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Super nude patch IV. 9.0.13

Stoned AF mod 7.17.214

Perfect punters mod 1.3.22
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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and EXPOSED evil into THE SIMS universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations in every position possible complete with full creampies and climaxes and more! We got sex, drugs, bondage, BDSM, porn, adult toys and dvd everything your SEXY sims could ever need ALL in ONE place and ALL at ONE low low price!

With multiple ways to transform your sims game into a XXX paradise including the one and only SUPER NUDE PATCH you can use the all in one self installer, install mods manually or join the patreon page and have choose which packs to install in several self installers if you don't want to download a HUGE installer file!

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Site Updates
May 20 2024

Super nude patch IV 9.0.13

FFM  v182

Wicked Attributes

Improved Wicked Attributes randomization
Introduced Wicked Attributes Default Distribution
Moved giving Wicked Attributes to other Sims to the Wicked Attributes Controls menu
Added reminder notification about Wicked Attributes for new games

Wicked Attributes now come with the new Wicked Attributes Controls menu that offers better randomization functionality and default distribution of attributes.

With randomization you can select which kinds of Sims you want to randomize on, if you want to make any exceptions you can manually adjust individual Sims, select which attributes to randomize, and then configure how many attributes per Sim and the percentage of Sims that will receive attributes. This hopefully gives you absolute control over how you want to randomize attributes on any or all Sims in your world.

Default Distribution is for any new Sims that are being created in your world, automatically or manually. You can configure what kind of Sims to distribute on and the percentage chance for any attribute to be added to newly created Sims. Additionally you can prevent distributing on Sims that you create and then play or even distribute attributes as Sims age up.

Added quicker access to 'Playlists Controls' during sex
Added an ability to adjust penis size/tilt during sex
Improved sex autonomy dynamic floor location choosing (less clipping)
Fixed sex autonomy recognizing some rooms as inaccessible
Fixed sex parties and sex club gatherings not functioning correctly at home lots
Fixed Sims watching sex not realizing the sex location changed
Fixed not being able to interrupt sex watching Sims for a chat
Fixed the 'Stop This Sex' button not working when sex encounters an issue

Added 'NPC-NPC Pregnancy Switch' Pregnancy Setting
Added 'Elder Pregnancy Switch' Simple Pregnancy Setting (disabled by default)

If you don't want NPC Sims getting pregnant from having sex with other NPC Sims then you can now disable the 'NPC-NPC Pregnancy Switch' setting. This won't affect Player-NPC pregnancy.

And if you play with the Menstrual Cycle mode disabled and you don't want Elder age Sims getting pregnant then you can now disable the 'Elder Pregnancy Switch' setting. Actually, you don't need to disable it, that's now the default state.

Located at Pregnancy Settings ➜ Other Settings.

Sims in the after-bathing towel now change out of it on their own

To retain the base game behavior, Sims that put on a towel after bathing will now dress up to their everyday outfit after an in-game hour.

Fixed Sims interrupting their jobs to react to nudity
Fixed temporary overlays getting stuck on undressed Sims (facial masks, sickness effects)
Fixed outfit changing issues with the Crystal Creations stuff pack
Fixed dogs appearing distorted when going jogging on a lead

Strip Clubs

Allowed any employee to assign Strip Club dancers outfits

Passionate Romance

Socials directionality now respects chosen Sexual Roles

Fixed sniffing panties not checking for gender compatibility with attractiveness

Window Peeping

Fixed incorrect window height detection for window peeping

Fixed usage of pills and lube in inventory affecting the entire stack instead of individual items
Fixed child mannequins breaking after purchasing the outfit

Kinky expansions foot fetish new updates

Added more dialogue variety to the Foot Fetish mod

Sex parts new updates (please remove/uninstall all old files first due to new files names and new merged files!)

default female nude skins updated
5 new types of butt added

F-word mod new updates

updated for ffm v182

Intimate piercing pack updated for new sex parts (please remove/uninstall all old files first due to new files names and new merged files!)

updated files
heart nipple piercing
oriana nipple piercing
ball closure ring
circular barbell
distresseddays-chain piercing
distresseddays-daisy piercing
distresseddays-lotus piercing
distresseddays-wings piercing
straight barbell piercing
xmas bell piercings

new designs added
eiraeira nipple piercing
eiraeira nipple chain choker

Intimate pack new animations

Brazen Pussy Pounding-MF-vaginal-living chair
Cowshed Standing Leaning Back-MF-vaginal-animal shed
Lounge Oraljob-MF-oraljob-lounge chair
Cowshed Nailed Penetration-MF-vaginal-animal shed
Lounge Pronebone Anal-MF-lounge chair
Lustful Reverse Cowgirl 2-MF-vaginal-living chair
Cowshed Foreplay-MF-teasing-animal shed
Counter Stand Behind Climax-MF-counter
Lustful Reverse Cowgirl-MF-vaginal-living chair
Bed Edge Doggy Climax-MF-double bed
Legs Spread Missionary Climax-MF-picnic table
Counter Stand Behind 2-MF-vaginal-counter
Doggy Prone On Bed Climax (Top Bunk)-MF-bunk bed
Open Gates Knocking-MF-vaginal-picnic table
Diligent Pussy Preparation-MF-oraljob-picnic table
Doggy Prone On Bed (Top Bunk)-MF-vaginal-bunk bed
Dominating Pronebone-MF-vaginal-double bed
Dick For Picnic-MF-oraljob-picnic table
Leaning Back Cowgirl (Top Bunk)-MF-vaginal-bunk bed
Doggy On Bed (Top Bunk)-MF-vaginal-bunk bed
Lollipop Sucking-MF-oraljob-single bed, double bed
Lollipop Sucking (Top Bunk)-MF-oraljob-bunk bed
Relaxing Blowjob (Top Bunk)-MF-oraljob-bunk bed
Holding Hands Cowgirl (Top Bunk)-MF-vaginal-bunk bed
Counter Stand Behind Start-MF-vaginal-counter
Counter Stand Behind-MF-vaginal-counter
Shameless Missionary-MF-vaginal-picnic table
Toilet Masturbation-M-handjob-toilet
Sideways Face To Face-MF-vaginal-beach towel, floor, yoga mat
Indifferent Doggy Phone Call-MF-vaginal-sofa
Rough From Behind-MF vaginal, available locations: floor, dance floor, yoga mat, beach towel
Leaning Back Cowgirl Climax-MF-vaginal-single bed, double bed
Leaning Back Cowgirl Climax (Top Bunk)-MF-vaginal-bunk bed
Deep Take From Behind-MF-vaginal-sauna
Bathtub Invitation-MF-teasing-bathtub
Helping With Her Toy-MF handjob-beach towel, floor, yoga mat (sex toy pack required)
Insatiable Handjob Climax-MF-sauna
Toilet Masturbation 2-M-handjob-toilet
Reverse Cowgirl Teasing-MF-teasing-sofa, loveseat, bench_outdoor
Bed Edge Throat Love-MF-oraljob-double bed
Leaning Back Cowgirl-MF-vaginal-single bed, double bed
Squatting Doggy Anal-MF-floor, dance floor, yoga mat, beach towel
Shoulder Legs Penetration-MF-vaginal-beach towel, floor, yoga mat
Cunnilingus From Behind-MF oraljob-counter
Sudden Awakening-MF-teasing-double bed
Fingering The Woken Up-MF-handjob-double bed
Squat Сowgirl-MF-vaginal-single bed, double bed
Squat Сowgirl (Top Bunk)-MF-vaginal-bunk bed
Missionary Deepthroat Climax-MF-beach towel, floor, yoga mat
Awakening Handjob-MF-handjob-double bed
Lustful Reverse Cowgirl-MF-vaginal-chair_living
Drowsy Arousal-MF-teasing-double bed
Caress The Sleeping-MF-teasing-double bed

Rough and rowdy pack new animations

Pillory - Reverse Gangbang 01 // MFF // HandJob, OralJob  // Pillory 1 Medium (requires bondage pack)

Creampies pack

BDSM new updates

updated objects

blowjob and sex arcades
Added User autonomy for both Blowjob and Sex Arcades.
Sims with Adulterer, Sexually Adventurous and Insatiably Lustful Wicked attributes can use the Arcades autonomously, as well as Sims with a couple of Kritical's original traits.
Made current Blowjob and Sex Arcade Users excluded from the User selection dialog.
Changed build/buy object category tags to more appropriate ones.
Adjusted object footprints.
Fixed incorrect using price in strings and object textures.
Removed solid side wall swatches from Blowjob Arcade object.

As other Sims react to the nudity of the ones in the arcades, both solid and transparent side wall swatches can't work properly together. Also it's difficult to see if an object with solid walls is being used by a Sim. And finally, what is the point of not seeing anything?

Fixed missing strings and tooltips for interactions.
Made objects gender specific - only females can be Users (Sims who are 'used' in arcades) and only males can be Customers (Sims who 'uses' other ones in arcades).
Made object and Sim interactions blocked when they are in use.
Made Sims use ffm undressing instead of bathing (nude) outfit (thanks to TURBODRIVER for helping me with this).

This allows certain pieces of clothing such as shoes and accessories to remain on when Sims are undressed, depending on your ffm settings.

Made ffm nudity pressure blocked for Users and Customers.
Made Users always dress up after releasing.
Made Users don't react to nearby nude Sims (thanks to TURBODRIVER for making it possible).
Decreased pregnancy chance for unprotected usage interaction to 20% (from 33%).
Added custom thought bubbles for both Users and Customers.
Made Sims with Adulterer, Sexually Adventurous and Insatiably Lustful Wicked attributes enjoy being used in arcades.
Added buffs and moodlets for Customers.
Added its own buffs and moodlets for Users and Customers in case of unprotected usage.
Fixed delay in displaying usage options before using Sims again.
Adjusted needs decay rate.

SExercise Bike, Thighmaster and Workout Machine Freya
Made sims wear athletic outfit with undressing for workouts instead of nude outfit.

Sims will always undress bottom for workouts and will never be embarrassed by nudity, while other sims react to it. However the rest of the nudity behavior and gameplay will be affected with ffm rules. For example, if you have nude workouts enabled, sims may also undress top and not dress up back after finishing workout depending on their nudity skill.

Made workout interactions affected with Bracing Breezes lot trait. (Thanks to ADimGaR for bringing this to my attention)
Totally changed Exercise Bike interaction tunings so that it worked in the same way as other machines. (it uses different sim positioning now and has a preparing animation too)
Decreased the average time for all workouts.
Made workouts affect Flirty, Energized and Happy sim moods (buffs boost).
Added object sounds to animations and corrected sims sounds.
Adjusted object footprints to prevent sims from walking through objects.
Added tooltips to all object interactions.
Removed decor object tags and added the proper ones for workout machines, corrected tuning resources for the same purpose.
Enabled autonomy for all 3 objects.
Made all 3 workout machines female exclusive from teens to adults, no males and elders allowed.
Made all 3 workout machines use nude outfit for workout and switch to athletic one after finishing it.
Made ffm nudity pressure blocked for machine users.
Removed animation fading for Tighmaster.
Made Exercise Bike workout time limited.
Decreased Tighmaster and Freya workout times.
Made sims can interact with gym mentors including autonomy.
Changed "preparing" animation for Tighmaster to the same one that Freya has.
Made using Exercise Bike also increases Sexpertise skill.
Added custom thought cloud for sims preparing to Thighmaster and Freya.
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