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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and EXPOSED evil into THE SIMS universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super mod and nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations and more! We got sex, drugs, bondage, BDSM, porn, adult toys and dvd everything your SEXY sims could ever need ALL in ONE place and ALL at ONE low low price!

1st time here, new to modding or having trouble with mods and objects? Than head over to the
FAQ to get your questions answered. Select a section to visit to the left OR above. ALL adults only sections, super patches and sims 4 normal objects require a subscription to download but feel free to view them freely. A subscription here also gets you access to cumpilation casbah click banner at top of page!
Site Updates
May 9 - 2021
New updates at cumpilation casbah

2 new videos added!
Cum here Blondey!
Cum dump my squirt

New updates to the
Stoned AF mod 7.13.167

Changing World
Changed prices on a regional basis
New MDMA batches on the streets

Added black and white swatch for vending machine

Fixed an issue with selling hybrid strains of weed
Fixed string table entries for missing regions
Improved log system
Venue List detection in new log files
Various script changes and fixes
Headshop and Convenience Store travel blacklisted from ADHD interruption

New purchase picker dialogues for Convenience Store
New purchase picker dialogues for Headshop
Added Sim Info Log dump to cheats to easier provide support

New Purchase Pickers
Whenever you head to the Convenience Store or Headshop through the Travel option on your phone you will now get these new fancy looking purchase pickers.

Vending Machine Swatch
Added a new swatch to the multitude of Tobacco Vending Machine color options, as this one should go nicely with all color combinations.

New updates to the super nude patch 7.5.8

FFM v166
The 'Selfish Lover' trait is now more powerful

This change mainly applies when Always Accept is enabled as it automatically makes sex more satisfying to account for potential lack of relationship development.

Strip Club employees now actually earn money per hour (in addition to tips)
Strip Club employees will now receive an earnings notification after leaving work
Fixed playable Strip Club employees not properly clocking in when present on the lot during opening

These changes apply mainly to those who play as a Strip Club Dancer. Although this way of playing is not yet fully supported.
Fixed missing notification text when playable Sims dress up
Added 'Slow Down Time During Player Sex' advanced sex setting

You want Sims to have sex for hours but not miss work or important events? That's easy! Just manipulate time. After enabling this advanced setting, all sex that involves playable Sims will radiate sensuality that bends time itself. Everything in the game will run at half the speed (unless you're using double or triple time speed) until the sex interaction ends.
You can find this setting in Sex Settings -> Sex Interaction -> Advanced Sex Interaction Settings.

Added an ability to allow individual Sims for "Any Gender Role" in sex

Instead of enabling in setting "Recognition of Male/Female as Both" or "Anything Goes", you can now simply allow a Sim to be able to fit into any gender role. This enables the Sim to play both the Male and the Female role in sex at the same time, which is especially useful for same-sex pairs, without altering all Sims behavior in the world via settings.

Click on a Sim and go into Wicked -> Personalization -> Role Assignment -> Gender Role and "Allow Any Gender Role".

Added Sex Sentiments

Satisfying and Unsatisfying sex can now come with Sentiments!

Sims can acquire the positive sex sentiment if they both had a very positive experience and they haven't already gained it with anybody else. It's meant to be rare. And once a Sim has this sentiment, they will get a flirty moodlet when around their sexual partner.

In the same way, Sims can acquire the negative sex sentiment if they let down their partner by failing to satisfy them. This one is meant to be rare as well. And once a Sim has this sentiment, they will get an embarrassed moodlet when around their disappointed sexual partner.

Both of the sentiments are short-term and only give an hour-long moodlet. The "Relationship Impact from Sex" setting has to be enabled for these to show up.

Asking to Join Sex Dialog now includes an option to prevent anybody from attempting to join

Sims asking to join can now be rejected with a new "No, nobody can join in." response option, which will prevent any further attempts to join from other Sims.

Made Sims not get jealous when at a sex club gathering
Fixed Sex Autonomy allowing random NPC Sims to enter residential lots
Added the 'Dynamic Animations Disabler'
Added the 'Dynamic Autonomy Animations Disabler'

Are you tired of disabling individual animations you don't want? With the Dynamic Animations Disabler you can simply select a sex category, tag, orientation, number of participants, or location category and all animations that fit the criteria will be disabled.

Located under Wicked -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Dynamic Animations Disabler and Wicked -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Autonomy Settings -> Dynamic Autonomy Animations Disabler.

Fixed visual effects and cüm layers sometimes not ending up on the right Sim
Fixed inviting Sims to join sex not displaying a refusal notification

Menstrual Cycle / Pregnancy
Manual non-instant usage of tampons/pads no longer displays a notification
Added 'Birth Control Effect on Period' Menstrual Cycle setting

For those who want Sims to experience periods, but still prevent pregnancy with Birth Control Pills, disable this setting to make Birth Control Pills not affect the menstrual cycle PMS/period.

Lewd Dreams
Sims can now have lewd dreams involving other Sims they know
Added 'Morning Wood / Morning Dew' moodlets
Added 'Lewd Dreaming Switch' setting to Relationship Settings

All Sims in the world will now have lewd dreams about other Sims they know and find attractive. The Sims that are around and currently sleeping will display a thought balloon above their head with the Sim they are having a dream about.

Successful lewd dreams come with a temporary relationship boost towards the Sim they dreamed about that makes them more willing to agree to sex. This can be really useful if a Sim you find attractive just had a lewd dream involving you.

Pubic Hair
Added 'Trim Pubic Hair' interaction available directly on the mirror

To make keeping Sims pubic hair neat and stylized at all times, the "Trim Pubic Hair" interaction has been added to quickly access that function instead of clicking through three or more menu categories.

Introduced a custom animation for stylizing pubic hair at the mirror
Stylizing pubic hair at the mirror will now actually involve the usage of scissors instead of just spinning.

Strip Club
Added Strip Club Quirks and Quirk Points!
Added 'Manage Business Quirks' interaction on the Sim phone

Simply running your business will earn you Quirk Points! Every time a drink is purchased, a bunch of money is thrown at a dancer, a lap dance is finished, a janitor cleans up something or repairs something, a dancer charms a client or kicks out a loiterer client, your business earns points. And you can use these points to activate Strip Club Quirks!

Added 6 free Strip Club Quirks for adjusting the business behavior

After clicking the 'Manage Business Quirks' interaction on your Sim phone, you will see a new window where you can select which quirks you want to activate or deactivate. These quirks will change how your business behaves, by limiting or changing certain behavior.

With "Men's Club", "Women's Club", and "Only Known Faces" quirks you can adjust who visits your business. This will adjust dynamically depending on the gender preference of your dancers as well!
With the "Never/Always Undress Dancers" quirks you can adjust if dancers should always dance naked or never undress.
And especially for the dedicated male strip clubs, activating "Erection Affection" will make your dancers always erect while dancing.
Added 3 paid Strip Club Quirks for adjusting the business behavior

The "Cheaper Bar Supplies" quirk allows to save some money... but risks making drinker clients a little sick, which might require some extra cleaning after they vomit on the floor. Worth it though, right?

The "Rhythm Catcher" quirk makes dancers earn more money, but they do get tired faster from performing to the music so much. Make sure to have a DJ or a Stereo playing for this one to work!

The "Less Trashy" quirk removes trash showing up everywhere, but be careful, that sets the standard for a clean establishment really high, and having water puddles, vomit, or dirty glasses around will make clients leave in disgust.
Drinker Clients have a very low chance to vomit after having a drink
Clients will now complain about a messy club and leave

Although rare, clients will now be able to vomit on the floor and complain about a messy club even without any Strip Club Quirks enabled.
Clients now gain fun from simply hanging out at the club
Playable dancers needs/motives are no longer locked

When playing as a dancer you will now have to deal with the usual needs of a Sim, but their decay is slowed down to not be too distracting.
Added a Click-The-Spot game for playable dancers
Added 'Click-The-Spot Game Switch' setting to Strip Club settings

When dancing as a dancer you will notice a magical floating glowing spot around your Sim. Clicking that spot will decrease Sim's tiredness and increase tips. It's a simple mini-game for fun, but if you find it annoying or distracting, you can disable it in Nudity Settings -> Strip Club Settings.
Sims using the dancing pole or dancing spot now gain fun
Bartending dancers will finally clean the bar when it gets dirty
Shooing loiterer clients will now temporarily decrease the chance of spawning trash around the club
Using a Stereo is now a valid alternative to having a DJ Booth
Supply deliveries now happen twice a day, at 12PM and 12AM
Multiple supply orders are no longer bunched together and instead every order counts as individual

Ordering supplies for the bar should now be a lot less confusing and a lot more consistent. Every order is scheduled either for 12PM or 12AM, depending on which one is further ahead in time. Ordering before 12AM will schedule a delivery for 12PM, and ordering after 12AM will schedule an order for 12AM the next day. So in short, your order can be delivered after between 13 hours to 24 hours, depending on how well you plan it.
Blocked most of Eco Living NAPs interactions when at the Strip Club
The 'Buy a Strip Club' interaction now says it requires the 'Get to Work' expansion pack when you don't have it
Added 'animation_negative_duration_offset' variable for strip club dance animations XML configuration

Made trending photo topics decay instead of immediately change

Previously uploading a picture would result in the trending topics refreshing, to require investigating what should be in the next picture to get a high rating. This has changed, and uploading a picture only decreases the worth of the recent trending topics, which still lets you use them in addition to new trending topics. Handling trending topics became a lot easier, as you don't have to constantly verify what's trending or just guess.
Pictures now come with a 'Remove' interaction to quickly get rid of them from the inventory
Improved stability of saved pictures information

Improved performance and load times

Adult trait pack updated
Bimbo Aspirations and Trait Updated for 32bits IDs

Intimate pack new animations
Hot Fish - F - Teasing - Dining Chair
Ultraviolence - FM - Teasing - Dining Chair
Honey Fingering - Handjob

Jack of all trades pack new animations
Stealthy Dinner Wank-3P/2P MMM/MMF/MFF/MF/MM-Handjob-Dining Tables

Multi sex pack new animations
Rough From Behind-MF vaginal - floor, dance floor, yoga mat, beach towel
Made floor/dance floor animations allowed for yoga mat and beach towel locations
Made beach towel/floor animations allowed for yoga mat location

Kamasutra sex pack new animations
"HisBody" Animation (M - Floor)
"EmptyMe" Animation (FM - Toilet)
"Intense Sex SIDE" Animation (MF - Double Bed)
"Fingerlove" Animation (F - Double Bed)
"XXX FIlms" Animation (MF/MFF/MMFF - Double Bed)
"3Some" Animation (MMF - LoveSeat)
"Crazy Couple" Animation (MMFF - Massage Table)
"MachoGirl" Animation (MFFF - Double Bed)
"Pleasure Intesified" Animation (MMMMF - Living Chair)

Supernatural pack new updates

New objects added
Posture Sentinel

new animations
Resting In Your Knees (Sentinel) -Teasing
Bondage Stand Idle (Sentinel) -Teasing
Whiping By Side (Sentinel) -Teasing
Whiping Behind (Sentinel) -Teasing 
Anal Punishment - Hole Inauguration (bdsm pack Earthshaker) - Anal
Anal Punishment - Loop (bdsm pack Earthshaker) - Anal

BDSM pack new updates

New objects added
Workout Machine "Freya"
Five Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink, Chocolate
Functional Workout Machine.

How it works:
The requirements for using it are your level of Sexpertise.
There are three workouts- light, medium and heavy. They differ in what dildo gets used and how fast they train athletics.
Sexpertise is a 5 level skill, the requirements go 1,2,3 for light, medium, heavy respectively.
You get level 1 automatically when you engage in any sexual activity. Using the machine also trains it slowly.
Has working autonomy.
You get a flirty buff after full workout that has intensity corresponding to how hard the workout was.

New animations added
Vaginal - Posture Pole Fuck 1
Teasing - Posture Pole Idle 2, Posture Pole Idle Vibe
Toilet Stall vaginal 3: climax-MF; FF

Bondage pack new updates

New objects added
Sex cells

New animations
Stuffed Sex Cells 1P Vaginal (female) objects(gag)
Tugged Sex Cells 1P Handjob (male) objects(gag)
Stuffed and Tugged Sex Cells 2P Teasing (both) objects(gag)
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