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Clearing sims 4 cache

Here's a few questions I get asked all the time about this site and how to get stuff to work as well as questions concerning accounts, content and technical support.

General site questions

Is this a paysite?
A: ONLY the adult downloads and sims 4 sections require a subscription and the super mod patch because of the size. Anything else go ahead and download at will! All NORMAL downloads are FREE.

Q: Why should I sign up?
A: To access the subscribers downloads and the adult objects on this site you will need to subscribe. You may view the normal subscribers downloads for free by going to the relevant sections but you will need a username and password to download which you will only get from a subscription. Once you download anything from this site it's yours to keep and do whatever you want with. One fee gets you access for a whole month to the entire site!
  • There are no POINTS OR limits.
  • NO annoying AF captcha to fill in
  • No lame 15 second waiting times.
  • No increasing the wait time to 60 seconds if you use ad blockers.
  • No ads thrown in your face while trying to download (there are a few ads but they are not in your way.)
  • No having to fill out lame surveys.
  • No linking to mediafire.
  • no adfly links that installs malware on your computer than redirect you to simsfileshare (no bs do not click adfly links and DO NOT allow browser notifications ever from adfly OR ClkSh they will install malware!!)
  • NO password protected bullshit zip files.
  • No having to browse through 1000 pages on dated BBS boards to find what your looking for. Everything is in sections located on 1 page for easy download.
  • No sifting through lame tumblr sites page after page only to be greeted with MORE adfly links (getting more malware installed in the background) when you FINALLY find the download link!
  • All content is stored on this site not linked to sneaky adfly sites and off site drop box accounts. (try universal bypass!)
  • Your subscription will be used to maintain and keep this site alive.

What's with all the porn banners?
Advertising helps keep the FREE sections FREE.

Than why are they also in the subscribers sections?
Those sites also contain content of similar interest that is what's available on this site check them out!

What sections can I access without a subscription?
The table below will define what you can and can't do without a subscription.
Section Can access freely Requires a subscription
Nude patches that removes the blur and invisible clothing YES NO
Super nude patches YES YES (to download)
Sims 1, 2 and 3 normal downloads YES NO
Sims 4 normal downloads YES NO
Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4 adults only sections YES YES
Sims 3 and 4 normal skins YES NO
Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4 adults only skins YES YES
Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4 adults only nude skins YES YES
Drug mod YES YES (to download)
Latest updates YES NO
3D Sex sponsors YES NO
Adults only Previews YES NO
Support YES NO
Q: Why is this site so expensive?
A: Would you rather pay one fee and get access to everything OR pay $5-9 each time from 10+ other patreon sites? Now add that total up ($5-9 x 10) and i DARE YOU to tell me it's still expensive!

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: You can subscribe using a credit card online or paypal.

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: See those blue buttons at the top of this section? Hover over subscribe than select a payment method. Follow the on screen instructions afterwards. OR simply reload the main page and click the big green button on the left side of the site. How are people missing this? Fine just click this link!

Q: I don't want to send you my credit card details!
A: You won't all transaction are handled offsite using verotels secure online transaction system which I have no control of or even see. Everything is automated.

Q: My transaction was declined?
A: If you are a new Verotel customer and you receive 'Your credit card is DECLINED' when you want to sign up, then please check the following:

1st of all your card will need to be unlocked so it can be used OUTSIDE your country. Not all cards are like this at 1st so check your bank. Your card will need to be unlocked so it can be used in Europe which is where verotel is located.

a. did you fill out all the fields in the order form?
b. did you enter the correct expiration date?
c. did you leave any spaces or dashes in your credit
card number or phone number?
d. did you use your home phone number as the phone number entered?
e. did you enter your complete email address?
f. did you fill out the correct address and cardholder information?
g. are you currently in the country where your credit card was issued?
h. do you have sufficient funds in your credit card account?
I. has your bank blocked your card from being used in other countries in this case Europe? Check with your bank to make sure.
j. Is the card expired?
k. If using a debit card does it have sufficient funds available?

If your still having problems please send an email to It my take a few days to respond please be patient!

Due to security reasons you are only able to do a transaction once
per 10 minutes. So please wait at least 10 minutes before submitting your information again.

Q: Um what will show up as the charge on my bank statement?
A: It will say verotel.

Q: Do you provide refunds?
A: Refunds are only permitted in certain situations I will not provide refunds if you tell me you couldn't log in and I have tested your username and password if they work for me than there is no problem and the problem is on your end. You need to read above on getting your username and password to work the main problem is spam blockers their the biggest culprit because when you try to log in a popup box will appear to type your username and password in and if your spam blocker is blocking this box than you cannot log in! You either need to configure it to allow popups on this site, add this site as a trusted site or whatever AND if all else fails than just disable it completely! I will also not issue a refund if your not happy with the content you had plenty of time to check the previews section, you saw what was available! If you can't get your downloads to work than check this FAQ all over and also the knowledge database your answer is probably in there.

Q: I installed some content and now my game will not start?
A: ALL mods that get installed are in there including skins, wall, objects anything custom made. If you don't know what mod is causing the crash than you have to Figure out which mod is causing it on your own by moving half your mod files out of the mods folder and start the game. If the game starts than a mod in the pile you removed is the cause. Now move mods back in 2 at a time back into the mods folder and start the game. When the game fails to start now 1 of the last 2 mods is the culprit simply don't use that mod. If your game fails to start than the mod is still inside the mods folder keep moving them out and trying to start the game until you identify it. If you have to do this over 10 times than that's what you have to do, it is the only way to track down a faulty mod it's the same method I use. Also make sure you have the required expansion pack installs if a mod says it needs it!

Q: What happens if I do a chargeback?
A: If you decide to do a chargeback verotel do not take kindly to this and will ban your card from ever being used with them again in other words you can never come back. If you have a problem contact me 1st!

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: For a 1 time payment account it will just simply run out on the due date but for recurring accounts use this link: When prompted enter your username your account will remain active until the due date when your account would need to be renewed. You can however subscribe again later or choose a 1 month payment plan.

Q: Where are the adult downloads and oblivion mods?
A: You need to click the adults sections button above a subscription is required to download ANYTHING in them sections.

Q: Where are the sims nude skins/genetics?
A: Enter the adults sections than click the nude skins link and select sims 1,2 3 or 4 section.

Q: Does your downloads work on a mac?
A: There are several guides in this section on how to get mods to work with MACS.

Q: None of the downloads work I get a page of weird text when I click on a download?
A: Most of the files on this site are in RAR format. RAR is better than ZIP since it allows much better compression however some browsers cannot download this format on their own. You have several choices on how to download these:
1. Simply right click and choose save/download file as and save it as it is in RAR format.
2. If your browser supports add-ons look for one called flashgot.
3. getright can be used to download RAR files.
and of course once you download them you need a program to unzip RAR files. winrar, winzip 11+ and rar expander (for macs) are a few choices.

Q: My username and/or password does not work?
A: Here's A few tips when entering your username/password:
1. Make sure there are NO spaces in between or after the characters!
2. Enter the u/p exactly how it appears including upper and lower case letters.
3. Try typing the u/p in instead of copy and paste from your email message.
4. Make sure your browser is allowing popups and scripts to run on There are no ads or virus's present however our username, password box will open in it's own window so you can type them in. This special window is a script file so make sure if your using virus scanners, popup blockers or spyware detectors that it is not stopping this window from appearing.
5. In your browser add as a trusted website.
My  advice is to always use either internet explorer 7+ or firefox 3+. If it's still not working than contact me and I'll see what's wrong there may be an error or your account may have expired. If you order a 1 month only subscription remember your account will expire in 1 months time on that date you signed up you must remember this date since you will not be told when your account is about to expire! If you don't want your account disabled than order a continuous/recurring billing plan with this plan you will be notified when your account is about to expire and if you'd like to renew it. With a continuous account you will not be re-billed unless you answer yes in the e-mail otherwise your account will expire.

Q: Do you realize what your doing is unethical and wrong?!
A: No it's not because I created the adult sims community with the sims exposed (I really have been here since the beginning of sims time that's no joke) PLUS everything created in the sims is unofficial mods and they have NO copyright.

Sims 1 support questions

How do I install objects?
  1. When you have downloaded the zip file containing the skins first you must unzip the contents using winzip, or sims file maid.
  2. Now locate where you have the sims installed for most people it will be: c:\program files\maxis\the sims.
  3. Locate the downloads folder and simply unzip the objects .iff file into it. If you want keep the folder organized by creating additional folders and placing each object type in them. For instance create folders for decorative, chairs, beds etc.
Q: How do I install skins?
  1. When you have downloaded the zip file containing the skins first you must unzip the contents using winzip, or sims file maid.
  2. Now locate where you have the sims installed for most people it will be: c:\program files\maxis\the sims.
  3. Locate the gamedata folder and than the skins folder inside it. Simply unzip the skins files into it. If the skin contains SKN, CMX head files, and bitmaps make sure to put them into gamedata\skins too!
Q: How do I install custom animations?
A: Since the release of simposiem new animations have been popping up all over the place. This site has objects with such animations and they can be a bit of a pain to install and get up and running so follow these steps and tips on getting them to work! The animation files always have the extension .cfp and usually always come with a .cmx file. For the love bed animations some beds require you do download the animations separately they will not be included with the love bed's zip file. For such beds simply look for the sign that says: to download animations click here than click there. There are many ways to install animations the odd thing is it's different with each person so read below and follow each instructions step by step to get them up and running.
  1. When you have downloaded the zip file containing the skins first you must unzip the contents using winzip, or sims file maid.
  2. Once unzipped you have to put each file into it's correct locations. I recommend making a test neighbourhood in the game so you can easily buy the objects and test if the animations are working or not. Use the cheat: rosebud after pushing CTRL+C and type in cheat box to give you lots of cash.
  3. For many people all you do is go to where the sims is installed for most people it will be: c:\program files\maxis\the sims. and find the downloads folder. Once inside create a NEW folder and name it to whatever the object you are trying to install like lovebeds, or spanker etc. Now simply place (or you can even unzip straight into this folder) all the IFF, CFP and CMX files into this new folder. Start the game the object should be in working order...if it is not than follow these additional steps below. Remember to keep the actual objects .iff file in downloads that file never needs to be moved.
  4. Move the .cfp and .cmx files to your gamedata/skins folder. Start the game if the object works than your done if not than proceed to step 5.
  5. Move the .cfp and .cmx files to your gamedata/animations folder. Start the game if the object works than your done if not than proceed to step 6.
  6. Move the .cfp and .cmx files to your ExpansionPack3\Animations folder (hotdate ONLY if you have vacation and above installed than proceed to step 7 otherwise) Start the game if the object works than your done. If not than proceed to step 7.
  7. If you have the United States Version and have tried all the above but the object still does not work than try putting the .cmx and the .cfp in theSims\ExpansionPack\ExpansionPackAssets\ Make the "ExpansionPackAssets" folder in "ExpansionPack" if you don't have it. Start the game if the object works than your done. If not than proceed to step 8.
  8. If you have expansion packs after hotdate installed than move the .cfp and .cmx files to the ExpanionShared folder. Start the game if the object works than your done. If not than I'm afraid I cannot help you any further.

Sims 2 support questions

How do I install objects?

  1. When you have downloaded the zip/rar file containing the objects first you must unzip the contents using winzip, winrar or sims 2 file maid.
  2. Now locate your my documents/ea games/the sims 2/downloads folder and place the unzipped contents in there. If there is NO downloads folder you need to create it name it exactly: Downloads.
  3. If your my documents folder is located in a different location than make sure to install in /ea games/the sims 2/downloads folder located in the location where your my documents is.
  4.  If an object has a base object than this MUST be installed 1st before you attempt to install any re-colors!

Q: What are base objects?
A: In the sims 2 re-colors are a sub part of their base object the base object is an object already in the game when a re-color is made it will use it's base object and appear in the same location as it. Unlike in the sims if you had several re-colors installed they would all be spread out in the categories in the sims 2 the re-colors show up in their base object! When a new mesh is made this becomes the base object since it's not from the game originally any re-colors made from it must have their base object in the game before they will exist! So when you see an object that has re-colors always download the base object 1st before downloading any of these re-colors it will tell you which is the base object.

Q: What are slave objects?
A: Slave objects are special objects that share another objects textures to function. For you to use a slave object you must have the objects base object and at least 1 recolor installed for them to work. They can function by just having the base object but the more recolor's you have installed the more textures will show up on the slave object. It will tell you if an object is a slave when you go to download it make sure to download the base object in the same section 1st!

Q: How do I install new meshes?

  1. When you have downloaded the zip/rar file containing the objects first you must unzip the contents using winzip, winrar or sims 2 file maid.
  2. Now locate your my documents/ea games/the sims 2/downloads folder and place the unzipped contents in there.
  3. If your my documents folder is located in a different location than make sure to install in /ea games/the sims 2/downloads folder located in the location where your my documents is.

Q: My downloads and/or skins don't show up in my game?
A: This can be caused by several problems the 1st being after you install a new expansion pack the game thinks it's wise to disable ALL of your custom content! To re-enable it go to your options menu (F5) in the game, select game options and in the top right you should see a menu saying custom content. Click the star (*) than select down bottom ENABLE! Restart game and they should all be back. If not download sims content manager from sims 2 website and use that to enable ALL your stuff. Next this is probably the most reason people can't get their stuff to show up and you won't believe how stupid it is! When you create your downloads folder or the game does make sure the downloads folder starts with a capital D! like: Downloads. If it doesn't have a capital D than you can bet half your stuff won't appear in the game!! To rename your downloads folder simply locate it in: my documents/ea games/the sims 2. Find the folder downloads make sure it starts with a capital D if not click on it and push F2 key than rename it. If you don't have a downloads folder than create 1 right click and choose new folder make sure to name it: Downloads! And finally when you have multiple users on your system each person has a different my documents folder. when you install stuff make sure it is going into YOUR my documents folder and not someone else's! If your not sure than install the stuff into ALL the my documents/ea games/the sims 2/downloads folders!

Q: How do I install collection files and use them?
A: locate your my documents/ea games/the sims 2/collection folder and simply extract the files in there. Go into buy mode in the game and select collections you can now access all the objects part of that set quickly and easily!

Q: The sex parts aren't showing up in the game?
A: 1st make sure you have installed them correctly into: my documents/ea games/the sims 2/downloads. And make sure you do not have any other default female/male sex parts installed because you can only have 1 at a time installed! And lastly the sex parts will only show up in high graphics settings so make sure your game is set up correctly in the game options. To do this push F5 in the game go to graphics settings and in the top right corner select graphics settings to HIGH. Be warned if you have a slow computer this will slow your game down though.

Q: How do I use the nude genetics?
A: Click here for a tutorial!

Q: My sims look all weird and spiky?
A: If your sims look weird, distorted or with all spiky branches coming off them than you need to update your video drivers. This problem is more common on ATI video cards make sure you have the latest video drivers and also any sim patches installed to solve this problem. If the problem still persists try turning down graphics settings to medium or low in the game. Doing this however will cause the sex parts not to appear. Go here for graphic card drivers: nvidia | ATI

Sims 3 support questions

How do I install objects and game mods?
A: Follow this tutorial (please note if you install the super nude/mod patch it will automatically do these steps for you.)
MAC users please skip to step 8.
  1. When you have downloaded the zip file containing the files first you must unzip the contents using winzip, winrar or rar expander for macs.
  2. Before you can get any custom sims 3 content to work you need to download and install the startup kit click here now!
  3. Before continuing make sure you have installed the latest patch use the launcher and update through there this MUST be done!
  4. Once done locate your C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder and create a new folder inside and name it: Mods.
  5. In the startup kit is a file called Resource.cfg place this file into that mods directory.
  6. Now in the mods directory create a new folder and call it: Packages.
  7. From now on install all .package files into the Packages directory! You can even create new folders and keep everything organised like I've done below.
  8. Mac users ONLY:

Currently, the place you need to create a Mods folder is:

Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ and here you create your Mods folder.

Now we will get on to the actual installing of mods.

Any. package file you have downloaded will go in a folder called ‘Mods’. This folder will not be there to start with, as you have to create it yourself.

If you go to the above path (Doc/EA/TS3/) you can create your folder. Make sure you use the correct capital/non-capital casing for the letters!

Now, if you were to put a package file inside the Mods folder, it wouldn’t show up in the game and you’d be sat there wondering what you did wrong. For all .packages to show up in game, you need a file called ‘resource.cfg’ this is in the startup kit. Once downloaded, place this inside the Mods folder you created.

Now that we have that set up, we can now create another folder called ‘Packages’, (again the correct casing for the letters). Just place this folder inside the Mods folder.

Q: My default nude skins and replacement textures are now showing up in my game?
A: (if you install either the super nude or mod patch you don't need to do this) Open your my documents/electronic arts/the sims 3 folder and delete the files with cache in them example:  SimcompositorCache (the super nude and super mod patches will delete this files automatically after install is finished.) Now start the game all sims including existing custom sims should now have the new defaults. these files will create themselves again this is normal these files caches sims textures and clothing so they load faster when you install new clothing/skins it needs to be deleted so the new skins can be integrated into it otherwise the game will just keep using the old file with all the old skins/textures and never add new ones.

Q: How do I install the supermod/nude patches?
A: If you choose to install either of these they will automatically set up a mods/packages folder etc for you and you won't need to follow the above steps unless you wish to install the mods manually or can't use the self installers. In this tutorial I am installing the super mod patch and I have the following expansions Ambitions, late night and showtime ONLY.

  1. When you have downloaded and extracted the exe file activate it to begin the installer.
  2. Once you get to the mod selection screen 1st start at the shared files section. The patch contains multiple versions of certain mods you must select only one to install according to the latest expansion you have installed.
  3. Remember I only have ambitions, late night and showtime installed so 1st I scroll through the list looking for the showtime version since that is the latest expansion I have installed. Once i have found and selected the showtime version I now look for the latenight version since this is the 2nd latest expansion I have installed. Notice I am only selecting one version of each mod!
  4. Now that I've done that I now select the sims 3 original mod tab and expand it and select the mods I want installed.
  5. I do the same for the ambitions tab since i don't have WA installed I skipped that section.
  6. I repeat step for latenight.
  7. And finally showtime. I ignore any other expansion category since I do not have these installed!
  8. When I'm ready I click next and go to the next step. If everything is working correctly the correct install directory should have automatically been scanned in. If it has not been than you must click change and browse for your \Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder. DO NOT add mods\packages onto the end this will be done automatically! Also note in the image below it only says documents and not my documents but that is the correct folder it's what it looks like in windows 7.
  9. After clicking next check to see if everything is correct than click next to begin install.
  10. And that's it your done! The installer has also created a folder in your start menu where you can uninstall the patch anytime.

Q: I get an error saying there are unsupported mods when I start the game If i click continue the game crashes?
A: This error appears when you are using a mod that is NOT compatible with the current version of the game you have installed/or the latest patch. 1st check the supernude patch and look closely for big red text next to a mod it will tell you if this mod is not compatible DO NOT install it if so! If you have installed that mod than open your C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder. Now locate the name of the mod and select it than push the DEL (delete) key on your keyboard and do not install it again unless it is updated and says it is now compatible. If you have the latest expansion pack and a mod says it is NOT compatible with a previous expansions than it will also NOT be compatible with the latest expansion either!

Q: The male nude genitals don't show up?
A: Install the sex interactions from the super nude patch even if you don't intend to use them it also contains an option to click on sims and change them to nude. You might also need to have your games graphics settings set to the highest setting especially in the SIMS DETAILS setting. Also if you installed the super nude patch manually you will need to Open your my documents/electronic arts/the sims 3 folder and delete all the files with cache in them example:  SimcompositorCache.

Q: Are there love beds, dildos, sex rugs and all the other cool stuff for the sims 2 available for the sims 3?
A: There are sex animations that are now available right now in the super nude patch I'm hoping to get other stuff made in the very near future if you think you can help by making these cool things become a reality than please feel free to contact me!

Q: How come there are mostly only decorative objects available?
A: it was very difficult to make any sims 3 custom content the best I could do was to make mostly everything as simple decorative items or alter already existing items in the game.

Q: Are these mods compatible with awesome mod?
A: No so don't use the buggy POS.

Q: Are these mods compatible with NRAAS master controller?
A: Yes they are however you may experience a small bug where sims get into the shower with their clothes on when using any of the nude skins or custom clothing. But here is how to fix it:
If the sim is naked when you go into Edit in CAS or use the MC Stylist, you are editing the naked outfit. When you exit back to the game, whatever the sim is wearing becomes the new naked outfit and is used when showering and by Get Naked. It's MC's method of editing the naked outfit. Just make sure if you enter MC naked, leave naked and you should be okay.

Sims 4 support questions

My sims won't get naked during sex?
A: The new versions of the FFM is a little more sophisticated now you can set the nudity option for each sim. To do this click your sim and choose wicked than select from the settings nudity options you can set it up in there.

Q: Your drivable cars are not drivable!
A: They are use your imagination.

Q: But you can't drive them at all?!
A: Welp blame EA for being so damn lazy and making the sims 2.5 instead of 4. You save up for them, place them (which look fantastic) than use them to travel instantly to a location. That's how it works in the sims 4 and it's the best I can do.

Q: How do I install mods?
A: First of all



After starting the game the 1st time the mods folder will be created in your C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods. Place all package files into this MODS folder and do not delete the resource.cfg. If you do start the game again and it will regenerate. Than in your games options (top right corner of the home screen) select other options and make sure both enable mods AND script mods is checked. You will need to do this to enable any custom mods including skins and replacement textures to be used in the game. Everytime you install a new patch you will also need to do this.

Q: How to install mods and CC on Mac
1. Download the zip/rar files manually by clicking the download button in the relevant sections.
2. Unzip the download, if it’s a .rar file than you will need RAR expander (MACS)
3. Move the unzipped files to the mods folder. This will typically be in a folder in “Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.” If the “Mods” folder doesn’t exist, you can make your own, as long as it’s in the same location.

Where is the Documents folder on Mac?
Click the Finder icon in the Dock. In the Finder sidebar, click Recents, iCloud Drive, Documents, or the folder where the document is located, then double-click the document's icon or name.

Q: How do I install super nude patch? PC's ONLY
A: Before you start make sure to enable mods see above

After downloading simply double click the EXE file and follow instructions. Virus scanners may detect the EXE file as an unknown EXE and flag it as a virus please ignore these warnings and if possible turn off all virus scanners before installing the EXE file is 100 % safe all it does is install the package files to their correct folders!)

When the screen to choose an installation folder appears it should have automatically scanned and detected where your MODS folder is which default is C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods please make sure this folder is correct and update it it as necessary by clicking the change button and browsing for the mods folder (you may have to do this if you have the game installed on another drive that isn't your main one C:\.)

Now the screen to choose which files appears click the arrows to open drop down menus and select which mods you would like to install.

If you would like to install ALL the mods from one category than simply select the check box next to that category and all mods will be installed.

And that's it click the next button to continue and watch everything install in a flash in under 10 seconds!

Q: I can't find the skin overlays?
A: IN CAS 1st click  on your sims head. Next click the face tab and afterwards skin details. All overlay skins are in here select one to activate it. To remove sims clothing you need the nudist mode installed.

Q: How do I install PY and PYO mods?
A: Don't extract these simply place the whole zip file intact into your mods folder.

Q: My sims look blurry especially when zoomed in?
A: In your games graphics options make sure uncompressed textures are ticked. BUT be warned a fast processor and good graphics card will be required to handle theses new settings! Also in your game settings graphics options sims detail MUST be set to the highest settings.

Q: My sims nude skins aren't showing up?
A:  In your game settings graphics options sims detail MUST be set to the highest settings.

Q: My game crashes when i load it or other problems using mods?
A:  move your mods folder to the desktop, delete the game cache and the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder to help with troubleshooting (see below on how to do that.)

Deleting the cache files will remove all traces of mods and custom content that were tied to your game.

Launch the game again and try a new save to test - without the mods folder. If it loads and plays okay, it may be that some of the mods/cc have become outdated.

Testing like this will help determine if it's a mod issue, cc issue or a vanilla game issue. - Disabling or turning off both mod/cc options isn't enough of a test.

To fix mods and custom content try the 50/50 method:

1. Move all the mods and cc out into a temporary folder on the desktop.
2. Move a few files back at a time. Load the game to make sure it loads and everything is good.
3. Delete the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder.
4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 till there is no more files to check.

** While your testing, don't save the game. If you find any problems, delete the mod or custom content file.

How To Find Problem Mods and CC -

Custom content can become outdated with most new game patches. If the game works when the Mods folder is removed, then one or more of the mods and/or custom content has become outdated and will need to be removed or replaced. Mods in the super mod patch are no longer being updated or maintained and will most likely cause problems is used. Any other mods that aren't working please report them!

Clearing The Sims 4 Cache

The Sims 4's game cache is located at Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ on both PC and Mac.

1. Delete the localthumbscache.package file in this directory. This helps to "fix" some gameplay bugs.

2. Go inside the cache folder and delete all files that end in .cache, but do not delete the actual directory.

The .jpg files as well as the .dat that you find in the cache folder are safe to delete. These come from viewing households/lots from the gallery. If you play with the Online Access Feature turned off, or play offline, you may not have anything in this folder.

3. Go back, then to the cachestr folder. Delete all files here, but again do not delete the actual directory.

* It's okay to delete the spotlight.package file.

4. The onlinethumbnailcache folder is safe to delete IF it is present.

If you play in offline mode, you may not see this folder. However, if you forget to turn off Wifi before starting the game, you will see the folder. Same if you have the Online Access Feature turned off or play offline.

If you have an older Sims 4 folder that still has the cachewebkit file and lotcachedata folder you can delete them. They're no longer needed.
Embedded & Backup Save Data Cleaning

WickedWhims saves most of its data internally, embedded within your game save. Additionally, a copy of that save data is stored externally within the game ‘saves’ folder as a backup that’s automatically used when the embedded data is missing.

To clean your WickedWhims save data, both internal and external, you only need to use a command.

To remove the WickedWhims save data, open up the in-game commands console by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+C keys and typing the following commands, one after another:

ww.reset_save_data sim

ww.reset_save_data sex_handlers

ww.reset_save_data world

Once all three commands have been entered with a message of their success, save and exit the game

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