing Cunnilingus Climax PoolTable FF-FM Cunnilingus Climax Kitchen Counter Sofa-Loveseat Kitchen Counter Sitting BlowJob Kitchen Counter Standing Doggy Hamper Standing Doggy Climax Hamper Standing Doggy Stairs Rugs Standing Doggy Climax Stairs Rugs Standing Rough Doggy-Climax Stairs Rugs MMF Doggy BlowJob Stairs Rugs MMF Doggy BlowJob-Climax Stairs Rugs Standing Behind Leg Up Ballet Barre Standing Missionary Ballet Barre Standing Behind Leg Up Climax Ballet Barre Standing Missionary Climax Ballet Barre MMF VaginalSpooning-Blowjob DoubleBed MMF Laying Doggy-Blowjob DoubleBed MMF DP Doggy Stage DoubleBed MMF DP Doggy Climax DoubleBed Standing Doggy Wastebasket Standing Doggy Climax Wastebasket Kneeling BlowJob Wastebasket Kneeling BlowJob-Climax Wastebasket Kneeling BlowJob Hamper Kneeling BlowJob-Climax Hamper Straight-up Wall Mirror Standing Rough Doggy S1 Hamper Standing Rough Doggy S1 Window Fussball Standing Doggy Fussball Table  Fussball Standing Doggy Climax Fussball Table  Standing Behind Jukebox Standing Behind Climax Jukebox Rough Doggy Video Station Rough Doggy Climax Video Station Rough Doggy Accent Tables Rough Doggy Climax Accent Tables Standing Missionary Accent Tables Standing Missionary Climax Accent Tables Standing BlowJob Ballet Barre Standing Cunnilingus Ballet Barre Standing Fingering Ballet Barre Standing Cunnilingus Climax Ballet Barre Standing Doggy Pool Table Standing Doggy Climax Pool Table DeepThroat BlowJob Stairs Rugs FF-FM Cunnilingus Stairs Rugs Reverse CowGirl Short Stairs Rugs Reverse CowGirl-Climax Short Stairs Rugs DP Reverse Cowgirl Double Bed DP Reverse Cowgirl Climax Double Bed  Bondage Stand Teasing (Collar and Сuff) (Female/Male/Both) Bondage Stand Teasing (Collar) (Female/Male/Both) Bondage Stand Teasing  (Сuff) (Female/Male/Both)
Also check out the strip club set to make your own strip/sex clubs to go with this!

Name Description Download
BDSM and slave objects

Adds BDSM to your game:
Slave training
Bird house
Sex mannequin
BDSM easel
Sex machine
Microphone sex toy
BDSM chair
Pet bowl
Wood Horse
BDSM Ropes
Assembly machine
Milking machine (milking cock)
Sex Machine X
Milking Breast Machine (To start the animation from the beginning, you need to equip a pump on the CAS, and only then start the animation! the pump is available in everyday clothing.)
ducati desmosedici

You will find them all in the Build mode, in Indoor Activities category. Or do a search for the name and you will find it easily.

Includes Slaves Accessories

Accessories for: Males and females.
Chokers: In necklaces.
Cuffs: In forefinger (for ankle and wrist, only ankles and only wrists).
Riding and Stick Crop , equip in the right hand.
Fuck harness
Chain leash
balloon mask located in HATS in CAS
ball gag located in HATS in CAS
Bottle Added on CAS before use Glass Bottle B - R-Hand
Dildo panties Can be found in bottoms.
Puppy mask you will find it under Hats. available in several colors.
Vaginal Speculum accessory

strapless and backless bra and matching c-string panties, nipple pasties and matching c-string panties (2 sizes), cupless corset and a shelf bra with metal details. The strapless bra, panties, corset and shelf bra are also available as accessories.

LatexSet1. Black, Pink, White swatches. 7 parts - Cuffs (hands) - ringfinger right / 2. Cuffs (legs) - middlefinger right / 3. Blindfold - lip ring L / 4. Gag - lip ring R / 5. Main part (body and neck corset, straps) - clothing body / 6. Hood - hair / 7. Bodyglove - tights

HarnessSet1. Black swatch. 3 parts - Shock Collar - Neck , ID badge - Left Wrist , Body Harness - Socks.

Access with any dresser and click on sims head than select hats to apply to your sim.

Clutter for a Sims 4 Dom to place in their rooms. This custom set includes what you see above, Paddle, Yoke bar, cattle prod, Bull whip and Pin Wheel. The set is new and does not replace any objects.

Animations of interest
Inanimate object sex BDSM objects sex Slavery Domination Lovemachine Magic dildo Submission spanking golden showers Balloon dildo Glass Box masturbation Swing sex Male on male sex Female on female sex Fleshlight ducati desmosedici sex
Full animations list
Female on sun-clock sex with a statue of a snail sex with a statue the Queen of flowers sex with the male mannequin: oral strap on, anal strap on group sex with the mannequin: anal strap on oral & anal Leg lick Face sitting Handjob on X-frame Pussy spank on X-frame Solo on X-frame Solo on X-frame (upside down) Ass spanking on BDSM-Easel Oral on BDSM-Easel floor teasing Mistress beats slave floor teasing Foot suck hard Bird House Anal Statue Leg Lick (works whit Forgotten Woman Statue Vampires pack required) X-frame: 2 stages: fingering, spank pussy Humiliations: head in the toilet Domination: Balls Spank FemDom: Man on the BDSMEasel FemDom: Man on the BDSMEasel - 69 oraljob) Bed DoubleSided Dildo Female Solo Bed DoubleSided Dildo FF Side Doggy HandJob Vaginal Sweet treat: 69 on cross Drunken Striptease on the microphone (animation of falling) Mistress Vamp. Worship foots: (foots licking.) My Lover Mr.Microphone: Microphone like a sex-toy Microphone like a sex-toy (stage 2) Microphone like a sex-toy (stage 3) Anal on LoveMachine Domina hard fucking (bouncing furniture) LoveMachine vaginal solo LoveMachine: Anal & HandJob Domination: handjob on Cross / Trio LoveMachine: anal & photo shooting LoveMachine: Lesbian - vaginal behind Mr.Microphone: Fun Masturbation (FF / MF) One MIC for two girls (penetration duet with mic) LoveMachine: anal & suck Dildo in mouth (elephant) LoveMachine: Double Penetration (MF+LoveMachine) Submission (be my chair) - oral. Submission (be my chair) - vaginal Magic Dildo (WAT?) Vaginal Dildo Penetration (MF / FF) MagicDildo: vaginal penetration Magic Dildo: anal penetration LoveMachine: Ass Perforation (MM / MF / FM / FF) FootWorship on DoubleBed FootWorship on Ottoman My Lovely (Toys Big Bear Toys) - acquaintance My Lovely (Toys Big Bear Toys) - masturbation (da fk?!) Trio. Aggressive Handjob (female domination) FFM Retifism (ShoeFetish) Shoe shelf (women's) My Lovely Toys (Big Bear Toys) - On the horn of a unicorn Funny sucking on the door of the fridge (Male-Female) Dildo & Cock. Double penetration MF (FF) On the horn of a unicorn (Female - Female Riding and Stick Crop added, equip in the right hand Domination FFM. Fingers Licking Domination FFM. Handjob BDSM-chair: anal & spank 1 BDSM-chair: anal & spank 2 Rock-Paper-Scissors (Handjob. Male Win - 1) MF BDSM-chair: pussy fingering (haddjob: F/F, M/F) BDSM-chair: pussy fingering 2 (haddjob: F/F, M/F) sport & Sex: To train pushups (oral: M/M, M/F) Rock-Paper-Scissors (Neutral result: M/F.) Cat Tree (Big): oral & handjob (2 stage) CatTree - vaginal behind BDSM-chair: ass fingering (stage 3) FootWorship on the kitchen stove BDSM-chair: anal fisting Retifism (What are you doing?!?!?) LoveMachine: PussyEat & anal Ass spanking near sink Ass spanking near trash can Pussy spank (floor)  Ass spank (Stove, Counter, WashingMachine) MyLovelyToys: Soft FaceSitting Long neck: masurbation on giraffe 1 / LovelyToys pack Long neck: masurbation on giraffe 2 / LovelyToys pack MyLovelyToys: standing cunni.  Domina footjob SlaveTraining: ass spanking on coffin (1) SlaveTraining: ass spanking on coffin (st.2) AssSpanking on sofa 1 AssSpanking on sofa 2. Sport & Sex: To train pushups (trio) Prisoner of glass box: slipping slave Prisoner of glass box: solo slave (type A) Prisoner of glass box: male masturbation on slave (type A) GlassBox: Double masturbation on slave (A) MMM, FMM Pet Bowl Masturbation - Females and Males - Floor, Pet Bowl. Pet Licking Bowl - Females and Males - Pet Bowl Sleeping Slave - Females and Males - Ilusion Room X Tree Cross Trapped Slave - Females and Males - Illusion Room X Tree Cross Trapped Slave 2 - Females and Males - Illusion Room Wood Horse Sleeping Slave 2 - Females and Males - Ilusion Room Wood Horse Trapped Slave 3 - Females and Males - Illusion Room Pillory Anal Penetration with Glass Bottle - Females and Males - Double Bed - bottle [Added on CAS before use] Glass Bottle B - R-Hand from Glass Bottle. Girls Play Anal Penetration with Glass Bottle - Females and Males - bottle [Added on CAS before use] Glass Bottle B - R-Hand from Glass Bottle GlassBox: solo masturbation (Female) GlassBox: Masturbation on slave (B) Sport&Sex: Bridge oraljob (Trio) GlassBox: Duo masturbation on slave (B) Sport&Sex: Bridge oraljob (duo) GlassBox: Solo Male masturbation Vaginal on the back of a giraffe When you lost - foosball table (oral) When you lost - foosball table (anal 1) When you lost - foosball table (anal hard 2) Double massage Anilingus tower Spanking on knees BDSM-cross. Solo masturbation (Female) The vampire forces the victim to suck LovelyToys: Cunni on lama-mama Foosball table. Vaginal prew Star Whores: Weapon cleaning prew Star Whores: HJ 1  StarCruiser: cunni & handjob (MF) BDSM-chair. Ass spanking BDSM-chair. Ass spanking ToyBox: Sex&Spank GlassBox: bottom view Baseball Bat: Dangerous penetration Baseball Bat: solo anal GlassBox: vaginal missionary Star Cruiser: Solo penetration MyLovelyToys: soft cunni MF Star Cruiser: vaginal behind Toilet spanking 1 (MF) Toilet spanking 2 (MF) BDSM-horse: ass spanking Teasing wood Horse MF, FF Ass spanking - pillory Teasing Pillory MF, FF Vaginal sex on a swing FM Swing: extreme anal FM Swing: extreme vaginal FM Balloon Dildo: female solo Category: Vaginal Location: Balloon Dildo (sex toy pack) Participants: Female Balloon Dildo: female solo Category: Vaginal Location: Balloon Dildo (sex toy pack) Participants: Female Ridding-crop: standing spanking -Teasing - Any gender pairs Pissing on Tits: male-female - Teasing - Floor  Ridding-crop: doggy spank (slow)  - Teasing - Any gender pairs Ridding-crop: doggy spank (fast)  - Teasing - Any gender pairs Swing: vaginal behind trio (fun) - Vaginal - Swing - FMM Swing: vaginal behind duo (fun) - Vaginal - Swing - FM You lost! Lick my feet! - Footjob - Foosball table - Any gender Table-coffee: handjob & spanking (trio) - M-F-F/M Spanking pussy on the cross - Handjob - Cross (X-frame) - MF/f Flogging between the knees - Teasing - Ridding-crop  - Any gender pairs Punished with ELECTRICITY - Teasing - cattle prod -  Any gender pairs Foot Worship in the bathtub  - Footjob - Any gender pairs Foot Worship on the sofa - Footjob - Loveseat, Sofa, Bench-outdoor - M-Dom / F-sub , M-Dom / M-sub Teddy bear: vaginal behind - All big soft toys (Teddy bear) - MF Foosball: Award to the winner (spanking) - Teasing - Foosball table - Any Paddle: between the knees - Teasing - Paddle - Any Bukkake 4some - Handjob - Floor - MMMF Bukkake 4some - Handjob - Floor - MMMM Fucking toy: missionary - Teasing - Big Toys - M/F Double dildo  - Vaginal - Double Dong 2 - FF Anal upside down: slow - Anal - SOFA, LOVESEAT, BENCH_OUTDOOR - Male-Female, Male-Male Fleshlight: solo (slow) - Handjob - Fleshlight - Male Fleshlight: solo (fast) - Hanjob - Fleshlight - Male Anal upside down: fast (2) - Anal - SOFA, LOVESEAT, BENCH_OUTDOOR - Male-Female; RainbowPack: Male-Male} FlashLight: solo. Climax - Handjob - Fleshlight - Male Cumshot on the swing: solo male - Handjob - Swing - Male Cumshot - Handjob - Coffee Table - MF Immodest offer: pussy spanking - Teasing - Floor - Holders: M/F, passive: F, Dominant: M/F Public restroom: cunni - Oraljob - Public restroom - Male-Female Anal upside down: climax - Anal - SOFA, LOVESEAT, BENCH_OUTDOOR - Male-Female Forcing cunnilingus (X-frame) - Oraljob - X-frame - Dom (MF), sub on the cross (F), licking sub (MF) Public restroom: blowjob (2 stagies: slow & fast) - Oraljob - Public restroom - Male-Female Flashlight & gently in the ass - Anal - Floor (To play the animation you just need to buy a Fleshlight) - Male-Male Public restroom: sex & kissing - Vaginal - Public restroom - Male-Female Slave training with trays 2 / fingering - Teasing - Floor - Dominant (Male/Female), sub (Female only Spanking on the cross / ridding crop - Teasing - X-frame and ridding Crop - Any Slave training with trays - Teasing - Floor - Any Paddle. Spanking on the knees - Teasing - LOVESEAT, SOFA, BENCH-OUTDOOR - Any Immodest offer: Big Dildo - Handjob - Floor - Holders: M/F, passive: F, Dominant: M/F (You need Sex Toy set also) Masturbation with a flashlight on the bed - Handjob - Bed, Double Bed - Male Ridding crop: spanking on the single bed - Teasing - Single Bed - Any Masturbation with a flashlight on the bed (2) - Handjob - Bed, Double Bed Fleshlight - Male Ducati (behind) 1 - Vaginal - Ducati - MF Double dildo : FF - Vaginal - Double Dong (sex toy pack) Punishment by electricity (X cross) - Teasing - X-frame - Any Hard anal on the double bed - Anal - Double Bed - MM Double foot licking & double dong (requires sex toy pack) - Footjob - Single Bed - FF On the counter - Teasing, anal, climax - Counter - MF Cum for a Harvest festival - Handjob - Planter box, Garden pot - Male BJ on the children's slide - Handjob - Children's slide - Male-Female (Male-Male) Slave asks for spanking - Teasing - Floor - Any Masturbation by flashlight on the cross - Handjob - Cross - Dom: M/F, slave: M Mechanical friend - Anal - LoveMachine - Female (The ottoman under the booty appears automatically) Street fetish: Lobster Statue - Vaginal - Giant Lobster Statue - Female Feel yourself (2 animations) - Handjob and Climax - Floor - Female Vaginal and Climax - Telescope - Male-Female Milking for eating - Handjob - Cross - Dom: M/F, slave: M (requires cum pack and sex toys pack) Woohoo near the sink (male-male only) - Anal - Sink - Male-Male Footjob: double licking - Footjob - Sofa, Loveseat - Any Careful licking on the Washer - Oraljob - Washer , Dryer - Female-Female This is a shock! Teddy Bear has a cock! - Teasing - BigToys - Female Treadmill Spanking - Teasing - Treadmill - Any Toy Milking - Teasing - BigToys - Female Double masturbation-observation - Handjob - Massage table - Male-Female Licking and anal stimulation - Oraljob - Washer, Dryer - Female-Female-Female Super Vibrator - Handjob - Super Vibrator (sex toy pack) - Female Dance #1: bang bang - Teasing - Floor - Female Girls kiss - Teasing - Washer, Dryer - Female-Female only Fuck and drink - Vaginal - Ship Stern - Active: Male (Female); Passive: Female only Modern art is the art of provocation - Teasing - Presentation podium - Female only Slaping pussy on the bed - Teasing - Double bed, single bed - Male-Female Super Vibro (Extase) 2 - Climax - Super Vibrator - Female Striptease (standing back) - Teasing - SOFA, LOVESEAT, BENCH OUTDOOR, CHAIR LIVING, CHAIR DINING, CHAIR STOOL, CHAIR DESK - Watching: Male-Female; Strip: Female Suck-n-drink - Oral - Ship Stern - Active: Male (Female); Passive: Female only Domina: push up training - Teasing - Floor - Active: Female; Passive: Both Dart torture on the cross - Teasing - Cross - Dom: M/F, slave: F Milking and drinking - Teasing - Cross - Dom: M/F, slave: F Pissing on face - Handjob - Massage table - Male-Femal On the cannon - (kissing) - Teasing - Cannon - Male-Female ArtModern series: "Aquarius" - Teasing - Pedestal - Female Kissing on the ping-pong table - Teasing - Ping-Pong table - Any On the cannon: vaginal - Vaginal - Cannon - Male-Female Teasing - Ping-Pong table - MM Handjob - Ping-Pong table - MM Handjob - Ping-Pong table - Male-Female Ping-pong table: vaginal - Vaginal - Ping-Pong table (all types) - Male-Female Immodes offer. Duet. Start stage - Teasing - Floor - Male-Female/Female Punishment for the loser - Anal - Ping-Pong table (all types) - Male-Male Vacuum milking (cross) - Handjob - St. Andrew's Cross - Male-Female: Dom / Male: sub Witch's potion - Oraljob - Magic Secretaire - Female: top / Male/Female: lick Ping-pong table: vaginal (2) - Vaginal - Ping-Pong table (all types) - Male-Female Witch training-Vaginal-Magic Secretaire-Female / Male-Female Teasing / Anal / Climax MM-Counter-Male-Male Ping-Pong table: spanking-Teasing-Ping-Pong table (all types)-Any Nude Serving for Harvest Festival-Teasing-Dinner table (Long and Medium)-Female Tenderness on a swing 1-Teasing -Swing-Any Nude Serving for Harvest Festival (male)-Teasing-Dinner table (Long and Medium)-Male Tenderness on a swing 2-Teasing-Swing-Any Domina: spanking dick (1, 2)-Teasing-Floor-Domina - Female / slave - Male

Sandwich 2 (MMF)-Vaginal-Floor Flirt on the chair lounge-Teasing-CHAIR LOUNGE-Any
Name Animations of interest Download
Foot fetish pack Foot fetish and sex with feet animations
Full animations list
Footjob on floor - MF, MM, 2P, FLOOR, FOOTJOB. Footjob double bed - MFF, MMF, MMM, 3P, DOUBLE BED, FOOTJOB.  Footjob on sofa - MF, MM, 2P, SOFA, FOOTJOB. Footjob on chair - MF, 2P, DINING CHAIR, FOOTJOB. Footjob on lounge chair - MF, MM, 2P, CHAIR LOUNGE, FOOTJOB. (recommended basic game object) Footjob on table - MF, MM, 2P, TABLE DINING LONG, FOOTJOB (2-3 spaces, recommended 2 but it works too with longer table). Teasing on chair - MF, 2P, DINING CHAIR, TEASING Teasing with feet on lounge float - MF, MM, 2P, CHAIR LOUNGE FLOAT, TEASING Footjob on lounge float - MF, MM, 2P, CHAIR LOUNGE FLOAT FOOTJOB Footjob on chair FF - FF, 2P, DINING CHAIR, FOOTJOB (Recommended bare feet or normal boots, High Heels don't work.) Foursome footjob on double bed - M/B(F/M)/B(F/M)/B(F/M), 4P, DOUBLE BED, FOOTJOB Footjob on chair FF 2 - FF, 2P, DINING CHAIR, FOOTJOB Footjob on table - MF, 2P, TABLE OUTDOOR UMBRELLA, FOOTJOB Footjob on table FF - FF, 2P, TABLE OUTDOOR UMBRELLA, FOOTJOB Footjob on T-Rex- MF, 2P, TYRANNOSAURUS REX SKULL, FOOTJOB Threesome on T-Rex - MFF, 2P, TYRANNOSAURUS REX SKULL, FOOTJOB Footjob on The Monolith - MF, 2P, THE MONOLITH, FOOTJOB Teasing on The Monolith - MF, 2P, THE MONOLITH, TEASING Teasing next to barrels - BB, 2P, BARRELS PROP, TEASING Footjob next to barrels - MF/MM, 2P, BARRELS PROP, FOOTJOB Show Time - MF/FF, 2P, OTTOMAN, TEASING, FOOTJOB, CLIMAX (10 STAGES) FF Footjob on sofa - FF, 2P, SOFA, FOOTJOB Anal on bed 1 - MF, 2P, DOUBLE BED, ANAL
Name Animations of interest Download
Intimate sex pack Under cover sex 1st time sex group sex
Full animations list
 Sofa - End Seat Oraljob [RQ] (AP) Sofa - End Seat Oraljob Climax [RQ] (AP) Grill - DoggyStyle [Handle-Grill Only] (AP) Grill - SplitStand Stage Climax (AP) Masturbation - Middle Of Bed [Jerk Off] (AP) Masturbation - Stage 1 [Female] (AP) Masturbation - Climax Stage [Female] (AP DoubleBed/SingleBed (Middle) - Facesitting + Cowgirl MFF Threesome 1 ANAL (AP)  DoubleBed/SingleBed (Middle) - Reverse Cowgirl + Licking MFF Threesome ANAL (AP) DoubleBed/SingleBed (Middle) - Reverse Cowgirl + Licking MFF Threesome Climax (AP) DoubleBed/SingleBed - [MM/MF] Classic Oraljob 1 (AP) DoubleBed/SingleBed - [FF] Lesbian Eating Out (AP) DoubleBed/SingleBed - [MM] 69 (AP) DoubleBed/SingleBed - [FF] 69 (AP) Bookcase – Long Stroke Oraljob (AP) Bookcase – Long Stroke Missionary Splits (AP Bookcase – Long Stroke Missionary Splits (AP) [Climax] Cock Conjurer – Standing [Finger Wave/Flick] (AP) Breast Conjurer – Standing [Finger Wave/Flick] (AP) Office Chair “Hold the Moan” (AP) – Oraljob 1 [Requires Desk] Office Chair “Hold the Moan” (AP) – Climax [Requires Desk] Dining Table - Full Frontal Genital Rub (AP) Dining Table - Full Frontal Slow Grinding (AP) Dining Table - Full Frontal Reverse Cowgirl (AP) Dining Table - Full Frontal Reverse Cowgirl (AP) [Climax] UNDERCOVER** First Time Sex – Pillow Talk Teasing (AP) UNDERCOVER** First Time Sex – Cowgirl Vaginal (AP) UNDERCOVER** First Time Sex – Shy Missionary (AP) First Time Sex – Pillow Talk Teasing (AP) First Time Sex – Cowgirl Vaginal (AP) First Time Sex – Shy Missionary (AP) First Time Sex – Shy Missionary + Jerk Off (AP) [Climax] Bathtub [Romantic] - Initimate Makeout (AP) Bathtub [Romantic] - Cuddle And Soak (AP) Bathtub [Romantic] - Slow Riding (AP) Bathtub [Romantic] - Gentle Climax (AP) Seated - Classic Gentle Cowgirl (AP) Seated - Classic Cowgirl (AP) Seated - Classic Cowgirl CLIMAX (AP) Loveseat/Sofa - Intimate Couch Makeout (AP) Loveseat/Sofa - Romantic Side-Cuddle (AP) Loveseat/Sofa - Handjob Makeout (AP) Loveseat/Sofa - Classic Oraljob (AP) Loveseat/Sofa - Classic Oraljob CLIMAX (AP)  Medical Bed - Nurse Handjob And Reverse Fingering (AP)  Medical Bed - Frontal Cowgirl (AP)  Medical Bed - Cowgirl Riding (AP)  Medical Bed - Cowgirl Riding Climax (AP)  Washing Machine [ROUGH] - Ass Smack Foreplay (AP)  Washing Machine [ROUGH] - Doggy (AP)  Washing Machine [ROUGH] - Doggy Climax (AP) Sofa - End Seat Oraljob [RQ] (AP) Sofa - End Seat Oraljob Climax [RQ] (AP) Grill - DoggyStyle (AP) Grill - SplitStand Climax (AP) Umbrella Stand - Seductive Dance (AP) Umbrella Stand - Standing DoggyStyle (AP) Umbrella Stand - Crouched DoggyStyle Climax (AP) Rubbing Tease (AP) Standing Oraljob (AP) (AP) Rough DoggyStyle Climax (AP) Streetlight - Intimate Gazing into Eyes (AP) Streetlight - Makeout Missionary Stage Climax (AP) DJ Cabin - Side Splits DoggyStyle (AP) DJ Cabin - Arched-Back DoggyStyle (AP) DJ Cabin - Arm-Pull DoggyStyle (AP) DJ Cabin - Arm-Pull DoggyStyle Climax (AP) Licking on chair lounge 1 - 2P, MF/MM, Oraljob, Chair Lounge, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Sucking on chair lounge 1 Sucking on chair lounge 1 - 2P, MF/MM, Oraljob, Chair Lounge, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Oral sex for her 1 Oral sex for her 1 - 2P, MF/FF, Oraljob, Chair Lounge, Cum Layers: Disabled, Next Stage: Vaginal on chair lounge 1 Vaginal on chair lounge 1 - 2P, MF, Vaginal, Chair Lounge, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Anal on chair lounge 1 Anal on chair lounge 1 - 2P, MF, Anal, Chair Lounge, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Cuming on her face 1 Cuming on her face 1 - 2P, MF, Climax, Chair Lounge, Cum Layers Face, Next Stage: - Teasing under the Bower 1 - 2P, MF/FF, Teasing, Floor/Bower, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Passionate Handjob 1 Passionate Handjob 1 - 2P, MF, Handjob, Floor/Bower, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Passionate Reverse Cowgirl 1 Passionate Reverse Cowgirl 1 - 2P, MF, Vaginal, Floor/Bower, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Passionate Reverse Cowgirl 2 Passionate Reverse Cowgirl 2 - 2P, MF, Vaginal, Floor/Bower, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Passionate Reverse Cowgirl Climax 1 Passionate Reverse Cowgirl Climax 1 - 2P, MF, Climax, Floor/Bower, Cum Layers Butt Outside, Next Stage: - Passionate Licking 1 - 2P, MF, Oraljob, Chair Lounge Float, Cum Layers Disabled, Next Stage: Passionate Sucking 1 Passionate Sucking 1 - 2P, MF, Oraljob, Chair Lounge Float, Cum Layers Disabled Jukebox - Pinned Up Missionary Hold (AP) Jukebox - Missionary Screw Position (AP) Jukebox - Missionary Soaring Eagle Pyramid (AP) Jukebox - Missionary Soaring Eagle Pyramid Climax (AP) Arcade Machine - Passionate Seated Makeout (AP) Arcade Machine - Missionary Screw Position (AP) Arcade Machine - Pirate Bounty Position (AP) Arcade Machine - Pirate Bounty Position Climax (AP) Passionate Footjob-Floor-Footjob Passionate Lovers Standing-Floor-Vaginal Passionate Couple Penetration-Floor-Vaginal Dildo Vaginal Masturbation-Horse-Penis Dildo(sex toy pack)-Vaginal Anal Masturbation-Bathtub-Anal Gay/Futa Anal Sex and Handjob-Floor-Anal Tight Vaginal Penetration-Sofa-Vaginal Passionate Anal Penetration-Double Bed-Anal Sexy Split Vaginal Penetration-Massage-Table-Vaginal Sleeping Girl Penetration-Double Bed-Vaginal Dildo Anal Masturbation-Ground Dildo(sex toy pack)-Anal Horse Penis Blowjob and Handjob Horse-Penis Dildo(sex toy pack)-Oraljob Tight Anal Penetration-Sauna-Anal Gymnastic Blowjob-Double Bed-Oraljob Sleeping Girl Anal Penetration-Double Bed-Anal Lesbian Footjob Teasing-Double Bed-Footjob Steamy Anal Sex-Hot Tub-Anal Deep Anal Penetration-Double Bed-Anal Passionate Deep Anal Penetration-Sofa-Anal Sleeping Girl Handjob-Massage-Table-Handjob Lesbian Passionate Pussy Licking-Double-Bed-Oraljob Lesbian Passionate Snogging-Sofa-Teasing Lesbian Pussy Licking and Anal Fingering-Toilet-Oraljob Sensual Lesbian Kissing-Hot Tub-Teasing Lesbian Anal Fisting-Dining-Table-Handjob Karaoke Machine - Booty Tease and Masturbation (AP) Karaoke Machine - Suspended Upside Down Oraljob (AP) Karaoke Machine - Elevated Bully/Doggy Position (AP) Karaoke Machine - Elevated Bully/Doggy Position Climax (AP) Karaoke Machine (2nd Object) - Booty Tease and Masturbation (AP) Karaoke Machine (2nd Object) - Suspeneded Upside Down Oraljob (AP) Karaoke Machine (2nd Object) - Elevated Bully/Doggy Position (AP) Karaoke Machine (2nd Object) - Elevated Bully/Doggy Position Climax (AP)

Floor - Cunniligus Dragon Oraljob Floor - Deep Impact Missionary Captain Floor – Unicorn Sideways DoggyStyle Floor – Unicorn Sideways DoggyStyle (Climax) Floor – Classic Missionary Position Floor – Classic Missionary Position (Climax) Floor – Downward DoggyStyle [Rough] Floor – Downward DoggyStyle [Rough] CLIMAX
Name Animations of interest Download
Masturbation pack Solo animations Lesbian sex Sex swing
New objects list
salsa pole alien double dildo Divan Rattan Seat Indoor Swing
Full animations list
FS1 The Diddler FS2 Rubbing One Out FS3 Sticky Fingers FS4 Parted Pleasures FS5 Alone Time FS6 Fingering Frenzy FS7 Blissful Fingering FS8 Table Talk FS9 The Love Seat FS10 Pole Salsa  (Salsa Pole) FS11 Erotix Dildo Ride FS14 Alien Probing (Alien Double Dildo) FS15 Massage Table_Alone_Time (Massage Table , requires Spa Day Expansion Pack) FS16 Divan Delights (Divan) FS17 Divan Stimulation  FS18 Divan Dildo Rub FS19 Good Vibrations (Rattan Seat) FS20 Swing Time (Indoor Swing) FS21 Stimulation LD1 Aggressive Behavior LD2 Bent Desires LD3 Special Moments LD4 Spreading the Joy LD5 Bedroom Bliss LD6 Honey Dippers LD7 Bottoms Up LD8 Coffee Table Tango LD9 Picnic Break LD10 Counter Measures LD12 Alien Probe Duet (Alien Double Dildo) LD13 Sharing an Alien Probing (Alien Double Dildo) LD14 Sharing an Alien Probing climax (Alien Double Dildo) LD16 A Lady's Touch LD17 Face Time (Rattan Seat) LD18 Divan Desires LD19 Tension Relief ( requires Massage Table in Spa Day Expansion Pack) LD20 Dildo Lovers (Divan) LD21 Dildo Lovers Deep Dip (Divan)  LT1 Lip Service  LT2 Lip Service Frenzy LT3 Lip Service Line Up LT4 Lip Service Orgasm LF1 Stacked Deck  MG1 Spanking Good Time MG2 Headboard Doggy MG3 Bedtime Doggy MG4 Doggy and a BJ MG5 Warmed Bottom MG6 Red Cheeks (Rattan Seat) MG7 Getting It Up MG8 A Little Doggy (Rattan Seat) MG9 Rattan Seat BJ MGG1 Joint Efforts MGG2 Living It Up MGG3 Living It Up Helping Hand MGG4 Best Buddies
Name Description Download
Intimate piercing pack for male and females
(requires sex parts)

Nipple rings and chains as well as naval and other Body Jewelry available in accessories.
Name Description Download
Penis piercing pack
(requires sex parts)
 4 Classic Models of Single Ring Decorative Penis Piercings as accessories in several metallic shades.

- The Dolphin
- Prince Albert
- Ampallang
- Apadravya
- Frenum
- Hafadas
- Jacob's Ladder.

Compatible with animated penis!
Name Description Download
Sex parts default replacement pack
Better nude skins for male and female and better female nipples and 3d clit added. Males have 3d nipples also. Also installed skin overlays to give females pink nipples OR real cleavage.

Animated tongue and penis support: improved rig that adds 14 more bones. 7 of them are intended to be used to animate the male penis, 3 to animate the male testicles and 4 for the tongue.

to use tongue you must equip it 1st (it can be found in head accessory), so it will be shown when your sims do FFM animations.
remove OLD penis mesh before using!

Click the X next to top or bottom clothing to make sims naked. As well as invisible top and bottom clothing also included if you don't want other sims glaring at your naked sims.

Adds real 3d pubic hair for females. equip it from hats category and bottoms.

Adds 3d eye lashes available in glasses.

Adds female jiggle physics (bouncing boobs) to most default animations)

custom penis option for The Sims 4. It focuses on realistic proportions, sizes and shapes in a Maxis Match style.


Five flaccid penis sizes
Five erect penis sizes
Three testicle styles
Three foreskin styles
Twelve optional color overlays
Sculpted and defined buttocks
Realistic anus mesh and texture

The penis is designed for use with FFM and will appear in the Body Selector menu. Simply select the penis you want for your sim in game and away you go!

will show the penis when clothing is removed, as well as in the tattoo selection screen. This should allow for easier selection of body hair, overlays or other customization options involving the penis.

Penis Sizes
There are five flaccid penis sizes and five erect penis sizes. Although the difference between some sizes may appear minimal, the aim is to provide variety for your sims while maintaining realistic proportions.

Testicle Styles
There are three testicle styles - A, B and C. A and B are a higher set of testicles; they are the same shape but have different textures (A is smooth, B is wrinkled). C is a lower-hanging set of testicles with their own unique texture.

Foreskin Styles
There are three foreskin styles - Uncut, Retracted and Cut. Uncut has a full foreskin, Cut has no foreskin, and Retracted has a foreskin pulled halfway back along the glans.

Color Overlays
The Color overlays let you add even more variety to your sims' penises! Each overlay is available in eight swatches to suit a variety of skintones. Some of the overlays allow you to choose your favorite overlay style with a specific purple glans or red glans. Note: Colors are available in two detail slots: Left Dimple or Brow Scar. The Brow Scar version requires EP06 Get Famous. Feel free to install one or both (to allow more flexibility).

Female Penises
The default female pelvis is higher on the body than the male pelvis, but the penis has to remain in the same exact place in order to be compatible with existing animations.

Skintone Fixes
Several of the game's skintones make the penis a slightly different color to the body. This can cause a line on the penis where the colors change. The fix edits these skintones to bring the penis color in line with the body color and provide a seamless look. The fixes are overlays, which do not alter the appearance of the skintones and are only visible on male sims who are eligible to have a penis.

The Smooth Sensations condom is available in ten swatches: six jewel tones, and four skin tones. The condom is available to purchase directly from the Buy catalog in game. After purchase, add it to any sim's inventory and it will be automatically applied during sex based on your FFM  setting. Yes, one condom will work for any size of penis you choose - in the world of the Sims, one size fits all!

Condom Box and Dispenser
24-Pack of Condoms

Tired of buying condoms one by one from the Build/Buy menu? Now your sims can purchase a whole box of them! The Smooth Sensations condom 24-box is currently available in one swatch and contains 24 assorted condoms. The condoms your Sim receives are randomized with every box, and will draw from the six jewel-tone condom swatches: blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, green.

How to find it: The Smooth Sensations single condom and 24-pack of condoms are now found in the Buy catalogue under Activities & Skills -> Recreation. Or, search for "Simdulgence" in the catalogue search box. The 24-pack costs $60 simoleons.
How to use it: Purchase the box from the Buy catalogue. After purchase, the box can be placed on a surface, dragged to a sim's inventory or clicked on to place in a sim's inventory. Then click and choose "open box" to add 24 condoms to the active sim's inventory.

Randy Rubber Condom Dispenser
For your sim on the go in need of a condom, there's another solution! The Randy Rubber condom dispenser is a functioning dispenser, perfect for public restrooms, adult arcades, sex shops etc. The dispenser is currently available in two swatches, normal and distressed, and sells Smooth Sensations condoms and FFM condoms at their base catalogue price ($3 and $5 simoleons respectively).

How to find it: The Randy Rubber condom dispenser can be found in the Buy catalogue under Misc Appliances. Or, search for "Simdulgence" in the catalogue search box. The dispenser costs $150 simoleons.

How to use it: Click on the machine with an age-appropriate sim and they will route to the machine to make their purchase. Purchased condoms are immediately added to the sim's inventory.

The Bottomless Condom Bowl also available gives out 3 random Simdulgence or WW condoms at a time. It's in Recreation (or search Simdulgence in the catalogue) for $45 simoleons.

Body Hair
Body Hair is a set of tattoos designed to turn your smooth-skinned male sims into wild, hairy animals. Or slightly hairy, depending on your preference. Available in multiple colors.

There are nine body hair designs currently available. Each comes in ten real-world color swatches to match the default hair color swatches offered by Maxis, and has been designed to mimic and match official Maxis hair.

Your sims details in the games options MUST BE SET TO HIGH!

Name Description Download
Slutty outfits pack Contains many slutty and sexy outfits for your female sims.
For more skins click below!

Other mods
Name Description Download
Nude patch (FREE) Bye bye blur...and good riddance too!
F-word mod Changes ALL woohoo text to fuck, 1st woohoo to lose/lost virginity, try for baby to cum inside, flirty to horny, unflirty to flaccid, send flirty text to Sext, poop to shit and bladder failure to pissed myself
Pissed off mod Changes ALL angry text in the game to Pissed off!
Sims can piss in the shower Sims with certain traits will relieve their bladder in the shower based on the bladder motive levels.
These are the traits that determine which sims will relieve their bladders in the shower:

Adult trait pack adds adult traits and aspirations to the game to add to your sims in CAS and earn new aspirations. Adds:

pervert trait
sexually awkward trait
Sex Addict Aspirations
Titty sliders Doubles the slider range when adjusting breast size. Also allows more breast shapes and gravity.
Paint your own hentai Replaces all emotional paintings with hot hentai. Over 50 paintings to discover!
Pornography career

Requires (ALL):

Spa Day
City Living
Get Famous
BDSM pack
Sex toy pack
This is Pornographic Film Studio Career at 'Adult Entertainment Production' with two branches: Production and Acting. You start as Webcam Model and climb the ladder of Adult Industry.

Custom Features

On a computer under the 'WEB', you will find "' menu!

- Interaction 'Watch Porn at'! This interaction is available for all Sims (Teens to Elders). It could give you a custom Flirty Buff or put your Sim in the tense mood with appropriate buff if Sim stumbles upon...unusual videos.

THE MOST IMPORTANT I've changed video on computers, so your Sim will actually watch porn videos that I made with Sims from my Porn Studio!

Custom Interactions Available only for the Career

On Computer:

- 'Respond to Fan Mail' will give Sim one of the two Custom random buffs. (Confident or Tense) You also can get trolled.

- 'Chat with Subs' - This interaction will give a new custom happy buff, which makes the learning of Charisma skill faster!

Both intersections are available during the Webcam Model Track of Career.


- 'Keep in Shape' will put your sim in a confident mood, give Sim new buff and increase fitness skill. This interaction will help to perform Daily Task during Acting Track of the career!

- Every level of Career has a Daily task that varies depending on the Career Track you choose. -

- Some of the promotions, you get not only bonus money but also objects! All objects are from the Base Game, so It's ok if you don't have all Sims Packs and Expansions. -

You can create your Channel, earn subscribers and earn money!

- "Stream Live Show" Interaction will allow you to have a streaming session, earn subscriber and money. In the beginning, it's not much, but more subscribers you have more money you earn! You can have 'Live Show' once in the 12 hours.

The maximum amount of subs is 2000 since you're just a camperson and not a SimTube star.

- You have 'VIP Show' interaction! You will spend one on one time with your subscriber and he or she will pay you generously for that! You can have 'VIP Show' as many time as you want and earn between 200 to 500 hundreds simoleon for a session.

Also, each interaction has custom buffs with confident or flirty mood.

Also, It's mandatory if you are. But you can star your Camming channel at any time whoever you are and It's also available for Teens! But they better don't let anyone know that they are underage.

Camera 'Vivux 3000

This camera will allow your sim to record their sexy times. You can find it in the 'Electronics' section of the 'Buy Mod'. This camera has an inventory where your videos are stored. Also, you can put your camera in your sim inventory.

o start recording just click 'Start Recording" interaction under 'Record Sex Video' Menu. Your sim will get a notification that recording has started and a buff that will put your sim in a flirty mood and will indicate that recording is in progress. That's it, your sim can start being naughty.

Click 'Stop Recording' after a performance is over and you get your video in the camera inventory. No one can use the camera while your sim is using it, and only the sim who started recording can stop it.

So if your sim had good sex you will get video of good quality, If sex wasn't that good you will get bad video with very poor quality. Also can get 'First Sex' video if you catch on camera loss of virginity of your sim. Different types of videos have different initial quality and bring you different amounts of money.

You will need Videostation so you can transfer your sex videos there. You can edit them, add effects like usual, but sex videos have separate interaction 'Upload Sex Video to AdultWorld'. Uploading sex videos will bring your sim fame and tiny hit to the reputation. You will also earn subscribers on your 'Live Cams" Channel if you have one. If you don't have a channel, but decide to create one you will get a lot of subs right away depending on how many sexy videos you have already uploaded.

You will get bigger royalty payments for your sexy videos and you can boost your earnings with standard interactions 'Reply to Comments' and 'Hype the Next Video'. However, you can’t promote your old sexy videos, instead, you have "Promote Videos to 'AdultWorld' Front Page" that costs money and will give your videos a short boost. You can buy it every 24 hours.

Camera won't allow you to start recording when you have more than 5 videos in camera's inventory.

NPC Photographer
To hire them you will need to have 'In a Flash Photo Studio' on a lot, doesn't matter if it community lot or a home lot. Interaction 'Hire Photographer' will be on your phone in Household menu.

- After arriving, Photographer will hang out near Photo Studio, you just need to click on the 'In a Flash Photo Studio' where there will be 'Photographer Menu'. For now, there are only 'Individual Photoshoot' and 'Erotic Photoshoot' options.

- 'Individual Photoshoot' is standard interaction for simple family friendly photos of your Sim. 'Erotic Photoshoot' interaction uses more risky and flirty poses There are 8 custom poses for female sim and 5 for a male sim.

- NPC Photographer has super skill so you will always have outstanding photos. To get your photos from photographer click on him and there will be 'Ask for photos' interaction. You can ask just for one photo at a time.

Photography Studio' Venue
You just go there, pay for a photo shoot at the front desk and you can take photos with a professional photographer. Photo Interactions won't be available until you pay. If you have a very friendly relationship with Receptionist you can ask for a discount. The venue has a Stylist and a Wardrobe Assistant. If you put a bar on your venue there will also be a bartender.

A custom photo studio lot is available from start just place on any lot in build mode.

Active Erotic Photo Shoot Event
Now when you get the call you will travel to any 'Photography Studio' Venue in your SimWorld. First of all, you will need to check in at the front desk. Then you will need to complete tasks, including getting makeup and costume. Interaction with Wardrobe Assistant will take you to the CAS, so you can dress your sim as you want. I didn't want to limit your choice in sexy outfits. You will get money when the event is finished and the amount of money depends on the success of the event.  You can talk about the art of photography with a Photographer. It will give you a boost to your photography skill and give new buffs and moods.
Sim Hotties Magazines an original magazine featuring sims (and some of others) in the style of most adult publications. included 7 issues of Sim Hotties plus the Sexy Superheroines special, featuring Llama Girl.
Animated glow in the dark nude skins

This is A skin that lights up the night.
It comes in 4 colors, And Is base game ready.
You can find this in full body clothing.

Nude Photoshoot Overrides

You'll find a total of 15 new NUDE photo poses that override the EA ones. Since the poses are mood dependent it may take a while to see all of them.

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