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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super mod and nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations and more! We got sex, drugs, bondage, BDSM, porn, adult toys and dvd everything your SEXY sims could ever need!  No need to go anywhere or pay greedy devs up to $10 per mod for adult content because WE have it ALL here for one low low price!

1st time here, new to modding or having trouble with mods and objects? Than head over to the
FAQ to get your questions answered. Select a section to visit to the left OR above. ALL adults only sections, super patches and sims 4 normal objects require a subscription to download but feel free to view them freely.
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Super nude patch also available on patreon for just $5 OR upgrade to VIP and get access to the adult DLC and objects pack for $10 includes all sims 4 content available here! Click below. Donations or any kind also welcome they keep this site alive.

Sorry about the downtime yesterday there was a problem with the domain it's been fixed now.

JAN 16: super nude patch has been updated Drug mod has been updated
Latest/recent downloads
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 16/1/19)
Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 25/11/18)
Autonomous Gardening Autonomous Homework More Buyable Venues More Servings Options More Umbrella Variations In World No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & Dogs Retail Overhaul Simbay SimDa” Dating App Small Laundry Overhaul Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims pee in shower Hired DJs & Bartenders Stay 24 hours Party Anywhere Longer Parties & More Guests (remove all old files before installing) No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions Visitors Not Spawning in Front of Venues Longer Interaction Queue Janitors on Community Lots More Club Members & Gender Requirements True Happiness sims can get drunk More Customers Become a Sorcerer Flirtatious Interactions Always Available Mermaids (remove all old files before installing) all walkstyles disabled Faster Retail Actions Faster Homework Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything Employees Stay 24 Hours More Drinks For Kids No Pets at the Club custom bar drinks
Expanded Rewards Store werewolf mod DJ Booth Plays Custom Music (GTG)
Drug mod latest updates (last updated 16/1/19)
v2.0.7.83 updates:

Implemented new addiction system
Implemented new buff system
Corrected syntax
Recategorized everything on backend
Adjusted Cheat Consoles for new buff IDs
Adjusted Alcohol Hangovers to new hangover buff ID
Added rehab and parental reactions to new buff IDs
Adjusted interactions to python scripts
Adjusted Fake ID texture
Adjusted new ID's to Alcohol Whims
Adjusted new buff ID's to Bouncers
Drinking is now handled by script instead of override
Straight Edgers are blacklisted from buying drinks

It should work and feel more or less like it used to work, as in, you get drunk from drinking Bar Drinks. The behind the scenes differences are how the buffs get added, how long they last, the way they decline back to sobriety, how addiction chances gets added to the equation, how the Tolerance Reward Traits affect the outcomes of drinking, and last but not least that it works through a script injection and not an override to the EA tuning.

Lightweight (Alcohol)
 New Trait - Lightweight
Less units of alcohol required to get drunk
Trait available from Reward Store (250 points)
Conflicts with the High Tolerance Trait

Sims with the Lightweight Trait are more likely to need less units of alcohol to get tipsy, drunk, wasted, etc. This trait conflicts with the High Tolerance Trait.

To give your Sim the Lightweight Trait, go to the reward store and purchase it for 250 points.

 Fixed glitch in Amphetamine Whims
Fixed glitch in MDMA Whims
Added notification dialog on startup
FFM updates (last updated 16/1/19)
v4. updates:

Fixed loading the game with Sims missing interactions
Improved scratch save files consistency
Improved Body Selector consistency
Fixed Sims mood tests not working
Fixed 'Perfect Birth Control Mode' not affecting Early Birth Control moodlet
Fixed randomization of underwear not working
Fixed CAS Parts Handler not loading sets of parts
Fixed sex interactions missing on objects
Fixed Random Interaction Undressing causing errors
Fixed issues with applying of cum layers
Fixed Sims in bathing outfits causing errors during club meetings
Fixed 'Disable/Enable for Sex Autonomy' interactions missing
Fixed more text formatting issues
Fixed text formatting on the fertility treatment interaction
Fixed errors when 'Get Together' expansion is not present
Sims 4 latest adult updates


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