The super nude patch is the ultimate nude patch for the sims 2 no other patch can do what this baby can! Check out it's list of features below. Only subscribers can download the super nude patch. If you just want to get rid of the blurs than go HERE.


  • Nude patch: Remove the blurs from the game when sims are naked or on the toilet. Works on all versions of the sims 2.

  • Installs invisible clothing so your sims males and females can walk around in the nude. Includes clothing for topless and full body nude for both males, females and teens!

  • F-word mod: The f-word mod is a special mod that will change woohoo in the game to F**K and try for baby to something too naughty to show here! Changes all menus where woohoo appears including the text in sims wants menu and memories when they had sex. Changes try for baby in all menus into CENSORED. Works on ALL versions.

  • Nude bodyshop meshes: These special meshes will remove the clothing in bodyshop when making genetics and clothing. Great for making genetics since you don't have annoying underwear clothing in the way when your trying to position your private parts.

  • Nudist mods: Click on a sim and choose get naked anytime! Included are all versions. Nightlife and later expansions versions has extra menu to set where and when a sim will get nude and if they stay nude! Also included with these versions will make sims sleep and woohoo in the nude. The bon voyage version will also make sims go into the sauna, hot spring and on the massage tables nude!

  • Real sex parts: Special meshes included that will make females have real nipples and labia and males stand erect when nude! Simply download some of our genetics than watch them work their magic OR you can also install the default nude replacements!

  • Default nude replacements: Replaces all the default genetics in the game giving females private parts. Any sim using the original genetics will automatically be updated including townies and npc's!

  • Boobs poke through clothing: Also included are special meshes that will change in game meshes making females boobs show up on clothing! Changes all the original tops, swimsuits and a few other clothing. Any clothing no matter where it came from that was made with these meshes will inherit the new look also!

  • Icon pack: Cool and sexy icons to have in your collection files to store our stuff in.

  • Yellow pee: When sims have an accident their pee will be yellow.

  • Naked in hot tub and transparent water: Sims will always get into a hot tub naked and the water will be crystal clear and see through.

  • Smart installation: The patch will scan for the correct folders and install itself!

  • You select what you want to install!

Screen shots

Your females boobs will show up on several clothing from the original game any clothing made with these meshes will also inherit the new look including the original clothing!
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No more flat chested females and limp males for you! Give your sims a more natural look in conjunction with some nude genetics will replace the boring sexless genetics in the game making all sims look natural! Changes all ages.
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All in game genetics will be changed for females giving them real private parts for all body types and skin colours. Use in conjunction with the 3d sex parts to give sims a more natural look. All sims will inherit this new look!


Get rid of that boring woohoo and try for baby text in all objects that can be woohooed in! Including memories and wants. Also changes other naughty things too like when a sims pees themselves and how many loves a sims wants!


Making genetics just got easier with the new bodyshop overrides you'll be able to preview your new genetics much easier since the sims will no longer be wearing underwear hiding it.


Ever wanted your sim to run around in the nude? Now you can with special clothing that allows them to be nude or topless!


Choose when and where your sims will get their gear off, set their naked preferences and allow your sims to sleep and woohoo naked! (later expansions only, uni and original need to use dressers to get nude)


Cool icons for your collections specially designed for our stuff.


Change sims pee to yellow when they have an accident.


Transform water in hot tubs to see through.


Allow sims to always get nude when they hop into the hot tubs, sauna, hot spring or on a massage table!