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Bon voyage introduced temples and other Aztec/Mayan objects this set adds on to this by providing more items as well as a pirate theme whether your looking for a golden statue, lava/spike pit or a huge Mayan pyramid you'll find it here!

Download Name/Description Version Category Section
Spyglass Hobbies Knowledge
Metal chest Decorative Sculptures
Gold idol Decorative Sculptures
Easter island statue Decorative Sculptures
Temple of the sun Decorative Sculptures
Huge mayan pyramid Decorative Sculptures
Aztec guard
Decorative Sculptures
Elixir of life and death (sims can take a risk using it they'll either get blessed and regain all their strength or die) Decorative Misc
Cannon Decorative Sculptures
Ships wheel Decorative Sculptures
Rope swing Decorative Misc
Lava pit Decorative Misc
Spike pit Decorative Misc
Aztec pedestal Surfaces End tables
Ship wrecked pirate mask with jolly roger sail Decorative Sculptures
Pirate maps Decorative Misc
Parrots Decorative Misc
Aztec calendars Decorative Wall
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