Subscribers can enjoy a variety of sims 3 adult related objects including decorative sex toys, adult magazine racks an assortment of nude and adult skins as well as adult paintings once logging in!
  Sex interactions  
  Want real sex animations and interaction for your sims? Now your sims can have sex on the floor, couch or bed anytime whether their in the mood or not. Now part of the super nude patch 3!  

  Sex shop set  
  A wide variety of sexual decorative items are available including special items tossing dildos.  


The whack a gnome game like you've never seen before watch hilariously as your sims try to whack dildos instead of gnomes.

  Adult magazine bookshelf  
It's a bookshelf but it looks just so damn sexy. Filled with your favourite adult magazines as well as some very naughty ones.

  Editable sex objects  

Novelty sex objects that sims can actually eat including chocolate c***s, dildo pops and naked pops.

  Dildo alarms  
These high tech alarms use cutting technology to detect all burglars before they reach your premise.

  F-word mod (part of the super nude patch 3)  
Our famous f-word mod is back and ready to change text in the sims 3. Change all woohoo menus to F***

  Drug related  

Your sims are up to no good and have decided to venture into the high stakes world of crime...well not exactly but these still make a rather nice decorative piece.

  Adult paintings  
My famous adult fantasy as well as other sexy art designs dating back all the way to the sims 1 are back in the sims 3


  Sexy skins  

Have your sims wear these crude, rude tops to express themselves, over a 30 designs available.

  Default nude replacements  

Get rid of the barbie look and add real sex parts, replacement nude textures, bigger boobs and allow sims to walk around with nude invisible clothing both male and female all part of the super nude patch.
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