Subscribers can enjoy a wide variety of sims 2 adult related objects including some of the best adult related objects ever created complete with NEW animations an assortment of nude and adult skins as well as adult paintings once logging in!
  Sex parts (part of the super nude patch 2)  
No more flat chest females and limp males for you! Give your sims a more natural look in conjunction with some nude genetics will replace the boring sexless genetics in the game making all sims look natural! Changes all ages.
  Default female nude replacements (part of the super nude patch 2)  

All in game genetics will be changed for females giving them real private parts for all body types and skin colors. Use in conjunction with the 3d sex parts to give sims a more natural look. All sims will inherit this new look!

  Default female creature nude replacements (part of the super nude patch 2)  
Changes all the female creatures in game to give them sex parts. And change the bad witches green skin. All creature sims will inherit this new look!

  F-word mod  
Get rid of that boring woohoo and try for baby text in all objects that can be woohooed in! Including memories and wants. Also changes other naughty things too like when a sims pees themselves and how many loves a sims wants! Every version available depending what expansion pack you have installed!

  Strip club set  

Everything you'll need to design your own strip club including mirrored floors, walls and ceiling. Custom go go lights, strip club neon sign and more.

  Sex shop set  

Looking to run your own sex shop? Than you'll need these items such as sex shop dildo sign and sex shop door. Sex lube display racks, lube, dildos and more.

  Prostitute bed  
  Charge your friends, neighbours even your boyfriends for sex. Works for both sex's and contains custom sex animations!

  Sex rug  
  Sims can enjoy an intimate evening on this special rug. Contains custom sex animations!

  Sex booth  
  Try on clothes or lure sims in for naughty fun. Contains custom sex animations!

  Glory hole  
  A strange hole in the hole for sims to have a little fun with as long as they pay. Contains custom sex animations!

  Sex tub  
  Sims can have a hot and wet time in this Jacuzzi. Contains custom sex animations!

  Sex swing  
  Who says swings were just for kids? Sims can go for a swing and have a fling at the same time. Contains custom sex animations!

  Spinning dildo  
  Are your female sims Too lazy to use a vibrator? This will use it for you!

  Vibrators and sex cabinet  

Female sim can use these vibrators to pleasure themselves whether it be on the floor, couch or laying on a bed! and when not in use can store them in this nifty storage cabinet any object that can be placed on a surface can also be stored in the cabinet too!

  Blowup sex doll  
  Lonely male don't need to worry no more. Contains custom sex animations!

  Peep show booth  
  Sims can be persuaded to strip while your sim and others watch. Or send your sim in and let others watch them. Contains NEW animations!

  Mechanical dildo  
  Female sims lie down on a bench while a mechanical dildo pleasures them.

  Strippers and pole dancers  

You've seen them do their magic in the sims 1 well now their in the sims 2 and ready to party! Our special strippers are 1 of the most advanced custom npc's ever created for for the sims2. They don't just dance and strip they will fully interact with your sims. You can talk to them, flirt, date, woohoo and even marry them! Choose from several sexy girls and guys just waiting to get your party pumping

  Sims can buy condoms and male sim can really wear them when woohoo. But the condoms also hold a dark secret anyone with them can woohoo with practically anyone! Won't work on teens though.

  Sex toy making machine  
  Sims can make their own sex toys using this machine. Once made they can sell them in a store or take them home and pleasure themselves with them.

  Growable marijuana  
  Sims can grow real marijuana and smoke it or sell it. When they smoke it they will giggle and laugh. Just don't smoke too much as your sims get the mega munchies!

  F**K 'N' Wobble  
  Sims can go for a spin and get some enjoyment out of it too! Buyable and placeable.

  Sims can grab a tinniee out of the fridge and enjoy a nice cold brew. But beer will make sims do all sorts of weird things so watch out!

  Pornographic magazines  
  Choose from a variety of naughty magazines in several categories sims can purchase and read.

  Adult DVD's  
Sims can purchase naughty DVD's and watch them on their big screen plasma TV! Add your own video files or go here to get some! Please refer to the knowledge database by clicking here on how to get this set up properly.

  Adult art tables  
Sims can draw their very own naughty adult art and hang them on their walls comes with built in pics and there's hundreds more to choose from in the naughty galleries to add to your game (or use them for other means!) And if your still looking for more go here to get some! Please refer to the knowledge database by clicking here on how to get this set up properly.

  The orgasmotron  
  Zap other sims and give them orgasms! They'll like...or hate you more afterwards.

  Strip poker  
  Sims can play a friendly game of poker...or is it? The loser must strip nude! Available in several colors.

  Gigantic adult paintings  

Huge erotic paintings that look great on any wall! Available in adult fantasy art, erotic and hentai.

Over 200 hot adults only skins are waiting for you inside to download. Choose from sexy, stylish, weird, fantasy, devilish and much much more!

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