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New updates at pandorasims!

May 27th 2018

_New updates to the super nude patch_ BDSM new animations [*]Ass spanking near sink [*]Ass spanking near trash can [*]Pussy spank (floor) [*]Ass spank (Stove, Counter, WashingMachine) bondage pack new animations  _Bondage Devices_ [*]Bed DoubleSided Dildo FFM Doggy HandJob [*]Vertical Stockade Floor Rough Doggy [*]Vertical Stockade Floor Forced Cowgirl [*]Vertical Stockade Floor Forced Cowgirl 3P [*]Vertical Stockade Floor Forced Cowgirl 4P _Toilet_ [*]MMF Standing Doggy BlowJob [*]MMF Kneelin ...Continue Reading

new updates at pandora sims!

May 18th 2018

_Drugs v1.2.8_ Added Straight Edge Trait which allows sims [*]Happy buff in proximity of other Straight Edgers [*]Removed from calling customers [*]Not able to snort from sinks [*]No autonomous drug use [*]Not able to order online [*]Angry Reaction when asked to buy drugs [*]Not able to sell drugs [*]Not able to drink bar drinks [*]Not able to snort speed [*]Not able to share speed [*]Not able to drink Ayahuasca [*]Not able to receive Ayahuasca [*]Not able to invite Shaman over [*]Not able t ...Continue Reading

New updates at pandora sims!

May 6th 2018

_New updates to the super nude patch_ outdoor sex pack new animations [*]Kissing - Couples Time     MF     Teasing     Sofa [*]Blowjob     MF     Oraljob     Cashbag [*]Blowjob - Couples Time     MF     Oraljob     LoveSeat [*]Handjob - Couples Time     MF     Handjob     LoveSeat [*]Kissing - Couples Time     MF &nbs ...Continue Reading

New updates at pandora sims!

May 1st 2018

_Drug mod v1.2.7_ _Amphetamine Dealing_ Five New Levels Remove High Level Clients New filter for Assign High Level Client Good news for all your speed dealing Sims. Now it should be possible to earn some Simoleons once you level up properly. Here is a quick rundown of the five new levels: Level 6 - Assign one high level client you can sell packages to Level 7 - Better prices for Speed Packages from Dealer Level 8 - Assign one additional high level client Level 9 - Get 4 poor quality ziplocks when cutting 1 high qual ...Continue Reading

New updates at pandora sims!

April 26th 2018

_Drug mod v1.2.6_ Police Arrests [*]Cops might show up on drug use other places than home lots. Ayahuasca [*]Added VFX around Sims that are tripping [*]Added tooltip to Ayahuasca Drink [*]Excluded Shamans from being able to be Drug Dealers [*]Turned off reading autonomy This basically works like it always has, but there are some finetunings and adjustments that makes the experience a bit smoother and more realistic. For instance, your Ayahuasca drinking Sim cannot start reading books autonomously any longer. ...Continue Reading

New updates at pandora sims!

April 20th 2018

_New updates to the super mod patch_ Mods updated [*]career socials unhidden [*]mermaids [*]ghost needs removed [*]doc career - DELETE obsolete [*]science career -  DELETE obsolete [*]more serving options [*]auto gardening (remove old 1st) [*]auto homework [*]coffee lover trait [*]Robots new changes Charging Station Beds (Base Game) Robophobic PC - When a robophobic sim logs into this PC it allows them to plant viruses on nearby robots and hybrids. (Must have level 2 programming skills before ...Continue Reading

New updates at pandora sims!

April 15th 2018

_New updates to the super nude patch_ FFM [*]Added 'Cuckold/Cuckquean' Reward Trait for 1000 Satisfaction Points [*]Added 'Cuckold' moodlet and reaction to sex [*]Added 'Watch Sex' interaction [*]Triggers automatically for cuckold Sims, but it's not exclusive for them. [*]Added new solo sex autonomy trigger to Sims watching sex Bondage pack new animations [*]Standing Behind Rough Doggy Shower [*]Standing Behind Rough Doggy Shower Climax [*] Sensual BlowJob Double Bed [*]Sensual Blow ...Continue Reading

new updates at pandoras sims

April 4th 2018

_DRUG mod updated:_ v1.2.5 updates: Bouncer Lot Trait [*]New Bouncer Lot Trait [*]Fake ID item available from Drug Dealers [*]Teens might get carded when drinking at bars [*]Wasted/Messed Up guests might get kicked out of bars [*]Several new interactions linked to the bouncer How it works The Bouncer First things first. The bouncer is a lot trait. Meaning you need to go to build mode to the venue (bar, or nightclub) you want to add the Bouncer to and choose the Bouncer Lot Trait from the list of Lot Traits. ...Continue Reading

new updates to the super nude patch

March 25th 2018

_bdsm new animations_ [*]BDSM-chair added [*]BDSM-chair: anal & spank 1 [*]BDSM-chair: anal & spank 2 [*]Rock-Paper-Scissors (Handjob. Male Win - 1) MF _Kamasutra pack updated_ reworked Kamasutra Animations: [*]Wolf [*]Antelope [*]Spoons [*] Dragonfly [*]Airplane [*]Union Of The Elephant [*]Weeping Willow [*]Rider [*]Bridge [*]Scorpion [*]Angel [*]Step [*]Afternoon Delight ...Continue Reading

new updates at pandoras sims

March 18th 2018

_Drug mod updated_ v1.2.4 updates: MDMA Dealing 5 new skill levels. New selling interactions. New buying interactions. Packable ziplock bags. MDMA Dealing Lets just jump straight into a description of the levels! Level 6 - Reduced prices on MDMA from Dealer. Level 7 - Buy empty ziplock bags online, pack 10 of each pill in a bag and sell them to your customers. Level 8 - Reduced prices on MDMA ingredients from Dark Web. Level 9 - No Time Restriction on using the Pill Presser. Level 10 - Pack 30 of each pill, for sell ...Continue Reading