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Stoned As Fuck Mod
The stoned AF mod brings drugs and other narcotics into your sims lives. Just make sure they don't get addicted!

Functional Cocaine

  • 2 different qualities
  • Can Share cocaine with other sims
  • Different durations and effects
  • Coming up phase
  • Peak phase
  • Comedown phase
  • Added walk-styles
  • Custom animation when snorting
  • Ziplock bag containing the cocaine
  • Autonomy
  • Addiction chance on continuous use
  • Non-fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Snort from Sinks
  • Cocaine Bricks are stackable

Functional Amphetamine

  • 2 different qualities
  • Can Share amphetamine with other sims
  • Different effects on both qualities
  • Coming up phase
  • Peak phase
  • Comedown phase
  • Custom animation when snorting
  • Different bags containing the speed
  • Increased energy with subsequent crash
  • Autonomy
  • Addiction chance on continuous use
  • Non-fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Snort from Sinks

Functional MDMA

  • 5 different pills
  • Different effects on all pills
  • Coming up phase
  • Peak phase
  • Wear off phase
  • Comedown phase
  • Custom animation when eating pills
  • Pill glass with random amount of pills
  • Addiction chance on continous use
  • Non-fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Autonomy
  • Share pills with friends
  • Press your own pills
  • Packable ziplock bags
  • Level 6 - Reduced prices on MDMA from Dealer.
    Level 7 - Buy empty ziplock bags online, pack 10 of each pill in a bag and sell them to your customers.
    Level 8 - Reduced prices on MDMA ingredients from Dark Web.
    Level 9 - No Time Restriction on using the Pill Presser.
    Level 10 - Pack 30 of each pill, for selling, in the ziplock bags.
    MDMA Ingredients is only available to lvl 5 MDMA Dealers.

Functional Weed

  • Smokeable weed buds
  • 3 Different Strains of Weed
  • Grow your own plants
  • Cure your harvested buds
  • Smoke the cured buds
  • Custom smoking animations
  • Red eyes while high
  • Smokeable Weed Bong (Buy Mode)
  • Contained in ziplock bag
  • Autonomy
  • Rollable blunts
  • Rollable joints
  • Smoke FX
  • Joints are sharable
  • bong is sharable.
  • Seasons Exclusive Smoking Weed is now a Holiday Tradition
  • Strain (Sour Diesel)
  • Strain (Sour OG)
  • Strain (Purple AK-47)
  • Graft/Splice Strains
  • Rolling skill

Functional Ayahuasca

  • Spiritual Journey
  • Journey to Batuu

Functional Alcohol

  • Altered moods
  • Stronger effects the more you drink
  • Bunch of new buffs
  • Altered walkstyles
  • Addiction chance
  • Different hangovers depending on how much you drank
  • Chance of puking when drinking too much
  • Occasional mood changing side-buffs
  • Works with in-game bar drinks and all custom drinks
  • real drink (sim lore) names to juices
  • New Trait - High Tolerance
  •  New Trait - Lightweight
  • Beer pong
  • Beer kegs

Functional Vaporizer

  • Can be ordered through the headshop
  • standing-smoking animations
  • sitting-smoking animations
  • functionality for parental reactions
  • functionality for Holiday Smoking interactions
  • Works with all strains

Functional magic mushrooms

  • Buyable from NPC Dealer
  • Plantable
  • Edible
  • New and unexpected trip each time

Functional Hookahs

  • Bubble Blowers are now Hookahs

Functional Xanax

  • Pill Bottle 3D model
  • Bottle contains 20 pills
  • New buffs
  • New buff Icons
  • Different effects on more pill popping
  • Decays stressed, angry and uncomfortable moods faster
  • New hangover buff
  • New addiction buff
  • New kicked the habit buff
  • New additional addiction debuffs
  • Purchase from Dark Web
  • Purchase from Dealer
  • Purchase through Doctors Appointment
  • Addiction treatable with rehab
  • Strongest high buff included in Parental Reactions
  • Addiction added to add/remove console cheats

Functional lean

  • Bunch of new buffs
  • Bunch of new buff icons
  • OD potential
  • Addiction potential
  • High/Low tolerance traits
  • New items to purchase
  • Get codeine through Doctors Appointment
  • Buy codeine from dealer
  • Buy codeine from Dark Web
  • Order Jolly Ranchers bag, styrofoam cups and Smite Bottle online
    Mix it all together to make lean
  • codeine addiction to Rehab
  • codeine high buffs to Parental Reactions
  • Hangovers
  • Smite bottle drinkable
  • Codeine bottle cures Llama Flu
  • Nausea potential when high
  • Whims

Functional LSD

  •  A bunch of various trip outcomes
  • Purchasable from dark web, and dealers
  • option of writing trip reports on LSD
  • LSD high to parental reactions
  • LSD interactions to Club Interactions

Functional Tobacco

  • Different animations for males/females
  • Cigarette pack with 20 cigarettes
  • Cigar pack with 20 cigars
  • Purchasable from vendor stalls
  • Purchasable from tobacco vending machines
  • settings to set smokers/non-smokers
  • Unpleasant buff the first time Sims smoke
  • Second hand smoke buff for non-smokers
  • addiction
  • addiction remove/add to console cheats
  • risk of lung cancer when smoking tobacco
  • feature to Doctors Appointment
  • Chemotherapy for diagnosed cancer patients
  • New buffs
  • New buff icons
  • New social interactions
  • Cancer Immunity Reward Trait
  • cheat to remove diagnosed cancer
  • cheat to add cancer
  • toggle on/off cancer in Settings

Functional Vape

  • Different animations for males/females
  • Vape cartridges
  • Cartridge contains 15 uses

Functional Steroids

  • Various side effects
  • New Steroid dealing NPC included in gyms
  • PCT to prevent permanent damage
  • New custom deaths
  • Custom animations
  • Syringe object


  • ADHD trait
  • Buy Adderall from dealer
  • Buy Adderall from dark web
  • Buy Adderall through doctor
  • Crush pills to get lines
  • Shareable lines
  • Pill glass with 20 pills
  • Come Ups
  • Highs
  • Come Downs
  • Different effects for Sims with ADHD
  • Stronger effects with increased dosage
  • Various side effects
  • Hangover
  • Addiction
  • Addiction cheats

Smuggling (Requires Jungle Adventures DLC)

  •  Get Cocaine Hookup from bartenders
  • Trigger Buying Cocaine events
  • Selvadorada Cocaine Dealer and Thugs
  • Chance of getting busted by the cops
  • Buy bricks in bulk from the dealer
  • Cheaper prices depending on your Cocaine Dealing Skill level

Dealing buy drugs

  • The ability to buy drugs from your local dealer
  • Ask to exchange sex for Cocaine if addicted
  • Ask to exchange sex for Speed if addicted
  • Ask to exchange sex for MDMA if addicted
  • FFM integration for Sex/Drugs exchange
  • New friendliness system to Drug Dealer
  • Get higher quality drugs the friendlier you are with the dealer
  • Get better prices the friendlier you are with the dealer
  • dialogue option to become Amphetamine Dealer
  • dialogue option to become Cocaine Dealer
  • dialogue option to become MDMA Dealer
  • Gameplay Traits for all three Dealer kinds
  • Get access to larger quantities when you start dealing
  • Call up active dealers to buy drugs from Dealing menu on phone

Dealing sell drugs

  • Sell weed when your Sim is carrying
  • Option to sell cocaine ziplocks with Cocaine Dealer trait
  • Option to sell speed ziplocks with Amphetamine Dealer trait
  • Option to sell MDMA pillglass with MDMA Dealer trait
  • friendship system on selling drugs
  • To sell drugs, you need to talk a bit with the customer first
  • Selling will fail if friendship level is too low
  • time constraint on selling to the same Sim
  • Addicted Sims can now buy directly from playable dealers
  • Added small chance of addiction given to customers
  • Talk to dealer to stop dealing drugs (remove dealer trait)
  • Other Sims will now react to drugs being sold in front of them
  • Sims with dealer traits will receive texts from customers
  • Other Sims will react to drugs being sold
  • chance of getting busted by the cops while dealing
  • Weed Dealers will now receive phone calls from customers.
  • Bribe the cops
  • Sell on the dark web

Cut drugs

  • Baby Laxative (Can be found in Buy Mode)
  • Option to cut high quality powder to lesser quality, higher quantity

Parental Reactions

  • Parents can yell at teens for being high (on all drugs)
  • Parents can lecture teens about drug use
  • Teens can apologize to parents for using drugs
  • Grandparents/Uncles/Aunts will yell at teens for being high

Get famous core

  • Changed String Tables for Juice Enthusiast to Alcoholic
  • New social interaction to VIP Club Bouncer (for dealers)
  • Easier introduction to celebs for mid to high level dealers
  • Celebrity Client list available in Customer List
  • Sell large quantities of cocaine or amphetamine to high level celebrities
  • Get invited to celebrities lots to sell drugs

Get famous fame

  • Earn fame by adding celebrities as customers
  • Different degrees of fame points earned depending on celebrities rank
  • A bunch of reputation gains and losses from dealing interaction

Career Tones

  • Sell weed at school through away action
  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Spawn a shaman from the Royal Omniscan Baths in Selvadorada

Raves and festivalss

  • Party Planner Aspiration
  • Build a team
  • Host Raves
  • Host Festivals
  • New Rave Location venue

Other features

  • Hangover from all drugs
  • Hangovers the day after drug use
  • Different hangovers for the different drugs
  • Chance for afterglow instead of hangover
  • Uncomfortable moodlets
  • Different durations for different hangovers
  • Continuous drug use will cancel the hangover
  • Clubber Trait
  • New whims with trait
  • Order Drugs Online
  • Buy drugs directly from the Dark Web
  • Vampires can not die from overdoses
  • Drug use is a club activity
  • Enable/Disable autonomy for drug use
  • Ziplock bags of coke and speed can be stored in chests
  • Toggle Police Busts ON/OFF
  • 3 Difficulty Settings for Police Busts
  • Turn Off/On Customer Phone Calls
  • Turn Off/On Parental Reactions for Teens
  • Police busts.
  • Pick pocketing
  • Rehab
  • bouncers
  • swat raids
  • Money Laundering (get to work needed)
  • sitting and sharing blunts and joints
  • console cheats
  • Psychonaut Aspiration
  • Tripreports
  • Stay-Safe Test Kit
  • Doctors Appointment



The weed can be found inside ziplock bags bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer, cultivated from cannabis plants or bought online.

The bags can be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or sold to other Sims by clicking on them selecting "Sell Weed".

To grow your own weed, search for Cannabis Seed Pack from Buy Mode, buy it through a computer or click directly on a Planter Box and select "Buy Seeds". Plant the uncured buds like regular plants, tend the plants until they grow more uncured buds. You can either use these uncured buds to grow more plants, fertilize your plants or cure them to create smokeable buds.

To cure your buds, buy an empty weed jar from Buy Mode. Add 10 uncured buds of the same strain in the Weed Jar, wait for a couple of days until you receive a buff that tells you that your cannabis is cured. Open the jar, and voila! Smokeable buds.

To smoke the cannabis, buy a weed bong, smoking papers or a Philly blunt pack from Buy Mode and place it in the world or your Sims inventory. Make sure you have at least 1x Weed Bud in your Sims inventory. To roll a blunt, click on the Philly blunt pack and select "Roll A Blunt", to smoke the blunt, click on the rolled blunt and select "Smoke Blunt". To roll a joint, click on the smoking papers and select "Roll A Joint", to smoke the joint, click on the rolled joint and select "Smoke Joint". To smoke from the bong, click on it and choose "Smoke Weed", either from your inventory or a surface. The Sim will then proceed to pick up the bong and smoke it, the Bud will disappear from your inventory. When your Sim has smoked it, the Bong will appear in the Sims inventory.

The buffs gained from smoking the different strains give you additional random buffs while your Sim is high, like uncontrollable giggles, mild hallucinations, and so on. It will also drastically reduce tense, angry and uncomfortable buffs.

Rolling Skill
Whenever your Sim rolls a blunt or joint, they will build their rolling skill. It's a mini skill with a maximum of 5 levels.

Here are the level perks per level:

Level 1 - You just gained the skill
Level 2 - You get a happy buff for decently rolled spliffs
Level 3 - You get 2 spliffs for 1 bud
Level 4 - You get a confident buff for perfectly rolled spliffs
Level 5 - You get 3 spliffs for 1 bud

Cannabis Bongs

You can order one of these new ones from the Headshop, or purchase them through Build/Buy mode.
Added bonus is that your dispensary (if you have one) will look a whole lot cooler.
And, yup, they are all fully functional, and come fully equipped with animations
Both standing and sitting animations included.

Splicing plant

You need to get your gardening skill level up a bit to be able to splice/graft plants. Research the 4 plant strains that are available from the Cannabis Seed Pack (AK-47, OG Kush, Purple Haze and Sour Diesel) to figure out which plants needs to be spliced together (the info will appear in the notebook on your phone).

(To acquire Sour Diesel you need to purchase cannabis seed packs, there is a 45% chance you will get it from the pack, so if you don't get it on your first try you need to keep on trying).

Once you have spliced the plants you need to harvest the new strain bud from the spliced plant and regrow it to create a new plant of said new strain.

Other than that, it all works as usual, curing, special level 5 curing, smoking, sharing, and so on.

Share a bong

Sharing the bong works like sharing a line of cocaine or amphetamine. As long as the bong is on the table and your active Sim has a smokeable bud in his or her inventory, click on the bong and select "Share Weed with". Make sure the Sim you want to share with is in close proximity and a good friend.

Tolerance and Quality

This is an overly simplified version of how the new system works:

Example A
> Mr. X has high tolerance, smokes excellent quality. Gets normal high
Example B
> Ms. Y has no/low tolerance, smokes bad quality. Gets normal high
Example C
> Mr. Z has high tolerance, smokes normal quality. Gets weak high
Example D
> Ms. Y has no/low tolerance, smokes normal quality. Gets strong high

So if you have a Sim that has a high autonomy towards Cannabis, either set by you through Settings, or acquired by gaining the Stoner buff, they will have a high tolerance. Meaning they will need to acquire high quality buds to experience a normal high.

Better Strain Emulation

The various strains can now give you all types of different side effects, both positive and negative, but some strains are more prone to give you some of them than others.

To use an example, OG Kush is an Indica dominant strain that is more prone to give your Sims munchies than the Sativa dominant Purple Haze which is more prone to give your Sims bouts of inspiration and creativity, whereas both can in fact trigger both of those mind states, they are just more likely to do what they are known for doing.


The cocaine lines can be found inside different sized cocaine bags bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer or through Buy Mode (search for Cocaine). The bags can be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or by clicking on Sims and selling it by interaction. Read more about how to Buy and Sell drugs in the section titled DEALING. The effect of the cocaine works really well when owning a retail store as the confident boost opens up for interactions like “Close the Deal” much quicker. The larger bags contain smaller bags, the smallest bags contains the lines of cocaine.

To use the cocaine, first click on the ziplock bags and select "Open". Place the lines from your Sims inventory to any surface (table, counter, coffee table, dresser), click on the lines and choose “Do lines of coke”. You can also choose to snort the lines directly from the sinks in the game.

To snort lines from sinks, make sure your Sim has a line of cocaine in his or her inventory. Click on a sink and choose "snort line of cocaine".

If you keep on doing lines of cocaine before letting the effect wear off, a stronger effect of the drug will kick in. From the second consecutive line snorted before entering the comedown phase there will be a small percentage chance of your Sim becoming addicted to the drug. From the third consecutive line snorted before entering the comedown phase there will also be a small percentage chance of a non-fatal OD, and an even smaller percentage chance of a fatal OD.


To acquire the Pax 3 Vaporizer, go to the headshop on any computer and order it. It will show up in your Sims mailbox on the next mail delivery.
To use it, make sure you have a cured bud of any strain in your Sims inventory, click on the vaporizer and select "Smoke Weed".
This works both sitting and standing.

High Level Cocaine Clients

Click on your Sim and "Cocaine Dealing" to add your clients. You will now be able to choose them from a SimPicker (that actually works this time around).

You remove them the same way as you add them. If you are ever uncertain who your clients are (if you forget, that is). Go to "Cocaine Dealing" and Remove High Level Clients, there you will see who your clients are. If you don't want to remove them, just press cancel.


The amphetamine lines can be found inside different sized amphetamine bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer or through Buy Mode (search for Speed). The bags can be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or by clicking on Sims and selling it by interaction. Read more about how to Buy and Sell drugs in the section titled DEALING. The comedown can be quite harsh and prompts the Sim to do more speed to maintain energy levels, which can provide quite the interesting game play. The larger bags contain smaller bags, the smallest bags contains the lines of amphetamine.

To use the amphetamine, first click on the ziplock bags and select "Open". Place the lines from your Sims inventory to any surface (table, counter, coffee table, dresser), click on the lines and choose “Snort speed”. You can also choose to snort the lines directly from the sinks in the game.

To snort lines from sinks, make sure your Sim has a line of amphetamine in his or her inventory. Click on a sink and choose "snort line of amphetamine".

If you keep on doing lines of amphetamine before letting the effect wear off, a stronger effect of the drug will kick in. From the second consecutive line snorted before entering the comedown phase there will be a small percentage chance of your Sim becoming addicted to the drug. From the third consecutive line snorted before entering the comedown phase there will also be a small percentage chance of a non-fatal OD, and an even smaller percentage chance of a fatal OD.


Click on your Sim and go to the Drugs pie menu. Select "Spiritual Journey" and "Invite Shaman Over". The Shaman will come to your house and introduce himself. Talk to the Shaman (Drugs pie menu again) to receive a cup of Ayahuasca, and proceed to drink it.

I won't go into too much detail regarding the stages of the trip, all I will say is that your Sim might get sick and vomit a bit to begin with, but your friendly neighborhood Shaman will be there along the way to try to calm your Sim down with words of shamanic wisdom.

The additional buffs you will receive along the trip may vary, and if you are lucky, you will at one point get a notification up in the right hand corner that tells you to "Close your eyes and drift away". If that happens, click on your Sim that got the notification, select the Drugs pie menu, choose "Spiritual Journey" and "Close Eyes and Drift Away".

I don't want to say too much about what will be happening next, only that it is up to you if you manage to break through to the other side or not. If you don't manage to break through, you will have to wait until the next time you are able to call the Shaman and try again.

When the trip is over your Sim will get a buff that lasts for 3 days, there are multiple buffs you can receive, these depend on the traits of your Sim. Some of the buffs might replace one or more of your "negative" traits with "positive" traits. So if you notice a change in character or behavior of your Sim after the trip, now you know why.

You will not be able to call your Shaman again until the 3 days after the trip has passed.

Journey to Batuu

To access this new feature, you must first and foremost have the Journey to Batuu game pack.

To gain access to Batuu, get a hold of some Ayahuasca from a Shaman, and if you get to experience the whole "Close your Eyes and Drift Away" part of the trip, navigate through the adventure text successfully and you'll get transported to the trippy world of Batuu.

If your trip was about to run out you will get quite a few hours worth more of tripping once you arrive, both to emulate time distortion on psychedelics, and to give you some additional time to experience that trippy world.

Once in Batuu you will also notice that your phone interactions are disabled, to avoid travelling back home. Once the trip runs out, however, you will get transported back home.


The 5 different MDMA pills can be found inside an MDMA pill glass bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer or through Buy Mode (search for MDMA). The pill glass can also be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or by clicking on Sims and selling it by interaction. Read more about how to Buy and Sell drugs in the section titled DEALING. The pills includes autonomy, so if you place them at the club, NPC Sims are likely to take them and join the party.

To use the MDMA, first click on the Pill Glass and select "Open". This will generate a random amount of 5 different pills with different effects and durations that will show up in your Sims inventory. You can either choose to take the pills directly from the inventory or drag it to any surface and take the pills from there. Click on the pill you want your Sim to take and select “Take pill”.

To share pills with other Sims, make sure you are friendly with the Sim you want to share with and that you have at least 1x MDMA pill in your Sims inventory. Click on the Sim and select MDMA from the Drugs pie menu. Select Share Pills, and select which pill you want to share. The targeted Sim will then be given the pill, proceed to eat it and partake in the effects of the drug.

To avoid a scenario where your Sim just keeps on eating all the pills in his or her inventory until there is none left, you can place the pills in one of the games storage chests.


Get a hold of a sheet containing 10 tabs of LSD from your NPC dealer or the Dark Web. There are a bunch of different outcomes to each trip so it shouldn't feel like the same trip twice.If your Sim does LSD the days following a trip they will have a weak and quite uneventful trip.


There are 4 levels of how drunk you can get, tipsy, drunk, wasted and messed up. Messed up basically gets you passed out. The more you drink the drunker you become, simple as that. Each of the levels comes with additional occasional side buffs that alters your Sims mood, from flirty to angry, confident, sad. Just as unpredictable as the real deal.
The addiction chance is tuned quite low due to the fact that autonomous drinking is a thing in this game and I don't want all your Sims to become alcoholics without you knowing.

Beer Pong

Just play as you would juice pong, and your Sims should feel the effects. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a way to remove the purple splash that comes from the yellow tinted beer when the ball hits the glass, so I hope that's something you can live with.

Beer Kegs

Those juice kegs have been changed to various types of beer kegs, namely Blond Ale, Porter, Pale Ale and Bitter. Other than that it will work like the juice kegs. Some of you might have noticed that the cups from the juice kegs did that already, but the keg stand did not. Well, now it does. And it gets you way drunker than just sipping on a cup. So, there's that.

Magic mushrooms

Buy the shrooms from your CAS assigned NPC Dealer for 40 Simoleons a mushroom. You may plant these to cultivate your own or eat them directly. (There is a glitch with the whole eating animation currently)
Once the trip starts it can take a bunch of different turns, there are actually about 50 new buffs for this, but you will only experience 5 of them for each trip. In the future I want to add a lot of additional buffs and debuffs to these 50 buffs as well to make it even more unpredictable and unique for each time you do shrooms.

If you want to cultivate your own mushrooms, buy one from your Dealer, buy a planter box from buy mode and plant it, water it, etc, and harvest your own shrooms. Currently I have not yet implemented a way of reselling or sharing them, but this will also come.

Bubble Blowers are now Hookahs

This works just like the bubble blower previously did, but removed all the over-the-top cartoony buffs you get from it. Instead of blowing bubbles your Sims blow smoke.

You need to change the strain before using and have a bud of the strain you want to change it to in your Sims inventory.

Straight edgers will react negatively to someone smoking the hookah, and clubbers and customers of drugs will react positively to it.


To acquire Xanax, you have a multitude of options. The most expensive one being buying it from your NPC Dealer. You may also buy it from the Dark Web which is a bit less expensive.

The cheapest option is to book a Doctors Appointment through the Dealing tab on your Sims phone. The session costs 100 Simoleons and is a rabbithole event.

If your Sim has a certain trait, or if he or she is uncomfortable, sad, angry or simply miserable he or she might return with a bottle of Xanax. If your Sim is happy and cheerful while going to the doctor, he or she won't return with anything other than a pat on the back.

The pill bottle itself contains 20 pills, meaning it will get destroyed after 20 uses.

The effects of a single dose is merely a happy one, which makes stressed, tense, uncomfortable and angry buff decay away a lot faster than normal.

If you up the dose you will get a dazed moodlet and an even heavier decay increase of the aforementioned moodlets.

In terms of addiction and overdoses, these can only factor in while your Sim is high on the drug, not on any coming up stage.. But, if you pop 10 pills in a row, the overdose chances gets multiplied for each pill, so when you get to the high stage your Sim is extremely likely to die of an overdose.


To mix cups of lean you will need the required ingredients, being:
A styrofoam cup
A bag of jolly ranchers hard candy
A bottle of Smite
A bottle of Promethasim VC w/codeine

The styrofoam cup, hard candy and soda bottle you can either order online through the "Order..." menu on your computer, it will arrive in your mailbox the following day, or you can buy all of it (except for the Styrofoam cups) in Build Mode.

The Promethasim VC bottle you can either buy from a CAS assigned NPC Drug Dealer, order it through the Dark Web, or if your Sim happens to have the Llama Flu, you can have him or her use her phone and book a doctors appointment. Then the Doctor will sell it cheaper than anywhere else.

If you click on the bottle and just drink it it will cure Llama Flu. It won't cure any other diseases, but you will get the dazed moodlet from it that you get from the regular medicine bottle.

The Smite bottle is also drinkable in and by itself if you just want a short lived +1 happy moodlet.

To mix it all together, make sure you have the ingredients in your Sims inventory, and a Styrofoam cup placed on a surface. Click on the styrofoam cup and select "Pour Cup of Lean" - This will use up your ingredients and fill up the cup, you will also get 4 extra filled cups of lean available in your Sims inventory out of this.

Now for the effects:

There are high and low tolerance traits for this drug as well, so if your Sim has a low tolerance trait he or she will get extremely high a lot faster than someone with the high tolerance trait.

This also affects nausea. A Sim with the high tolerance trait is less likely to get nauseous from drinking that purple stuff.

To use Adderall, click on the Pill Bottle and either select "Pop Adderall" or "Crush Pills" - If you choose the former, your Sim will consume one pill, the latter they will crush 2 pills into one snortable line. They can snort said line from any surface it's placed on, or from any in game sink if it's in their inventory. Snorting it will give your Sim the same effect as popping multiple pills.

To share a line of crushed Adderall, place it on a surface, click on the line and select "Share With" - Make sure you have a Sim nearby your Sim is friends with, though.

One pill bottle contains 20 pills.

The main effects of the drug is a mixture of energy and focus, and an increase in the success outcome of interactions related to studying and homework in general.

The side effects (more prominent on higher doses) include less or no hunger decay, nasty comedowns and hangovers, as well as addiction chances and OD potential.

Sims with ADHD will experience other effects than Sims without ADHD, they will no longer cancel out of interactions when medicated, and get a boost in studying interactions, as well as regain their ability to focus on various tasks.

If a Sim with ADHD increase their prescribed dosage, they will experience various negative debuffs.

How to Get it

Adderall can be purchased in a few different ways, the first being through your assigned NPC dealers. Click on the dealer, go to Buy Drugs and then the Prescription Drugs menu.

The second way to get a hold of it is through the Dark Web.

And the third way to get a hold of Adderall is through a doctor's appointment. This can be found at the Dealing tab on your Sims phone.

If your Sim has ADHD they will be prescribed Adderall, but they might also come back with Adderall simply from having the Active Trait.

ADHD Trait
You can find the ADHD trait in CAS, in the Emotional category. Simply add it to any Sim you want for the added challenge of having trouble with keeping attention on most long drawn tasks.

What it basically does is:
Make your Sim cancel out of interactions early
If your Sim gets any focused buff, it will rapidly decay and get removed
Make it way harder to do homework, study, etc.
Plus various other traity things like Whims, etc.


Purchase Tobacco

There are several ways you can go about acquiring some smokes.

1. Buy/Build mode. Search for cigar or cigarette and you'll find the Cigarette or Cigar Pack.

2. Tobacco Dispenser. Find that in Buy/Build mode and place it on a community lot. Interact with it to buy cigarette or cigar packs.

3. Stalls. The grocery stall in San Myshuno, or all the various festival stalls sell tobacco.

Use Tobacco

Simply click on the cigar or cigarette pack and smoke. The cigarette pack comes with 20 cigarettes, and will disappear once you've smoked all of them, whereas the cigar pack comes with 10 cigars. The animations differ from female and male smokers, and there are new animations for both standing and sitting for both genders.

The first time your Sim smokes will not be a pleasant experience, but once your Sim has smoked for the first time, this will enable him/her to autonomously smoke if there are any cigarettes or cigars nearby.


Even though the first time might be unpleasant, once your Sims gets hooked on this stuff, they will be graced by some happy emotions. They can get a stronger happy moodlet if they smoke more, these moodlets are quite shortlived however, and nicotine is highly addictive.

If your Sim has recently smoked and find themselves in the proximity of other Sims, they might get a Secondhand Smoke buff that makes them feel uncomfortable (unless they themselves are addicted to nicotine, or clubbers.. those clubbers don't give a shit).

Assign Smokers

To assign a bunch of smokers to your game world. Click on any Sim, then go to the Drugs menu, Settings, and "Assign Smokers". Once you assign a smoker they will be able to smoke autonomously (note: Autonomous Drug Use must also be enabled for them to do so), and they will get one pack of smokes in their inventory.

To remove smokers from your game world, go to the same settings menu and select "Remove Smokers".


Nicotine is highly addictive, and once your Sim gets hooked on it, he or she will crave it. Much like other addictions with this mod. However, there is no rehab for smokers, so they have to cold turkey it (or use cheats, but you aren't a cheater, are you?)

Lung cancer

When your Sim smokes a certain amount of cigarettes, they will run the risk of getting lung cancer. When they smoke even more they will run the risk again but with a multiplied percentage chance of it being added, when they smoke even more they will run the risk again with an even higher multiplied percentage chance of it being added, and so on and so forth.

What Happens?
If a Sim gets lung cancer, they will feel sick and tired. The buff will not let them know what is up, but it will hint at getting checked up at a doctors office might be a good idea.

If your Sim does not get a check up, their health will be deteriorating, and in a matter of days they will get even worse. The effects of the illness will increase for each time they get sicker and includes weight loss, feeling of general discomfort, and nausea. This will go on until they reach a point of... well... dying.

Doctors Appointment
To get checked up by a doctor, go to the Dealing tab on your Sims phone, and select Doctors Appointment.

If your Sim in fact has cancer, they will return from the doctors office with a diagnosis, and the sickness buff will be replaced by a Lung Cancer buff, as well as the stage it is in.

You will also get a notification that you should return for chemotherapy sessions.

Whenever you get the notification that your Sim should get chemotherapy, access the Dealing tab on your Sims phone and click "Chemotherapy". It costs 5000 Simoleons per session. Each session is available after a cooldown of a couple of days.

Once a Sim starts chemo, they have a chance for every session to reduce the cancer from spreading. The likelihood of a successful chemo session depends on the stage of cancer. Meaning, stage 1 cancer will have a higher chance of being successful than stage 2. If your Sim is at stage 3 the doctor's will not bother to try to treat it.

After chemo has started, your Sim will become bald. This is not a gradual thing, but rather straight into baldness as it would be near impossible to take account for all different hairstyles and make that look realistic. Changing your Sims hairstyle in CAS will not remove the baldness.

Cured for Cancer
If you are lucky, and start chemo early you might get totally cured for cancer. Your Sim will get a happy buff for a few days and the normal hairstyle will return once that buff disappears.

Social Interactions
If a Sim gets cancer, they can tell their loved ones about it. Click on the Sim you want to tell the news, go to the Friendly category and select "Tell about Cancer." The Sim you tell it to will get a sad buff. The strength and length of the buff depends on your friendship level with the Sim. Your Sim however will get a 6 hour long happy buff as it often helps getting heavy stuff like this off ones chest.

If your Sim is so lucky as to get cured for cancer, you can tell their loved ones about becoming cancer free. This will remove the friends sad state of mind and put them in a happy mindset instead. To do so, click on the Sim you want to tell it to, go to the Friendly category and select "Tell about Surviving Cancer".

Cancer Immunity Trait
Click on the reward store, purchase the trait from there. The trait costs 8000 Satisfaction Points. After the trait is purchased your Sim will be immune to getting lung cancer.

Remove Cancer Cheat
Your Sim has cancer, chemo doesn't take, and you want to cheat it off. First of all, make sure your cancer ridden Sim is active and selected, then open the cheat console and type in: bm_remove_cancer

Note: Your Sims cancer needs to be diagnosed for this to work, and if you tried purchasing the Cancer Immunity Trait after the cancer was added you need to repurchase the trait.

Add Cancer Cheat
If you for some reason want to add cancer to a Sim in your game, say for storytelling purposes, make sure the Sim in question is active and selected, then open the cheat console and type in: bm_cancer

Disable/Enable Cancer
To pretend cancer is not a real disease one might get from smoking, go to the Assign Smokers tab in the Basemental Settings and disable it from there.

Tobacco Dispenser
If you place the tobacco dispenser on a lot that your Sim owns, other Sims on the lot that you've assigned to be smokers will occasionally autonomously walk over to the dispenser and purchase tobacco.

Eventually your Sim will then be able to collect Simoleons for their purchases.

The longer you hold off on collecting, the higher the payout.
(If you are impatient and quickly want to try this out yourself, use the dispenser four or five times to see the "Collect Simoleons" menu pop up.)

You can purchase the BM Vape through Tobacco dispensers or Buy Mode.
It comes prefilled with a cartridge, each cartridge contains 15 uses. Once you are out you need to repurchase a cartridge from a Tobacco dispenser, click on the BM Vape and select re-fill cartridge.
The vape comes with sitting and standing animations for males and females.

There are a couple of ways to get a hold of Steroids. There is always the Dark Web, which obviously has all the stuff you need, but an even easier way would be to hit up your local gym.

Hang around long enough and you'll notice a Shady Individual by the name of Roy D. Dillon
Befriend him and you'll get the option to buy Steroids from him through the Drugs menu.
There are two different kinds of Steroids available.

Testosterone Enanthate
This is the weaker, and safer option of the two. It will get your Sim jacked, albeit not as fast or effective. It will also reduce the risk of the worst of side effects if used somewhat responsibly.

Trenbolone gives impressive muscle gains. Five times more potent than testosterone it is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market.

Both of the steroids comes in bottles of 5 doses. To use them, place the objects outside your Sims inventory (on a counter for instance), click on the object, and select "Inject". Your Sim will then walk over to the bathroom, take their clothes off and inject the drug.

Both the aforementioned steroids will give your Sim an energized buff after use, which also boosts your Sims ability to build their fitness skill, and muscle. This effect is increased if the dosage is upped and if it's used in succession over the course of several days / weeks.

You should pay attention however, as you don't want to overdo it, due to the severity of the side effects, particularly on high doses.

Side Effects
The side effects vary from mild to severe. Be prepared to experience everything under the sun from back acne, roid rage, nausea, dizziness, headaches, liver damage and in the worst cases death due to liver failure or cardiac arrest.

PCT (Post Cycle Treatment)
Whenever your Sim is doing a cycle of steroid injections, it is highly recommended you send them to the doctor to get a "Bloodwork" appointment (see "Doctors Appointment" above).

If the blood pressure is high enough the doctor will prescribe Estrogen Blockers for your Sim, which is what you want to start your Post Cycle Treatment.

If you want to you can start the treatment right away. You will not be able to inject more steroids while undergoing PCT.

The other option is to calm down on the steroid usage to make sure your blood pressure goes down, continuously check up on your Bloodwork to get an all clear from the doctor and inject more steroids, or wait until the effects and side effects are all gone before starting your PCT.

However: When you start PCT you need to keep on top of it and remember to take one pill each day until the treatment is all complete. If you skip a day or two the treatment might be unsuccessful and your Sim might end up with permanent damage to their liver.

Note: This will also (in the near future) be a cross functionality with Wicked Whims so permanent damage will include impotence in males and infertility in females.

Aliens and Vampires
Aliens will not respond to steroids the same way humans respond to steroids. I am not going to give this away, but if you have an alien Sim, give it a go.
Vampires will not get the most severe of side effects from steroid usage, and they can also drink the blood of steroid users, instead of injecting, to get the steroid effects.
The test kit contains 5 tests and costs 150 Simoleons. Make sure your Sims stay safe out there and head over to your nearest Convenience Store right now!

To set a Sims autonomy level or decide if they are to take Steroids autonomously, access the Autonomous Drug Use tab from the Settings. It is there alongside all the other drugs.


Your Sim may get addicted to cocaine, amphetamine, Alcohol or MDMA with frequent use of the drugs. This will trigger an uncomfortable Addiction buff which in turn triggers occasional additional uncomfortable, tense or angry buffs. These occasional additional buffs are more intense than the main addiction buff and are canceled out if your Sim does more of the drug he or she is addicted to.

The main addiction buff lasts for 5 days and is refreshed every time your Sim does more of the drug he or she is addicted to.

If your Sim manages to go the whole 5 days without doing more of the drug he or she is addicted to the Addiction buff will be replaced with a happy buff called Kicked the Habit. This buff will also last for 5 days, and if your Sim does more of the drug he or she was addicted to during these 5 days, the uncomfortable Addiction buff will replace the happy Kicked the Habit buff, and you have to start all over.


From the third consecutive line of cocaine or amphetamine snorted, or third consecutive pill of MDMA eaten before entering the comedown phase there is a small percentage chance of a non-fatal OD, and an even smaller percentage chance of a fatal OD.

If a non-fatal OD is triggered, your Sim will experience a crash in needs and energy, and will eventually fall asleep on the floor. When your Sim comes to his or her senses, the comedown phase of the drug will be triggered and the needs will still be very low.

If a fatal OD is triggered, your Sim will die. Simple as that.

To avoid overdosing, stop doing drugs after the second consecutive line snorted. Wait for the comedown phase and do a couple more lines. Every time you do three lines or more, before the comedown phase kicks in, the risk of overdosing is prominent.


This runs in the background and makes sure that the different drugs give your Sims a hangover the day after taking them. Some of the drugs have a percentage chance of giving an afterglow instead of a hangover effect. The hangover may be canceled by doing more drugs.


To turn your Sim into a clubber, simply add the Clubber Trait to your Sim in CAS when creating a new Sim or altering the traits of already made Sims.

The new whims added to the Clubber Trait center around doing drugs at the club. There are also whims added to the trait that are social and nightclub related, like “go dancing at the club”, “meet new people at the club” and so on.

The Clubber Trait also alters the need decays and increases of the Sim it is assigned to.


Choose or create an NPC Drug Dealer Sim that should not be a playable character, and assign the Drug Dealer trait in CAS. This will be your go-to dealer when buying drugs.

To get the option to buy drugs from your newly assigned Drug Dealer, you need to get your friendship level up. The higher it gets, the more buying options you will have. When it is high enough you will also get the option to talk to the Drug Dealer to become a dealer yourself. You can choose between Amphetamine, Cocaine and MDMA Dealer, you can also choose all three if you want.

Once you start selling drugs yourself you will get access to higher quantities from your Drug Dealer to a much lower rate than what you will find in Buy Mode or through the Dark Web. When you get very friendly with your Drug Dealer you will get even more reduced prices on the higher quantity stuff.

To sell drugs to other Sims, make sure you have a ziplock bag of the drug you want to sell in your inventory, and that you have the dealer trait for the specific drug. The only drug you don't need a dealer trait to sell is Weed. Click on a potential customer and select the Drugs pie menu, select the drug you are selling, for instance cocaine. Select "Sell high quality cocaine". After selling to a customer there is a time constraint in place making sure you can't just spam-sell to one Sim over and over. You actually have to do the legwork and grow your client base.

Also, make sure you get your friendship level with the potential customer up a bit first by performing some friendly social interactions. The drug deal will fail if your friendship level is too low.

To earn even more profit from selling cocaine or amphetamine, go into Buy Mode and buy the Baby Laxatives. Make sure your Sim have at least 1x high quality ziplock bag of cocaine or amphetamine in his or her inventory, click on the Baby Laxatives box and select "Cut Cocaine" or "Cut Amphetamine" to create a higher quantity but lower quality out of the high quality drugs.

Dark Web Selling

This is heavily inspired by the Plopsy feature that came with Nifty Knitting, but this feature only requires Base Game.

Start Selling

First of all, you need a dealing skill of at least level 5 in any of the dealing skills to start peddling your wares online. Once you have that, you need to have ziplock bags of the drug you want to sell in your Sims inventory. Meaning, if you have a Cocaine Dealing Skill of level 5 or above, you need Cocaine Ziplock Bags in your Sims inventory.

List Drugs for Sale

Click on any computer, then Drugs > Dark Web > List Drugs for Sale

You can list an entire stack at a time. This will list all items in the stack for sale. Listed drugs will prevent you from opening the bag or selling the bag to other Sims. You can however click on it and select "Unlist", this will revert it to its normal state, it will no longer be listed for Sale and you can sell and otherwise use it as normal.

Buyer Found

Your listed drugs have an expiration time of 2 days, if a buyer is found before the expiration time runs out your Sim will get an encrypted text message on their phone telling them that a buyer is found. If a buyer is not found however, your drugs will loose their listing state. You will also get a notification if this happens.

Send Drugs

If a buyer is found, click on your listed drugs (this works both from your inventory and outside of it), and select "Send Shipment" your Sim will walk over to the nearest mailbox and send the drugs to the buyer, and you will receive cash directly after sending it.

Note: Sending drugs through the mail will trigger a risk of SWAT raids. If you have a retail business set up where you can launder your money, that is recommendable, or wait it out so you don't overdo it with the sending.

Seller Star Rating Skill

Selling drugs online will also add points to a new Skill that emulates your Dark Web Seller Star Rating.

A higher star rating skill level not only increases the chances of getting your drugs sold quicker online but also nets you more profit per sale.

Skill Books

a bunch of Dealing Skill books you can read to level up from 0 to level 9. Remember that you still need to befriend your NPC Dealer and get his permission to start dealing drugs in the first place, though.

To access the Skill Books, just click on any bookshelf and purchase them through there.

Cocaine Dealing Skill Book Vol 1, 2 & 3
Amphetamine Dealing Skill Book Vol 1, 2 & 3
MDMA Dealing Skill Book Vol 1, 2 & 3


To use this feature, make sure you have FFM installed.

If your Sim is addicted to a substance, he or she can ask the dealer to exchange sex for drugs instead of paying for the drugs.

To exchange sex for drugs, click on the Drug Dealer, select the "Drugs" pie menu, and follow up with the "Desperate" pie menu. Select "Ask to Exchange Sex for Cocaine" if your Sim is addicted to cocaine, or "Ask to Exchange Sex for Speed" if your Sim is addicted to amphetamine. Proceed to have sex with the Dealer. The FFM cross-functionality makes sure that the dealer will always accept this proposition.

When the deed is done, click on the Drug Dealer again, go back to the "Desperate" pie menu and select "Receive Payment". Your Sim will then get one high quality ziplock bag of the drug he or she is addicted to.

This Interaction runs through a couple of tests. One of which is a Gender Preference. The other is an integration with FFM which comes with a reward trait called Asexual. This Interaction will not appear at all if your addicted Sim has the Asexual trait.


To buy drugs from the Dark Web, click on the computer, choose the "Drugs" pie menu and select "Order Drugs from Dark Web". Select which drugs you want to buy, as well as the amount. The drugs will be delivered to your mailbox the day after placing the order.

Pick pocket

You can find the option by clicking on Sims and choosing the "Desperate" option in the Drugs pie menu. Your addicted Sim will then walk up to the mark, and give them a hug. If they are lucky they will be able to pickpocket them for some change, if not they will be yelled at. There is a time constraint to using this interaction.

The Bouncer

First things first. The bouncer is a lot trait. Meaning you need to go to build mode to the venue (bar, or nightclub) you want to add the Bouncer to and choose the Bouncer Lot Trait from the list of Lot Traits.
Once the bouncer is added, he will eventually show up after you enter the venue. If you are playing as an adult, he won't do all that much, until your Sim becomes wasted. Then he might walk over to your Sim and ask him/her to leave the premises. If your Sim has the hotheaded, mean or evil trait your Sim might pick a fight with the bouncer before leaving.
If you are playing as a Teen, the bouncer might walk over to your Teen and ask to see an ID if he catches the Teen drinking at the venue. If your Teen doesn't have a fake ID he/she will promptly leave the venue. If your Teen has a fake ID in the inventory however, the bouncer will get tricked by this and won't bother your Teen Sim anymore (until he or she gets wasted, then he might ask them to leave anyhow).
To get a hold of a fake ID. Get in touch with your local neighbourhood scumbag of a Drug Dealer. Apparently he has started peddling stuff like that as well. A Fake ID costs 1550 Simoleons.


First things first, this requires the Jungle Adventures Expansion Pack.

To start it off, you need to take your Cocaine Dealing Sim on a vacation to Selvadorada. He or she needs at least a Cocaine Dealing skill of level 5.

Once you get to Selvadorada, hit up the local bar and start chatting up the local bartender. Once your friendship level is high enough, you can ask the bartender about getting the number to a Cocaine Hookup.

Now you get 12 hours to call the number the bartender gave you. (Note that you need to be in Selvadorada to call the number). Click on your Sim, the Cocaine Dealer sub category under Basemental Drugs pie menu, and call the Selvadorada Hookup.

What will happen next depends on a few factors;

1. If your Dealing Skill level is between 5-8 there is an offchance of the cops showing up instead of the actual dealer. The cops will beat your Sim up, haul their ass to jail and confiscate their inventory. There is also a chance of the dealer actually showing up, of course.

2. If your Dealing Skill level is 9-10 the cops won't show up at all, you are guaranteed the dealer showing up. Also, if you turn off Police Arrests in settings, the cops won't show up.

If and/or when the dealer shows up, you need to talk to him a bit before buying. Just get acquainted and so on. Then you click on the dealer, choose Cocaine under the Basemental Drugs pie menu, and select "Buy Cocaine". Here you will have the option to buy high or low quality cocaine bricks in bulk. The higher your Dealing Skill level, the cheaper prices you will get.

Once you reach level 10 you won't find better prices anywhere.

Police raids

Now your Sims aren't even safe in the confines of their own homes anymore. At least not if you go overboard with selling or never launder your dirty money.

Picture an empty glass with a tiny hole at the bottom of it.

Whenever your Sim sells a small amount of any drug (ziplock bags, individual pills and so on) it's like you are pouring a bit of water into this glass. If you reach the top so it pours over the cops will show up on your Sims doorstep (or wherever your Sim may be at the time of over pouring). The small hole in the bottom of the glass means that if you wait a bit before selling, the glass will automatically empty itself. If you go overboard and have your Sim sell to a boatload of customers, that tiny hole won't be able to keep up with your frantic glass-filling and the cops will show up.

If you have been selling a lot and want to keep on selling a lot without waiting it out, you got two options.

Option 1) Bribe the Police (Cocaine Dealing lvl 10 reward)
This option will empty the entire glass, but it will cost you 10,000 Simoleons doing so.

Option 2) Launder your Money
You can read up on how Money Laundering works below.

Note that with Police Busts difficulty set to Easy or Off in Settings, the cops won't bust you on your home lot.

Swat raids

Picture an almost identical empty glass as the one described earlier. But this time. No hole.

Whenever your Sim buys or sells a large amount of any drug (bricks of cocaine, packages of speed, etc.) it's like you are pouring a bit of water into this glass. If you reach the top so it pours over you will have a full blown raid on your hands.

A raid can only occur on your Sims home or owned retail lots.

The sergeant of the raid will take your Sim to jail (much like with a regular bust), the rest of the team will unlock all locked doors on the lot and confiscate as much illegal drugs and paraphernalia they can muster during the time the raid lasts. This includes plants.

Sims who are on any customer list for buying drugs will immediately flee the scene whenever they are in proximity to the Swat Team.

Whenever the raid is over the glass is empty, starting from scratch.

Since this clearly is not a self-draining glass, how can you empty it without being raided?

Option 1) Bribe the Police (Cocaine Dealing lvl 10 reward)
This option will empty the entire glass, but it will cost you 10,000 Simoleons doing so.

Option 2) Launder your Money
You can read up on how Money Laundering works below.

Note that with Police Busts difficulty set to Off in Settings, the raids won't happen.

Money Laundering

First things first, this requires the get to work Expansion Pack.

Buy a retail lot. Place a computer on said retail lot.
Click on said computer and go to the Money Laundering menu.

Whenever you launder money through the computer, it is like you pick up both those glasses I previously mentioned and pour out a decent amount of water from both of them.

The higher amount you launder, the more you pour out.

Your Sim will receive a 12 hour buff after laundering money, whenever that buff runs out you are free to withdraw your brand spanking new, laundered money through the same computer.

Note that you can only launder 5k, 10k or 25k at a time, and the amount you launder will add up.
As an example: If you launder 25k, then 25k then 10k you can withdraw 60k.

The maximum amount you can keep in your "Simoleon Laundromat" is 200k.

Console cheats
Open up the cheat console by pressing "Ctrl+C"

Type in "bmd_cheats"

This will give you a full list of all the available console cheats.

Here is the entire list of cheat commands:

bm_coke - Adds cocaine addiction to the active Sim

bm_amph - Adds amphetamine addiction to the active Sim

bm_alco - Adds alcohol addiction to the active Sim

bm_mdma - Adds MDMA addiction to the active Sim

bm_weed - Adds stoner buff to the active Sim

bm_r_ad - Removes all addictions from the active Sim

Get famous features

First things first, this requires the get famous Expansion Pack.

Once you have managed to get to Fame Level 1, I strongly suggest you going for the middle branch of the fame ladder, which is really the only one that makes sense for a drug dealer, as this is all about networking and making connections.

Once you are on level 1, you can earn fame simply by socializing with celebrities. I'd suggest you use this feature to climb up to rank 3 of the fame ladder. Once you are a Level 3 celebrity, reputation will also start factoring into the equation of how the general public perceives you.

There are apparently a few other ways to get good rep if you want to keep up appearances and be perceived as a decent citizen in the eyes of the public. Like donating to charities and so on and so forth.

To get into the VIP club as a drug dealer, you can choose the "Explain Supply Need" interaction with the VIP bouncer. You can find the interaction alongside the other Bouncer Interactions for trying to get into the club.

If you are a mid to high level dealer you have a high chance of pulling this off.

Get Acquainted with Celebrities
Getting to know the celebrities can be a daunting task. Particularly introducing yourself to them, as all Sims seem to be very easily starstruck, apparently.

As long as you are a mid to high level dealer, introducing yourself to the celebrities is way easier. The initial thought is that the celebrities knows who's who and are eager to get their hands on some drugs, so you have a much higher success rate in terms of introduction.

Note: There is no 100% guarantee that your Sim will manage to pull of an introduction to a celebrity Sim, but it is extremely likely. If it doesn't work the first time around, wait it out a bit and try again.

It is a bit harder to jump straight into chatting about drugs with them, though, so my advice is to use quite a few "Friendly" social interactions to begin with before even going into the subject of drugs. It is not impossibly hard by any means, but it is harder than performing these interactions with "regular mortals".

Celebrity Clients
Once you have managed to "Seal the Deal" with a celebrity, you will get some fame points. The higher level of the celebrity the more fame points you will get, meaning you need fewer Global Superstars on your client list than Noticeable Newcomers to get to rank 1 on the fame ladder.

To check who's on your Celebrity Client List, click on your active dealer Sim, go to "Customer Lists" and select "Celebrity Clients". These clients are not like regular clients in a couple of ways, first of all, they won't call and invite themselves over to your place to buy drugs, they will rather invite you over to their homes (assuming they actually own a home in your world and aren't homeless game generated celebrities).

They will not call you quite as frequently as regular customers, but every celebrity above rank 3 will also be able to buy Cocaine Bricks or Speed Packages (assuming your Cocaine or Amphetamine Dealing Sim is above level 3 in either of those two dealing skills).

They can only buy large quantities once per week.

Sell Weed at School
Sims that are teen weed dealers can now sell weed while at school, as long as they have ziplock bags of weed in their inventory.

Note that this will only work once during a school day and after the deal is done you can not choose a different action for the rest of the day, so it is wise to pace yourself and not go all out with the sale on the start of the day.

Shamanic Rituals
Ever wanted to do Ayahuasca in the jungle with your Sims?

Machete your way to the Omniscan Royal Baths deep within the Selvadoradian Jungles. Click on the emotional tree and select "Shamanic Rituals"

This will summon a Shaman that will act as your trip sitter, just like he would if you summoned him to your house by phone.

Remember that you can assign your own Shaman through the NPC section of the Drugs Settings menu.

Raves and festivals

As with any other aspiration in game, select the Party Planner aspiration for your Sim either through CAS or the Select New Aspiration screen. You can find it under the Drugs category.

Objectives and Milestones

Level 1:

Start by building your team. Head over to a nightclub and get friendly with the local DJ to get the option to ask them to join your team as a team DJ.

As for the Drug Dealers, befriend an NPC Dealer (if you haven't already), and ask them to join the team as a team dealer.

For promoters, you can ask any of your friends, but you need a substantial amount of friendship built with them for the option to appear.

Level 2:

To prepare for your upcoming rave, click the Drugs tab on your phone, and navigate to the Party Planning sub menu.

This will bring you to a menu where you manage your upcoming events. Most of the stuff required for this level of the aspiration is handled here.

The admission fee cost and size of promo campaigns will factor in to how many Sims showing up to the Rave. Meaning, a low admission fee and large promo campaign will bring in a bunch of Sims, but the campaign will also take longer until it's completed, and since the admission fee per Sim is low it won't necessarily net you more cash when the total is tallied up. A large promotion campaign is also more expensive than a small one.

As for Security. Hiring security is not really a definite requirement to host raves, but if you get troublemakers that starts picking fights with the other ravers it's good to have security on lot to throw them off the premises.

Host Rave

When the promotion campaign has ended you can host the rave through the Drugs menu on your phone. Note that raves can only be hosted after 8 PM, and you need to set up one or more Rave Locations first.

To set up a Rave Location, edit any lot in game and assign it the Rave Location venue. Make sure you have the required items for the venue in order for it to work.

Now you should be all set to host the rave. When you click the "Host Rave" button, you will shortly get a call from your promoter, asking if you want to start the event. Click OK.


The rave event is a situation with various goals, the main one being to collect the cut from your team dealer. Whenever your dealer sells drugs to Sims on the premise you can get a cut from the sale, but you can only collect the cut from the dealer once during the event, meaning the longer you wait to collect the cut the bigger the cut you will get. But if you wait too long you might risk the event ending before you get your cut.

There is also a chance of cops showing up throwing your Sim in jail. This will cancel the event and giving the admission fees back to all the Ravers, meaning you will end up with only expenses and no actual income from the event. What this means is also: More ravers on lot = more dealer sales = higher probability of cops ruining the party.

When the event ends you will get the total expenses and income in a notification in the top right hand corner of your screen, and it will be deducted or added to your Sims funds.

Level 3:

To book a celebrity for your upcoming Festival, head over to the Party Planning sub menu on your phone, now that you are at level 3 on the Aspiration you will get the option to do that from here. First, though you must specify that the event you will be hosting is a Festival and not a Rave, then you select one of the 3 celebrity DJ's from the list.

To add more Dealers and Promoters to your team, follow the steps outlined under Level 1 of the aspiration.

Level 4:

These are pretty self explanatory, just follow the steps under level 2 of the Aspiration. However, note that the expenses and incomes will be substantially higher when hosting a festival. The main difference from hosting a rave is that you can only host a festival on weekends after 6 PM, and you won't need a specific venue for it.

The default venue for your festivals will be the Chalet Gardens in Windenburg.


When the aspiration is completed, you can still keep hosting raves and festivals, just make sure to have the aspiration enabled to do so.

Stay-Safe Test Kit
New object
Purchasable through Convenience Store
5 tests in a box
Test your MDMA pills with the test kit
Result will let you know the potency and what it contains





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Adult DVD modular retail and home display
Contains the home dvd display, the adult dvd both display and flat version each with over 60 DVD covers! As well as the adult dvd store display.

Place the adult DVD store display in a retail store than select the adult DVD display items (search DVD) and place in the shelves of the display (Get to work is required.) You MUST place the display (standing up) version the flat version WILL NOT look correct. The display will be empty when you place it

Now select the DVD to be for sale. Sims can now travel to the store and purchase the DVD and take them home. Once home buy and place the movie display case and drag the DVD out of the family inventory into the movie display.

The movie display has been designed to house the adult DVD display items ONLY as well as the adult DVD store display. Any other items will not line up correctly if placed inside these.

You can place the flat version of the DVD on any surface. You can also set the flat version for sale in a store.

Erotic DVD clutter pack

Adult DVD display rack (comes in 3 designs each with 24 dvd designs. Increases curb appeal.) Retail items
Adult boutique adult magazine display rack (comes in 3 magazine designs and 2 wood designs. Increases curb appeal.) Retail items
Adult boutique adult comics display rack (comes in many magazine designs. Increases curb appeal.) Retail items
Adult boutique adult magazine small display rack (comes in many magazine designs. Increases curb appeal.) Retail items
Butt plugs (comes in several colors including chrome and gold ) Decor Clutter
Suction cup dildo (available in several colors) Decor Clutter
Giant dildo (comes in several colors) Decor Clutter
Anal slider (comes in several colors) Decor Clutter
Double ended dildo dong (comes in several colors) Decor Clutter
XXX neon sign (comes in several colors) Retail items
Condom display (available in black and white) Retail items
Condom box (available in several designs)    Decor Clutter
Adult boutique small items display (comes in black and white colored glass) Retail items
Adult boutique large items display (comes in 2 wood textures black, clear and blue glass) Retail items
Adult sex toys with box (comes in 7 designs) Decor Clutter
Blowup dolls Decor Clutter
Blowup dolls display rack Decor Retail items
Sex enhancement bottles (comes in 7 designs) Decor Clutter
 Rack of paddles wall decor Decor Wall
Clean love personal lube Decor Clutter
Vibrator display (available in several colors) Retail items
Vibrators (comes in 11 colors including chrome and gold) Decor Clutter
Sex lube (comes in 6 can colors/flavors) Decor Clutter
Sex shop sandwich board standing sign (comes in several wood backings) Retail items
Sex shop hanging wall sign (comes in several metal and wood designs) Retail items
Sex shop door Build mode Doors
Adults only neon wall sign Retail items
Sex shop glass display case (comes in 2 designs) Retail items
Love pedestal retail display (comes in several marble tops) Retail items

Strip club neon sign pack
Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Mirror floors (comes in both seamless and standard floor tiling complete with corner pieces. Place each piece separately can overlap.) Decor Mirrors
Mirror dance floor Decor Mirrors
Sex room sign Lighting Wall 
Sex club sign Lighting Floor 
Web column Lighting Floor 
Ceiling mirrors (4 variations of large tiles and 4 variations of small tiles.) Decor Mirrors

Sexy strip club silhouettes mirrors Decor Wall Mirrors
Strip club neon door entry (available in several neon designs) Build mode Doors
Neon nude girl Lighting Wall 
Neon cocktail sign   Venue Clubs
Strip club patrons table Surfaces Tables
Club bar tap (available in 12 beer and 12 soft drink labels)   Venue Clubs
Club liquor bottle dispenser display (available in 8 alcohol labels)   Venue Clubs
Bar counter and stools   Entertainment bars

DIY adult painting packs
Making your own paintings is piss easy with sims 4 studio don't waste your money paying some greedy idiot to access their patreon account just to get paintings when you can make your own! I'm not only going to show you how it's done but I'm also going to provide you with the images to do it! Below you will find a tutorial on how to make a custom sims 4 painting with S4 studio. All you need to do is replace the texture file with one of the many images available in the packs below! You can use these images to make a VAST variety of adult paintings for your sims homes...OR use them for personal use the choice is yours! You'll never have to get paintings locked behind PAYWALLS again!
Tutorial 1
1st of this is the template to recolor a painting (the real template doesn't contain ANY text.) Your adult image goes in the center.
The sides are the sides of the painting when you view it from the left or right and below and top. The back is the back of the painting which shows up when you look at the painting from behind on a wall.
For the sides it's recommended to pick a color that sort of matches the image in the center..or just use white which i do. For the back use whatever you want you hardly ever see it anyway since the walls down feature hides the paintings anyway :P.
The main important image is of course the center image this is where your adult image will show up.
Most paint programs can have you select the pink part and than select an opened image, copy and paste into the selection this is what I recommend you do. Some good free paint programs are Paint.Net and GIMP.
There are many tutorials on using these easily on the net and copying and pasting an image is childs play that's all you will be doing!

Ok first thing is first open up SIms 4 studio and where it says object select the standalone recolor option than click the blue object button.

Up the top where it says content choose custom

There are two paintings you can recolor easily in studio a small 1 tile and a large 3 tile painting. We'll select the large painting for this tutorial. Than click next to continue.

Select a name for the painting you can call it anything you want than click save.

This is the painting recolor screen to get started simply click on the texture tab.

Now where it says texture below click on import button below it.

Now select ANY image for this tutorial I'll just select the template image.

The new image will appear on your painting and that's it that's all there is to it! Now use the template to create your own paintings!

If you want to add more images to your painting so you can select which one to display in the game you can add swatches. Click the add swatch button.

This will add a swatch which is another option to select in the game which image to display on the wall. Click the import button under textures and choose another different image. You can add multiple swatches and have many images available for just one painting. But don't go overboard I usually keep it to 20-30 swatches max per painting.

Now you need to add a thumbnail image so you can see it in the game and identify which image you want to display. In the catalog thumbnail click on import and either just select your template file again the same one you used when changing the texture OR select the image you used to place in the center of the template the choice is yours and it will auto resize. Make sure to do this with all swatches including the previous one.

You can save and finish right now but there are a few other things can do with your painting. Click on the tags tab than scroll down to the venue list and click the arrow if it isn't already open.

Here you can select which venues the painting will be available to place in choose whatever you want. Than afterwards click apply to all swatches and click yes. Do this AFTER you have added all your swatches

There's a few other things you can do in here too scroll down to the room tab and click the arrow to open. Here you can select which room in your sims house the painting will show up for in that category.

You don't really need to do this since the damn things are too small to see anyway in the game it's easier just to look at the thumbnails. But if you want you can select the colors of the swatch (not the thumbnail.) Click on the little square under the swatch thumbnail. It's easier to select the standard color options by clicking the standard button.

Select whatever colors you want.

And that's it your done click save than drop your package file into your C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder. Fire up the game and go see what your painting looks like! It will be located in your wall objects category under decorative.
You've mastered creating a painting and now your going to need some SEXY images to fill them with. Well look no further these packs will give you all the images you'll ever need! First download the template file and than simply select a pack to download what type of painting are you in the mood for? There's so many images available here you can use them for many uses not just paintings.

The template is below simply right click and save image as. Use this to make your paintings.

Tutorial 2
This tutorial is similar to the first except your using a pre edited package file I have edited to make it even easier to replace the images!

The template is below simply right click and save image as. Use this to make your paintings. Than download the zip file containing the package template

Click below to download the package file template

Ok first thing is to locate  the sims 4 studio mods folder which is Users\yourname\Documents\Sims 4 Studio\Mods. Open that and extract the package file you downloaded above to it. Now start sims 4 studio

Under object choose standalone recolor than click the blue object button.

Under content choose custom than select the template file. Click next to proceed than save the file somewhere.

Wait for the screen to appear and select the texture tab. Below where it says texture click the green export button. Save the image somewhere than open it in your paint program.

While the image is still open select another image to open and choose the image you want to put into the painting. Select COPY to copy that image to the clipboard.

Select the template image again and select the programs magic wand tool.

With the wand select the pink part of the template.

Select the paste into selection option so your image you copied will paste straight into the pink part.

This is what the template should look like now. Save and go back to studio. You don't need to edit any other parts of the template leave the back image below alone.

Back in studio select the import button under texture and select your image you just saved.

This is what the painting should look like now your work is practically done the painting has a new image and a back. There's just one last step to do.

Now just need to change the swatch and catalog thumbnail images. You can use whatever images you want for this but I tend to use the original image to easily identify what painting it is. Select import for both swatch and catalog thumbnail and choose an image than save. I usually don't bother with the swatch colors since I use the thumbnail images instead.

You can add more images that will show up on a single painting by clicking the add swatch button. Once done repeat the previous steps to add more images. Don't add too many the more you add the bigger MB the painting will be and take up more memory I usually limit it to 30-50.

I've chosen the correct places this painting should show up but if you want to edit these you can select the tags tab and choose extra locations. Make sure to apply to all swatches.
Adult image packs
Here are the image packs more will be added each week. Click on the thumbnail to see a taste of only what's available in each pack. Click the download button under to download extract the images and have fun making your own paintings (OR FAP)
PUSSY PACK (650 images)
BLOWJOBS PACK (890 images)
LESBIAN PACK (1360 images)
ANAL SEX PACK (442 images)
GROUP SEX PACK (526 images)
CUMSHOTS PACK (364 images)
Fruit and vegie PACK (250 images)
Fuck PACK (1087 images)
Latino PACK (479 images)
Closeups PACK (141 images)
Tits PACK (2744 images)
Bizarre PACK (460 images)
Brunette pack (755 images)
Lolita PACK (618 images)
Pussy licking PACK (366 images)
Indian pack (752 images)
Brits PACK (1023 images)
Asian pack 1 (3473 images)
  Asian pack 2 (2800 images)
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