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This set has all the items needed to make your downtown, park and shops areas look fantastic. Included is a wall and floor pack which contains over 50 city style walls/floors as well as shop, apartment and warehouse district doors and windows!

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Newspaper dispenser (sims can buy a newspaper from it and read it) Misc Street
Vending machine (sims can buy chocolate bars, potato chips and soft drinks from it) Electronics Shops
Hydrants Decorative Misc
Parking metres Decorative Street
Mailbox Decorative Street
Payphone Misc Street
Icebox Decorative Street
Traffic light (cycles between red, amber and green) Decorative Misc
Stop sign Decorative Street
City trash bin Misc Street
Park trash bin Misc Outdoors
Slides Decorative Outdoors
Monkey bars Decorative Outdoors
See-saw (comes in 3 colors) Decorative Outdoors
Wooden shop shelve displays Surfaces Shelves
Glass case shop display shelves Surfaces Shelves
City door and window pack (contains over 25 objects. For a slideshow preview click here) Build M Build M
City wall pack (contains over 40 walls) N/A Build M Walls
City floor pack (contains over 15 floors) N/A Build M Floors
Collection file download click here
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