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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience my community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super mod and nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations and more! No need to go anywhere or pay anyone else for adult content because I have it ALL here!

1st time here, new to modding or having trouble with mods and objects? Than head over to the
FAQ to get your questions answered. Select a section to visit to the left OR above. ALL adults only sections, super patches and sims 4 normal objects require a subscription to download but feel free to view them freely.
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Latest/recent downloads
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 19/11/17)
Fword FFM vampire pack sex parts wild pack outdoor pack.
3D pubic hair for females 3D lashes animated penis and tongue support added.
Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 19/11/17)
career socials unhidden Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job  half price club perks work study hard and gain performance pissed off no culling self-Configurable Autonomy call anytime and chat longer become a sorcerer visitors not spawning in front of venues kids can die of anything longer interaction queue more buyable venues sarcastic trait.
Set Filters on Paintings by Reference No wrench icons on swatches Praise Vet Employee All You Want Half Priced Vet Perks Vet Clinic- Customers Wait Forever Very Satisfied Vet Clinic Employees With Unlimited Working Time selectable pets Vet-Hire Who Ever.
Sims 4 latest adult updates
DRUG mod updated with new features!

Repaired mod so it works with the latest TS4 game patch

Share amphetamine with…
Standing is now preferred posture
Added occasional buffs while high
Added whimset while high
New Icons

Share cocaine with…
Standing is now preferred posture
Added occasional buffs while high
Added whimset while high
New Icons

Increased autonomy to smoke first blunts or joints
Standing is now preferred posture
Added whimset while high
Weed addiction (Stoner buff)
Stronger effects when overdoing it
Chance of “Smoked Too Much” buff with negative side-effects
Reduced chance of “Smoked Too Much” buff for Stoners
Glitch fixed where tense buffs got boosted instead of reduced
Prices of individual buds tuned down
Added notification dialog that tells you when cured buds are ready
New Icons

Disabled more pill popping after non-fatal OD
Standing is now preferred posture
Hangover is now sad buff

Drug dealing
Autonomy for buying drugs turned off (again)
Talk to dealer to stop dealing drugs (remove dealer trait)
Desperate actions disabled for lovers
Other Sims will now react to drugs being sold in front of them
Fixed glitch where drug dealer interactions appeared on other careers
Fixed payment glitch in “Exchange Sex for Drugs” interaction
Added 48 hours time restriction on “Exchange Sex for Drugs” interaction

Vampires can not die from overdoses anymore
Order Drugs online no longer requires programming skill

Strip club neon sign pack


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