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Want to run your own fish or produce market? Than this set contains all the items to do so whether it be fish stands, product crates, a scale to measure everything or signs to advertise! You will need open for business installed if you intend to actually sell the fish or produce from home or a lot.

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Fish display (use to sell your fish) Surfaces Shelves
Fruit and veggie display crates (use to sell your produce) Surfaces Shelves
Fruit and veggie scale Decorative Misc
Fish scales Decorative Wall
Fish price board Decorative Wall
Market table Surfaces Tables
Fruit and veggie crate Surfaces Tables
Fruit and veggie crate counter Surfaces Counters
Market sandwich board signs Decorative Misc
Windy dolphin chrome weather vane Decorative Misc
Windy dolphin gold weather vane Decorative Misc
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