Subscribers can enjoy a wide variety of sims adult related objects including some of the best adult related objects ever created complete with NEW animations an assortment of nude and over 100 adult skins as well as adult paintings once logging in!
  Strip club set  
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Contains a variety of objects to make your own strip club including the strippers and pole dancers to work in them! Also contains a topless bar.

Your dream of owning your own strip club can now be a reality. The strippers will dance, flirt and even play and fool around with your sims!

  Pole dancers  
Like the strippers the pole dancers will also interact with your simsut they like to dance and strip while dancing and swinging around a pole!but they like to dance and strip while dancing and swinging around a pole!

  Adult magazines  
  Sims can purchase a variety of adult magazines from this stand. When they return home they can either read them normally or masturbate over them!

  Sex interactions  

Sims are finally free of the need to use objects to have sex now they can do it anytime... and in any place with multiple positions, and even on other objects! More inside.

  Love beds  

You get to see your sims in action when they do the dirty deed of love with these beds. Choose from a variety of beds each with their own unique positions each bed has been altered so sims do not need to be in love to play plus when used downtown or on vacation townies, strangers and even our strippers will invite themselves to play with your sims in them! More inside.

  Sex rugs  
  Sims can choose to play on this very special rug whether it be in front of the TV, an intimate evening in front of the fireplace or even on the kitchen floor! The rug is also so smart it can detect what sex's are on it and choose the correct animations.

  Sims can call a variety of hookers on their phones and for a small fee they will visit the sim and keep them company. Better make sure you have the cash though because they charge by the hour!


Your sim woman can enjoy buying these dildos in a variety colors from their favorite sex store than enjoy the pleasure of using them when they arrive home!

  Adult dvd's  
  Sims can purchase a adult DVD's in several categories than watch them on their wide screen plasma screen TV and masturbate over them.

  Sex dolls  
  Your male sims don't have a date for the night? Well than they will get a lot of fun out of these!

  Sims can buy and use condoms with our special love beds. Never worry about babies again!

  Sex tub   
  A new hot tub with new sexier animations for kiss, cuddle and play! Get your sims hot and wet.

  Ride me dildo  
  Your sims will have a blast trying to stay on a bucking dildo while racking up body points!

  Sex booths  
  These stylish curtains not only look good but they have a special purpose. Sims just can't resist having oral sex in them!

  Strip poker  
  Brush up on your logic skills be playing cards. Play with a friend but if you go nude! Contains real card playing animations.

  Sex picnic  
  Sims can enjoy a picnic in the nude as well as a quickie or blowjob outdoors.

  Spanking machine  
  Watch your sims rack up body points as they get their ass spanked! With our one of a kind spanking object.

  Adults only tv channels  
  We all know these type of channels exist on our TV's so now your sims can enjoy them too! Choose from a variety of TV's including a wall TV with several channels via satellite dish.

  Huge erotic paintings  
  Their the biggest, baddest paintings ever created taking up 3 full tiles on a wall they'll make any room score sky rocket! Over 50 super hot paintings waiting to be downloaded into your homes strictly adults only!

Over 200 hot adults only skins are waiting for you inside to download. Choose from sexy, stylish, weird, fantasy, devilish and much much more!

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