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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super mod and nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations and more! We got sex, drugs, bondage, BDSM, porn, adult toys and dvd everything your SEXY sims could ever need!

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Site Updates
December 2: Super nude patch has been updated  FFM has been updated Stoned AF mod updated
Super nude patch also available on patreon for just $5 OR upgrade to VIP and get access to the adult DLC and objects pack for $10 includes all sims 4 content available here with self installing capabilities! Donations or any kind also welcome they keep this site alive. To see the difference between a patreon and website subscription than CLICK HERE. Click LOGO below to access patreon.
Latest/recent downloads
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 2/12/19)
FFM 148.7 BDSM pack slutty outfits cum pack
Stoned AF (drug) mod latest updates (last updated 2/12/19) updates

Beer Pong and Kegs
Optional Real Drink Names package update
Optional Remove Keg Buffs package added
Changed textures to look like beer
Changed keg textures and names
Changed a metric shit-ton of string table entries
Enabled Sims to get drunk from beer pong
Keg stands gets you quite insta-drunk

Beer Pong
Just play as you would juice pong, and your Sims should feel the effects. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a way to remove the purple splash that comes from the yellow tinted beer when the ball hits the glass, so I hope that's something you can live with.

Beer Kegs
Those juice kegs have been changed to various types of beer kegs, namely Blond Ale, Porter, Pale Ale and Bitter. Other than that it will work like the juice kegs. Some of you might have noticed that the cups from the juice kegs did that already, but the keg stand did not. Well, now it does. And it gets you way drunker than just sipping on a cup. So, there's that.

Hidden Drug/Gang related skills for University skill classes
Put Drugs menu behind computer locking
Fixed weed curing glitching out
Made BM head shop available from Dorms
Fixed String Table entry spelling error in stage 3 cancer notification
Fixed WW compatibility update for exchange sex for drugs
FFM updates (last updated 2/12/19)
v148.7 updates:

Fixed irregular Sim needs changes during sex
Fixed inconsistency of Sims reactions to nudity
Fixed issues with initiation of Sims extra data handler
Fixed asking Strip Club Dancers about career causing errors
Adult painting DIY adult image packs
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PUSSY PACK (650 images)
Sims 4 latest adult updates


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