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Here's a few questions I get asked all the time about this site and how to get stuff to work as well as questions concerning accounts, content and technical support.
General site questions

Q: Is this a paysite?
A: Yes the videos are extremely explicit and not for minors a subscription is required to download ALL videos.

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Click the red subscribe button above OR the big GREEN button on the homepage.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: You can subscribe using a credit card online. When you signup online you can also select direct debit (not available in all countries), Asian card or use online check (not available in all countries.)

Q: I don't want to send you my credit card details!
A: You won't all transaction are handled offsite using verotels secure online transaction system which I have no control of or even see. Everything is automated.

Q: My transaction was declined?
A: If you are a new Verotel customer and you receive 'Your credit card is DECLINED' when you want to sign up, then please check the following:

1st of all your card will need to be unlocked so it can be used OUTSIDE your country. Not all cards are like this at 1st so check your bank. Your card will need to be unlocked so it can be used in Europe which is where verotel is located.

a. did you fill out all the fields in the order form?
b. did you enter the correct expiration date?
c. did you leave any spaces or dashes in your credit
card number or phone number?
d. did you use your home phone number as the phone number entered?
e. did you enter your complete email address?
f. did you fill out the correct address and cardholder information?
g. are you currently in the country where your credit card was issued?
h. do you have sufficient funds in your credit card account?
I. has your bank blocked your card from being used in other countries in this case Europe? Check with your bank to make sure.
j. Is the card expired?
k. If using a debit card does it have sufficient funds available?

If your still having problems please send an email to It my take a few days to respond please be patient!

Due to security reasons you are only able to do a transaction once
per 10 minutes. So please wait at least 10 minutes before submitting your information again

Q: Um what will show up as the charge on my bank statement?
A: It will say verotel.

Q: Do you provide refunds?
A: Refunds are only permitted in certain situations I will not provide refunds if you tell me you couldn't log in and I have tested your username and password if they work for me than there is no problem and the problem is on your end. You need to read above on getting your username and password to work the main problem is spam blockers their the biggest culprit because when you try to log in a popup box will appear to type your username and password in and if your spam blocker is blocking this box than you cannot log in! You either need to configure it to allow popups on this site, add this site as a trusted site or whatever AND if all else fails than just disable it completely! I will also not issue a refund if your not happy with the content you had plenty of time to check the previews section, you saw what was available! If you can't get your downloads to work than check this FAQ all over and also the knowledge database your answer is probably in there.

Q: My username and/or password does not work?
A: Here's A few tips when entering your username/password:
1. Make sure there are NO spaces in between or after the characters!
2. Enter the u/p exactly how it appears including upper and lower case letters.
3. Try typing the u/p in instead of copy and paste from your email message.
4. Make sure your browser is allowing popups and scripts to run on There are no ads or virus's present however our username, password box will open in it's own window so you can type them in. This special window is a script file so make sure if your using virus scanners, popup blockers or spyware detectors that it is not stopping this window from appearing.
5. In your browser add as a trusted website.
My  advice is to always use either internet explorer 7+ or firefox 3+. If it's still not working than contact me and I'll see what's wrong there may be an error or your account may have expired. If you order a 1 month only subscription remember your account will expire in 1 months time on that date you signed up you must remember this date since you will not be told when your account is about to expire! If you don't want your account disabled than order a continuous/recurring billing plan with this plan you will be notified when your account is about to expire and if you'd like to renew it. With a continuous account you will not be re-billed unless you answer yes in the e-mail otherwise your account will expire.

Q: Do I have access to pandora sims too with a subscription?

Downloading and playing videos

Q: How do i download a video?
Under each video after it's description you will see a silver orb with a picture inside it in glass. Click this picture

Q: The video will not download!
Some browsers might have trouble downloading MKV files or don't detect them as a download. To solve this right click on the orb and choose save download as.

Q: The video will not play!
You will need a video player to play MKV files some popular choice I recommend are:

VLC media player

Both these programs can be downloaded to other platforms too like android!


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