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Seasons enhanced our sims pool and summer experience but forget to include the proper items to make our pool look fantastic...well this set does just that! For those sims staying out in the sun too long may want to try some of our simscreen to cool down.

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Pool recliner Comfort Recliners
Pool lounge Comfort Recliners
Pool chair Comfort Living chairs
Poolside dining chairs Chairs Dining
Poolside glass table with umbrella Surfaces Tables
Pool shade Build mode Pools
Pool umbrellas Decorative Sculptures
Simscreen (Sims can use it to cool down)

Modified by 
Build mode Garden
Collection file download click here
Wall and floor packs
For a complete preview slideshow CLICK HERE
Wall pack (contains over 20 pool walls) Build M Walls
Floor pack (contains over 20 pool floors) Build M Floors
Pool floor mural pack (contains over 10 pool floors) Build M Floors
Skin downloads

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