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At the beginning of sims time I opened pandora's box and unleashed evil into the sims universe giving birth to the adult sims community. Now I invite YOU to experience MY community with me!

Welcome to pandora sims your one stop place for adult related content, game mods, super mod and nude patch and always the latest fantastic F*** mod that adds real sims 4 sex animations and more! We got sex, drugs, bondage, BDSM, porn, adult toys and dvd everything your SEXY sims could ever need!  No need to go anywhere or pay greedy devs up to $10 per mod for adult content because WE have it ALL here for one low low price!

Forget the rest you've found the best!!

1st time here, new to modding or having trouble with mods and objects? Than head over to the
FAQ to get your questions answered. Select a section to visit to the left OR above. ALL adults only sections, super patches and sims 4 normal objects require a subscription to download but feel free to view them freely.
Site Updates
Super nude patch also available on patreon for just $5! Click below. Donations or any kind also welcome they keep this site alive.

DEC 10: super nude patch has been updated Drug mod has been updated FFM has been updated.

The new patch broke a lot of mods. I'm constantly updating the super nude and super mod patch check their pages displaying which mods don't work. Links are to the left.
Latest/recent downloads
Sims 4 super nude patch latest mods (last updated 10/12/18)
FFM BDSM pack climax pack  sex parts bondage pack Female Strapons
Sims 4 super mod patch latest mods (last updated 25/11/18)
Autonomous Gardening Autonomous Homework More Buyable Venues More Servings Options More Umbrella Variations In World No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & Dogs Retail Overhaul Simbay SimDa” Dating App Small Laundry Overhaul Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims pee in shower
Hired DJs & Bartenders Stay 24 hours Party Anywhere Longer Parties & More Guests (remove all old files before installing) No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions Visitors Not Spawning in Front of Venues Longer Interaction Queue Janitors on Community Lots More Club Members & Gender Requirements True Happiness sims can get drunk More Customers Become a Sorcerer Flirtatious Interactions Always Available Mermaids (remove all old files before installing) all walkstyles disabled Faster Retail Actions Faster Homework Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything Employees Stay 24 Hours More Drinks For Kids No Pets at the Club custom bar drinks
Expanded Rewards Store werewolf mod DJ Booth Plays Custom Music (GTG)
Drug mod latest updates (last updated 10/12/18)
v2.0.3.79 updates:

Reworked into new System
Changed tuning names and ID's
Adjusted Rehab and Cheat Commands for new ID's
Adjusted Snort From Sinks to work with new system
Adjusted client calls for new addiction ID's
Adjusted Rip Off clients for new addiction ID's
Adjusted hangover function to work with new buff ID's
Adjusted cocaine scripts part of mod
Adjusted OD chances
All hangovers removed when snorting cocaine

It works largely like it used to, but the behind the scenes stuff in terms of OD and Addiction potential should be more realistic now. There are also some tweaks to the removal of other hangovers. If you snort multiple lines of average cocaine they will be removed, but only one line of good cocaine will also do the trick.

When you play vampires the drug buffs lasts about half the amount of time as on their humans, with this new system that should not be the case.

Tweaked OD chances on Xanax (way less likely fatal ODs)
Fixed so OD potential resets after fully coming down
Xanax Pill Bottles now shows how many pills are left when hovering object

Want to know how many pills are left in that pill bottle? Just hover your mouse over the bottle to check it out.

There was a major glitch in the previous versions of the Xanax where the OD potential didn't reset. Meaning that if you popped 2 or 3 Xanax in a row on day one, day, two, day three, and so on, you would most likely get an OD on day four. This should not be the case any longer.

Fixed "Close Eyes and Drift Away" interaction - Broke in latest game patch

The "Close Eyes and Drift Away" interaction that might occur during the trip which might transport the Sim to the glade of trippiness apparently broke in the latest game patch.

That is fixed now and you can fully break through to the other side, once again.

Exchange Sex for Drugs
Selling sex for drugs now triggers the Wicked Whims sex

Now, whenever you exchange sex for drugs from your active cocaine or amphetamine dealer the sex interaction will trigger, so you don't have to initiate the interaction manually.

Just a couple small changes here. If you own a vet or a restaurant that you keep as a safe house for stashing drugs. These places can also be raided now, so better be careful and on top with the money laundering!

Drug Dealing
When muting clients, celebrities will also stop calling now
Hissing Vampires require less friendship with clients for sales to be successful
Removed 25% friendship requirement to Remove Client from Client List

 Other fixes
Fixed a glitch with Xanax that made buffs disappear when travelling
Enabled rehab for Xanax addicted Sims
Disabled celebrity calls from celebrities who are busy
Fixed potential LE from MDMA idle interaction
Tuned (way) down autonomy for buying from active dealers
Made shrooms easier to evolve when sheltered
Finetuned Xanax autonomy
Tuned addiction potential for Xanax down a bit
Adjusted Xanax main buff icon slightly
Fixed buying drugs or paraphernalia on Tablets
Buying Drugs or Paraphernalia on tablets was broken. That is now fixed. Simple as.

There was some old lines of code left from a previous version of the mod that required 25% level of friendship with a Sim to remove them as a client, that is no longer needed, and you can remove them no matter your relationship level.

Vampires who are hissing have this thing where they loose a bunch of friendship whenever they sporadically hiss at Sims. This made playing a dealing, hissing, immortal sleepwalker rather tricky. The friendship needed for sales to be successful for these individuals has now been reduced drastically.

Whenever you muted your customers on your phone, the celebrities would still be calling. Not anymore. Whenever you mute your customers, all customers are muted.
FFM updates (last updated 10/12/18)
v4. updates:

Fixed default naked body parts not morphing correctly for the Sim physical frame
Fixed Sims missing underwear during sex
Fixed issues with undressing during sex
Fixed issues with manual use of condoms
Made showering in rain clean cum layers
Fixed new types of Woohoo not being disabled by the 'Default Woohoo Switch' setting
Fixed unpacking condoms box not giving condoms
Made 'NPC Sims Relationship Modifier' setting have no bottom limit
Removing the bottom limit for 'NPC Sims Relationship Modifier' allows you to set it to something like -1000 which blocks sex autonomy between NPC Sims, if this is something you want to do.
Fixed Travel Autonomy Sex triggering from invites
Fixed issues with sex object reservation
Fixed object reservation possibly blocking Sims interaction

Sex Autonomy
Added 'Travel Sex' Autonomy Trigger
Added 'Travel Sex Switch' setting
Added 'Travel Sex Probability' setting

It's a new autonomy trigger! And naming this one properly was a little bit difficult.

The "Travel Sex" Autonomy Trigger is used when your Sim travels to a different lot, zone, or world. When visiting a gym, bar, or someone's house, you might discover that Sims are already doing it. Great opportunity to take a peek. ??

The result of this trigger depends on the Sims that are already on the lot. When you're visiting a residential lot, it's much more likely to encounter sex because of the Sims living there. Public lots are less likely simply because there will be less Sims when visiting, and it's in public.

Sims that are in your household or that are traveling with you are excluded from this autonomy trigger. It would be odd to go somewhere and see your Sim already having sex at the destination location.

You can disable this trigger and tweak the probably of it by using the "Travel Sex Switch" setting and the "Travel Sex Probability" setting in Sex Autonomy Specifics.

Added public (outside lots) sex ground spots to Sex Autonomy

Sims will now have sex in public spots, that are outside lots, on the ground, like on a beach, or in a bush. There are 65 manually selected places in 29 different zones, including the Sixam world, secret locations, and vacation locations. It's better than picking any random bench outside.

For outside lots sex to work, you need to have the "Outside Lots Style Locations" enabled in the "Autonomy Location Styles" settings, which is disabled by default.

Added Sex Autonomy Signs

Sex Autonomy Signs are Build/Buy objects that you can place anywhere on your lot to affect how Sex Autonomy works.

By placing the "No Sex Permitted On Lot" signs, you affect all Sims on the lot by banning any sex interactions. If you want to prevent Sims from attempting sex on a specific lot, put this sign anywhere on the lot and it will take effect.

But if you still want specific room to allow sex, place the "Sex Permitted In Room" signs. They permit sex per room, which means that if you ban sex on the entire lot, you can create rooms with exceptions that allow sex.

And if you want to ban sex just in specific rooms, use the "No Sex Permitted In Room" sign. Placing this sign in a room will prevent Sims from attempting sex in that room.

You think these signs are ugly or don't fit the style of your room? Fear not! Use the **INVISIBLE** version of the sign. Invisible signs will disappear after placing but will continue to work like the regular sign. And if you want to remove it, opening Build/Buy will make them reappear.

Added ability to disable Sex Autonomy for the floor

If you want to avoid Sims performing sex on the floor/ground, you can now use a hidden interaction to do it. Disabling Sex Autonomy for Floors will prevent Sims from picking any floor sex locations on the current lot. You can disable sex on the floor per lot.

To use this cheat, enable 'testingcheats' and Shift+Click on the floor. The interaction is available under the 'Wicked' category.

Added 'Sex Joining Maximum Distance' Autonomy Specifics setting to set distance of joining to sex

The distance from which Sims detect sex to join has been doubled and now it can be altered in Autonomy Specifics settings. Sims don't need to see sex happening to join it, they can sense it! increasing this number will make Sims see sex from even further away and decide to join.

Made collecting sex pairs interleave NPC pairs and Player pairs for better results

This is an attempt to increase the chance of NPC Sims asking a playable Sim for sex. The main issue with this is how NPC Sims sex pairs differ from playable Sims sex pairs. Relationships between NPC Sims are built artificially to create some random sex occurrences, but for playable Sims, these relationships have to be built manually. Because of that, playable Sims relationships are always weaker, making them too unlikely to be selected.

Collecting Sims and pairing them for sex has now been split into two separate pools. One pool is for exclusively NPC Sims pairs, and the other is for pairs that contain at least one playable Sim.

Then these two pool are interleaved, which means that they are evenly mixed together to create a 50/50 distribution, a little like how card riffle shuffle works. This allows for better results of selecting a playable Sim pair when picking a pair for sex autonomy.

Made thunder and lightning weather lower chance of sex autonomy outdoors

So far, cold weather was the only thing discouraging Sims from attempting sex outdoors, but now, harsh thunder and killer lightning will have something to say as well.

Fixed Sims having autonomy sex during filming
Fixed Sim bouncers having autonomy sex
Fixed Sims having autonomy sex at the same location (again)

Sex General
Added reservation of objects used for sex
Added 'Sex Location Reservation' setting

Have you ever been "busy" in shower and someone else entered as if you don't exist? Happens all the time! Anyway, objects used for sex will now be reserved, which means that Sims outside sex won't be able to use them. This can be disabled with the "Sex Location Reservation" setting, if you need to do it for some reason.

Added 'Change Sex Location Anywhere Switch' cheat to change location anywhere
Changing location during sex can now be limitless, allowing you to move anywhere on the whole zone.

Sex Reactions
Added 'Enable/Disable Sex Reactions' cheat interactions

If you want to create sex interactions without other Sims around reacting to it, use can use this cheat. This way you can make Sims perform sexual acts and avoid everybody freaking out about it.

To use this cheat, enable 'testingcheats' and Shift+Click on your Sim. The interaction is available under the 'Wicked' category. The Sim that creates the sex interaction is the target for this cheat.

Pregnancy Birth Control
Fixed Sims being able to take birth control pills on early birth control

Nudity Autonomy
Added Nudity Autonomy Signs
Added 'Nudity Permitted Autonomy Signs Influence' setting

Nudity Autonomy Signs are Build/Buy objects that you can place anywhere on your lot to affect how Nudity Autonomy works.

By placing the "Nudity Permitted In Room" signs, you affect Sims nudity autonomy behavior by allowing them to be nude per room the sign is placed in. Place this sign in a room and any Sim in that room will be able to undress without any shame. This is great if you want to create community showers or naked hot springs.

The default behavior of this sign is to allow nudity without limits, but switching the "Nudity Permitted Autonomy Signs Influence" setting off will cause this sign to permit nudity per room, rather than unlock nudity skill limits. This means that if you ban nudity on the entire lot, you can create rooms with exceptions that allow nudity.

How do you ban nudity on the entire lot? By placing the "No Nudity Permitted On Lot" signs. These affect all Sims on the lot by banning any undressing interactions. If you want to prevent Sims from getting naked on a specific lot, put this sign anywhere on the lot and it will take effect.

But if you want to ban undressing just in specific rooms, use the "No Nudity Permitted In Room" sign. Placing this sign in a room will prevent Sims from undressing in that room. You can use it to force Sims to dress up as well, as every Sim that enters a room with this sign will be forced to dress up.

You think these signs are ugly or don't fit the style of your room? Fear not! Use the **INVISIBLE** version of the sign. Invisible signs will disappear after placing but will continue to work like the regular sign. And if you want to remove it, opening Build/Buy will make them reappear.

Made 'Flash' clubs allow for target choice
Making 'Flash' clubs targeted towards specific clubs is now possible! I'm not entirely sure how much use you will get from this, but I hope it's going to be fun.

Nudity Underwear
Reworked the underwear implementation
Made possible to remove underwear per outfit and per body part
Made possible to give males top underwear

The underwear system was reworked to be a lot more flexible. Now you can finally remove underwear from Sims per outfit, by just undressing it from the mannequin. In addition, if you want your male Sim to wear a bra, you can do it, but the clothing has to match the masculine body frame.

CAS Female Body
Improved female default bottom model
Optimized for performance and fixed issues with morphing.

Nudity Pee on Spot
Fixed pee puddles not fading in smoothly

Nudity Reactions
Added 'Enable/Disable Nudity Reactions' cheat interactions

If you want your Sim to never be seen as nude, enable this cheat on them. This can be helpful if you want your Sims walking around naked without disturbing everybody. Maybe a restaurant with nude servers, or a strip club?

To use this cheat, enable 'testingcheats' and Shift+Click on your Sim. The interaction is available under the 'Wicked' category.

Nudity Settings
Removed 'Nudity Assurance Switch' setting

With the introduction of the Body Selector, the Nudity Assurance Switch setting lost its purpose. In addition, any outfit can be used as a nudity outfit with full sex functionality.

Fixed disabling 'Relationship Awareness Switch' setting not working for all Sims in relationships

Added a hack to fix an issue with pool seats errors

The game has an issue with caching pool seats positional data, which should be fixed in the next game patch, but I made a hack to prevent it from happening for now.
Sims 4 latest adult updates


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