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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super mod and nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations and more! We got sex, drugs, bondage, BDSM, porn, adult toys and dvd everything your SEXY sims could ever need!

1st time here, new to modding or having trouble with mods and objects? Than head over to the
FAQ to get your questions answered. Select a section to visit to the left OR above. ALL adults only sections, super patches and sims 4 normal objects require a subscription to download but feel free to view them freely.
Site Updates

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ALL normal sims 4 mods are now FREE to download if you want to install them MANUALLY. If you want the super mod patch to install them automatically and quickly than you will need to subscribe.

MAY 19:
Super mod patch has been updated
MAY 18:
Super nude patch has been updated Drug mod has been updated

Latest/recent downloads
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 18/5/19)
BDSM pack sex toy pack intimate piercing pack adult trait pack
Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 19/5/19)
sorcerer mod (please completely remove ALL old files before installing due to name changes!) More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus  Skate Everywhere Autonomous Pay Bills at Computers Housewarming Party  Better Nanny (Second Nanny & more) SimDa” Dating App Sell via Simbay ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function Custom Drink Interactions 12 & 15 Hour Active Career Day with better Wages More Clubs per Sim  Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul (please completely remove ALL old files before installing due to name changes!) pee in shower Praise Vet Employee All You Want.
Herbalism | New Potions (Outdoor Retreat needed) Love and hate More Woodworks
Drug mod latest updates (last updated 18/5/19)
v2. updates:

Dark Web
Added way for non-dealers to use Dark Web

If you want to use the dark web, but don't want to deal drugs to get access to it, now you can.

To get access to the Dark Web, you simply need to research all the 7 drugs available to research on your computer. To research a drug, go to a computer, click Web > Research > Research [whichever drug of your choosing].

Once all 7 drugs are researched you will gain access to the dark web, albeit a "light" version of the dark web without access to the highest qualities and largest quantities.

Fixed too long cool down glitch for High Level clients
Backend clean up in scripts
Added ez-mode cheat

There was a glitch where you sometimes got the celebrity cooldown when selling bricks to your high level cocaine clients. Celebrity sales cooldown is supposed to be 7 days, where as your high level clients are 24 hours. This should be working as intended again now.
FFM updates (last updated 18/4/19)
v4. updates:

Fixed penis blend textures covering custom body skins details
Fixed known missing text errors
Fixed "Respect Children's Eyes" nudity setting not forcing Sims to dress up
Fixed NPC Peeping Sims attempting to look into rooms with children
Updated all textures to be HQ compatible by default

playing in the HQ mode is now required (max sim details)
Sims 4 latest adult updates


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