Subscribers can enjoy the the super hot oblivion sex mods and nude skins which were banned from the oblivion community and refused to host them well we got them right here once logging in!
  Female and male nude skins  
  Female nude skins in all body and breast sizes as well as male nudes  


  Adds a new mini game to the game where the goal is to screw as many woman as possible.  

  Oblivion sexual poses pack  
  Places an item into your character's inventory activating it will open up a menu that shows the available poses and actions that your character can be forced to portray.  

  Oblivion bondage pack  
  Located in the arena in the imperial place is a set of poses your female sims can portray  

  Sex pack (friends and lovers and Goranga prositution mod)  
  Allows your female characters to have sex and also use male npcs as gigilos.   

  This MOD adds six sexual magics and two items that support it.  


  Nude spell  
  A spell called Nude will be added to your characters spell list  

  Nude paintings and tapestries  
  All paintings & tapestries are replaced with nude girls  
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