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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and EXPOSED evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

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Site Updates
August 11 - 2020
Stay safe at home and have some sexy time with your sims the super nude patch has you covered!

New updates to the super nude patch 7.0.15

FFM mod 159.2
Added the 'Aversive Appearance' Wicked Attribute (Trait) that makes Sims appear unattractive to others
Improved user experience of the Attractiveness Specific Sims selector menu
Fixed occasional errors caused by Attractiveness
Fixed Sims gaining Nudity skills experience when 'Naturism and Exhibitionism' is disabled
Implemented initial User Config support
Fixed the 'Shallow' Wicked Attribute causing errors

Added the 'Piercing' Attractive Trait to Outfit Details
Piercing introduced with the Discover University expansion pack is now detected by Attractiveness and Sims can have a preference towards it.
Added the 'Check Yourself Out' interaction to all mirrors to learn what the world thinks of your Sim
Any mirror in the game can now be used to 'Check Yourself Out' to get a better idea if your Sim looks good.. or bad. The mirror never lies, so if you are seen by the majority as the most beautiful Sim in the world, you can be sure it's the truth.
Added the 'Attractiveness Ambivalent' Wicked Attribute (Trait) that makes Sims ignore the Attractiveness feature
Added the 'Shallow' Wicked Attribute (Trait) that makes Sims agree to sex with Very Attractive Sims

Since Wicked Attributes are now a thing, adding random fun traits to alter gameplay is going to be happening way more often. Attractiveness now features two more traits.

The 'Attractiveness Ambivalent' trait is a switch to disable Attractiveness for individual Sims. It makes them ignore other Sims Attractiveness and social interactions are no longer influenced by it. Other Sims will be partially affected by an Attractiveness Ambivalent Sim, but most of the functionality won't have an effect.

The 'Shallow' trait makes Sims be all for some fun with Very Attractive Sims, in addition to regular relationship checks. Relationship compatibility checks are still in place, so cheating won't occur unless circumvented with settings or other traits.
Added 'Sims Types to Pre-Select' menu when Selecting or Generating Sims Preferences

By clicking on one of the "Specific Sims Preferences" interactions under Attractiveness, you access the Pre-Select menu. There you can choose which kind of Sims you want to manipulate, so if you want to affect Homeless Elder Wizards, simply select the "Elder Age", "Spellcaster Occult" and "Homeless Sims". The next window will open with just these Sims selected. So easy.
Added the 'Copy Preferences from Other Sim' functionality

Tired of selecting the same preferences for every Sim? Thinking how easy it would be if there were preference templates? Too bad, templates are not a thing, but I have something similar. Any Sim can be used as a template, as the "Copy Preferences from Other Sim" button will do just that. Select any Sim, edit their preferences, and use the mentioned functionality to copy any other Sim preferences for that selected Sim.
Asking about Attractiveness Likes/Dislikes has been merged into one interaction
Streamlined asking about Attractiveness Preferences and made it feel less artificial
Introduced Attractiveness Feedback that can show up after talking to a Sim for a while

Asking about Sims preferences has been reworked to allow asking multiple times in a row and to have clearer and meaningful responses. Sims will now talk about the things your Sim lacks, as well as things they dislike about your Sim.

Additionally, during conversations with new Sims, you may receive some feedback about the Sim you are talking with.
Introduced Preferences Generator Modes

When generating Sims preferences, you will now have the option to pick from one of the three available Generator Modes. Every new Sim is by default generated using the Moderate Mode.

Light (Subtle) Mode is focused on generating positive preferences for only a few categories to create a starting point for a Sim attraction. This generally results in the Sim finding others a lot more attractive, as fewer preferences and no negative preferences will fit with others way more often. Categories that the Light Mode includes are Sex, Gender Construct, Voice Types, Outfit Colors, Eye Colors, Hair Colors, Hair Types, Hair Lengths, Outfit Archetypes, Outfit Styles, Outfit Types, and Body Shape.

Moderate (Considerate) Mode is a balance-oriented option that generates mostly positive preferences with a chance to generate negative preferences. All categories are included in the process which gives the best results for finding other Sims attractive. Additionally, with a chance to generate negative preferences, Sims further narrow down the number of candidates they find attractive.

Heavy (Opinionated) Mode is equally focused on generating positive preferences and negative preferences. All generated negative preferences are checked to not conflict with Sim own image and are usually opposites of their positive preferences. With this approach, Sims have a very strict idea of who they might find attractive. This results in Sims seeing others as mostly uninteresting or unattractive, and only a few can be seen as worthy.
Improved generating of Sims Preferences
Generating preferences in highly populated saves doesn't freeze the game anymore

Current Sims preferences are not going away, but if you want to try out the improvements to the generator, you can always use it again on any of the Sims.
Introduced Attractiveness Hypo-Opposites to add variation to Sims view on attraction

Sims that lack Likes or Dislikes in noticeable quantities will be supplemented with Hypo-Opposites. Certain Attractive Traits have an opposite to them that will be seamlessly applied to a Sim with a very minor effect. Because liking things isn't enough, the focus is on potential dislikes.

For example, liking long hair has a hypo-opposite of disliking short hair, unless a stance on disliking hair lengths was already established. Liking long hair is not equal to disliking short hair, but the existence of a hypo-opposite will have a minor effect on Sim view which results in adding more variation.
Made Sims Attractiveness Traits be only based on their Everyday outfits

Previously Sims Attractiveness Traits were dependent on the outfit they were currently wearing which introduced an issue with others attraction towards that Sim changing with the outfit and making it confusing to understand what's happening.

Because Sims Formal, Athletic, Sleepwear, Party, Swimwear, Hot & Cold Weather outfits are situational or functional they are no longer considered when rating Sim style. All your effort in defining Sim individual style comes from all of their Everyday outfits.
Player-made Sims Attractive Traits are valued higher

Any Sim that is part of a played household is now typically considered more attractive. This means that if you created a Sim and placed them into the world, it's likely you put some effort into it. The result of it is that other Sims in the world will see them as more attractive. This doesn't mean they are by default very attractive, but Sims will put more value into the traits that they like in them. This rule does not apply within the household the played Sims live in.
Minor balancing tweaks to make Sims less ambivalent towards others Attractiveness
Improved optimization and consistency

Changing Sex Location and Swapping Sex Position is now slightly smoother

Pubic Hair
Fixed selecting Pubic Hair causing errors

Fixed Mermaids bathing outfit rendering human feet

BDSM pack new animations

New objects added
bondage bed

new animations added:

BondageBed: Master / Anal domination-Anal / Climax-Bondage Bed-Dom - Male; sub - any genders
Submission Trio: suck-Oraljob-Floor, Yoga-Mat, Dance Floor-Any genders

Jack of all trades pack new animations
Double-Barrelled Showering is an MMF Vaginal interaction for showering

Mega sex pack new animations
Sudden Awakening-MF teasing-double bed
Fingering The Woken Up-MF handjob-double bed

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Indian pack (752 images)
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