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Choose a download below if you choose the full install file once downloaded and extracted double click the EXE file and follow the on screen instructions. You can download and install any of the mods and install them if you wish if you don't have your games installed into the default directories or if your having trouble running the exe file such as macs.

 Remember only subscribers have the luxury of downloading and your paying for the convenience and easy use to install mods!

Before attempting to install the super nude patch or ANY mods please make sure to run through this checklist!

  • Before you do anything you MUST be updated to the latest patch if you have not done this go do it right now by opening origin and let it update.
  • If you are using a mac you CANNOT use the super mod patch self installer exe it will not install. You must download and install the mods manually below. If you don't know how to do this than head to the FAQ and read the guide. If you wish to install mods manually on a PC also check the guide.
  • Before installing any mods make sure you have the expansion pack it requires if you don't do not attempt to install it.
  • Some mods are incompatible with expansion packs/patches it will say below in big red letters. Make sure not to install these mods.
  • You must enable mods in your game options. Make sure in general options menu enable custom content AND enable script mods IS checked! More info click here



  Fantastic FUCK/WW mod  

The fantastic Fuck (also known as wicked name is better) mod adds real sims 4 hardcore sex animations to your game as well as other features. With more animations being added all the time you'll definitely want to sign up to keep experiencing all new sex animations! No need to sign up to lame patron accounts for one damned mod I've got it all right here and part of the super nude patch making it better, faster, easier and more convenient to install!

Complete list of features:


  • Real hardcore sex animations!
  • Condom use
  • Starting sex interactions with one or two sims
  • Inviting any amount of sims to the sex interaction (group sex)
  • Changing sex type and position
  • Swapping actors in the sex interactions
  • Undressing actors in the sex interaction
  • Making sims go away from watching sex of your sims by using the F OFF interaction
  • Blocking of objects used for sex to avoid other sims using them
  • Needs are affected accordingly while in sex.
  • Customization of sex positions
  • Modify sex position duration and genders
  • Set which clothing should be removed for sex position
  • Create stages of sex positions to play them one by one
  • Female sims can use strap-ons
  • Sims with equally high sex skill have higher chance for positive outcome.
  • Strapon parts are now present in the CAS Parts config file so if there will be anybody else that wants to make strapon clothing, WW will detect them and unlock the strapon interaction in the dresser.
  • Settings
    • Ability to change sex interaction progression: category progression (random animations), stage progression, disabled
    • Ability to start sex interaction (alone or with partner.) Teasing, Handjob, Footjob, Oraljob, Vaginal, Anal.
    • Ability to end the sex interaction with climax (if available in that animation.)
    • Ability to disable gender restrictions and use any animation for any gender
    • Ability to enable 'Always Accept' setting which makes every sim accept every sex proposition
    • Ability to enable/disable selected animations
    • Ability to change sex initiation and make sims instantly teleport to the sex location (requires Always Accept setting to be enabled)
    • Ability to disable taking off shoes when in sex interaction
    • Ability to enable auto full outfit undressing when in sex interaction
    • Ability to disable undressing when in sex interaction
    • Objects get locked when using them for sex (with ability to disable that.)
    • Relationship checks can be turned on or off if you don't want anyone to accept all the time.
    • Sex skill allows for satisfaction buffs to be applied after sex and even with few flavors depending on sims personality (traits and skills).
  • Penis settings
    • ability to set soft and hard penis for every sim in the game
    • ability to randomize penis for every sim in the game (including the option to exclude default penis mesh)
    • you get a full menu to manipulate The Penis Overworld
    • setting soft and hard penis globally will apply selected penis to every sim that has a penis in the game and every new sim that appears in the world.
    • The randomized option allows to randomly pick a penis for every sim that has a penis in the game with the ability to exclude the default penis mesh and every new sim that appears in the world will have a random penis too.
  • CUM
    • Cum is applied after sex interaction is finished. Face, Chest, Back, Vagina, Butt, Feet.
    • Ability to clean Cum by performing cleaning interactions.
    • Affects NPC autonomy to clean the Cum off.
    • Cum outside or inside affects pregnancy chance.
    • cum interactions in sex to allow applying cum manually when sims are ready to climax
    • 'Cum Slut' satisfaction reward trait
    • positive and negative cum moodlets
    • when a sim receives cum, there are three reactions. A sim can either get a positive (flirty) cum moodlet if that sim is a cum slut or romantic, have no reaction at all if the sim is a slob or hates children or be uncomfortable in any other situation
  • Pregnancy
    • Usable condom object buy it from Activities and Skills category.
    • Ability to order condoms using a computer.
    • Ability to use the condom while in sex interaction to prevent pregnancy (can be used on a group.)
    • Pregnancy from vaginal sex interaction (with ability to disable that.)
    • Trait 'Hates Children' makes use of condoms automatically.
    • Trait 'Hates Children' refuses vaginal sex without protection (Always Accept or disabled pregnancy ignores this rule.)
    • Traits 'Lazy' and 'Clumsy' increase the chance of pregnancy in some situations.
    • Ability to terminate pregnancy using smartphone.
    • Incest pregnancy possible.
  • Desire system
    • Sims gain desire from romantic interactions, seeing nudity and other flirt related actions.
    • Sims lose desire on some unsuccessful interactions.
    • Sim with high enough desire level will gain positive sex desire buff.
    • Sim with too high desire level will get a negative buff, feeling uncomfortable without releasing the tension.
    • Sims with active positive desire buff will have better sex experience.
    • Sex resets desire level and removes desire buffs from sims.
    • Sims with Alluring trait help gaining more desire.
    • Sims with Romantic trait gain more desire.
    • Made sims with Unflirty trait gain less desire.
  • Nudity reaction system
    • Sims with high exhibitionism skill level will not react.
    • Sims with equal or more nude outfit will not react.
    • setting to disable sims reacting to nudity (not included in exhibitionism switch)
    • After sex short buff when having sex outdoors in public.
    • Pregnancy occur per sim rather than per sex interaction.
    • Sex increase romantic affection (makes romantic sims happy)
    • Sims with high enough desire get an erection.
    • Romantic social interactions give more desire.
    • Social exhibitionism interactions increase sims desire.
    • Seeing sims in sleepwear/swimwear give a little bit of desire.
  • Sex  reaction system
    • Sims will react with 6 different jealousy ways (base on relationship, respects Player trait.)
    • Sims will react with 9 different general ways (base on mood, relationship and family relations.)
    • setting to disable sims reacting to sex (includes jealousy reaction.)
    • 23 romance interactions for incest and adult+teen.
    • child sims always react to nude adult sims.
  • Polygamy/polyamory support.
    • Allows for multiple marriages (limited by one engagement at once.)
    • Allows for multiple boyfriends/girlfriends.
    • Polyamory and polygamy relationships are now supported and possible with FFM after you enable them in the Relationship Settings.
    • You should now be able to create relationships with multiple sims at once but be careful, that doesn't exclude jealousy (unless you disable it), you have to deal with it differently.
    • Polyamorous' reward trait: These Sims are open to having multiple romantic or sexual committed relationships and don't get jealous about their loved ones having more than one partner.
    • The polyamorous trait is pretty much required to create working polyamory/polygamy relationships. Nothing stops you from trying to do them without it, but you will have to be careful with inevitable jealousy of other sims. This trait is pretty much the opposite of the 'Player' trait.
  • Sims reactions to sex now have just a little more depth with new moodlets.
    • Neutral, for sims that just simply didn't expect to encounter other sims having sex
    • Excited, for sims that maybe didn't expect it, but are pretty happy to see it
    • Funny, for sims who are simply childish or think it's funny.. for some reason
    • Flirty, for sims who get hot right away from a view like that
    • Sad, for sims seeing their past loved ones
    • Angry, for stressed sims and seeing sims that you just don't like
    • Horrified, for sims that should not see what they saw.
    • sims with 'Bro' trait react excitedly only when the target sim has the 'Bro' trait too
    • underage sims get the embarrassed moodlet when seeing nudity


  • Undressing top and/or bottom underwear parts
  • Undressing top and/or bottom outfit parts
  • Flashing naked body parts
  • Auto-applying penis mesh cas part for males when naked
  • Auto-undressing pants when using a toilet
  • Modification of privacy system to avoid uncomfortable situations when naked with high exhibitionism level
  • Male sims get erect when seeing other naked sims
  • Exhibitionism Skill: Gain more confidence with every level and unlock more possibilities
  • Sim mood and traits affect how quick you progress
  • Higher levels of skill will not make you embarrassed and shoo other sims when taking shower, using toilet or just being nude
  • Improve your skill using additional special interactions
  • Story Progression: Sims learn exhibitionism skill
  • Ask to Dress Up' exhibitionism social interaction
  • Settings
    • Ability to disable exhibitionism checks (skill, autonomy, story progression)
    • Change autonomy settings
    • Change notifications settings
    • Change household only notifications settings
    • Change story progression settings

Sex instructions

Sex interactions are based on animations which you can install. Every animation has a different location it can be used at. Look around, probably your bed offers few animations.

If you want to start a sex interaction with other sims then make sure they are nearby when doing it. You can disable gender restrictions and use every animation for every sim and remember that you can swap positions of sims in the interaction. If you want to have a threesome or more, invite other sims to the interaction, but remember that you need animations that support more than two sims.

Cum is being applied on sims after the sex interaction is finished and the type of cum is depended on the animation and it's specified by the creator of the animations. For example, if you stop the sex interaction with running blowjob, the cum will be applied on the sim face.

Climax is another type of animations that are being unlocked while in sex interaction. Not every sims combination and location have climax animations. If climax is available the option will be visible. Climax is not directly connected with cum and it's not required for cum.

Condoms can only be used in already running sex interaction by clicking on them in sim inventory.

To initiate sex select naked options you can do this by clicking your sims and changing the settings listed in FFM OR use the supplied get naked mod to speed things up. 1st click your sims and choose change outfit and select nude (easiest way.)

  1. Now select a location and click and choose wicked, than sex. Make sure you have animations installed that can be used in that location.
  2. Choose a partner than select which position you would like.
  3. To change positions/animations during sex click on the sim that initiated the sex and select wicked, whims than choose a different animation. You can do this during sex or pause and set up each animation to be played so all you have to do is sit back and fap watch the show! Animations are pretty long at the moment so sims might take a while.
  4. You can even do this with multiple sims in the same location for group sex!
  5. For group sex 1st you have to initiate any animation with two actors on the location which you want to use for 3p anims. And then ask somebody to join by clicking sim choose wicked, whim, join in. Not all animations support group sex it will say in the pack if it does.

Exhibitionism instructions

FFM has fully implemented exhibitionism skill that decides what your can do. Every level unlocks new possibilities as your sim gains more confidence. To start just change into more revealing outfit or admire yourself in a mirror. Because Sims 4 doesn't have anything that defines revealing of given outfit part the revealing outfits are swimwear and sleepwear (both don't include underwear). The more sims see you in revealing outfit, the more you gain to your skill and this rule applies to anything you do in the future. With every level you get a small notification explaining new things you can do, so from that point everything should be clear.


Name Description Download
Super nude patch FULL self installer Super nude patch full installer file if you choose this file you do not need to download any of the files below they are included in it. Choose which ones to install and it will put them automatically into the correct folder to be active in the game. PC MASTER RACE ONLY. Warning 126 mb file!
Custom/manual install files
If you are unable to use the SNP than you will need to install the mods manually. Download and extract all mods to:
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder. If you wish to see what animations are available in each pack also scroll down.
Fantastic Fuck Mod
Name Description Download
FFM/WW main mod
This is the one that does it all it MUST be installed 1st! Contains cowgirl and masturbation animations. Make sure to install a nude skin default replacement AND sex parts too for the full effect!

Fantastic Fuck animation packs
Name Animations of interest Download
SEX pack 1 Multiple positions and locations
Full animations list
Missionary On double Bed Cowgirl On double Bed Blowjob On double Bed Blowjob On floor Doggy On double Bed Missionary on bar Cowgirl on long bar Blowjob on bar Doggy on bar Blowjob on desk or dining table licking on desk or dining table Doggy on desk or dining table Anal on desk or dining table Missionary on desk or dining table Masturbate on bed Masturbate on sofa 69 on sofa Lesbian licking on double bed Blowjob in shower Licking in shower Doggy in shower Blowjob in shower Standing sex in shower Standing sex from behind in shower Blowjob in hot tub Cowgirl in hot tub Doggy in hot tub Licking in hot tub Missionary in hot tub Reverse cowgirl in hot tub sitting pose on bed anal spoon on bed bar stool sex Dj table sex.

Name Animations of interest Download
SEX pack 2 Group sex
Full animations list
(group FMF) Missionary and Licking on double bed (group FMF) blowjob and teasing on double bed (group FMF) Cowgirl and Licking on double bed (group FMF) Cowgirl and Licking on floor (group FMF) Licking and Kissing on floor (group FMF) Licking and Kissing on double bed (group FMF) blowjob and kissing on floor  (group FMF) blowjob and kissing on double bed  (group FMF) doggy and licking on floor (group FMF) doggy and licking on double bed (group FMF) cowgirl and watching on sofa (group FMF) double blowjob on sofa (group MFM) cowgirl and teasing on double bed (group MFM) doggy and handjob on double bed (group MFM) Classical DP on double bed (group MFM) Reverse DP on double bed (group MFM) standing DP on double bed (group MFM) doggy and blowjob on double bed (group MFM) missionary and facefuck on double bed (group MFM) missionary and teabag on double bed (group MFM) double blowjob on the floor.

You can use FMF animations with any genders (even MMM/FFF).

Name Animations of interest Download
SEX pack 3 Hot tub group sex, massage table sex, exercise equipment sex, MM sex and KAMASUTRA
Full animations list
KAMASUTRA the wolf on double bed KAMASUTRA the antelope on double bed KAMASUTRA the rider on floor KAMASUTRA The Grip on floor KAMASUTRA Afternoon delight on floor KAMASUTRA The Bridge on floor KAMASUTRA Bandoleer in double bed Cunnilingus on table blowjob on table touch sex on table climax on table blowjob in dining chair Cunnilingus on monkey ladder blowjob on on monkey ladder Vaginal  on monkey ladder climax on monkey ladder Vaginal On Yoga mat Climax On Yoga mat group MFF Vaginal On Yoga mat group MFF climax On Yoga mat Cunnilingus On Pool Ladder Vaginal On Pool Ladder
Climax On Pool Ladder group blowjob FMF on PILLORY (Need Bondage Devices installed) group Climax FMF on PILLORY Blowjob On Workout Machine Vaginal On Workout Machine Climax On Workout Machine group FMF Blowjob On Workout Machine group FMF Vaginal On Workout Machine group FMF Climax On Workout Machine Masturbate On Loveseat M group MMF blowjob on loveseat group MMF Vaginal on loveseat group MMF Climax on loveseat blowjob on loveseat vaginal on loveseat climax on loveseat Masturbate in sauna M/F group Masturbate in sauna group MF Vaginal M Masturbate On Hot tub group MFM Vaginal On Hot tub group MFM Climax On Hot tub group MF Vaginal MF Oraljob On Hot tub group MFMF Vaginal On Hot tub group MFMF Climax On Hot tub Oraljob On Vertical Pillory (need bondage devices installed) anal on living chair MM hand job on floor mirror blowjob on counter MM climax on counter MM group Anal Orgy On double Bed MMMF group Anal Orgy On Bed climax MMMF Vaginal On Bed group Vaginal On Bed MFF group Double blowjob On Bed FMF group Vaginal On Bed FMF group Climax On Bed FMF Cowgirl On Bed Cowgirl Climax On Bed group Femdom Vaginal On Double Bed MFFFF Femdom Climax On Double Bed MFFF Vaginal On Toilet FF Lesbian (strap-on)
 blowjob On Floor Face Fuck blowjob On Floor Face Fuck  Climax group blowjob On Floor MFF group Anal On Floor MFF blowjob on floor Missionary Floor Climax Floor group MFF Oral job floor group MFF Vaginal on floor group MFF Climax floor Oraljob On Massage Table Vaginal On Massage Table Vaginal On Massage Table climax group Oraljob On Massage table FMF group Vaginal On Massage table FMF  group Climax On Massage table FMF KAMASUTRA Union Of The Elephant KAMASUTRA the Airplane KAMASUTRA The Scorpion KAMASUTRA The Angel KAMASUTRA The Tractor KAMASUTRA The Ambush KAMASUTRA Suspended KAMASUTRA The Fishing  KAMASUTRA The 69 KAMASUTRA The Calf KAMASUTRA The Scissor KAMASUTRA The Star KAMASUTRA The Leaf.

Name Animations of interest Download
SEX pack 4

Outdoor sex, cop station sex, piano and snowman LOL
Full animations list
Vaginal - Doggy kneeling Floor Vaginal - Standing Doggy floor Vaginal - Drunken Doggy floor Vaginal - Doggy All Fours floor group MF Anal - Double Penetration floor group MMMF Oraljob - Doubly Handy and a Windy floor group MMMF Anal - Double Penetration with a side of Blowjob floor group MMMMF - Group fun of 5 floor group MMMMMF - Group fun of 6 floor group MFF Vaginal - Floor Facesitting and Cowgirl floor Anal - Floor Standing behind choking floor Vaginal - Floor Missionary Vaginal - Floor Cowgirl Anal- Floor Reverse Cowgirl Anal - Acrobatic Anal Fuck Anal - Flat Doggy (That works on both bed types and the floor) vaginal - Standing Riding Fuck floor Standing Tit job floor Vaginal - Rough Doggy floor group MFF Teasing - Double Thighjob Floor Anal - Reverse Cowgirl Loving Anal floor vaginal - Leghold (on the short end of a dining table) Anal - Rough dining table Vaginal - Sitting Loving coffee table group MMF Vaginal - Spitroast coffee table Anal - Coffee Table Doggy Anal - Coffee Table DP group MFF Oraljob - Threesome bed group FF Oraljob - Lesbian Oral bed Vaginal - Bed Riding group MFF Anal - Bed Assisted Doggy Vaginal - The Frog bed Vaginal - Cowgirl in bath Oraljob - Male Massage Blowjob Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl Vaginal - Female Massage Missionary Anal - Female Massage Butt sex Climax - Female Massage Climax Vaginal - Window Leghold Oraljob - Piano Blowjob Vaginal - Piano Loveseat Anal - Piano Anal Anal - Bar Stool Anal group MFF Oraljob - Double Blowjob sofa Teasing - Sofa Titjob Vaginal - Sofa Standing Side Fuck Vaginal - Sofa Rough Cowgirl Vaginal - living Chair Reverse Cowgirl Oraljob - Shower Anal - Snowman Anal (LOL WAT) Oraljob - The Snowblower Snowman (LMAO) Oraljob - Tree Blowjob Vaginal - Tree Cowgirl Anal - Tree Bentover Handjob - Pillory Femdom Handjob (bondage devices must be installed) group MMF Vaginal - Pillory Spitroast vertical stockade Oral - Hanging Upside down oral Vaginal - wall Mirror Standing Doggy group MFF Oraljob - Hot tub blowjob with a side of fisting Vaginal - Gentle Missionary X legged bed and floor MFF Oral- Hot Tub Cowgirl and Ass Licking MF Vaginal - Sofa Cowgirl MF Vaginal - Side of Bed Doggy M Oral - Face Fucking the Fish (Fish Fountain) MF Climax - Kneeling Blowjob Climax   MF Teasing - Double Buttjob MF Handjob - Sofa Lie down Handjob MF Vaginal - Magic Fucking MF Vaginal - Standing Vampire Fuck. MF Vaginal - Slow Doggy MF Vaginal - Slow Doggy Vampire MF Vaginal - Rough Doggy MF Vaginal - Slow Doggy Butt Wiggle MF Oraljob - Face Sitting Femdom (Dining Chair) MMFFF Vaginal - Back to Back Foursome (Floor) MF Oraljob - Lying Cunnilingus (Floor) MF Anal - Rough Lying Doggy (Floor, Double Bed) MF Climax - Rough Lying Doggy Climax (Floor, Double Bed.) MF Vaginal - Mirror Window Standing Doggy MF Vaginal -SofaChair Doggy MF Vaginal - Standing Holding Fuck MF Oral - Keep Quiet Blowjob MF Climax - Keep Quiet Blowjob Climax MF Vaginal - Leghold MFFFF Teasing - Trample (2p,3p,4p,5p) MF Vaginal - Gentle Missionary  MF Vaginal - Gentle Missionary Leghold MF Vaginal - Gentle Missionary Legs Up MFF Vaginal - Girl Sandwich.

MFF Oral - Girl Sandwich Vaginal Climax MF Handjob - Handjob From Behind Mf Handjob - Handjob From Behind Vampire MF Oral - Blowy Through The Bars (Prison Bars) MF Vaginal - From Behind Through The Bars (Prison Bars) MF Anal - Rough Interrogation From Behind (Male Dominator) (Table, Interrogation Table) MF Oral Waterboarding Interrogation (Female Dominator) (Table, Interrogation Table) MF Anal - Cowgirl Interrogation (Female Dominator) (Table, Interrogation Table) MF Vaginal - Doggy in the water (Bathtub)
  Strip Search (Male Dominator) (Booking Station) MF Anal - Holding Anal (Counter) MFFF Oral - Reverse Gangbang Blowjob MFFF Teasing - Reverse Gangbang Teasing MFFF Vaginal - Reverse Gangbang Cowgirl MFFF Climax - Reverse Gangbang Climax

Name Animations of interest Download
SEX pack 5 Climax (cumming)
Full animations list
Missionary on sofa blowjob on floor with climax spoon anal in bed with climax missionary in bed with climax doggy in bed with climax handjob in bed blowjob in bed with climax cowgirl in bed with climax female solo on bed with climax group FF face sitting in bed with climax Foot job with climax (group)

Name Description Download
Bondage devices Adds Bondage Devices to your game:
Vertical Pillory
Vertical Stockade
gloryhole. You will find them in the Build mode, in Indoor Activities category. Gloryhole from dressers category (get together required)
Dance cage
Stripper poles

Name Description Download
Sex object pack Glory hole (required above) wank animations Female sucking horse dildo AND many more!
Other mods
Name Description Download
Nude patch (FREE) Bye bye blur...and good riddance too!
Get naked pie menu Option to select your sims to strip naked anytime. Warning other sims around you WILL react to you being naked!
F-word mod The fword mod Changes all the WooHoo text in the game to Fuck, 1st woohoo to lose virginity and changes any flirty text to horny.
Succubus trait They're sims that need to feed on the energy of others using lust and seduction. These sims can remain young forever if they choose to at the cost of another life.

no bladder/thirst decay
no cravings to eat food
body shape stays the same
must drain the energy or life from other sims to feed
can change age into young adult, adult, elder after draining the life from another sim
all their children will be born as a Cambion regardless of their partners

Blink: The succubus/incubus can teleport around a current lot.(not sure how useful but meh)
Seductive Touch: The succubus/incubus puts a sim into a flirty mood simply by touching them.
Drain Energy: The succubus/incubus drains the energy from another sim restoring their: energy, fun, and hunger motive.
Drain Life: The succubus/incubus drains the life from another sim killing that sim while unlocking their aging ability.(need a bed and no teen succubus/incubus allowed)
Age: Click on the succubus/incubus to change their age after draining the life from a sim.(cant change age below young adult)

Simple steps to becoming a succubus/incubus

1. you need to buy the mirror called "Lilith's Gaze" and place it on a lot. Lilith's Gaze can be found in the mirror section of buymode.
2. Click on the mirror "Lilith's Gaze" and Choose "Talk to Lilith" while your sim is in a sad or embarrassed mood
3. Lilith will give you two options once you're done talking with her
4. Use "Talk to Lilith" from "Lilith's Gaze"(mirror) again and choose to either accept or decline her gift
5. Accepting her gift with turn your sim into a succubus/incubus depending on gender
6. Declining her gift will have no negative impact but you'll have to start from step 3 again to be offered her gift

There's no turning back once your sim becomes a succubus/incubus
HoRny trait A special trait that makes sims constantly flirty and want to kiss and woohoo with as many sims as possible.
Sex parts Better nude skins for male and female and better female nipples and 3d clit added. Males have 3d nipples also. Also installed skin overlays to give females pink nipples OR real cleavage. Click the X next to top or bottom clothing to make sims naked. As well as invisible top and bottom clothing also included if you don't want other sims glaring at your naked sims.
Titty sliders Doubles the slider range when adjusting breast size.
Bulge to default male Speedos Adds a bulge to the default male Speedos.
Porn TV channel Porn channel: Replaces the Romance channel on TV with Porn. Replaced with original porn The videos feature The Sims 4 characters so that this will better fit in the Sims 4 universe. WARNING BIG FILE SIZE!
Female strap-on Add a female strap-on as a clothing part. Available in any clothing category in CAS. Fully compatible with the FFM!
Teen Love Allows romance between teens and older. features

Teen<->Older romantic relations
Incestuous romantic relations include wedding
Some whims now available for teens
Some moodlet now available for teens
Naked actions available for teens
Gender Preference Set This is a new interaction to set gender preference on any sim including your active sim. There are 4 (Four) options:

Preference Male - Likes Males
Preference Female - Likes Females
Preference Both - Self explanatory (Bisexual)
Preference None - Removes any gender preference the sim may have.
Skinny Dip No Restrictions Changes the skinny dipping resources from being the default of young adults, adults and elders with no skinny dipping while children are on the lot to letting teens, young adults, adults and elders skinny dip regardless if there are children on the lot or not.
Nude massage, sauna and mud baths. Sims will be naked when using any of these. Requires spa day pack.
Sex clubs (requires FFM!)

Adds three club activities to the club system, 'Conduct WickedWhims'&'Watch Sex' in the 'Fun and Game' and 'Exhibitionism' in Hobbies.
After choosing these interactions, you will have your Sims earn club perks while having fun with FFM.
Naughty help service (requires FFM!) Adds several additional NPC's as full time residents to households just like a Butler. The additional NPC's at this time are the Maid, Nanny, Gardener and Massage Therapist. If you want the servant to leave, you fire/them dismiss them/ask to hangout as normal per the interaction menu. And last but least ALL servants can be used sexually. Hire them normally from a phone.

Adds a hidden trait, Horny Servant, to your hired NPC's. This trait does the following:

Since it is a hidden trait, it will not spawn randomly as a personality trait in NPC's
Makes your NPC immune to culling and aging
Places a full time Happy +1 buff on the sim because they are Happy to Serve!
Drops/eliminates the autonomy emphasis of traits and emotions that you normally would not want in a Servant.
Adds the May I Service You? proximity buff that triggers when a household member aged Teen or higher is near the NPC
As a hidden trait, you may view the presence of this trait on your NPC if you have MCC and debug mode activated in a save before this version, tor another way to access debug mode. You can also use the above mentioned ways to add it to any existing NPC's in your game if you like.
Please note that if you had a Nanny or Butler in a saved game that was generated prior to this version of the mod, you will have to still add the hidden trait manually as described above
Paint your own hentai

Replaces all emotional paintings with hot hentai. Over 50 paintings to discover!
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