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The super mod patch contains fixes, updates and hacks that will update your game for the better! Containing the best mods from all over easily accessed and ready to download from one file and 1 place as well as my own special mods.

What's the worst thing about modding? IS it having to to scour the net and sign up to dozens of forums and browse through 1000 pages using dated BBS systems looking for what you want because the owner is too lazy and stupid to design a REAL site like this...of course you don't! Don't you wish there was an easier way to install mods like select them from a menu and have them installed right into your game within 10 seconds? YOUR WISH IS GRANTED that's what this mod does!

Do you want US to do it all for you and provide all the mods here easily accessible...OF COURSE YOU DO! You don't need to bother doing all that BS we've done all the hard work for you. Plus we offer support for every single mod on this page right here from 1 place no need to keep leaving messages on lame BBS boards than wait days for an answer by the authors!

Only subscribers can download the super mod patch since all the work has already been done for you also it's hard work keeping track of over 50 mods it's only fair to ask for compensation!

Before attempting to install the super mod patch or ANY mods please make sure to run through this checklist!

  • Before you do anything you MUST be updated to the latest patch if you have not done this go do it right now by opening origin and let it update.

  • If you are using a mac you CANNOT use the super mod patch self installer exe it will not install. You must download and install the mods manually below. If you don't know how to do this than head to the FAQ and read the guide. If you wish to install mods manually on a PC also check the guide.

  • Before installing any mods make sure you have the expansion pack it requires if you don't do not attempt to install it.

  • Some mods are incompatible with expansion packs/patches it will say below their name will be red Make sure not to install these mods. And if you already have these mods installed remove them until/if they are updated!

  • If a mod says it is a PYO mod you do not need to extract this file just place it directly into your mods folder DO NOT unzip it!

  • You must enable mods in your game options. Make sure in general options menu enable custom content AND enable script mods IS checked!



Name Description Download
Super mod patch FULL self installer Super mod patch full installer file if you choose this file you do not need to download any of the files below they are included in it. Choose which ones to install and it will put them automatically into the correct folder to be active in the game. PC MASTER RACE ONLY.
It's recommended to view the descriptions of the mods below though to get an idea of what the mod does before you install it also to see which mods need updating OR need to be removed 1st.
Custom/manual install files
If you are unable to use the SMP than you will need to install the mods manually. Download and extract all mods to:
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder.

Custom traits

  • Dunce: Sims with this trait have a weak intellect that makes it hard for them to improve their mental skills but through the balance of brains and brawn, they perform better at fitness. Also, they gain slight boosts to comedy gain, can occasionally become dazed and cannot become focused.
  • Born chef: These Sims are gifted Chefs and every meal they make is a work of art. They achieve cooking, gourmet cooking, baking and herbing skills much faster than the regular Sims. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Naive: These Sims tend to open up to others more easily, and rarely pick up on things that others would be Embarrassed of, they also pick up on Social skills more slowly than other Sims.
  • Gamer: Gamer sims are very skilled hackers and programmers. They gain a small boost in creative and have no interest in social skills.
  • Pristine: Cleaning stuff and upgrading stuff so you have the cleanest best stuff. Also sometimes being alone because other people can be filthy.
  • Barfly: Barflies are characterized by their enthusiasm (although some might say "dependence") for Juice and Juice-related activities, but become Tense when they stop drinking: after all, there's always a chance that their cumulative hangover could literally kill them. They also gain Mixology faster than other Sims.
  • Party Animal: Party animals are addicted to fun. They love to dance, mix drinks and make music. But some may say it's hard for them to love.
  • Hyper: Sims will default to the Energized emotion, will take longer to become tired and will become Angry when their Fun need is low.
  • Idiot: These sims are very stupid and are nearly always in a clumsy state. Their bad at practically everything and it takes them a long time to learn anything except doing comedy since other sims find their stupid behavior and jokes hilarious. Their also serial pranksters and love mischief they'll never be embarrassed since their too stupid to care what's right or wrong. And finally they love to eat and be lazy and their never focused, inspired or confident on anything they ever do.
  • Sarcastic: Sarcastic Sims usually annoy the hell out of everyone who can't get their clever jokes. They are either your favorite person or your worst nightmare. They achieve Comedy, Mischief and Logic Skill a lot faster than regular Sims. They are never Playful. They make friendships harder.
  • Sociopath: Sims with the sociopath trait, are very instable, and unethical Sims with criminal tendencies. Best career choices for them would be Detective, Tech Guru and Criminal. A sociopath Sim will have low retail ethic, high charisma, high mischief, and high logic. They’re not capable of certain feelings like sadness, and empathy. They have trouble with focusing, it’s nearly impossible. Most of the time they’ll be feeling confident and angry.
  • Angler Trait: These sims love to fish. They feel positive emotions when they are fishing and negative emotions when they aren't. There is something different about these sims they seem to master the fishing skill faster than other sims. They feel happy when fishing with others! Fishing is more than a "hobby" to these sims... its a passion. 
  • Coffee Lover Trait: These sims love coffee and feel happy when they can get a cup of it. These sims make amazing baristas.
  • Electromaniac trait (requires seasons): With this trait, your sims will gain some special abilities based on the new supernatural interaction inserted in the new Expansion pack "Seasons".

    They aren't gonna have anything special on their appearence, no tattoos, no electricity around them (unless you perform an interaction that we're going to look at), etc. The only things that are unique, are
    their abilities.

    How to be an Electromaniac
    For now, the only way to be an electromaniac is to select the trait from CAS.

    "Shocking" abilities!

    Electromaniacs are going to have some special abilities, they can:
    - "Bring the Lightning": Same as the interaction present in the expansion pack. You'll need to click the ground (outside your or any house) and then click "Bring the Lightning". They will "throw" some electric energy in the sky and then a lightning will be spawned.

    - "Lightning Strike" : Your sim can throw lightnings at other sims, leaving them in a state of confusion for 4 hours. The victim will receive the "Struck by Lightning" (+40 dazed) buff which lasts 3/4 hours. In this state though, they can prove to be an easy prey for death, since there's an increased chance that they'll die by electrocution. This interaction will slightly decrease your energy need. This interaction can be performed inside a house.

    - "Electric Charge": Feeling tired? Then throw a lightning bolt at your self! This will give them the "Electric Charge!" (+4 energized) buff which lasts 4 hours. This buff will surround your sim of electricity and will continuously increase your sim's energy, so they can strike lightnings without feeling tired. They will also have a new interaction. This interaction can be performed inside a house.

    - "Powerful Lightning Strike!" : Interaction available only when you have the "Electric Charge!" buff. Unlike the "Lightning Strike" interaction this one is dangerous to other sims. A single strike and the victim is dead. Once you clicked on this interaction, the "Electric Charge!" buff will disappear, and you'll need to recharge again to do it again. This interaction can be performed inside a house.

Content packs

  • Fun Gain From Hot Tubs (patio pack): Adds a fun gain of 72 per hour to sims sitting in the hot tub.
  • More sims at spas (spa day): More sims will show up at spas.
  • Half price Restaurant Perks (dine out): Restaurant perks are half price cost to original.
  • Hire One Additional Host (dine out): You will have the ability to hire one additional host once you have obtained enough perk points. Once you have obtained enough perk points you will be able to unlock one additional host through your Restaurant Perks.
  • More Drinks For Kids (dine out): More drink options for kids to order, drink and get the buff benefits from.
  • Faster Taking Turns When Bowling (bowling night):: Reduced the EA 5 min wait time between turns to 2 min. Bowling is more realistic, no more Sims standing around like a bump on a log.
  • Moody Laundry Piles (laundry day stuff): if sims are in a bad, angry or depressed mood they won't pick up their laundry.
  • Laundry  Overhaul (laundry day stuff): Includes the following mods

    Washing Machine/Dryer Fix: let’s you wash/dry your Laundry even if a Shelf is right above your Washing Machine/Dryer. This works only for the Option via Hampers. The Option on Clothing Piles still refuse to let you wash/dry them.

    No Auto Put in Hamper: Clothes of Sims without the Lazy/Slob Traits get autonomously be thrown in the Hamper. With this Mod Part there will be always a Clothing Pile generated. Also only at least used Clothes will get genereated instead of clean Clothes you can’t wash.

    New Interaction via Hamper: Put (Laundry) in Inventory: A new Interaction via Hampers let’s you put the Laundry into your Inventory.

    Put Laundry In Inventory On Community Lots when changing Clothes: If you change Clothes on Community Lots you’ll now get a Clothing Pile in your Inventory.

    This happens via the following Interactions only:

    Change Outfit via the Sim Menu
    Change Outfit via Dresser
    After taking a Shower.

    Doing Laundry On Community Lots Costs Money: Washing (via Washing Machine) or Drying (via Dryer) Clothes on Community Lots costs now 2 Simoleons! Added Option to let you wash/dry Clothes in WM/Dryer even if they are clean/dry.

    No Sparkling Effects on Sims who wear Pristine Clothes: This will hopefully disable the sparkling Pristine VFX Effect on Sims. Let me know if they still sparkle and if so which Buff they currently have.

    No Idle Animation: This should stop the Idle Animations “Brush off” & “Straighten”. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Adventure Gear Unlocked: Get everything you need to go on your next adventure, before you leave home! A prepared sim is a safe sim!


    This package includes all the following unlocked items, now available in Buy/Build mode from the Activities and Skills - Outdoor or Rooms - Outdoor Activities categories:

    Drake's Fire Quencher - $80
    Dr Parker's spider repellent - $20
    Waterfall in a bottle - $65
    Fire Foam - $150
    Faraday Fizz - $115
    Liquid Rush - $100
    Plasma bat bait -$45
    Guzmania pollenis flower -$25
    Lightning insullation powder - $70
    Omiscan machette - $120
    Grilled cheese ready to eat - $40

Vampire pack

  • Vampire Gated Community: Block mortal sims from walking around Forgotten Hollow without being invited.
  • Drink All You Want: Now you can create your very own The Vampire Diaries drinking sprees, let the ripper come out and play a little bit with the prey! But be careful, it is not tested yet if excessive drinking can kill sims! Because if you drain them and they have low levels in their emotions, they may die. Which would be a "good" thing for deviant players.
  • Dark Meditation: Increases the time from 15 minutes to 60 minutes and increases the amount of energy the Vampire restores.
  • Neighborhood Protection No Vampires: Other neighborhoods are Vampire free (no more vamp walkbys or doorbell rings.)
  • Vampires Can Turn Anytime: Removes restrictions for turning. Now sims can be turned regardless whether they've been drunk from previously or not.
  • Weakness Point gains reduced: Reduced the points gain for weaknesses while leveling a vampire. This, in turn, means if you have fewer points to spend on weaknesses you have less of a requirement to have weaknesses. The default amount of points gained is 2 points.
  • Ask Permission successful: If vampires ask permission to drink it will always succeed.
  • DayWalker Vampires: Globally prevents your vampires from combusting when out for a mid-day stroll. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • VAMPIRES - Tutorial be gone: This means:
    - No more Drama Node for Vampire Home Invasion
    - No more Vlad creepy greeting, where he tells your sim: "Hello there, I just wanted to welcome you to the community that's a lovely neck you have there."
    - No more invite from a vampire like Caleb who invites your sim to check something out and then asks your sim if he/she want's to be turned into a creature of the night.
  • Eternal Night in Forgotten Hollow: Disables the sunlight from burning any vampires in Forgotten Hollow. There will still be a sunrise and sunset cycle but sunset starts immediately after the sunrise and does not affect any sims.
  • Vampire faster transformation: The vampire transformation takes much less time to complete.
  • Vampires - No Dark Form Change and Idle Animations: Vampires will change to Dark Form and back instantly. Vampires will not use hissing idle animation. No more "look at me, I am a vampire!" Idle animation.
  • Reduce Decay of Vampire Thirst Motive: Doubles the time it takes for vampires to get thirsty.

Base game

  • Improved Lighting: Improves the lighting primarily indoors, and alters outdoor lighting a bit also. Indoors will be brighter than the default overall and Ambient light is spread throughout so walls will not be as dark and sims facing away from the light source will not be as dark. Sunlight entering through windows is greater than the default. Also the SS Ambient Occlusion is increased such that objects everywhere have a little more contrast and/or depth; the washed-out look of the entire game graphics is reduced a bit.
  • Stand still in CAS: sims of all ages will stand still in CaS instead of playing the animations while we are attempting to mold their body or face. Also when altering muscle or weight they will not use the reaction animation.
  • No intro: Removes the EA & Maxis Intro + "The Sims 4" Intro of every language.
  • Longer pregnancy length: Change the pregnancy time to be longer 9 days.
  • No Leftover Parts from upgrading: Remove the leftover "upgrade" parts that are found during a repair action.
  • Work/Study Hard: Increases the performance 2.5 times than Normal.
  • No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting greetings: Stop the autonomous rude/flirty/enchanting and any other annoying self introductions, but you could still direct your sim to do so. Compatible with Self-Configurable Autonomy!
  • Longer Age Lengths: Tweaks the age lengths of the YA, Adult and Elder stages to give your Sims more time to live their lives and a more natural and relaxed progression. 
  • Sleep All Night: Prevent a Sim from waking up because their Energy need is full. All Sims have a scheduled hour when they wake up naturally regardless of this buff timer. Also, Bladder and Hunger needs will still wake a Sim up if they get low enough. A Sim will not sleep through Go Work or Go to School auto-queued interactions, these will wake the Sim up as normal. Any action queued up by the player will wake the Sim up if the Sims energy is full, as normal. Finally, of course, canceling the sleep interaction will wake the Sim up.
  • Friendlier Ask To Leave: Tone down the overly harsh Ask to Leave interaction. The new animation played is Soc_Greet_NT_Wave_basic, which is the one used for Good-bye. Just smile and wave and wave.
  • Have Multiple BFFs: Removes the check for an existing BFF, thus allowing Sims to have more than one BFF at a time.
  • Easy Invite Ghost to Household: The relationship requirement to invite a ghost to join your household is the same as inviting a living Sim to move in.
  • Put Books Away: Will queue an action to put a book back on the shelf once a sim has finished reading.
  • No emotional deaths: Sims will not die of any emotional death.
  • Molding Clay Builds Creativity: Molding clay will build creativity for children.
  • Programming and Hacking payout increase: Sims get twice the payout for hacking and programming jobs.
  • Children Can Die Of Anything: Children can do of anything and will come back as ghosts just like adults.
  • No More Autonomous Phone Actions: Disables the autonomous actions, your Sim will no longer automatically browse the web or play games. Compatible with Self-Configurable Autonomy!
  • Smarter Baby Care: Tunes the autonomy of baby care interactions to make sims treat their newborns much more intelligently. 
  • Pizza hut: Changes pizza box, clothing and menus to pizza hut in the game.
  • No More Culling: Disables the "Max Population" and "Genealogy Pruning" story progression actions, preventing any Sims from being deleted by the game. The game will continue to generate new townies even when you reach the 180 Sim limit and they won't be deleted. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Stuff Breaks Far Less Easily: Objects will only break 15% of the time now default was 67%.
  • No trait requirement for Skill Books: Makes it so that writing skill books on computers requires Writing level five (plus a high level of whichever skill the book is about), instead of the Professorial trait (aka Chronicler) that the Renaissance sim aspiration provides.
  • Rummage for Food" Unlocked: Unlocks the "Rummage for Food" interaction from the glutton trait, so it can be used by everyone.
  • Fewer Stalkbys: Tones down the amount of visitors (both neighbours and relationships) that are stalking the active household all the time. Also makes them wait no longer than 20 sim minutes for someone to open the door (instead of lurking on the front porch forever.)
  • Keep Books After Publishing: Will make a sim keep a copy of a book after the book is published. Self-written books in the sim's inventory which have already been submitted to a publisher or the literary digest cannot be republished and will be grayed out.
  • Eternal" and "Immortal" buyable traits: adds two new buyable traits to the game:

    Eternal: Sims with this trait do not age, but this does not prevent the Grim Reaper will lead them in other ways.
    Price: 6000
    Effect: Sims will not grow up
    Immortal: The name of your sim is automatically removed from the dreaded Grim Reaper tablet. Enjoy the eternal life!
    Price: 8000
    Effect: Sims will not die.
  • No free snacks: Modify the free recipes and add prices to snacks and drinks in the fridge and microwave and the campfire and the cooler no more free meals.
  • Less Food Spoil: Reduces food and drink spoilage lasts 24 hours.
  • Always Generate Insects: Insect spawners always generate insects.
  • Faster Homework: Children and Teens will complete their homework faster.
  • No Children at Nightclubs: Children will be prohibited from entering clubs and bars.
  • More Children/Teens at Library: you'll now see more Children and Teens (as well as Young Adults) visiting the library (and the museum). You'll also see less Adults/Elders.
  • More Columns in CAS: Increases the number of columns in CAS to 4. Also adds more swatch columns.
  • Longer Parties & More Guests: Allows your parties to last up to 24 hours and gives your ability to invite more guests. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • More sims on lots: Increases the amount of sims that will appear on lots including bars, clubs, libraries, museums and any other community lots as well as neighborhoods walkbys.
  • CAS Details Enabler: will enable all of the skin and facial details in CAS without requiring testing cheats or CAS full edit mode. Unlock the following CAS menus for use anytime CAS is used:

    Bodies and Skin Tone
    Faces and Skin Tone
    Skin Details

    will work on new and existing sims. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • No Free Books: Makes it so that when sims purchase a bookcase, they purchase a bookcase. And not a bunch of always the same books on top of it.
  • No Free toys: Makes it so that when sims buy a toybox they get a toybox. And not a 60§ toybox filled with 200§
  • Larger interaction Queue: Will increase the maximum value of the interaction queue from 6 to 10.
  • Smarter Autonomous Meal Sizes: Alters the autonomous meal cooking behavior in the game. The following changes are made:

    - If there are one or two sims in the household, a random choice is made to cook either a single plate or a medium
    (4 plate) meal.
    - If there are three or more sims in the household, either a medium (4 plate) or large (8 plate) meal will be
    - Enables more of the gourmet meals to be prepared autonomously (using the same rules as above).
    - Sims will never prepare just a snack for a meal unless they live alone.
    - As a safety feature in case no older sims are present, children can always prepare a snack but will choose to
    eat an existing proper meal if one is available. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • More Logical Cooking: This is an overhaul of (almost) all of the base game cooking ingredients and recipes, to make cooking more logical:

    Group meals now require 4 / 8 times as many ingredients as single meals (no more party-size salads made from one tomato) They also cost 4 / 8 times as much. Snacks now cost money as well (albeit not a lot)
  • Party Anywhere: Allows you to throw parties at any lots in TS4. This includes:

    Lots of any venue type (including any custom venue types you have)
    Residential lots owned by Sims that are not part of the party
    Career lots (Willow Creek Hospital, Police Station, FutureSim Labs)
    Hidden lots (Sylvan Glades, Forgotten Grotto, Hermit's House, Sixam) NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Visitors Now Spawning in Front of Venues: Sims will now walk to the venue from various spawn points in the
    neighborhood. When they leave, they will also walk to one of these "world spawn points," as opposed to disappearing right in front of the venue. This also means more Sims will be walking on the sidewalk, which makes neighborhoods more lively.  NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Bartending & Bars Revamp: Fixes the issue with bartenders not serving drinks; drinks will be served normally most of the time.

    Ability of the bartender to Practice Making Drinks and Practice Bar Tricks is turned off. These were interfering with the making of real drinks and serving the customers. Your active sim tending bar can still do these from the pie menu.

    More drinks are added into the list of drinks which can be served. Instead of the one small yellow drink, 18 different drinks can be served.
  • Formal Outfits At Lounges: Sims at Lounge venues will be wearing their Formal outfit instead of Everyday. Also the active player sim will be changed into Formal. This doesn't apply for the bartender or entertainer.
  • No Monsters Waking Children: Stops the monster from waking the children up. You can still spray for monsters, you just don't have to worry about it constantly waking your sims up.
  • Custom Bar Drinks: add 9 custom drinks to the Professional Bars.

    The following Drinks are available -
    1. Ale
    2. Bourbon
    3. Brandy
    4. Gin and Tonic
    5. Margarita
    6. Rum
    7. Sherry
    8. Vodka
  • Stop Random Flirting: Your sims won't flirt with random sims just because they are flirty. your sims can only flirt with everyone they had first kiss or woohoo with. Even hated ex lovers.
  • Play Voidcritters For All Ages: Allows sims of all ages to play voidcritters on the Battle Station, both playing against other sims and training.
  • Increased limit for hiring: It is possible to hire some services, such as mixologist, entertainer and caterer. However it is possible to hire them only once per lot. This increased the maximum number of times it is possible to 99, then it is possible hire as many as bartender, caterer and entertainers you want.
  • Voidcritter Cards Stay in NPC Inventory: Rotational players may be disappointed to realise that Sims in other households will use random Voidcritters instead of the ones they own. Sims in other households will keep their Voidcritters, and you’ll be able to battle them while playing other households.
  • No More Running on Residential Lots: When at home, sims will no longer take to running around to get from A-to-B. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • All Walkstyles Disabled: Disables all the walkstyles in the game (except for the pee walkstyle and pregnancy walkstyles.) NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul: Experience cooking in an all new way with brand new ingredients: eggs, milk, flour, cheese, bread, sugar, chicken, beef, pasta, and more! These new ingredients, as well as old ones, can be purchased through a new "Buy Ingredients" option on the fridge. You'll need to go shopping now that recipes require all ingredients! Each and every recipe was tweaked to have a more realistic set of ingredients. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Call Anytime + Relationship: Enables using the phone to chat or invite sims over at any time, day or night. phone chats will last longer (from 15 to 60 minutes). while chatting your relationship level will go up (if they don't dislike you and only up to a limit) but the relationship will go down for sims that are disliked.
  • Janitors on Community Lots: Adds a janitor NPC to community lots, similar to the ones in TS1. They will do all the cleaning and repairing (repairing is prioritized over cleaning). Useful if you're like me, who often let Sims spend days on community lots without leaving.

    Janitors are randomly chosen from any unplayed, unemployed Sims in your game (the higher their handiness skill is, the more likely they'll be chosen; if no Sims are eligible, random townies will be generated).

    They will work an 8-hour shift:

    8AM-4PM: female janitor
    4PM-12AM: male janitor
    12AM-8AM: female or male janitor.
    The purpose of gender-specific janitors is to make sure the bathrooms locked behind gender doors are always clean (since they can't get into restrooms for the opposite gender).

    The mod currently works for the following venue types:

    Karaoke Bar
    Arts Center
    National Park
    Center Park (Myshuno Meadows) NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • No More Welcome Wagon: Prevents Welcome Wagons from ever happening.
  • Toddlers have less nightmares: Reduces toddler nightmares to 20% (default is 50%)
  • Plant lover sims will only Autonomous gardening: Makes those interactions (Water, Weed, Spray and Evolve autonomous to sims with plant lover trait also there shouldn't be any puddle anymore from watering. Stops sims from talking to plants unless instructed to. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • PlantSim no cooldown + Trait: Alters the cooldown of the forbidden fruit buff, so your sim will stay a plantSim forever and doesn't turn back to normal after 5 days. will also add a visible Trait in CAS to make a plantSim without a forbidden fruit.
  • Plant Sim Interactions: Adds interactions to plant sims If you are a Plant Sim, you can now:

    Absorb Water (from puddles): Click on a puddle and click Absorb Water. Your Plant Sim should walk over, kneel down, and gain some Water until the puddle is gone. So now you can clean and fill your Plant Sim's Water Need at the same time.

    Poison Kiss: Found under the Mischief category. Can only be used on/by Teen and older. Does a Blow Kiss animation and then the receiver falls asleep, tranquilized for a bit.


    Discuss Plants with other Plant Sims. Found under Friendly.
    Discuss Eco-Friendly Alternatives with other Plant Sims. Found under Friendly.

    Finally, plant or non-plant sims can Compliment Leaves of sims who are Plant Sims (found under Friendly). NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Housewarming Party: Turns the Welcome Wagon into a Housewarming Party. Now instead of Neighbors your Friends are coming over for a little Housewarming Party. They will bring tasty Chocolate Cupcakes with them lasts 4 hours.
  • Always FreeBuild: Enables building on special lots like the Police Station, Hospital, and Police Station. It also unlocks all career-locked objects by default and allows you to do all this building at no cost to you.

    When editing the career lots, do take extra precautions as deleting or modifying the wrong items can hinder career progression. Players assume all responsibility when editing these lots. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • No Strangers knocking at your Door: Now instead of Strangers Sims who you have met and have a Friendship min value of 10 are going to knock at your door.
  • Ghost needs removed: Removes the Bladder, Hunger, Tiredness, and Hygiene needs from ghosts.
  • More Servings Options: New Servings Options via the cooking and gourmet cooking Menus of stoves.
    Dinner for Two (2)
    Small Family Size (3)
    Big Family Size (5)
    Bigger Family Size (6)
    Small Party Size (7)
  • Sorcerer and magic: Lets your sim become a Sorcerer and use spells.

    How to Become a Sorcerer

    To obtain the Sorcerer Trait on a particular sim, you need to go into Build Mode and place a Lump of Clay anywhere on the Lot. If you already have a Lump of Clay, use that one! You don't need another.

    The Lump of Clay has a new interaction on it: Investigate Object. The tooltip says the consequences of investigating may be permanent, but, spoiler alert! They are. When the interaction completes, your sim will now have a new trait called Sorcerer under the trait tab. Child and older can get the trait, but Child sims have a different experience than older sims. Teen or older (Teen+) gets access to all the main features of the trait. Child sims get a couple of special attributes/scenarios that will be outlined below.

    If your sim is Teen+, clicking on them will reveal a new menu called Spells. Under Spells, you'll see a menu called "Meditate on the Spirit of Llamadeus..." Under this menu (and this is the important part!), you'll see three interactions: Ritual of Digestive Control, Ritual of Runner's Vigor, and Ritual of Forced Isolation. Hovering over each tells you what it gives you, uniquely.

    You can only complete one Ritual and it will define what flavor of Sorcerer you end up with, in terms of Needs. Every type gets two new Needs called Magical Connection and Alignment. These two Needs replace two of the six default Needs.

    Ritual of Digestive Control gives a trait called Iron Insides. With Iron Insides, Bladder and Hunger are replaced by Magical Connection and Alignment.

    Ritual of Runner's Vigor gives a trait called Never Bedheader. With Never Bedheader, Hygiene and Energy are replaced by Magical Connection and Alignment.

    Ritual of Forced Isolation gives a trait called Sociolite. With Sociolite, Fun and Social are replaced by Magical Connection and Alignment.

    Once you've chosen a Ritual and completed it, your sim can begin being a Sorcerer! Finally! Spells! Magic!


    You start out with a total of 6 Spells, 3 Light and 3 Dark. The Starter Spells are as follows:

    Light: Heal Sadness (Reduces Sad Moodlets on the targeted sim), Sacrifical Wealth (You lose some Simoleons and the target gains some), Aura of Nature (The target gets a temporary buff that works similar to the Naturalist trait, making them more or less immune to Fire)

    Dark: Warm Self (Select the ground and start a fire on it), Lull to Sleep (Puts the target to sleep for a time), Shatter Aura of Nature (Removes Aura of Nature from the target)

    Each time you cast a Spell, it will affect your Alignment!

    Important things to understand about Alignment:
    - Alignment does not function like a normal Need. It only moves upon casting Spells. If you see the arrows moving outside of that, it's a visual quirk to do with how the Needs are designed. What matters is the number you see when you look at the Need Icon. The number will tell you where you're at in Alignment.
    - You start at Alignment 0. Each Spell you cast moves your Alignment by 10. MAX Light Alignment is 100 and Max Dark Alignment is -100. This means you can max out your Alignment very fast if you want to.
    - As you progress through Alignment, you will unlock more Spells! Spells that are tied to the flavor of Alignment (Light or Dark)

    The Spells unlocked through Alignment progress are as follows:


    20(Dry Out: You can click on Puddles and efficiently get rid of them with magic.)

    40(Aura of Edibility: The target gets a temporary buff; while the buff is active on them, any meals they cook will be of the kind that never spoils. When the buff fades, any meals made with the buff still won't spoil, in case you wonder.)

    60(Douse: Click on Fire and immediately extinguish it.

    80(Prolong Life: Reset age progress, i.e. if age up takes 11 days and the sim has 4 days left before age up, this will reset it to 11.)

    100(Resurrect: Bring a ghost back from the dead.)


    20(Suppress Sadness: Gives the caster a temporary buff that nullifies Sad Moodlets. Note that if an event that prompts a reaction, such as a sim dying, occurs, they will still cry; however, they won't get the Sad Moodlet from the event. Also note, it will remove any existing Sad Moodlets upon application.)

    40(Siphon Wealth: Magically makes your sim richer by siphoning wealth from the target. Due to weirdness of money transfer, the target doesn't, strictly speaking, lose anything. You just gain Simoleons. But shhh, imagination...!)

    60(Tabula Rasa: Works like the Alien memory wipe. Any relationship you have with the targeted sim is reset.)

    80(Set on Fire: Sets the targeted sim on fire. Note that your sim may rush up and try to put it out in a strange act of contradiction. But you can set the target on fire from anywhere on the lot, so make sure there's enough distance or obstacles in the way, such as walls or locked doors, and you can freely set sims on fire without worrying about your Sorcerer having the appearance of a suddenly guilty conscience.)

    100(Create Lightning Rod: Electrocutes the target to death.

    Maxed Out Alignment: If your Alignment is maxed at either -100 or 100, you'll find that you have a new Spell available under Spells > Meditate on the Spirit of Llamadeus. Each Alignment gets one of these Spells. These Spells will give you some special goodies and cut you off from Spells that could swing your Alignment from where it is, effectively locking your Alignment in place. The two Spells are as follows:

    Light: Transcend (Completing this Spell gives you a permanent +50 Fine buff. You have transcended petty mortal emotions. You also get access to a mini sun effect sitting in your chest cavity and the ability to move around by hovering like the grim reaper. Both the sun effect and the hover walkstyle can be toggled on or off under Spells.)

    Dark: Spell of Immortality (Completing this Spell gives you a trait that stops aging and makes you immune to death. Because what's being dark without seeking immortality, amirite? You also get access to the same black smoky effect at your feet that the grim reaper has and the ability to move around by hovering like the grim reaper. Both the black smoky effect and the hover walkstyle can be toggled on or off under Spells.)


    That's right, Teleportation. Earlier when you completed that initial Ritual, you also got access to a teleport ability. This ability is called Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch. It's called this because when you teleport, there's a brief pinkish/purplish flame effect and Llamadeus is all about the pink and the purple and the flame and such, yeah yeah.

    The Teleportation comes in two other visual flavors, though the mechanics of it are exactly the same. If you're into Light Alignment far enough that the Alignment bar changes color, Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch changes to Teleport as Purity's Flame and the flame effect is now a yellowish color. If you're into Dark Alignment far enough that the Alignment bar changes color, Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch changes to Teleport as Reaper's Shroud and instead of a flame effect, there's a brief black smoke effect like when the grim reaper teleports.

    Magical Connection

    Unlike Alignment, Magical Connection works exactly like a normal Need. Well... mostly. It decays over time like a normal Need. When it gets low-ish, you get a +1 Dazed Moodlet. When it reaches rock bottom, you get a +3 Dazed Moodlet.

    In addition to decaying over time, Magical Connection also lowers every time you cast a Spell. It ranges from -100 at the lowest to 100 at the highest and each Spell drains 5 Magical Connection. Spells can't be casted when Magical Connection is at -90 or lower. You won't be able to know what the exact numbers are by looking, unless you use the UI Extensions Cheat mod and manually modify the value. This information is just to give you an idea of how many Spells you can use before you run low and what you can expect when you get low.

    Getting back to Spell restrictions. At -90 or lower, I partially lied; some Spells can be casted. You have some Spells that don't cost any Magical Connection and their key purpose is in refilling Magical Connection.

    Under Spells > Renew Magical Connection, you'll find two menus: Drain a Need and Sacrifice a Need.

    Under each is a separate Spell for every Need out of the default six that you have. For example, if you chose Iron Insides, you won't have Hunger or Bladder, so under Drain a Need, you would see Fun, Social, Energy, and Hygiene.

    How each works and their purpose is as follows:

    Drain a Need (gives Dark Alignment points): You drain the target's targeted Need to -90 and yours refills to 100[full], in addition to Magical Connection filling to full. The target's targeted Need (ex: Bladder) must be 30 or higher for you to be able to drain it. To give you a rough idea of what that means, 30 is somewhere in the vicinity of 2/3rds full, visually.

    Sacrifice a Need (gives Light Alignment points): You drain your own need to -90 and the target's targeted Need goes to 100[full], in addition to your Magical Connection filling to full. Your chosen Need (ex: Bladder) must be 30 or higher for you to be able to drain it. To give you a rough idea of what that means, 30 is somewhere in the vicinity of 2/3rds full, visually.

    Note that the amount the Need needs to be at is a rough number chosen to be in the vicinity of "not full," without being "so low it's way too easy to do over and over." If you are draining other sims' needs a lot, you may want to be thinking about how to make sure that they can get them refilled, so that you're able to keep doing it. If you're sacrificing your own needs, you may want to be thinking about how to get them refilled in a timely manner.

    It's all up to you to play as you want. You can even go around draining random people if you want and gain lots of Dark Alignment points, if you're into that sort of thing.

    Child Sim Sorcerers

    Child Sim Sorcerers can't cast Spells yet.

    Child Sim Sorcerers have a different relationship with magic than older sims. They have a lot of magical energy, but don't understand how to use it yet. Sometimes this can manifest in the form of Spontaneous Combustion. Spontaneous Combustion works as follows:

    Spontaneous Combustion: When Angry, there's a chance that your Child Sim may spontaneously combust (known in edumacated parts of the wurld as catchin on fire.. what am I saying?). Anyway, you catch on fire.

    The exact numbers for chance of it happening are: Minimum 4 hours initially, maximum 8 hours initially. Then min 6 hours, max 24 hours. It's intended to be rare overall, rather than being something you habitually have to deal with. But let's keep it moving before we catch on fire here...

    After spontaneously combusting at least once, Child Sim Sorcerers can ask an older Sim who is a Sorcerer to do a Flame Containment Spell on them, which protects them from spontaneously combusting for two days. This buff is called Combustion Suppression and when it's added, all Tense, Angry, and Uncomfortable buffs are removed. (This does not apply to buffs that are dependent on something other than time remaining, like the low Hygiene discomfort from being dirty after being on fire, nor does it apply to buffs of these types that are added AFTER Combustion Suppression is added.)

    Child Sim Sorcerers can also Teleport, with some heavy caveats. For a Child Sim to be able to Teleport, a Teen+ Sorcerer needs to do the interaction with them, under Friendly, called "Imbue with Teleportation Power." Upon completion, the Child Sim Sorcerer (let's just call him Bob... that's easier to type... Bob is an easy name). Upon completion, Bob gains a 6 hour, +2 Fine buff called Teleporty Tingles. Bob can now click on the ground and use Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch.

    The catch is, when Bob teleports he'll get a 30 second, +3 Uncomfortable Moodlet called Queasy. While Queasy is active, Bob can't Teleport. His little Bob body isn't built for such speed. Once Queasy drops, Bob can Teleport again, provided he still has the Teleporty Tingles buff. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • No Inappropriate Family and Friends: Basically takes the functionality of the "Always Welcome" trait and expands it to other types of relationships, allowing you to cook, shower, and sleep over at another Sim's house as much as you like. Disables the embarrassed buff when Sims walk in on a good friend/BFF or family member using the bathroom. By default, only romantic relationships are affected.
  • ClassicUI: Add back the old menu screen with the CAS button. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Autonomous Homework: A, B and C Students should make their Homework autonomously now. You should still check if they did their Homework in the evening because sometimes they're still too lazy. D and E Students still need to be told to do their homework though. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Teens Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job and adult jobs for teens: Your teen Sims stop going to High School once a Sim that reaches grade F automatically stop going to school. Your teens will be able to join all the base game careers in addition to the regular part time jobs.
  • No Tiny Harvests: After harvesting the Harvest is no longer so tiny.
  • Forbidden Fruit fills Hunger Motive of PlantSims: The Forbidden Fruit now fills the Hunger Motive of PlantSims.
  • Emotional Inertia: Sims' moods now have inertia. Moods become more resistant to change, and can last beyond the original moodlets that caused them. It can now take a sustained effort and multiple points of another emotion to change their mood. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Unlock Doors for chosen Sims: Adds a SimPicker to the Unlock Door Pie Menu. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Flirtatious Interactions Always Available: This Mod detaches the following Interactions from the "Flirty Mood" or Having the "Romantic Trait".
    Be Enticing
    Offer Rose
    Sexy Pose (Not autonomous)
    Make a Flirtatious Joke
    Tell Dirty Joke (Not Autonomous)
    Send Flirty Text (Not Autonomous)
  • Career Socials unhidden: Unlocks all career socials from all jobs without needing the job.
  • No Autonomous picker: stops Children/Toddler to autonomous choose an Adult etc. to play Dollhouse with, watch TV with & Dance with. Compatible with Self-Configurable Autonomy!
  • Faster eating and drinking: Reduces the time it takes sims to eat and drink. Instead of sitting and talking or watching TV or any number of other distractions, Sims will actually get on with the business of eating and drinking. Other activities are not stopped completely. Sims with still chat with each other. They will just do it less. Also, when they do eat or drink they can take several bites/gulps in a row without stopping to do other things.
  • Watch Movie and Be Quiet: Disables Small Talk for Sims who are watching a Movie or waiting to Watch a Movie. 
  • Phone Replacement - Samsung GALAXY S8 GOLD:

    Bright in the dark screen
    Thin body, won't look chubby on your sims' hands like the default one does
    Glossy finish, small details
    Actually curved edge screen, design based off completely from the original phone.
  • Pissed off: changes ALL angry text in the game to Pissed off!
  • Sims can pee in the shower: sims with certain traits will relieve their bladder in the shower based on the bladder motive levels.
    These are the traits that determine which sims will relieve their bladders in the shower:

  • Self-Configurable Autonomy: Allows players to alter the autonomy for actions in the game, while it is running. Changes take effect immediately, there is no need to exit and reload the game!

    You will be able to configure the "No Autonomy" settings in your game with precise control, turning off only those autonomous actions that you want disabled and leaving the rest to work normally.

    Your configuration is saved to a text file in the same folder the mod is installed in and reloaded each time you run the game. If needed, the configuration can be removed to restore all default autonomy settings in the game.


    Click an open terrain area in the game (the ground, a floor, etc.) and choose "Enable Control Autonomy".
    This enables the ability to edit autonomy, Now click on an object and choose "Control Autonomy". This will pop-up a dialog with buttons for all autonomous actions that are attached to that object.

    *WARNING* - You can break some game functionality in ways that are not intended by the developer if you turn off the wrong things. If you aren't sure what an action does, you can disable it and re-enable it later if you like. Most choices are pretty clear what they do, but some not so much.. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • CAS Lightning Overhaul: Improves the lighting in CAS

    Lighting similar to EA renders.
    Ideal for producing render-like CAS screenshots.
    Removes the blue/green backlights.

    also enables white CAS background + shadow enabler.
  • Set Filters on Paintings by Reference: adds that Set Filter menu to all sim-created paintings. It won't do anything on a regular crafted painting, but when used on a paint by reference one it allows you to set any of the available filters quickly and easily. It will even work on a painting by reference that was created before installing the mod and the change will persist even if the mod is removed.

    Also added a new interaction to allow setting the filter back to the "Painting" style should you end up deciding you liked that better.
  • No wrench icons on swatches: removes all wrench icons on all swatches in CAS.
  • No fading ceiling lights: Stops ceiling lights fading when you zoom in.
  • Revamped Plantsims: plantsims will now

    1. When plantsim pollen they grow weed/flower under them.
    2. A plantsim cure is added (super spice), drink the cure to get back to normal human.
    3. Plantsim motives are now water,sunlight,fun and social
    4. If your sim turned into a plantsim there is no time limit for him/her to revert back.
    5. Your plantsims are not limited to one haircut anymore, choose and pick.
    6. A leafy haircut is included in the mod.
  • Paint From Reference Anywhere: adds the ability for all three of the base game cameras to stage a Paint From Reference painting. These cameras, the Barely Better, Appreciably Average and Crystal Clear Digital Camera, are available for purchase in Activities and Skills / Creative from build-buy mode.

    A blank canvas will be created in the Sim's inventory after taking the photo and this canvas can then be placed on any standard easel and resumed to complete the painting. No easel is required on the lot where the photos are taken, so your Sim can just travel home once they've prepared the canvases they need and start painting in the comfort or squalor of their own home.

    Usage Details and Notes

    The screenshots in the mod description demonstrate the process of using this new feature, but here are some notes of community interest.

    The camera quality, or Sim's photography skill, do not affect the outcome of the painting. So unless your Sim is interested in doing photography as well, simply purchase the cheapest camera available (Barely Better Digital, 85 simoleons).

    The Sim's painting skill affects the outcome of the painting normally, and a minimum painting skill is required in order to use the Paint From Reference.
    The final painting is compatible with the Set Filters on Paintings by Reference mod.
    Any downloaded custom content cameras or easels should work fine with this mod as long as they utilize the standard object tuning from the base game. If they are tuned differently then they should continue to work as they did but will not benefit from this mod.
    This mod does not alter or change the ability for Sim's to use an easel to Paint From Reference in the ordinary fashion.

    Known Bugs (nothing Major, but Noteworthy!):

    If you cancel the photo capture with the "X" in the upper corner of the camera view then the canvas will still be created, however it will be truly blank. You can place that blank canvas on an easel, but the Sim will simply paint white on white. There's no accounting for artistic taste though, so that blank painting could still end up being a masterpiece worth thousands (or suitable for proudly framing and displaying)!
    There appears to be a bug in the user interface for the game which causes the photo data to sometimes come out of sync with the photos and paintings in the game. A user of the Set Filters mod noticed a similar issue when using that mod, so I believe the issue is within the base game itself, particularly as that mod does not alter the actual photo taking process at all. What I have noticed in my testing of this mod is that sometimes after cancelling a photo as mentioned in the previous bug, outdated image data can be applied to the next image taken. In this mod I've only seen it change the thumbnail which can appear on the canvas in the Sim's inventory, but the actual painting has always seemed to be correct. Your results may vary though, and so it is best to never use that "X" to cancel a paint by reference process. It is better to take the photo and then through the canvas away without painting it.

    The script used in the mod is written to be very resilient. It's not future proof, but it should be future safe -- allowing your game to continue running until you can update or remove the mod.
    If an error is noticed by the mod during startup it will log an exception and not add the Paint From Reference to the digital cameras, but the game should continue to load and paint from reference continue to work at easels.
    If an error is noticed by the mod while taking a photo, it will log an exception and restore the overridden script from the game. The game will continue to run, and photography and paint from reference at an easel will again function normally. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • No Romantic Rejection: with this your sim never getting rejection again with any romantic interactions.
  • Less Annoying Return to Lot: lowers the threshold from 50% to 95%, so that only sims who are severely in the red with their needs will return to their home.
  • Mermaids: Your sims can become mermaids with a new look and features

    How to become a mermaid
    First of all, you need to buy the "The Queen of the Mermaids" statue, which costs §20.000. After you bought it, you'll have two interactions available:
    - The typical "Observe" interaction, present in every statue.
    - "Remember the "Queen's" legend", where the sim will start to look down, trying to remember the legend of this queen. After they've remembered it, there will be two possible outcomes:
    = Fail: The sim will find the legend boring and fake, and thus will receive the "Boooring..." (+3 bored) buff which will last 24 hours straight! With this buff, the sim will not be gifted by the queen because of their skepticism. Once the buff runs out, you can retry again.
    = Success: The sim will find the legend very sad, and so they will receive the "This is so sad..." (+3 sad) buff, which will still last 24 hours, but after it passes out, the queen will acknowledge their caring attitude, and will grant your sim's (and your) wish! After that, their legs will start to glow, and scales will appear there, all followed by the "New Scales!" (+8 happy) buff.

    Features of the Mermaids

    Hydration need:
    - Let's start with the hydration need, which will replace Hygiene. This need can be filled by swimming in the pool, taking a shower, taking a bath, going on a water slide, etc.
    With advantages though, come disadvantages because the Hydration need decays much faster when staying outside during daytime! Normally you'd have to spend most of your time near water sources but, to make things easier, I made sure that everytime they use water and then they don't use it anymore, the "Hydrated" (+2 Happy) buff, which lasts 4 hours, will appear and will slowly fill the hydration need. If a mermaid doesn't care about their hydration they will pass 2 stages before dying:
    = The first buff to appear when low on hydration is "Chapped" (+2 uncomfortable), which will make the sim to have a "pretty dried" skin. They will also walk slowly.
    = The second and last buff is Dehydrated (+50 uncomfortable), where the sim will almost nearly die. They will have a "very dried" skin and will be unable to use the pool.
    After the mermaid passes these two stages, they will die from dehydration. So take good care of your scales, or else...

    Scales and Tail:
    - Mermaids have the ability to change the color of their scales! You'll just have to select the color under the menu "Change the color of your scales" in the Mermaid pie menu.
    The tail, of course, will follow the same color scheme of the scales. There are 6 colors in total. Another thing with the tail, is that they appear only in some specific locations during specific actions!
    For ex. Mermaids won't have the tail when they are in the shower, but they will if they are in a bathtub. When a mermaids jumps in the pool it might take a bit for the tail to appear, in case it won't, do "swim laps" and see if that works.

    Singing ability:
    - Mermaids have one more interaction, that is "Sirens melody", where the sim will sing some notes very briefly. This has effects on other sims (from teens to elders), in fact they will have the "Such a Wonderful voice..." (+8 flirty) buff which lasts 4 hours. Not only when they observe the mermaid, they react by doing a "melted" animation, but they will also accept almost every flirt from the mermaid.
    FOR WHO HAS CITY LIVING: Mermaids develop the singing skill MUCH MUCH faster (like, in just 1/2 minutes the mermaid has level 10 in the singing skill). And also, the sims who look or stay near the mermaid while is singing (even when they sing in the shower or sing at a karaoke), will have the same reaction they have when they hear the "Sirens Melody".

    Other notes
    - If Children and childish sims see a mermaid, they will have the "Wow! A Mermaid!" buff (+6 happy) (In the future, a reaction will be created for them)
    - Mermaids's autonomy has been slightly modified. If there's a chance, they will jump in the pool, or will take a shower.
    - Mermaids are smooth talkers, so if they flirt with a sim, their romance relationship will receive a small but effective bonus.
    - Mermaids have wonderful and mythical voices, so they won't talk like normal sims.
  • Chargeable Robots and Hybrids: Includes 4 Traits Robot, Hybrid (half human half robot), Robot Lover (loves robots), Anti-Robot (hates robots.) Location of trait: Lifestyle (robots and hybrids.) Location of trait: Emotional (Anti-robot, Robot lover.)

    Ages: Child-Elder
    Fill your sims community or home with these amazing robots! They have access to Wifi at all times and are completely wireless! These robots do not age or die since they aren't human at all. They are programmed with human like emotions but do not require basic human needs such as: hygiene, bladder, and hunger. Since they are connected to wifi at all times it can also be dangerous for them because of viruses! But don't worry these robots can protect themselves from everything..well except water! They are waterproof to an extent but not completely so keep your robot out of the water and if you don't their system will shut down to protect itself. Do NOT panic if your robots system shuts down! Soon as they get back up you can charge them right on the charging station.

    Ages: Toddler-Elder
    These sims are half human and half robot so you will have to keep that in mind. These sims have access to Wifi at all times just like robots. They are completely wireless. They do age and they do die since they are still half human! Speaking of still being human...they still require the basic needs but if you don't really want to deal with that you can just charge them.
    (Charging is painful since they are still half human.)

    Ages: Child-Elder
    Location of trait: Emotional
    These sims hate all types of robots they think they are really creepy! They believe in a world WITHOUT robots. You should probably keep these sims away from any hybrid or robot. Did I mention they also can't stand anyone that could possibly LOVE robots?

    Robot Lovers
    Ages: Child-Elder
    Location of trait: Emotional
    These sims love robots almost more than anything. They believe that robots are beautiful pieces of art. They can't stand anyone that doesn't appreciate robots so you should probably keep them away from the "anti-robots" crew.

    Charging Station: You can now charge your robot and hybrid sims. It will refill every single motive every single time unless you have a virus. Sometimes sims will randomly charge on their own without the charging station.

    Intelligence System: You can always access your intelligence system. Its like having a cheat sheet to everything in life. Robots are already intelligent but if you want that extra boost then go ahead and activate this system! If you want to activate the intelligence system use the "browse the web" interaction on ANY device.

    Cleaning System: Activated when the robot is cleaning.

    Repair System: Activated when the robot is attempting to fix or is fixing something.

    Waterproof System: Please read this very carefully. When I say "waterproof" I mean the robot can get their hands a little wet. Robots and being inside of a body of water DO NOT MIX. Don't worry though these robots are programmed to shut down before they can even reach water damage level. I forgot to mention hybrids..they will be perfectly fine they are still HALF human.

    Viruses: You are probably wondering..why is this an feature. Its not its just I have no where else to put this. Its very obvious what this does but in case if you don't know its a virus. This is a huge disadvantage to being a robot or half robot. When you get a virus you can not use your charging station or intelligence system.

    Autonomy: Don't worry i'm not going to mess with your "game settings" I mean something completely different. Your sims..*coughs* your robots and hybrids will be capable of randomly CHARGING all on their own without the charging station. They can also activate any of their systems whenever they want.

    Toddlers (Hybrids): They only have an intelligence system. They can not charge but they will want to and attempt to do it. They are toddlers they can barely even walk.

    Children: They can only charge by napping other than that they have every feature.

    Teen-Elder: They can only charge using the station other than that they have every feature.

    Charging Station Beds (Base Game)
    Robophobic PC - When a robophobic sim logs into this PC it allows them to plant viruses on nearby robots and hybrids.
    (Must have level 2 programming skills before using this PC.)

    Robophile PC - When a robophile sim logs into this PC it allows them to charge nearby robots and hybrids.
    (Must have level 4 programming skills before using this PC.)
  • Fairies: Yes, you can now control a new occult, that is the fairy life state. Fairies have some changes and bonuses:

    - They have a pair of wings and pointy ears.
    - They have 1 new interaction, that is "I Can Fly!" (Interaction [not animation] from the Sims 3 Supernatural) where they'll fly around increasing the fun need.
    - Most of the time, they won't walk, but fly! (NOTE: They will walk when feeling bored, uncomfortable and energetic. They will also walk if they have a custom walkstyle! So make sure to give them the default walkstyle in order to fly!)
    - They will perform a special idle animation from time to time.
    - Their fun and social will drop slightly faster than normal.
    - The Mischief skill now develops MUCH faster! Fairies are really mischievous!
    - They will occasionally have two buffs:
    = "Feeling Playful" (+3 playful)
    = "Where's the fun?!?" (+4 Bored)
    - Children, Childish and Insane sims will continuously react when they see a fairy receiving the "Wow! A Fairy!" (+6 happy) Buff for 6 hours (NOTE: After the buff expires they will have it again if they see a fairy again)
    - They will have sparkles behind their back! (NOTE: They might disappear sometimes, but don't worry they will re-appear if you change the lot or go in CAS)

    How to be a Fairy
    - Receive the fairies's blessing by pleading the fairies from the "Fairies's tree" (The trait will add to the others, instead of taking space, THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD)
    - Children and below can't be fairies.

    the "Fairies's tree
    A legend says that this tree was watered by a fairy queen's tears, and now is protected by fairies, who will curse or bless (your point of view) any sim who will plead to this tree by turning them into fairies as well. Why would the sim plead for a tree? Well some sims say that the tree brings a lot of fortune! Of course, this is all just a legend... Or not...? Who knows!
    It can be found in build mode, in the "trees" section.

    -What can you do with this tree?-
    This tree has 2 interactions on it! :

    - They can "Contemplate the tree", this will lead the sim to observe it…. Obviously!
    - They can "Plead the fairies" and this will bring the sim to transform into a fairy after praying. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! A fairy cannot return into a human, so choose wisely...

    Fairies are now capable of using some magic abilities! First of all, there are Auras:
    - They can cast between 5 magic auras, that are Aura of Soothing, of Body and Mind, of Creativity, of Discomfort and of Idiocy.
    = Aura of Soothing (+20 Happy)
    Will make sims very happy, it will highly increase their fun and social needs, and will receive a boost in social skills.
    = Aura of Body and Mind (+10 Focused)
    Will make sims learn the logic and fitness skills much faster!
    = Aura of Creativity (+10 Inspired)
    Musical and Artistic skills will be learnt much faster!
    = Aura of Discomfort (+10 Sadness)
    The exact opposite of the "Aura of Soothing", it will highly decrease the fun and social needs and learning abilities is a bit harder.
    = Aura of Idiocy
    Sims won't learn any skill and everytime they interact with someone, they'll be automatically enemies! (Because sims will think they're too stupid to talk too) So If you want your sim to learn an ability or to have GOOD RELATIONSIPS, then don't use this aura (Obviously!).
    If you don’t want the sims around you to have auras, there’s an interaction, that is ”dispel near auras” which will remove the aura from the sims near the fairy (and the fairy itself).

    Magic Energy
    Everytime a Fairy casts an aura they'll receive the "Out of Magic Energy" (+6 dazed) buff that lasts 6 hours!
    What are the consequences of this buff? Well, you cannot use any magical ability except one interaction that I'm gonna talk about below.
    If you don't want to wait for the buff to expire you can do a "Recharging Meditation", an interaction that will appear only if you're out of magic energy! Doing this, your sim will sit on the ground, and focusing on gaining magic energy.
    The meditation brings an advantage and a disadvantage:
    = Advantage: You'll receive the "Full of magic energy" (+4 Energetic) buff, that will last 2 hours. What is the advantage of this? Well, during the presence of this buff, you are able to cast any aura, without receiving the "Out of magic energy" buff.
    = Disadvantage: Once the buff expires, everything goes back to normal and you'll receive the "Out of Magic Energy" buff everytime you cast an aura. What's the disadvantage? If you receive the dazed buff, you won't be able to meditate again BUT you'll have to wait 5 in-game hours in order to do that again.

    Colored wings
    Fairies will be able to change their wings's colors! The options available are:
    Default, Black, Yellow, White, Red, Pink and Green.
  • Genie Mod:
    A new and dusty lamp!-
    A brand "new" object can be found in buy mode and It's called the "Ancient Dusty Lamp". It can be found in the Decorations section. This lamp cherishes something or "someone" mysterious inside and the only way to find out, is to rub out the dust on it. Given this small description, let's see what you can do with this object! You can:
    - Put it in your inventory: It shouldn't be difficult for your sim to carry such a little lamp.
    - Inspect the lamp: Your sim will wonder what could be the mistery inside this lamp... Or it will probably comment about it's cleaniness... Once your sim has finished inspecting it, they will no longer be able do that.
    - Rub the lamp: Your sim will kneel before the lamp, and will give it a lil'rub. Once they've finished the interaction, congratulations! You will finally have your genie! The genie will stay on your lot for about 5 hours. Don't worry if she leaves, just rub the lamp again and before you know it, she will be back. It's necessary to put the lamp on the floor to do this interaction, otherwise the animation will look weird.

    -Becoming a Genie's Master-
    After you have summoned the genie, you will become her master and nobody else will be able to ask for a wish to be granted other than the sim who rubbed the lamp. After your sim has finished the wishes, it won't be able to rub the lamp (neither if you buy another lamp) for about 2 days.

    -Genies: wishes or tricks?-
    Now that you have a genie, you can ask her to grant several wishes. Though their outcome may not be always positive. That's right! Genies won't be that innocent this time! There is 40% chance that your wish will be actually be a trick from the genie. Now, let's see what the wishes and their outcomes are:

    Wish for Happiness
    Positive Outcome: Your sim will have the "Happiness!" (+10 happy) buff which will last for 1 day. This buff may result in a backlash, making your sim die whenever it feels playful!
    Negative Outcome: Your sim will have the "Why can't I be happy?!" (+10 sad) buff which will will last for 1 day.
    Once this wish has been granted, you'll have to wait in order to wish for it again.

    Wish for Wealth
    Positive Outcome: Your sim will have the "Simoleons, Simoleons, SIMOLEONS!" (+8 happy) buff, and it will receive between 80K and 100K simoleons!
    Negative Outcome: Your sim will have the "Where are my simoleons?!?" (+8 uncomfortable) buff, and it will lose 100K simoleons.
    Once this wish has been granted, you'll have to wait, in order to wish for it again.

    Wish for World Peace (Instable, mean or evil sims aren't able to ask for this wish to be granted)
    Unique Outcome: Your sim will receive the "Peace and love!" (+8 happy) buff which lasts 6 days. The buff will be spread to every sim in and outside the lot and, If you make your sim travel, every sim near and far the community lot will receive this buff. The sims who have this buff will walk happily and will have more success in friendly interactions. Once your sim's buff expires, they will not spread the buff again.

    Wish for World Misery (Only instable, mean or evil sims are able to ask for this wish to be granted)
    Unique Outcome: Your sim will receive the "Misery and Discomfort!" (+8 energized) buff which lasts 6 days. The buff will be spread to every sim in and outside the lot and, If you make your sim travel, every sim near and far the community lot will receive this buff. The sims who receive the buff through your sim will be angry instead of energized and they'll have less success in friendly interactions. Once your sim's buff expires, they will not spread the buff again.

    Wish for Romance
    Positive Outcome: Your sim will have the "Cupid's Arrow" (+10 flirty) buff which will last for 1 day. With this buff, your sim will have more success with romantic interactions.
    Negative Outcome: Your sim will have the "Is Cupid blind?" (+10 tense) buff which will will last for 1 day. With this buff, your sim will have less success with romantic interactions.
    Once this wish has been granted, you'll have to wait in order to wish for it again.

    Wish for Youth (Only Adults and Elders are able to ask for this wish to be granted)
    Positive Outcome: Your sim will return to the previous life stage and have the "Smooth skin!" (+10 confident) buff which will last for 1 day.
    Negative Outcome: Your sim will advance to the next life stage and have the "Wrinkles! Wrinkles everywhere!" (+10 uncomfortable) buff which will last for 1 day.
    Once this wish has been granted, you'll have to wait in order to wish for it again.

    Wish for the genie's freedom
    Unique Outcome: The genie will be free from the lamp's imprisonment and will no longer grant wishes. She will re-gain her lower body part and, after some time, they will change their look casually. She will not become part of the family automatically, It's up to you to decide whether she becomes part of your family or not.

    -Freed Genies abilities-
    So you decided to make the genie part of your household? Perfect! So expect for them to have these abilities:

    Summon food
    You can summon various types of food, like Grilled cheese, Salmon, Lobster Themidor, etc. The quality of the food depends on their mood. So I highly suggest that you to keep your genie happy.

    Magically clean sim
    When clicking on other sims, the genie will have the ability to clean sims. They will clap their hands, and the targeted sim will glow a lil' bit, raising their hygiene need. Also, they'll receive the "Magically Spotlessly Clean" (+4 confident) buff which lasts 3 hours. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Candle Making: candle crafting station with a custom skill, 30 new candles and numerous buffs (50 +)
    1. Candle crafting Table

    Name - Candle crafting table
    Price - 750 simoleons
    Location - Entertainment >Activity
    Presets - 7

    2. Candle making Kit

    Name - Candle making kit
    Price - 25 simoleons
    Location - Misc Appliances
    Presets - 3

    3. Candles

    Not present in the catalogue but can be found by searching for 'Candles' in debug mode

    3. Interaction - details

    1. Candle making Table - Craft Candle

    --- opens up a recipe picker menu from which you can select the candles to craft

    --- At level 1, only the plain candle is available for crafting.

    --- As the Skill progresses, more candle recipes are unlocked

    2. Candle making kit - Open box

    --- Using the interaction will give 5 of any of the following ingredients - Wick, Dye, Glitter, Wax ( chances are low)

    --- Equal chance of getting any one of the above

    Skill Books

    --- 3 skill books -

    1. CandleMaking Vol 1: Waxing and Waning

    2. CandleMaking Vol 2: Get Fired

    3. Candlemaking Vol 3: Lets Get Lit

    --- Custom thought bubbles

    --- Can be bought from the bookshelf

    Candles - Names, Interactions, Buffs

    -- Can be crafted
    -- Can be sold from the inventory
    -- Can be sold from the city living Sales Tables
    -- Can be obtained from the Buy mode catalogue after turning on debug and then searching by 'Candle'
  • Simbay: Simbay is our new unique Selling Service where you can submit all your crafted Items and Artifacts. Highly valuable Masterworks and Treasures get a 25% bonus.

    How to use the  Service:

    Via our easy to use Online Service at Computers (under Web Pie Menu – the Items must be in your Inventory).
    You can submit four Items within 24hrs.
    After submitting four Items you’ll have to wait until your Account is reopened.
    We’ll notify you when your Account is open for Submissions again. We charge a service fee and sales commission of 10% which will be deducted directly from the estimated retail price.

    So far we accept the following Items:

    Self crafted Woodwork (Poor Quality Items can not be submitted)
    Self crafted Paintings (Poor Quality Items can not be submitted)
  • SimDa” Dating App: SimDa” Dating App can help you find your true love, have adventurous Blind Dates or hot One Night Stands

    How the App works:
    Via Phone

    You’ll find a new “SimDa” Dating App Menu under the Phone Social Menu

    Specific Date
    Looking for someone special? Something Serious? Then this might is your right choice!
    Blind Date (extra Options for Male or Female)
    Adventurous? Open minded? Curious? Choose this if you want yourself to be surprised!
    One Night Stand
    Just want a quick hook up? Find some willing hot Sims nearby to spend hot a night with!

    Specific Date/ Blind Date

    After choosing one of the Options and a Date (specific Date) you can choose the Location to meet your Date.

    Depending on how the Date goes your Sims will have a Bad Date, a good Date or an awesome Date.

    If you and your Date have an awesome Date a special Relationship will always remind you of this Event. (You need to stay near your Date for a Moment after the Event ends for the Relationship to get added)

    One Night Stand

    Just want to have some Fun? No Strings attached? Then you should choose this Option!

    Choose a Sim to have fun with and they will be there right away. (Home Lot only)

    Say hi and then do the do! You can choose all Woohoo Options that are currently in the Game. Bed, Closet, Tent, Bush, RocketShip, Telescope, Lighthouse, Coffin (Vampire), HotTub, SteamRoom.

    Be careful there is a small risk to become pregnant/get your partner pregnant. (Except when you/your partner uses WW’s Protection.)

    You can also do the Wicked Whims “Woohoo”. (The Sexually Alluring Trait will be temporary added to your Sim if they don’t have it already so asking for “Woohoo” will be successful) if you install the WickedWhims Addon.

    Since this is just a One Night Stand without strings attached (except maybe Babies) no Romance/Friendship will be build up and your One Night Stand will leave shortly after. (Be aware the Romance/Friendship preventer Buff will be active until the visible One Night Stand Buff gets removed or the Preventer Buff itself gets removed after 4 hrs)

    Hook Up Calls from NPCs

    Via the SimDa Dating App Menu on Phones you can enable/disable Hook Up Calls

    If this is enabled there is a Chance to get Hook Up Calls from NPCs. You can then choose to go or not. Accepting the Invitation will let your Sim go into a “Rabbit Hole” for 2-2,5 hrs to have some Fun. Same Pregnancy Risk!
    Via Computer/Tablet

    SimDa Chatroom via Computer & Tablet

    You can use this SimDa Chatroom to flirt with Sims
  • Enhanced aliens: Brand new abilities for the aliens

    Now aliens can do some new interactions! You are able to see them already by clicking on other sims and selecting the "Alien" menu. Under this menu there are 4 new interactions:

    - Bio-Boost sim: Your alien will Increase some needs of the targeted sims, sacrificing theirs. The alien will receive the "Boosting another" (+3 Dazed) Buff and the targeted sim will receive the "Being Boosted" (+3 Energetic) Buff.

    - Bio-Drain sim: This is the opposite of the previous interaction, your alien will decrease some needs of the targeted sims, improving theirs. The targeted sim will receive the "Being Drained" (+3 Dazed) Buff and the Alien will receive the "Draining another" (+3 Energetic) Buff.

    The buffs will last 1 hour and the bio-boost/bio-drain interactions will not be available is it already happening with a sim.

    Then there's the "Mind Control" sub-menu which brings two interactions:

    - Order to Clean: Your Alien will command sims to clean the house, without making them worry too much about themselves.

    - Order to Repair: Your Alien will command sims to Repair all of your broken objects, without making them worry too much about themselves.

    In both cases the targeted sim will receive the "Following Orders" (+10 dazed) Buff which will run out in about 4 hours.

    -A new need to take care of-

    Now aliens have a new need, Which is called "Brain power". This need will decrease periodically over the time, but it will be veeeery slow to decrease completely...
    Unless you use your powers! The need's maximum point is 100 and powers, depending on which one, will decrease the bar.

    Here are the powers "consumption" points:
    - Analyzing and empathizing with other sims will withdraw 15 points.
    - Transmuting metals and Bio-draining sims will withdraw 30 points.
    - Reviving dead alien pets and bio boosting a sim will withdraw 40 points.
    - Commanding sims will withdraw 60 points
    - Lastsly, erasing a sim's memory will withdraw 80 points!
    When it gets low, the buffs will be the same as the tired buff, but theiy will have different text.
    How can you recover brain power you ask? Just do a nap on a sofa/on a bed/wherever ya want, make them focus a bit in their sleep, and then (when some alien symbols show up) they'll start to recover their precious alien energy. If you won't think about that, aliens will automatically do a nap on the sofa. If the bar is too low, they'll pass out.

    -How to unlock these new functionalities?-

    There are two specific methods on how to do it:
    The First (Manual method, available for grown aliens): Grown up aliens don't have the new abilities just yet. To unlock them, you'll have to go to the rewards menu, and buy the first trait named "Enhanced Alien Abilities", which costs 0 points.
    The Second (Automatic method, available for alien children): You just have to wait for them to grow up into teens, and they'll develop their powers just by doing that!
  • Zombies:
    How to become a Zombie?-

    To receive the zombie curse you'll have to interact with any sim's grave, which will have a new interaction that is "Disrespect the dead" (For ghosts is "Mock the reaper"). Once you click on that, your sim will begin to mock the reaper's job in front of the grave, if the reaper is on the current lot, they'll be upset about it and will have the +5 angry "Someone mocked me!" buff which will last 5/6 hours. After they're done, they'll receive a +4 tense buff called "Disrespected the dead" ("Mocked the reaper" for ghosts) which will last 1 and half day. At this point, your fate is inevitable UNLESS you beg the reaper: To beg him, you have to interact with the grave again and select the "Beg the reaper" interaction. The outcome is dual, you'll have a 50/50 chance to be saved, however even if he spares you from the curse, if you'll receive it again you won't be spared another time. After the buff reaches it's ending, your sim will become a stinky brain-eating zombie.

    -What features does a zombie have?-
    First of all, when a sim becomes a zombie, they won't feel any emotion (Although they will be shown on their face), instead they'll have the "Zombified!" (+1000 asleep) buff. Also they cannot die! So the only way to get rid of a zombie is by deleting the sim/remove the zombie trait and the Zombified buff with cheats!
    Let's continue with the needs:
    - The fun and social needs are completely gone;
    - The Hunger need will be replaced with the Brains need, which can be replenished by (you guessed it) eating brains, when this need it's too low, the zombie will run instead of walking and your energy will drop slightly faster. The buffs involving the brains need when it's too low are "Braaaaiiinns..." (+2 angry) and "BRAAAAAIIIINNS!" (+50 angry);
    - The Hygiene need will drop much faster, they'll be stinky after a lil' while. Zombies won't care to take a shower or anything like that (also the buffs your sim would usually receive when they are dirty are gone, since they really don't care about their hygiene).
    Now, it's time to answer the question "How do I feed my zombie sim"?
    To feed a zombie, you'll have to get your zombie brains. To have them you'll have to attack a HUMAN sim, and you can do that by selecting the "Braaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnsss!!" interaction (You don't have to meet the sim you want to attack to perform it) on them. (Note that it won't be possible to attack children, toddlers, babies, ghosts, vampires nor the grim reaper) Once you do that, the zombie will go near the sim and bite them (everything will be covered in a black cloud). When they're finished, the targeted sim will become a zombie, and there will be a fresh and delicious
    brain on your zombie's inventory.
    And let's finish by saying that Zombies won't be able to learn anything.

    -How do the sims react when they see a zombie?-

    There will be two different reactions:
    - Sims will receive the "HELP! A ZOMBIE!" (+8 tense) buff. Then they will try to stay away from it, and then they'll freak out asking for help.
    - Insane, Mean and Evil sims will receive the "HUH? A ZOMBIE?" (+8 confident) buff. Then they will laugh at the zombie. Some might get near it.
    (They are the easiest prey to be honest.)
    - Vampires, The grim reaper and ghosts will not have any visible reaction on the zombies, but they can't be attacked, so this doesn't advantage the player.
  • Custom Life State Inheritance: kids born from special sims will inherit their traits

    Plant Sims

Get to work

  • Unlocked Alien parts: Allows human Sims to wear alien outfits and have alien eyes in CAS.
  • Invention Constructor Unlocked: Unlocks the invention constructor for use on your home lot.
  • SimRay Unlocked: This is an unlock of the SimRay you can craft when you begin the Scientist career, you don't need to be a Scientist to use it's freeze option though.
  • Customers Wait Forever: Customers will wait forever for you to Ring them Up.
  • Less cool-down period between sure sales: Decrease the period of time you can use sure sale perk again to 2 hours. Also allows sure sale to be used on all customers.
  • 12 Hour Work Days for Active Careers: Changes the work hours to 12 Hour Work days and then you can still stay longer when you use that option button you have at your work to stay longer.
  • Sure sale for all customers: Allows the sure sale interaction to be used on everyone.
  • Less Slacking Employees: Makes it so the Employees in your store are working more then that they are slacking off doing other things.
  • Faster Retail Actions: Sims will now ring up customers, restock items, and restock clothing faster. Originally the interactions took about 30 minutes (in sims time) maximum to do, now it will take them about 5 minutes. 
  • More Customers: Increases the number of customers at your retail shops. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Desserts Are Baking Recipes: Recategorizes certain dessert recipes:

    13 homestyle and 7 gourmet recipes were moved to the Bake option in the fridge/oven. 8 cupcake recipes were moved to a Make Cupcakes option in the cupcake machine. Sims gain Baking skill instead of (Gourmet) Cooking skill by preparing the edited recipes. The Bake interaction will be greyed out if the power is shut off.

    Baking will now satisfy the Prepare Food task of the Culinary career. Using fresh ingredients to prepare baked goods will now trigger the "Fresh is Best!" buff for Survivalist Sims. Head Caterers now require Baking Level 4 instead of Cooking Level 6 to be promoted to Pastry Chefs. To compensate, Pastry Chefs now require Cooking Level 6 instead of 7 for their promotion. Head Caterers and Pastry Chefs can Bake Pastries at work to improve their Baking skill.
  • Pointy Ears Unlocked - All Ages: Allows pointy ears on human sims.
  • More Buyable Venues: lets you buy more Venues.
    Venues you can buy:
    Karaoke Bar
    Arts Center
    Relaxation Center

    Special Venues- You have to change the Venue Type to the special Venue in the Build menu to be able to buy it.

    Ownable Lounge: Difference to the normal Lounge: No Auto Employees.
    Ownable Karaoke Bar: Difference to the normal Karaoke Bar: No Auto Employees.
    Ownable Bar: Difference to the normal Bar: No Auto Employees. No Ghosts, Bear, Knight and Alien Nights.
    Ownable Club: Difference to the normal Club: No Auto Employees.
    Ownable Café: Difference to the normal Café: No Auto Employees.
    Holiday Home (You can buy more residential Venues.)
    Scientist Lab with NPC Scientists spawning.
    PoliceStation with NPC Civilians, Cops, LabTech, Assistants and Chief spawning.
    Gaming Center: A Place for Kids, Teens and all the Geeks to play Video Games, Arcade and have lots of fun!
    Playground: A Place for Toddlers and Kids to play and enjoy the sun.
    A Park where mainly Toddlers & Children are spawning at daytime.

    How to buy a Venue:

    You can buy those Venues via every in game Computer in the "Houshold" category.

    What can you do on those Venues:

    Transfer Money from and to Household
    Build on Lot with your own Money
    Earn Money

    How to earn Money (Does not work on residential lots):

    Via every ingame Computer or via the Tablet (Tablet has no Animation) (max. ~1500$)
    These will let you collect Income every 24 hrs. The outcome is random and depends on your charisma level
    Bartending (20 ~ 60$)
    When Sims order a drink you will get a random Money loot no matter if you are the Bartender or a NPC. Set the Hire Limit from 1 to 3 Barkeeper
    EspressoBar (8 ~ 20$)
    If you own a Café you will get Money when sims order Food or Drinks no matter if you are the Barista or a NPC. Set the Hire Limit from 1 to 2 Barista
    Bowling Lane (~20$)
    Arcade (~8$)
    Table Football (~4$)
    Karaoke Machine (~20$)
    VideoGamingConsole (~12$)
    Computer Browse Web, Chat & Play Game (~12$)
    Motion Gaming Rig (~20$ at the End of Playing)
    Get Case Assignment (~12-20$)
    Browse Police Database (~12-20$)
    File Paperwork (~12-20$)
    Take Police Report (Civilians) (~12-20$)
    Go on Patrol (CrimeMap; no actual Interaction; Available every 2 hrs; ~100-200$)

    Hire Lot Owner & Optional Outfit Requirement
    This Addon changes the Filter for specific NPCs you can Hire. Changed the costs to 0$ (default 100$) when you don't own the Lot. If you are visiting a Custom Bar/Club etc. which is owned by another Household you play and you want the Owner to come and work you can now find them in the Pick List if they have at least the following levels:

    Barista no lvl needed
    Bartender min. lvl 1
    Entertainer (DJ, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Violin, Comedy) min. lvl 5
    MassageTherapist min. lvl 5

    Optional Outfit Requirement:
    This will change the Uniform into the Formal or Everyday Outfit

    Everyday = DJ, Guitar, Comedy, Barista
    Formal = Piano, Organ, Violin, Bartender

    Entrance Fee on Community Lots:

    When one of the Community Lots listet below has the “Entrance Fee” Lot Trait Sims (add it in build mode top left of screen) entering the Lot will Pay an Entrance Fee. The LotTrait needs to be added to the Lot before your Sims will spawn there!

    Lots the “Entrance Fee” Lot Trait works on:

    Karaoke Bar
    Relaxation Center
    Generic/VisitorAllowed Venues
    Cinema (More Buybale Venues Mod)

    Entrance Fees on Lots:

    Lot | Entrance Fee per Hour (Children will get a 50% Discount, Toddler have Free Access)

    Pool | 10 $
    Gym | 20 $
    Karaoke Bar | 20 $
    Cinema (More Buybale Venues Mod) | 20 $
    Lounge | 30 $
    Club | 40 $
    Relaxation Center | 50 $
    Generic/VisitorAllowed Venues | 40 $ NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Customer browse and buy faster: Make the customers visit the store, while browsing and buying a lot quicker than normal.
  • employees will stay 24 hours: your retail employees will stay a full 24 hours before they tell you they have to leave! If you want them to return after the 24 hours, you should be able to just close the store down then open it again and they should return.
  • retail overhaul: A “small” Retail Overhaul which gives your sim a better “Customer” Feeling when they are going shopping.


    Fish in Retail Fridge: All Fish are now dragable into the Retail Fridge

    Buying Clothes
    As a Customer you can now change the Outfit of Mannequins and later try & buy it.
    Toddler can buy Oufits via Mirrors
    Toddler can now buy Outfits as a Customer. After they paid the Price (Base Price 50$) they will be loaded in CAS where you can add/change their Outfit. It may take a moment for the CAS to load.

    Prices Overhaul
    Instead of the same Price (Base Price 175$) for every Outfit there are now different Outfits which gets calculated depending on the following characteristics: Children (50% Discount), Gender & Poses of Mannequins. The prices will increase in the following order of Poses Playful – > Active -> Confident -> Flirty -> Business.

    Go Shopping – More Options

    Fruits, Veggies & Herbs
    All Fruits, Veggies & Herbs are buyable via Retail Fridges
    All Fish are buyable via Aquariums
    Baked Goods
    Buy Single Bakery Dishes like Bagels, Donuts & Co. via Warming Rack
    Flowers & Plants
    All Flowers & Plants are buyable via Store Register
    All Books are buyable via Bookshelf's.
    Added this also to the Retail Bookshelf plus added an Inventory to this Bookshelf and the Options to Read etc. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Half priced retail Perks: All retail perks prices are halved from original values.
  • Always Keep A Doctor At Hospital: : adds a "replace" action which occurs if the original diagnostician leaves.

Get together

  • Half priced Club Perks: All club perks prices are halved from original values.
  • More clubs per sim: Increases to 9 the maximum number of clubs a Sim is allowed to have. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • No Gardening Club Harvesting: Removes the harvest actions from the club's "Tend Garden" activity. Sims will no longer steal your precious fruit and veg, but the harvest actions will no longer give you club points. All other gardening actions will still give club points as normal. This will work for all clubs, so if you decide to make your own gardening club, they will also not steal your veggies.
  • More club members with gender requirements: Requires you to purchase the Club Capacity 2 perk for your club prior to being able to invite the maximum member amount which is now 50. Once you add 8 or more members to your club, the + button will disappear from the UI. But you can still click on Sims and invite them directly, if you're under your member limit.
  • Club Work Out No Jogging: Sims will no longer prioritize jogging during club hangouts if their club has the Work Out activity. Sims can and will still jog due to their own autonomy, traits, and mood. However, they will no longer be compelled to by the club. This mod has no effect on autonomy outside of a club hangout.
  • No More Elders and Ghosts In Nightclub: Stops Elders and Ghosts as dancer in Nightclub.
  • More Expensive Club Perks: Club perks cost more meaning more difficult gameplay.
  • No DJ or Bartender Uniforms: changes the DJ and Bartender situations such that No situation outfits are generated for the NPCs. Bartender and DJ NPCs will show up wearing everyday outfits or whatever dress code you have set for the lot
  • Hired DJs & Bartenders Stay 25 hours: DJs and Bartenders will stay until the party is over.
  • Sims can get drunk: All bar drinks other than emotional drinks, motive drinks, water and tea will now give your sims a powerful dazed (drunk) moodlet. Now contains beer from the fridge.
  • Hired DJs & Bartenders Stay 25 hours: DJs and Bartenders will stay until the party is over.
  • Custom Club Activities: Adds the following club activities to the game:

    --------------------Base Game--------------------

    1. Activity Table Club Activity (for Kids) - Kids Activity
    2. Cow Plant Activities - Outdoor Activities
    3. Tea Drinking Club Activities - Food and Drink
    4. Voodoo Club Activities - Fun and Games
    5. Collect Crystals - Outdoor
    6. Collect Insects - Outdoor
    7. Jog - Hobbies
    8. Star/Cloud Gazing - Outdoor
    9. Dig Treasure - Outdoor

    --------------------Jungle Adventure--------------------

    10. Give Lecture about Archaeology - Hobbies
    11. Study Historical Insights - Hobbies
    12. Socialize with Archaeologists - Social
    13. Examine Traps - Hobbies
    14. Practice Archaeology - Hobbies
    15. Dance Rumbasim - Art and Music

    --------------------Other Packs--------------------

    16. Pumpkin Carving Club Activities - Spooky Stuff Pack - Hobbies
    17. Practice Herbalism - Outdoor Retreat GP- Hobbies
    18. Make Ice Cream - Cool Kitchen SP - Food and Drink - Hobbies
    19. Look for Lost Toys - Kids Stuff SP - Kids Activity
    20. Massage - Spa Day GP - Hobbies
    21. Sauna - Spa Day GP - Hobbies
    22. Retail Management - Get to Work EP - Hobbies
    23. Trade monster Cards - Kids Stuff SP - Kids Activity

    Non Autonomous Activities - Voodoo Doll, Jungle Adventure Set


  • Praise Vet Employee All You Want: removes the restrictions on praising your Vet Employees. You can praise them as often as you want.
  • Half Priced Vet Perks: vet perks are half price to buy.
  • Vet Clinic- Customers Wait Forever: Customers at vet clinic will now never leave until their cats & dogs & raccoons & foxes are treated.
  • Very Satisfied Vet Clinic Employees With Unlimited Working Time: Vet employees will always remain 'Very satisfied' whatever you do to them; promote/demote/praise/criticize. They will be loyal to the head sim operating the vet clinic. They will work for you continuously without leaving or any complaints, if you keep the clinic open.
  • Selectable pets: make pets selectable/playable. They have their own needs and behaviors to choose from.
  • Vet-Hire Who Ever: Will allow you to hire employees regardless of their skill level.
  • No Strays: Completely eliminates the random generation of Stray Cat and Stray Dog households.
  • Pets do not have fears: Pets will no longer feel fear of objects.
  • No Pets at the Club: Changes the Dance Club zone director such that Pet Owner walkby situations aren't generated. This doesn't mean households which own pets won't show up, they just won't show up with pets.
  • No Sick, Dirty, Sad, Hungry Pets NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!


  • More Umbrella Variations In World: Gives them more Variations to “choose” from. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Flower Arrangements require all Ingredients: All Ingredients are now needed.
  • Flower Arrangements slower decay: Instead of 2 Days they will now take 7 Days before they wilt.
  • Change into Everyday when inside: Sims wearing “Cold” Clothes will change into Everyday Clothes when back inside. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Autolight Fireplace when it is cold/freezing outside: Sims will now Autolight the Fireplace only when it is indeed cold/freezing outside instead in the middle of a Heatwave.
  • No Present opening Cooldown: no more three hour wait until sims can open another Present.
  • No Autonomous Shovel Snow: keeps your Sims from constantly shoveling the snow.
  • No Autonomous Play In Leaf: keeps your Sims from constantly playing in the leaves.
  • No Rain Outfits: your sims won't change into a random outfit when it is raining outside.
  • Calm Bees: adds a new Interaction to the Bee Box to calm Bees. This will let your Sim talk to Bees ~ 10mins which will calm them down. It will also gain a small Bonding Loot with them as well as Emotional Control for Teens. The Option is only available if Bees are indeed irritated or enraged. Be aware there is still a Chance to get stung. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Sims will walk inside during a blizzard: sims will now walk instead of running during a blizzard.
  • No Autonomous Snow Angel: keeps your Sims from constantly making snow angels.
  • No Autonomous Play In Rain: keeps your Sims from constantly playing in the rain.
  • Arctic and True Desert Weather: Arctic Weather: Cold all year round, with an increased chance of snow and blizzards.
    True Desert Weather: Hot all year round, with more heatwaves and no snow.

    Modified Worlds:

    Oasis Springs (True Desert)
    Willow Creek (Arctic)
    Windenburg (Arctic)
  • No Autonomous Build Snowpal : stops your Sims from constantly building a Snowpal.
  • Wellness Tradition Pack (spa day + seasons) This adds 7 Wellness related Traditions to the Calendar System:

    Get a Massage (Teen +)
    Do a Yoga Routine (Teen +)
    Meditate (Teen +)
    Relax in SteamRoom (Child +)
    Take Mud Bath (Child +)
    Take Bath With Soak (Child +)
    Light Incense (Child +)

    Seasons & Spa Day DLCs needed!
  • More Holiday Icons: adds around 200 Icons to the Calendar Holiday Icons.
  • School Holiday (New Holiday Tradition) : this gives Teens/Children a Day off School. Instead of random not planable School Holidays this is a new Tradition to use via the Calendar Holiday Feature.

    Just add this Tradition to a Holiday and your Kids will get a free Day. You don’t need to add any extra Traditions. The Day off will fulfill the Tradition immediately.

    DON’T check the Day off Option on top of the Holiday Setting Window or else Adults will get a free Day too! NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST UPDATE!
  • Random Holiday Traditions: adds a bunch of random Holiday Traditions

    Use Hottub (Perfect Patio DLC)
    Eat Icecream (Cool Kitchen DLC)
    Watch Movies (Movie Hangout DLC)
    Eat Popcorn (Movie Hangout DLC)
    Go Bowling (Bowling DLC)
    Play Basketball (City Living DLC)
    Do Laundry (Laundry Day DLC)
    Pumkin Crafting (Spooky Stuff DLC)
    Foosball (Get Together DLC)
    Darts (Get Together DLC)
    Play Instruments


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