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Transform your sims home into a futuristic science fiction hanger, space ship or even a large space station! Their going to need to move around quick so better install a teleporter system or try out some of the cool futuristic skill building machines. The sci-fi walls and floors pack will give you everything you need to send your sims homes into the future!

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Moon dome Decorative Sculptures
Oxygen plant Decorative Sculptures
Roof Exhaust vents Decorative Sculptures
Containment unit  Decorative Decorative
Meditation sphere (Sims can meditate while floating inside the sphere to gain lots of body points) Hobbies  Exercise
Xanadu fitness orb (An alien orb that gives your sims body points when they meditate near it) Hobbies Exercise
Borg alcove (Sims can quickly regenerate their motives with this) Electronics  Misc
Tricorder (Sims can scan and absorb other sims skills) Electronics Misc
Microscope (Sims gain science points using this) Hobbies Knowledge
Blaster (Sims can pick up and walk around with it) Hobbies Entertainment
Assault rifle (Sims can pick up and walk around with it) Hobbies Entertainment
Safe box (Store the blaster and assault rifle inside) Electronics Misc
HAL 9000 burglar alarm Electronics Small appliances
SAL 9000 burglar alarm Electronics Small appliances
Teleporter 2.0 (Sims can teleport anywhere, anytime. Make sure to place the control panel 1st otherwise it will not work) Electronics Misc
Transporter panels Build mode Half walls
Sci-fi bed Seating Beds
Captains chair Seating Living
Captains chair 2 Seating Living
Cargo canisters Decorative Sculptures
ATX attack turret Decorative Sculptures
Storage containers pack (Stackable) Surfaces End tables
Storage containers pack 2 (Stackable) Surfaces End tables
Chryo chamber Decorative Sculptures
Small engine pipe Decorative Sculptures
Large engine pipe Decorative Sculptures
Industrial ceiling light Lighting Ceiling
Industrial wall light Lighting Wall
Sci-fi table Surfaces Tables
Pillar light Lighting Floor
Reactor Decorative Sculptures
Nuclear generator Decorative Misc
Medical scanner Decorative Sculptures
Medical console Decorative Sculptures
Medical examination table   Decorative Sculptures
Ceiling sentry gun Decorative Sculptures
Sentry guns Decorative Sculptures
Plasma conduct Build mode Columns
Sci-fi column Build mode Columns
Stasis Control panel Decorative Misc
Stasis tank Decorative Misc
Power junction Decorative Misc
Galaxy orb lamp Lighting Floor
Platform rail Build mode Fences

Ground pipe conduit pack 

Decorative Misc
Platform floor pack Build mode Floors
Star trek LCARS display wall panels Misc Misc
Sci-fi desk Surfaces Desks
Holo-ships Hobbies Misc
Moon ground texture Build mode Ground cover
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Wall and floor packs
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Sci-fi wall and floor pack 1 (contains over 50 walls and floors) Build mode
Sci-fi wall and floor pack 1 (contains over 30 walls and floors) Build mode
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