New updates at pandora sims!

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Subject: New updates at pandora sims!
Date: January 9th 2017

New updates to the super nude patch 4

Updated mods

Invisible clothing (make sure to remove all old files before installing)

New updates to the FFM

Made sims with equally high sex skill have higher chance for positive outcome

    Added desire system
        Sims gain desire from romantic interactions, seeing nudity and other flirt related actions
        Sims lose desire on some unsuccessful interactions
        Sim with high enough desire level will gain positive sex desire buff
        Sim with too high desire level will get a negative buff, feeling uncomfortable without releasing the tension
        Sims with active positive desire buff will have better sex experience
        Sex resets desire level and removes desire buffs from sims

sims with Alluring trait help gaining more desire
sims with Romantic trait gain more desire
sims with Unflirty trait gain less desire

Updated animation packs lots of new animations added

mega sex pack
Group sex pack

Please remove ALL old versions of ANY prior animation packs before installing!

New animation packs added

Animation sauna pack


    Masturbate On Sauna MF
    Masturbate On Sauna M
    Masturbate On Sauna F


    Masturbate On Hottub MF
    MF Vaginal M Masturbate On Hottub 1 (new)
    MFM Vaginal On Hottub 2 (new)
    MFM Climax On Hottub 3 (new)


    Cunnilingus On Pool Ladder MF 1
    Vaginal On Pool Ladder MF 2
    Climax On Pool Ladder MF 3

VERTICAL PILLORY- Need Bondage Device
Oraljob On VerticalPillory MF

Outdoor sex pack

Massage Table
MF Handjob - Male Massage Handjob 1
MF Oraljob - Male Massage Blowjob 1
MF Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl 1
MF Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl 2
MF Handjob - Female Massage Fingering

MF Oraljob - Piano Blowjob
MF Vaginal - Piano Loveseat
MF Anal - Piano Anal

Snowman (LOL WAT!)
MF Anal - Snowman Anal
MF Oraljob - The Snowblower (Snowman)

MF Oraljob - Tree Licking
MF Oraljob - Tree Blowjob
MF Vaginal - Tree Cowgirl
MF Anal - Tree Bentover

Bondage Devices (Need Bondage Device)
MF Handjob - Pillory Femdom Handjob
MMF Vaginal - Pillory Spitroast
Vertical Stockade
MF Oral - Hanging Upsidedown oral

bondage devices: adds Bondage Devices to your game: Pillory and Vertical Pillory. You will find them in the Build mode, in Indoor Activities category.


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