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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

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FEB 16: Super nude has been updated
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Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 16/2/19)
BDSM set intimate piercing pack
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 12/2/19)
More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus (please delete all old files before installing new name changes) Better Autonomous Homework (please delete all old files before installing new name changes) SimDa” Dating App (requires FFM from super nude patch!) (please delete all old files before installing new name changes)
Teenager get skill bonus from parents No autonomous gaming or browsing the web on phones Faster Fish Catching SimCity Loans No Noisy Neighbors Faster Flower Arranging Surprise Holidays Be Gone Weather Realism Overhaul Reply to Fan Letters No React In Disgust
Drug mod latest updates (last updated 12/2/19)
v2.1.0.89 updates:

Curing weed works as "Cure All"
Opening cured weed jars works as "Open All"

If you have a lot of uncured buds in your Sims inventory and a lot of weed jars out and about. Simply click on one of them and start curing whatever strain you want, your Sim will autonomously start curing all available buds in your Sims inventory in all available jars.

When the jars are done curing this works in the same way as just described, click on one of the jars and select "Open". Your Sim will autonomously start opening all of them.

Note: Do not use CC shelves for this, as it might not work flawlessly. Try to use EA shelves or general surfaces.

Fixed missing String Table in comedown description (Purple Playboys)
Cleaned up and reworked a lot of script stuff
Removed famous Sims from potential High Level clients picker
Proofreading of all String Tables
FFM updates (last updated 7/2/19)
v4. updates:

Added the Impressions System
The whole system is explained below.

It takes just a few seconds to start making a good impression, but it can take a while to impress someone with your personality.

Good looks, proper manners, appearing optimistic, and being respectful isn't what you focus on when trying to build chemistry.

Impressing someone with your personality goes a lot deeper, and typically requires some level of compatibility... unless you're hiding who you really are. Establishing a relationship doesn't depend on compatibility, but it certainly helps to speed up the process.

So are you willing to fake who you truly are, just so you can quickly get closer to someone?

Personality Archetypes

Although people's personality matures with time, it stays fairly consistent, and with that in mind, every Sim is assigned one or two Personality Archetypes that match their traits. These personality archetypes identify who Sims really are, but it doesn't force them to be seen as such.

Matching Personality Archetypes help Sims to determine if they are compatible and allow to impress with their similar view of the world. Appearing as compatible allows building chemistry, which subsequently allows to impress and instantly boost the relationship.

Sage Sims seek wisdom and focus on finding the truth in every situation. However, their knowledge-seeking nature causes them to think too much and not act enough.

Sims that are interested and focused on knowledge will most likely end up being a Sage.

Artist Sims strive to create things of enduring value and achieve their vision. In many cases, however, the fear of not being exceptional prevents their growth.

Sims that are creative and interested in crafting will most likely end up being an Artist.

Hero Sims are eager to demonstrate the courage to prove their worth and confidence. Subsequently, they might end up appearing arrogant by looking for faults in others to feel good about themselves or pick fights.

Sims that are sure of themselves and always ready to fight will most likely end up being a Hero.

Caregiver Sims are driven by their empathy and compassion to protect and care. Unfortunately, others can exploit their good nature for their own ends.

Sims that are focused on building a family and caring for others will most likely end up being a Caregiver.

Innocent Sims positivity and happiness has a great power to uplift others. But they can appear very childish and their optimistic perspective causes them to be too naive.

Sims that are cheerful, kind, or good in nature will most likely end up being Innocent.

Lover Sims crave intimacy, live to experience pleasure, and are very passionate. Nonetheless, with their desire to evoke love in others, they risk losing their own identity and appear shallow.

Sims that are very romantic, loving, or pleasure seeking, will most likely end up being a Lover.

Greedy Sims focus on generating as much revenue as possible and saving as much capital as possible, no matter the consequences. But their stingy approach to reality makes them appear selfish, envious, and villainous.

Sims that are only focused on earning money, appear snobby, or are simply evil will most likely end up being Greedy.

Everyman Sims just want to belong and feel like a part of something. They lack any distinctive identity and rarely stand out.

Sims that do not fit into any specific Personality Archetype end up being just an Everyman. This occurs when Sim has no personality defining traits or has conflicting personality traits.

Sims personality can change with new traits they gain throughout their life, but that's a fairly rare occurrence.

Social Interactions

Knowing what is significant in someone's life and learning their personality is the key to impressing. Get to know them, discuss interests, get into deep conversations, and try to find topics that resonate with their personality.

Every Personality Archetype is associated with matching conversation topics and comes with extra social interactions. Discussing things that are related to certain personalities allows recognizing them in Sims and builds up chemistry. That chemistry directly affects Sim impression.

Good impression instantly improves the relationship and makes it easier to connect without deeply knowing the other person. That is a great foundation for building the relationship faster.

Social Skills

Diverse conversations with various people immensely improve your social experience, which is reflected in gained charisma and persuasion skills.

The Charisma skill helps a lot when trying to learn Sims personality and speeds up the process of impressing. It's recommended to improve your Charisma before attempting to impress anybody, especially when thinking of faking a personality.

The Persuasion skill has a major effect on impressing Sims and decreases the chance of being found out when faking. Successful impressions will make it easier and easier to be more persuasive. Learning good persuasion skills is tough but definitely worth it.

Faking Personality

Unfortunately, only around 15% to 20% of Sims population is compatible, which means that if you want to impress someone, you might need to fake it. That isn't as bad as it might sound since impressing is only a temporary element of building the relationship, not to sustain it.

When deciding to fake it, the focus is on learning Sim personality by getting to know them, discussing interests, and simply talking. Improving the Charisma skill speeds up the process as well. Brute forcing your fake personality will only make you appear as a poser and ruin the relationship.

As long as you prepare and learn the Sim personality, there is no immediate downside to attempting a fake out.

Social Penalty

Social connections are a delicate matter which can be easily disturbed when a deceitful person joins in.

Attempting to try every personality on a Sim to see what clicks is going to quickly fail. Sims aren't that stupid and can tell when you're brute forcing your way into the relationship. What you will end up with is a ruined relationship and being seen as a poser.

In the future, faking your personality with a high number of Sims will be met with a lost reputation. Lying to everyone eventually fails and makes you appear as a poser in everybody's eyes.

Added Persistent Social Boredom

Repeating social interactions leads to boredom, which in the base game is forgotten immediately after the conversation ends. This is a pretty cheesy way of avoiding boredom and can be easily done by accident.

With Persistent Social Boredom, Sims remember every repeated interaction for the next 8 hours, so forcing social interactions isn't possible and you need to be more cautious to not make things boring.

Body Selector
Added body parts icons

Sex Animations
Added cleaning of unnecessary sex interactions from objects to improve performance

EXPERIMENTAL ONLY - This only occurs with the 'Experimental Mode' enabled.

Sex Autonomy
Fixed police patrols ignoring work for autonomy sex
Fixed cancelled joining to sex preventing autonomy joining forever

Menstrual Cycle
Fixed clothes getting dirty from period blood without washing machines

Fixed Sims underwear resetting to default when using fullbody outfits

Added 'Experimental Mode' setting

Some potentially unstable features that will be introduced in the future might be better when only available with this setting enabled. This allows users to disable these features when issues occur and avoid problems until fixed.

Disabling this setting is only advised when an issue is encountered.

Fixed acquiring custom skill notification not showing up
Minor performance improvements
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