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Be assured that Pandorasims uses security software which encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Similarly, Pandorasims is committed to complete privacy and discretion in all areas of customer service!

If you live in England or anywhere in Europe on the next page please select united kingdom as your country. Please be patient the next page may take some time to load depending on traffic conditions!

Please be aware verotel will charge an additional $1.95 for credit card processing fees. This fee is not handled by pandora sims and cannot be changed.

When signing up you have to option to choose your own username and password.


Please make sure there are sufficient funds available in your account before attempting a transaction

If you decide to do a chargeback verotel do not take kindly to this and will ban your card from ever being used with them again in other words you can never come back. If you have a problem contact me 1st!

If you are having trouble subscribing contact me to discuss other payment methods

Logging in

A few tips when entering your username/password:

1. make sure there are NO spaces in between or after the characters!
2. enter the u/p exactly how it appears including upper and lower case letters.
3. try typing the u/p in instead of copy and paste from your email message.
4. make sure your browser is allowing popups and scripts to run on There are no ads or virus's present however our username, password box will open in it's own window so you can type them in. This special window is a script file so make sure if your using virus scanners, popup blockers or spyware detectors that it is not stopping this window from appearing.
5. in your browser add as a trusted website.

If your still having problems please check the FAQ located on the site.

All charges will show up as verotel on your card/bank statement. If you can't signup using this service contact me I offer other ways of paying!

If for some reason the above button does not work than please click HERE! 

If you have a continuous account and wish to cancel it than click the link below. Your account will remain active until the end of the month on the day you signed up.

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